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7/11/14: "There's a new sheriff in town" and his name is Gregory J. Patterson, Club President! Ringing in the new year, our Commander in Chief, performed remarkably under stress during his inaugural meeting! From the time he "gonged" the Rotary bell to start and all the way to the end when he had us "sing" the 4 way test, Greg ran the meeting with "fist pounding" enthusiasm and not once did any member walk out of the meeting! "Light Up Rotary" is the Rotary International Theme and "Service Defines Self" is our Club's theme announced by Greg. "How will YOU define yourself this year with our Club" asked Greg as well as "show me whatcha got" as he rallied members to commit to an Avenue of Service committee and/or Club fundraising event for this upcoming year. Guests included "Snow White and the 5 dwarfs" pictured here with Club member Nadine Rothermel as Assistant Governor surrounded by Greg's fellow Group 4 Rotary Presidents:  Ray Taylor, Westlake Noon; Patrick Miller, Newbury Park; Nate Harimoto, Thousand Oaks and Mike McDermott, Conejo Valley. Other guests included Greg's wonderful family (pictured here): wife, Lorelle and sons, Willem and Harris; David Lunn (guest of Jim Wisdom) and Eric Arbuckle (guest of John Newhouse). Congratulations and best of luck to our NEW president Greg Patterson!



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Have a great 4th! We'll see you all next Friday, July 11 with our new President Greg Patterson presiding over our meeting. Promises to be a GREAT year ahead!

What a year! Our fearless leader, John Newhouse, held his last meeting on Friday, June 20 and then enjoyed a well deserved demotion party last Friday, June 27. At his last meeting, John honored his wife Wendy for all of her support during this past year; as well as, handing out "perfect attendance" pins to those members that have not missed a meeting or makeup during his year. On hand for last meeting were guests Sue Lindeman (pictured here with Margo White and Terry Moerler) who received an "Outstanding Community Service Leader" award from our Club and our dear friend Bob Brown (pictured here with Gerry Breitman). Then it was on to John's Demotion Party day which was held last Friday and started out with a round of golf at Westlake Golf Course and ended with a blast of a party held at the Sheraton Hotel. Thank you to all that helped out with the Demotion Party! And here are the final numbers for the year 2013-2014: $49,600 net profit from our two big fundraisers, the California Jazz and Wine Fest and our golf tournament; $13,000 in Club member donations to The Rotary Foundation; $36,722 given to 44 different Community and International projects from our Club; and 35 community and international projects that Club members participated in. Thank you John and thank you members for a FANTASTIC year!

Wonderful and informative presentation by Gilbert Simoni, MD (pictured here with our very own GERD, Jim Eckley) who treats patients with GERD or Chronic Acid Reflux with an incisionless solution. TIF (Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication) treats the underlying cause of GERD by reconstructing the valve between the esophagus and stomach to ensure that stomach contents do not reflux back into the esophagus. Pretty cool stuff, eh? Doctor Simoni's company, Advanced Gastroenterology Inc., is located here in Thousand Oaks. Thank you Doctor for a great program! Other highlights from last Friday's meeting included our Club's donation to the Dreamcatcher Playground at the Old Meadows Park in Thousand Oaks. Pictured is our President John Newhouse giving check to Ron Block from the Thousand Oaks Sunrise Club who is heading up the park project. Also, Alan Sworski gave the greatest praise anyone could give to a friend...a Paul Harris Fellow that went to his good buddy and past business partner, Richard Linsday. And finally, checks were given out to our Non Profit partners from the California Jazz and Wine Fest and included Bob Bland and Debbie Leon from Conejo Compassion, Charlotte Stehlik from Leonis Adobe Museum, and Susan Murphy from Conejo Free Clinic. Thank you so much to these partners that participated in selling tickets to our CJWF!

