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Genocide Survival
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Scuba diving trip to Thailand

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Speaking to the Saddlebrooke Rotary Club on August 14, 2014, Addiction Therapist Don Chatfield, Ph.D., M.A., said people over 60 represent the fastest growing segment of the population with addictive problems.  Chatfield’s PhD dissertation was based on research of addictions of people over 60. 
Chatfield, a therapist at Desert Star Addiction Services, 7493 North Oracle Road, says alcohol, prescription drug, eating disorders, and sexual addiction problems now affect up to 17% of people over 60.  Of that segment, about 15% of men and 12% of women regularly drink in excess of recommended limits.  Other addictions include prescription drugs and, usually in men, sex.  According to Chatfield, many seniors are reluctant to seek help.  Impediments include children who don’t want to deal with the problem and shame. And some seniors see drinking as a “simple pleasure” they earned in their later years.  Yet drug and alcohol abuse often accelerate physical decline. 
Sex addiction is also a problem with a smaller segment in this group.  These are seniors who rely on unhealthy sexual behaviors including addiction to pornography, prostitutes, and affairs.  Often this addiction destroys relationships with loved ones. 
Prescription drugs often interact with alcohol, making the problem worse.  Doctors often prescribe opium-based drugs such as benzodiazepine (Valium) for anxiety, muscle relaxation and pain relief.  Some seniors become dependent upon these drugs.  Symptoms of addiction include excessive daytime sedation, lack of awareness, sleep and motor skill issues. Often seniors with addiction problems no longer pursue hobbies, sports, or other interests.   Yet doctors often don’t diagnose the problem because seniors “look like my grandma and grandpa.”  
Chatfield says he’s had success with the “12 Step Program” in which seniors recognize a higher power and work in groups to confront their addiction problems. Other successful programs include the “SMART” program which is based on building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and living a balanced life.  He has “witnessed miracles” where treatment programs result in people who have a new excitement about life.  
At the conclusion of his talk, Rotarian Neil Deppe presented Chatfield with a certificate of appreciation from the Saddlebrooke Rotary Club.   

After trying several times by email and phone, with no response, I stopped contacting Ina Mapes late this spring.  But on 8/12, I got the following email from Ina, which indicates she has had a difficult time, but is now doing better:

Hi Tom, I just opened up my lap top computer for the first time in many many months. 

 How sweet of you to ask how I am.  I FINALLY began to get out of in bed in April. And am much better, thank you.

This is first email I have done in months.  Feel lost.  How & what are you doing?  Savannah started 8th grade last week.




Kei Ishisaki, Rotary Exchange Student, and Joe Jones, Saddlebrooke Rotary Club Rotary Youth Exchange CoordinatorIn the photo to the left, Kei Ishisaki, Rotary Exchange Student, is greeted by Joe Jones, Saddlebrooke Rotary Club Rotary Youth Exchange Coordinator.
For the second time in the past year the Saddlebrooke Rotary Club is hosting an international high school exchange student.  This time it’s seventeen year old Kei Ishisaki, from Toyama, Japan.  She is staying with Ironwood Ridge High School teacher Jesse Aros and her family, and will attend Ironwood when classes resume in Oro Valley.  During her year in the Tucson area, Kei will stay with three different Rotary-recruited families.  The Aros family lives in Red Rock. 
At the club’s July 31, 2014, meeting, Kei took the Saddlebrooke Rotary members on a photographic guided tour of her homeland.  Her presentation included pictures of many traditional Japanese cultural icons, descriptions of Japanese history, art, language, food, and music.  She even gave them a peek behind the scenes at a new youth movement there called “gyaru” which features eccentric fashion and lifestyles.
She comes from Toyama, which is famous for rice and tulips.  Ninety-five percent of Toyama’s cultivated land is dedicated to rice cultivation, and the area has excellent, clear water.  For this reason, the Toyoma Rice brand is very popular in Japan.  The community is very small, and it gets cold enough in the winter time to support a ski resort at nearby Fukumitsu.  Kei has to take a train through three cities to get to her high school classes, which start at 8:25 in the morning.  Kei takes the return train ride home when school activities end at 6:00 each night. 
Kei showed members slides of her home and her extended family, which includes her mother, father, grandparents, and three sisters.  Her grandfather, a Rotarian, encouraged her to enroll in the youth exchange program.   Her goal while going to school in the Tucson area this year is to improve her English skills and to student music in the U.S. someday.  She hopes to become a musical actress.
Last school semester Saddlebrooke Rotary hosted Liv Hansen, a 16 year old high school student from Denmark, who also attended Ironwood Ridge High School.  Later this month, Oro Valley high school student Emily Jorgensen, 17, leaves Arizona for a year of high school studies in Strasbourg, France. 



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