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We meet Thursdays at 11:30 AM
SaddleBrooke 1 Country Club
64500 E. SaddleBrooke Blvd.
Agave Lounge
Tucson, AZ  85739
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Week of June 26
Jun 26, 2016

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Jun 30, 2016
Joe Dylewski
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Member Birthdays:
  • George Corrigan
    June 1
  • Emerson Knowles
    June 7
  • Cody Wilkinson
    June 9
  • Doug May
    June 28
Spouse Birthdays:
  • Judith
    June 18
  • Nora McGowan
    June 19
  • Ken Moore
    June 29
  • Pepe Estrella
    Margie Estrella
    June 2
  • Tom Turriff
    Barbara Turriff
    June 2
  • Doris Clatanoff
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    June 8
  • Ned Selinsky
    Nancy Jane Selinsky
    June 19
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    Maize Jones
    June 24
  • Neil Deppe
    Judy Deppe
    June 26
  • Emerson Knowles
    Peggy Knowles
    June 28
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Guest Speakers and Rotary News
Left to Right:  Jim Lamb, Linda Turbyfill, Kidd the Dog, John Ruland, Joe Dylewski, Tom Simester and Cody Wilkinson
Saddlebrook Rotary Club road cleanup members were heating up Saturday taking care of their 1-mile stretch of road on Golder Ranch Road.

Left to Right:  Garry Jenkins, Neil Deppe
Saddlebrooke Resident and Retired Secret Service Agent, Garry Jenkins, spoke to our club about the six Presidents he protected, starting with LBJ.  

Neil Deppe presents Larry Field with an appreciation plaque following his Drone Presentation to our lunch club on May 20th

Left to Right:  Linda Turbyfill, George Eckardt, Jim Lamb, Tom Turriff and Joe Dylewski
A Shout Out to Linda Turbyfill for her had work with the Dictionary Project.  During our Coronado K-8 follow up visit, kids talked about the many uses they have for these dictionaries both in class and at home.  Coronado and Sycamore Canyon Academy are both supplied with these Mini Encyclopedias.  Again, thanks to Linda for her 16-year term as Saddlebrooke Rotary Club's Chair of Community Services.

Oro Valley Police Department Motorcycle Officer, Brian Kleinberg spoke to our club about Pima Regional Hostage Negotiations.  He has only encountered a few hostage situations, but several barricaded suicidal issues.  Success is the usual outcome of suicide attempts, with the subject giving themselves up. Active shooter scenarios, however are not negotiated.  Officers are told to shoot to kill.  

This is a Testimonial to Saddlebrooke Rotary Club Member-Emerson Knowles.  On March 31st Emerson and fellow Team RWB member, Kristin Trapp spoke to our club about their involvement in bringing our young Veterans of War home and keeping them healthy.  Kristin is retired from the Air Force and works as an Occupational Therapist.   The Veteran's Administration estimates over 400,000 Vets are not being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, resulting in 22 suicides a day.  The VA is not equipped to handle the problem alone.  Team RWB is taking up the slack with People, Health & Purpose.  RWB has over 960 members in Tucson alone.  Thank you to Team RWB and it's dedicated volunteers for your commitment to our returning War Vets. 

Current Board Members of Saddlebrooke Rotary Club  Left to Right/Back to Front
Dan Marsh, Jim Lamb, Joe Jones, Bill Pohnert, Joe Dylewski, Joe Guyton, Neil Deppe, Steve McNeil, Tom Simester, John Ruland, Joe McGowan, Linda Turbyfill, Julia Young.