what a tale my thoughts could tell! What an unbelievable program last Friday! Carl "The Mentalist" Christman (pictured here with "once skeptic but now have no doubt" members Saleem S and Ron Y ) entertained our members with his remarkable skill of reading minds! He's for real! Just ask Saleem, Ron, Alan Lederman, Eric Gilbert and all the other members that were there! Carl, once a University psychology professor, has now become a remarkably popular entertainer at various venues and colleges across the country, where audiences marvel at his ability to get inside their minds. Simply amazing presentation! Thank you, Carl! Friday's guests included Christy Manning's best friend, Keyna Binder (pictured here with Christy and Margo White) and her husband Joshua Binder; Christina Cox (John Newhouse guest) and Peter Diaz (Jim Wisdom guest). Also in the house was the beautiful Gail Cunningham, guest of Ron Cunningham as they celebrated their upcoming 60th wedding anniversary with us! Thanks to all guests for coming to our meeting! 

Eye opening program at last Friday's meeting from Jonathan Fraser Light (pictured here with Ralph Gould), attorney from LightGabler, a law firm that specializes in employment counsel and litigation, intellectual property and unfair competition. Jon spoke of alarming employer/employee issues in the workplace as well as nerve-racking classifications of independent contractor versus employee and exempt versus non exempt employees. There is a massive maze of employment issues that employers have to navigate through. LightGabler guides, advises and counsels employers to insure there are no labor violations or potential employee litigation matters. Thank you to Jon for a great presentation! Guests for Friday's meeting included Kelsey Wisdom, daughter of Jim (who received his gold badge at this meeting!); Sharon Renshall and Carol Freeman, both members of the Thousand Oaks Rotary (Carol is President); and, Chris Newton (guest of Michael Bonilla).

SOLD OUT! HUGE SUCCESS! BIG HIT! JACKPOT! What an incredible event put on by our Club yesterday at our 3rd annual California Jazz and Wine Fest. 1,500 attendees partying, 80 volunteers working, 25 sponsors participating, 14 wine vendors pouring, 14 food vendors serving, 12 marketplace vendors selling, 4 breweries flowing, 4 awesome bands playing, 1 beautiful day with temps in the 70s (thank goodness) and only 1 reported police code 240! It was one of the biggest fundraisers our Club has put on! You should all be very, very proud of this historic Club accomplishment and success! And it was because of all your HARD work! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

HERE IT COMES! THIS SUNDAY! THE 3RD ANNUAL CALIFORNIA JAZZ AND WINE FEST (also on "Upcoming Events" to the left)! Over $30,000 in sponsorships!The best wine and food vendors in the planet will be there! Less than a week to invite anyone and everyone to our fundraiser! It's going to be the EVENT about town! Don't be left out! Just click on the following link: to get info and tickets! Thanks to all that have worked so hard on this event. YOU, Mr. and Ms. Member, should be very, very proud of OUR event!

Thank you Chase Morrison for an inspiring and thought provoking program regarding exit strategies for those in business. Chase (pictured here with Barbara Grant) is a partner in the firm B2B CFO and has over 30 years of experience delivering accounting, management reporting, operational execution and financial planning expertise to business clients. Chase's program last Friday focused on "exit strategy" - a comprehensive plan to successfully exit your business with the key goal to help business owners reduce risk by converting illiquid assets to cash. We really appreciate having you, Chase, as our program speaker! Friday's guests included Kim Siegried from Paul Martin restaurant (pictured here with PE Greg Patterson), Sri Madhuji (guest of Kym Roncoroni), Dolores Layfield (guest of Michael Bonilla) and Nate Harimoto, President Elect for the Thousand Oaks Rotary Club. Thanks to all guests for coming to our meeting last Friday!

Powerful presentation last Friday by our very own Past President and "Do-Everything" member, Evie Greene (pictured here with Alan Lederman) as she talked about the wonderful program called PACE (Promise of Assurance to Children Everywhere). Worldwide, 60 million girls aged 6-11 are out of school each year. Over half a million women and girls are trafficked each year. Pace is at the forefront to educate girls in the poorest regions of the world to prevent human trafficking, increase their self awareness and economic opportunity and change their lives. Evie spoke of PACE's flagship school in Piyali Junction, India where over 200 girls are not only receiving an education but other life necessities such as meals and medical checkups. PACE is headed up by founder and President, Deepa Willingham who was a Past District 5240 Governor. Evie is on the road to drum up support and spread the word for her pal Deepa in bringing PACE onboard as an international project for the District and our Club. Thanks Evie for a great program!

