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We meet Wednesdays at 6:15 PM
Hyde Park Tavern (Upstairs)
187 King William Rd
Hyde Park, SA  5061
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October 2014

Club Officers 2014-15

Immediate Past President
Director - New Generations, Vocational & International
Director - International Service
Director - Fundraising, Foundation & Fellowship
Director - Community Service
Membership Officer
Public Officer
Risk Management Officer
Business Breakfast Convenor
Website & Bulletin Editor

Come Join Us

     Do You have Time for Rotary? Are you new to Rotary? Rotary welcomes women and men.

     Interested in joining Rotary, or simply wish to hear one of our excellent guest speakers? Just email your request and contact details to: or call President Andrew Sullivan (0418 816 624) or Secretary Colleen Ragghianti (0413 834 843) for an invitation to a meeting. It's as simple as that.


ImageOur trailer BBQ comes with 2 cooks. To book, or to discuss your requirements, please phone: SANDRA MATZ on 0414 747 657 OR email Sandy here. Before you call, check our Calendar (under Activities) in case it's already booked. 

Our standard hire includes two cooks @ $75 per hour with a minimum 3-hour charge of $225. THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES. Other arrangements can be negotiated.

We do not hire the trailer BBQ out without Rotarians in attendance.



News & Stories

A big thank you from the club to Mike McAuliffe for donating 2 bikes for the Christmas Trailer Raffle.  Mike, Andrew, Maryann and Sandy had fun putting them onto the frame of the Christmas Trailer.   President Andrew and wife Beverley have opted to put the Christmas Stocking together at their home.  
Pres Andrew and Bev are seeking donations of NEW toys or adult stocking fillers you may have OR WISH TO DONATE, OR KNOW OF A BUSINESS THAT IS WILLING TO DO SO, eg  (BBQ aprons/ BBQ Tools, Children's Books, Toys, outdoor brooms/rakes/garden gloves, picnic set, children's golf sets/tennis rackets, plastic ball, pool toys...) anything that would look good in a stocking and will be reasonably durable within the stocking.  
Thanks to Sam and Libby Savis who are donating wine (although we will be putting empty boxes in Trailer during displays) and we will be needing soft drink, BBQ and esky.  Please talk to Andrew or myself if you have or know of someone who is willing to donate this.  
Fortunately last year's winner donated the Prize back to charity... a Rotarian won it.... (which we in turn donated most of it to the Salvation Army who had people in need that used the contents gratefully, and we 'purchased' the trailer back so we are already in front profit wise this year!!  
We will try to limit the times we require helpers out and about with the trailer selling tickets (we have a limited number of towbar-drivers), but when you are given your books of tickets, the best way to sell them is to go out with the Christmas Trailer and have fun selling Rotary at the same time.
Already we have nominated Unley Primary School and Goodwood Primary School and a defibrillator for Unley Sports Club  and Goodwood Scouts as likely recipients of some of our profits and well as supporting Rotary Youth Driving Awareness program and other Rotary Youth programs ..... to name just a few.
We plan to have some marketing photos of WHAT HYDE PARK ROTARY CLUB DOES,  so if you have any photos or ideas of how we can  have a display ( or maybe we make a wind banner with these photos on it) and know someone who can assist us with this, that would be great.
Perhaps once again contact Andrew or myself asap if you can assist in this area, as Rotary believes the best way to raise money is to show the public what we are using it for!! both within the community and overseas!!
Thanks for you anticipated assistance in the next few months, which will be busy fundraising times for us, but fun being out in the community with our 'yellow shirts', Rotary Caps and having Rotary conversations.
And don't forget if you are out selling tickets give them one of our Community Link booklets to show them the sorts of things that Rotary clubs in the Unley/Mitcham area do.
PS  As this is going to the 'Friends of Rotary' and some other people who have opted to receive our newsletter, if you are willing to spend a couple of hours assisting us with some PR and ticket selling or BBQ cooking from now until Christmas, please drop us an email or give us a ring and I am sure that we can fit you in your preferred time slot.... we can guarantee you will have fun!!
PPS  If you know of a venue that would like us to bring our great Christmas Trailer to add atmosphere to their function and they are having a lot of 'traffic' attending,  PLEEEAAASE let us know... as they are fun events for us to 'work' at.  EG we would love a venue the day after the Christmas Pageant (Sunday 9th November) as kids love to see Christmas Stockings and Bikes at that time of the year.                            Sandy Matz

Due to high demand and limited space, attendees MUST register by COB, Thursday 9 October, to avoid disappointment:

With so much turmoil in the world, it's easy to forget just how lucky we are to live in a country where most of us don't have to worry about having adequate shelter from the elements, provision of clean water and safety from persecution & conflict. Sometimes the news is so overwhelming that we switch off, despairing that there is nothing we can do to help. But there is always something we can do. ShelterBox responds immediately with emergency shelter for disaster victims. Find out more about ShelterBox and where they send their emergency relief containers at:
The Rotary Club of Hyde Park has been a strong supporter of ShelterBox for many years. Here's where most of our boxes have been deployed, HOWEVER the club has contributed more than are listed and are yet to be deployed or posted on the ShelterBox website. You can probably recognise the disaster from the destination and date of deployment.
Box number Destination Donation date
800 Islamabad, Pakistan 28.10.2005
1302 Dili, East Timor 11.07.2006
3071  Chengdu, China 21.05.2008
4745 Philippines 21.10.2008
4746 Philippines 21.10.2008
5427 Swabi District, Pakistan 17.04.2009
7828 Haiti 30.04.2010
7829 Haiti 30.04.2010
7830 Haiti 30.04.2010
7831 Haiti 30.04.2010
10442 Ethiopia 21.06.2011
10468 Pakistan 21.06.2011
10614 Philippines 30.06.2011
10615 Philippines 30.06.2011
10616 Philippines 30.06.2011
11385 Pakistan 08.06.2012

A perfect weekend in winter to visit Wandillah homestead. No rain, not too... cold, great fellowship and plenty of lush green vegetation. Your reporter can't count, but there must have been a dozen or more Rotarians and partners from the club on Saturday night. Andrew Love and Jan visited briefly on Saturday. Some 150 trees were planted to replace dead ones and fill in gaps. Even small trees maybe 10 years young or less have a significant effect in arresting the progress of eroded gullies. The evidence is very plain. Some sore shoulders from lifting 200L drums over the plantings and thumping star-droppers to support them. Despite that several drums were noticed in creek beds. Plenty of kangaroos bounding over the hills amongst the sheep and cattle, which didn't seem to notice, and 'trimmed' trees where the 'roos had fed. A great weekend of fellowship. Stunning views of the Burra environs. Photos

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