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We meet Mondays at 12:45 PM
Furama Hotel, Level 3
136, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu
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This year is the Year of the Rooster. We are advised to wear purple, as the Chinese believed that purple will appease the god Tai Sui. The rooster as we all know is a proud bird, very productive and looks after his brood of hens well. So don't offend Tai Sui.
PP Gary Lim will have his Open House on the first day of CNY at his house in Bandar Damansara from 6:30 pm onwards. Likewise, President Sandy Soh will hold her Open House on Sunday 5 Feb at her house in Rawang also from 6:30 pm onwards.
So guys, go purple.
We had a good report by TheStar newspaper where on Saturday 24 Dec 2016 the paper carried a nice article about our month long 50th Anniversary celebrations.
To read the whole article please click on this link
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, everybody.  Pudu had a good 2016 and hopefully it'll be just as good in 2017.  We delivered better financial assistance and incentives to our scholars at all levels from secondary schoolers to undergraduates; and with effect from this year to post graduates. And we continued to work comfortably with with our partners-in-service namely St John Ambulance, Sungei Wang and Autorr Foundation together with our supporters the Interactors and Rotaractors.
We had a good AGM tonight to approve both the accounts for RY 2015-16. There were 21 who came to the Unique Seafood restaurant for the meeting which started just after 7:00 pm. Even members who said they were not coming, came.  Well done, it shows that you do care for the Club's future.
The BoD line up for RY 2017-18 under Jeffery Yap was also announced.  The core members are: Jeffery Yap as President, CT Heng as PE, Patrick Lee as VP, Mohan Raj as Hon Secretary, Laura Lee as Hon Treasurer and Sandy Soh as IPP.  The Directors line up are still fluid.
On the night of the 10th December, 2016 we had the Gala Dinner to commemorate the 50th Anniversary celebration.  Our sister clubs from Hong Kong Harbour, Mandaluyong (Philippines), Singapore West, Songkhla and Dhonburi (both in Thailand) came in good numbers -- 70 of them.  Our District 3300 clubs were also well represented. In all we had 59 tables which meant that we had almost 600 people at the dinner. Our Guest of Honour was PRIP Bitchai Rattakul, who was also our PDG when we were in District 330 of the 1960's, 70's and 80's. He is a nonagenarian and reminisced about the good old days.
We have our own nonagenarian as well, and that is Tan Sri Soong Siew Hoong, who turned 92 on 9 Dec 2016.  We honoured him with a birthday cake-cutting ceremony for both him and the Club.
And in honour of him being the Charter member still active with the Club, a Bursary was named after him.  Thus the Soong Bursary was funded with RM 10,000 by the PRCCF (Pudu Rotary Club Charity Foundation) for a post-graduate student researching in Agricultural Science. Why Agricultural Science? Because the Tan Sri loves farming and is promoting Urban Farming in a big way. 
The winner of the Soong Bursary is a lovely lady by the name of Nor Ilya bt Mohd Zaki, a Masters student in Agricultural Science from the UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
L to R: PP Kumar Tharmalingam (OC Gala Dinner) Tan Sri Soong Siew Hoong (Charter member) Sandy Soh (President RY 2016-17) Cik Nor Ilya bt Mohd Zaki (recipient Soong Bursary 2016) and PP Dato Muslim (OC Scholarships and Bursary awards 2016)
We had two events on Saturday 10 December 2016.  In the morning it was the all in one exhibition launch plus tri-club and the scholarship presentations. The Guest of Honour was HE Mr Constantin Nistor, Ambassador of Romania (who is also our Honorary Rotarian.) 165 students from six schools represented by their principals or teacher/Rotarian advisors accepted the cheques worth RM 58,050. Three undergraduates from UMP (Universiti Malaysia Pahang) got RM 1,500 each with eligibility to claim for two more years at RM 1,500 per year subject to improved CGPA and good semester reports. 
The highlight of this event was the award for the Fraser & Neave bursary worth RM 5,000 to a post graduate student student, Cik Amanina Amani who is doing her Masters programme research in Food Engineering at the UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia.) This is a new RM 50,000 bursary award programme for post graduates (Masters or PhD) introduced this year for the next 10 years.
Cik Amanina Amani receiving the F&N Bursary cheque for her research work
Encik Muhd Fikri receiving his undergraduate scholarship cheque
Cik Norathirah Asnida receiving her undergraduate scholarship cheque
Cik Nur Najihan receiving her undergraduate scholarship cheque
Principals/Teacher/Rotarian Advisors received scholarship cheques on behalf of their pupils
On 9th December, our sister clubs - RCs Hong Kong Harbour, Mandaluyong (Philippines), Singapore West, Songkhla and Dhonburi (both in Thailand) - came in full force; 70 of them in total.  Our Logistics guys under PP Gary Lim did a wonderful job of meeting them at the airports - both KLIA and KLIA2 - take them to lunch and ferry them to VE Hotel in Bangsar South.  And in the evening they were ferried to the Unique Ballroom in Petaling Jaya for the Fellowship Dinner themed "Superheroes." All of us had to wear a Superhero T-shirt of some description while others did the whole works.
Our Exhibition titled "50 Years of Service" kicked off on the very date, 5th December, the Club was chartered 50 years ago. We are grateful to Sungei Wang Plaza for their kindness in providing us the space for our displays and the stage for showing off talents of our Interactors and Rotarians. This exhibition is on from 5-11 December 10 am to 10 pm daily for 7 days.
The next major event will be on 10 Dec at 11:00 am.  Watch this space.
Today, I attended the graduation ceremony of No 18 intake of under-privileged girls that were accepted by the Vocational Training Opportunity Centre (VTOC) a training centre of the YWCA since 4 January 2016.  President Sandy Soh, PDG Dr Paul Lee and Rtn Laura Lee the then OC Vocational Training were there too. The Guest of Honour was Tengku Natashah, the daughter of the Sultan of Selangor.
What astonished me was the confidence, elegance and poise these girls have mastered when just less than one year ago they were timid, shy, not communicative and generally miserable looking. VTOC have done wonders in transforming these girls most of whom came from not so well to do families with not much hope for the future. It is certainly different now.  They have been trained in the vocation of their choice be it cookery, tailoring, secretarial, hairdressing and beauty care or early childhood education.  RC Pudu placed 50 girls sourced from all over the country and we are pleased to note that none of them fell by the way side. It is indeed a pleasure to be able to make a difference in their lives.
Well done girls. We are proud of you. And well done the committee under Rtn Laura Lee who painstakingly sourced and brought together these girls to the VTOC, an opportunity centre, for them to seize the opportunity.
Today, Tuesday 15 Nov 2016 the tri-partite committee of RC Pudu, ERA and
Autorr are pleased to bring into reality our show farm on Urban Farming.  
This endeavour is to encourage the senior citizens to indulge in something
useful, beneficial and absorbing hobby in organic and hydroponic farming.  
For urban dwellers living in small houses, flats or condos we have some
suggestions for them.  Experts in the field will be made available to help with
the "showhow of knowhow." Some 40 people came to the launch and
a whatsapp group has been created so that we can keep in touch.  
Ideas and thoughts are being fermented to further enhance this effort.
And one of them is the Rotarian Action Group.
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