Officer F. Cook from Oro Valley Police Speaks About Red Flags for on-line Fraud

The purpose of the Fore For Kids Fundraiser is raising money that is then contributed to youth organizations in Pinal & Pima Counties. As it is for most of us, when we have money to spend [contribute] it burns a hole in one's pocket. The SaddleBrooke Rotary Club Foundation is no different. On April 21st, less than two weeks after the fundraiser, the Club Foundation hosted an award ceremony during our weekly meeting. The recipients were:
Little Hoovers Big Hearts represented by Amy Armour and Terry Mockbee - Gary Terrell presenting.
Connections in Learning | Mountain Vista School represented by Principal Nanette Soule', Dennis Blauser presenting
Math Plus Project | Coronado School represented by Robert Springer, Joe Jones presenting

Teens Sew Cool | represented by Linda Shannon-Hills, Bill Pohnert presenting

Joe Jones with Four Way Test Speech Contest Winners from Coronado K-8  A special thanks to Joy Ochoa for helping to coordinate this.  Winners include Lauren Baptista, Maya Horner, Jonathon Shirazi and Skyler Kauffman

Volunteers from Sycamore Canyon Academy were much appreciated!
FFK Keynote Speaker, Lute Olsen receives Paul Harris award from Jim Lamb
A big thanks to Major Sponsor Oracle Ford
As always, a big thanks to Rotary Club Member, Emerson Knowles, of Merrill Lynch for his continued support as our Principal Sponsor
Jim Lamb hands out Goodie Bags to all Golfers.  A special thanks to George Corrigan for creating the bags
A Lunch Meeting for Golfer and their Families
A Happy Color Coordinated Foursome

Neil Deppe presents Border Patrol Agent, Vicente Paco, with a comemerative plaque after his presentation to Sadlebrooke Rotary Lunch Club

Saddlebrooke Rotary supports Saddlebrooke Food Drive


Ed Treik presents Sycamore Canyon Representatives with a donation for student laptops

Saddlebrooke Rotary thank Oro Valley Hospital for their presentation of their services and a delicious lunch

Chris Evans from HSL Properties' Encantada Line spoke about downsizing with Luxury Apartments.

Activities Fair L to R  Neil Deppe, Jim Lamb, Joe Delewski, Doug May

Sponsor, Julia Young and Membership Chairman, Joe McGowan welcome new member George Corrigan

Come join us!

Saddlebrooke Rotary Club Veteran’s Lunch
Two Wars…Two Clubs…One Veteran’s Day Celebration
    On November 12th, the Saddlebrooke Rotary Clubs celebrated their 4th annual Veteran’s Day Gala at Saddlebrooke One Vista’s Dining Room.   A big thanks to Emerson Knowles for his hard work arranging this historic appreciation lunch and presentation.  Both the Saddlebrooke Rotary Club and the Saddlebrooke Sunrise Rotary Club joined together to host the event.  Close to ninety guests made up of Rotary members, Veterans from both WW11 and the Korean Wars, were in attendence.
     Shervic Prouse from Team RWB (Red White & Blue) and 22- year Navy Officer, spoke about her Grandfather who fought in WW11 alongside US Troops.  This remarkable man was part of the underground that hid soldiers that fought to liberate The Philippines.  Shervic was overcome with emotion thanking the Veterans that honored us with their presence at our lunch.  She was in tears when she showed appreciation to them for keeping her family safe.  In fact, Shervic’s daughter enlisted in the armed forces the week of Veteran’s Day.  Let us never forget the men and women who fought to keep us liberated and safe.
Honor Guard
Saddlebrooke Sunrise Rotary Club President, Doug Sweetland joins Rotary Club of 
Saddlebrooke President, Joe Dylewski, to welcome guests and introduce speakers
Rotary Veteran's Day Presenter, Emerson Knowles

Joe Dylewski and Neil Deppe present multi award winning,
 U of A Softball Coach, Mike Candrea, with a plaque after he addressed our club with
and inspsirational message:  "Men need to win to feel good about
themselves.  Women need to feel good about themselves to win."

Adopt a Road in Tucson.  A great Saturday morning turn out with Project Director Linda Turbyfill

What is Neil Deppe doing?  He is making sure Magic Mike (Michael Deschalit) is all hooked up in his straight jacket.  Little does he know that minutes later Magic Mike is able to escape.  This was only one of Magic Mikes many amazing tricks.

Party hosts Joe and Wendy Guyton
A great time was had by all!