Friday before last, a member with a black eye (see story below). Last Friday, a member walking around with a cane. Casualties galore at our Club. Gee, what and who's next? Welcome back Randy Strong! Pictured here with his beautiful and always supportive wife, Sandy, (and a fellow member trying to expedite Randy's recovery by offering him a morning glass of zinfandel) Randy is recovering from a complete hip replacement surgery and is quickly making his way back to full strength! He should be ready to play for the Lakers by next season! Besides Sandy Strong, other guests from last Friday included Dan Greene (former First Dude and husband of Past President Evie), Kim Kvarda from Paul Martin restaurant (Jazz and Fest sponsor) and Cindy West (guest of Jim Wisdom). Thank you to all guests for attending last Friday's meeting!

"A Little Lie" wrote a student in response to this question. Club member Jon Morse thought the same thing and look what happened to him! This headline question and cute response, among others, was the lead in to a wonderful program presented by our very own, Marilyn Lippiatt (pictured here with Jon). Marilyn, who has served public education for the past 35 years as a teacher, principal and superintendent, talked about the Common Core Standard approach to teaching kids in school by connecting standards for content and practice in the classroom. She is now the Executive Director of Professional Development of Quality Education Solutions (QES)-Common Core Standard Plus. Marilyn oversees the work of consultants and education specialists in districts and schools throughout California and Hawaii. Thank you so much Marilyn for a great program...we LEARNED a lot!

Plenty of action at last Friday's meeting including a great presentation by fellow Rotarian (Moorpark Morning Rotary Club) and local attorney, Doug Ridley. A former Deputy District Attorney is now on the other side defending those involved in criminal cases. With his extensive experience and a top notch team of attorneys his firm is the best choice to handle all types of legal criminal matters. Look, he's been very successful in keeping our Prez John and Prez Elect Greg out of jail! Thanks Doug for an awesome presentation! Other meeting fun had Jacob Castroll induct new member Ken Koors to our Club; Prez John giving the acclaimed "Rotarian of the Month" to Evie Greene for all of her hard work in Honduras; presentation of completion certificates for Basic PRLS to future Club presidents Christy Manning and Kym Roncoroni; cute picture of our fabulous and awesome servers Kathy and Hayley; and finally, a big thank you to our guests: Alan Rosenberg (Neil Pulido), John Otullin (Jacob Castroll), Marilyn Murphy (John Grace) and Brian Angel (Moorpark Morning Rotary Club)!
Note: I know, I know. Pictures are all over the place. What do you expect from "grouchy" CPAs this time of year? Sympathy for Andy and me, please! And, by the way, pay your !#$%! bill...see "Pay Your Dues Online" story from Andy.

