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A couple of years after Tom Sutton and John Bottari attended the District 5150 Blue Angels Fundraiser, our own Jeff Allen offered his powerboat, the Tangoroa, to get the Blue Angel perspective from the Bay.  The boat holds 20, but Capt'n Jeff had on board his first mate son, Michael, 3 of Michael's friends, and Rotarians Jim Ring and date (visiting), Chris Major and Joanne Pugh, Susan Lundy and Jim Spellerberg, and Hugh Murphy with Marjan.  We learned the unpublished history of Sausalito and Belevedere's coastal residences that only a multi-generation resident could know, and then saw the French, the Blue Angels, the United Airways, and various other acrobatic air escapades while drinking beer and eating lunch.  Only Jeff had to work the entire time, being totally alert in a VERY crowded bay.  Thanks, Jeff...you gave all of us a wonderful memory and your generosity in providing the boat, the work, and the history is very appreciated by your fellow Harborites.
Helen, Jeri, Hugh, Judi with Foundation basket PICTURED, LEFT TO RIGHT:
Helen Abe, high bidder for Foundation gift basket $1,000...
District Governor Jeri Fujimoto,   2016-2017
Hugh Murphy, President, RCSRH, 2016-2017
Judi Cooper, Membership Chair of RCSRH, 2016-2017 and high bidder for the wine which Helen pulled out of the basket and auctioned...$160.
TOTAL HARBOR contribution...$1,160.
Join us for District Governor's annual Club visit. Don't forget to bring your wallets for a chance to win the DG gift basket.  Proceeds support the Rotary Foundation.


"Our" swimmers graduate!

In 2016, the Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor decided to sponsor the transportation of children from the west end of San Rafael (Canal District) to central San Rafael High School so "Make a Splash" non-profit teaching center could give them swimming lessons.

Showing Andrea Salmi (left) and  Isa Ferris displaying the $750 check from the Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor.
Pictured from l to right starting with Helen Abe (behind Andrea and Isa): Bev Shwert, Immediate Past President.  Carola Detrick, President Elect.  Susan Lundy,  Barbara Weldon, Public Service Chair.  Stacie Strassberg.  Tom Sutton,  Hugh Murphy, President.
Club Executives & Directors
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Immediate Past President
Membership Chair
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Hugh's Message
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Jan 12, 2017
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Chris Major
Jan 24, 2017
Building Social Capital Through Chess - trip to Africa
Club Assembly
Jan 31, 2017
Half Way Through...
SRHS Interact Lunch Meeting
Feb 08, 2017
Make A Splash
Feb 14, 2017
Local students teaching kids from the Canal to swim
Julie Bridge
Feb 21, 2017
Unlocking Human Potential In Partnership with Horses
Club Social or Service Project
Feb 28, 2017
Auld Lang Syne...social breakfast catching up with former and inactive Rotarians
Patrick Major
Mar 07, 2017
Meet Sammy Davis
Logan McDonnell
Mar 14, 2017
Put Your Change To Work...
Lara Rajninger
Mar 21, 2017
Kids Cooking For Life
Rick and/or Brock Winters
Apr 04, 2017
North Bay Basketball Academy
Lauren Vuong
Apr 11, 2017
Compassion and Gratitude
Suzi Katz
Apr 18, 2017
Is Your Tech World Safe?
Jen Tripathy
May 02, 2017
AlzAlive, Senior Access
Gem Munro
May 09, 2017
Amarok Society
Keith Marsh
May 16, 2017
Astrophotography and the Milky Way
DARK - No Meeting
May 30, 2017
Allen Ng
Jun 20, 2017
Walking Thru Central Asia
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