For the second year in a row, a member from our club was awarded that Otto Stoll Award from the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks. Our very own Michael Ramakrishnan (pictured here with Carol Schreiber and Carol Freeman from Thousand Oaks Rotary Club) was awarded the Otto Stoll Award last Thursday the club luncheon held at Hillcrest Villas.
The Otto Stoll Award is a very prestigious award and is awarded to a Rotarian in the community that best exemplifies service to those in our community most in need. Otto Stoll was a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks and a member of the Many Mansions Board of Directors in the 1990s. Otto was passionate about helping those in need.  He was always pushing Many Mansions to develop new housing and new service programs to assist the residents and community members who needed safe, decent, and affordable housing.  The Stoll House was named in his honor in 1997.
Michael is a very worthy choice for this award and we congratulate him for receiving it. In addition to Michaels work with our club and Many Mansions, Michael is very involved in his church and has been very involved in assisting our local homeless population. As someone mentioned at the meeting, ‘Michael is on a first name basis with almost everyone who is homeless in Thousand Oaks.’  Through his church, Michael is out there every weekend feeding, talking, and just listening to this population.  Indeed, it is the listening that is the most important, for some in our  homeless community just want someone to listen to them.  Thus, in a small but very significant way, Michael has greatly enriched our community. This award is certainly keeping up the vision of Otto—a vision he had for Many Mansions and a vision he had for our community. Congratulations Michael we are very proud of you.
Was the cry from our members when it was told to them by our wonderful speaker, Marisol Arzate, that there are only two animals that qualify as "service" pets for housing, one is a dog and the other a cute, fluffy miniature pony! Go figure! Great program presented by Marisol, Director of Outreach, for the non profit organization Housing Rights Center that promotes equal opportunity and freedom of residence to all persons. Marisol fielded many questions raised by our members about housing discrimination, security deposits, evictions and miniature ponies.  Thank you Marisol for a very informative and awesome program!

Randy and Greg were ecstatic about last Friday's induction of our newest member, Ken Koors. An insurance agent with Farmers, Ken loves to golf, travel and attend Danish Festivals! Welcome aboard Ken and if you need any drinking buddies...Also, we had a wonderful shop talk given by Marilyn Lippiatt who talked of her over 35 years of experience in the public education field working as a teacher, principal and even superintendent of the Oak Park School District. Marilyn (pictured here with Margo) is currently the Executive Director of Quality Education Solutions (QES) focusing on providing support of quality teaching and learning in the classroom. Thank you Marilyn for a great shop talk!

You're surfing on a 40 foot wave, now go as fast as you go faster! "Accessing your higher mind" was an eye opening, fabulous program presented last Friday by our guest speaker, Elliot Laurence, pictured here with club member Jacob. "Mind Mavericks" is an organization headed up by Elliot that is dedicated to promote the advancement of higher brain power (no one in our club) and objective thinking. A musician, architect, teacher and past CEO of 5 corporations, Elliot, used his life experiences to analyze and develop this "Mind Mavericks" system that can show others how to access their own diverse capabilities. Thank you so much, Elliot, for your wonderful presentation!

Past Friday's guests included Dirk Spits and Wouter van Eenbergen (pictured here with Margo). Dirk established the 99%RIDE Foundation where their goal is to raise funds for projects concerning children and education all around the world. Dirk is doing this by cycling from Alaska to Argentina, over 17,000 miles, stopping along the way at various venues to promote their cause. Dirk stopped by and rode into our Rotary club meeting last Friday on his bike; only to have the President try to ride away on it! Also, Paul Harris Fellows were given out to Doug DeGroote (pictured here with buddy, Eric) and Hank Abbink's son, Bruce. Congratulations!   

So you are in another city or another country, and you think, "Hey, I sure would like to attend a Rotary meeting here so I can experience another club and make sure Randy has my make-up meeting recorded...but, where do I go?"  Or, maybe you are planning a trip and you want to add a Rotary meeting into your less than stellar itinerary and really want to spice things up! So, now you have help.

You can now search for a Rotary club with RI's free mobile app.  Available in the Apple App Store and the Android Market, you can download the FREE app called the Rotary Club Locator and it is from Rotary International.  The Blackberry version will be offered at some point in the future.

What will it do? 
  • The "Near Me" search locates clubs within a physical radius of 100 miles. (Note: Actual driving distances may be further.)
  • A keyword search for clubs. This search looks for the keyword in either the club name or meeting location address. This is useful for finding clubs that are outside of the 100-mile radius from your current location.
  • A map showing a club's location and driving directions
  • The ability to save search results to a list of favorite clubs
  • The ability to add a club to your phone's contact list
  • The club's website and primary phone number, if available
  • A search function to find clubs by district
Check it out and keep Randy happy.

Many people only know that you or so-and-so, belong to a Rotary Club.  What they may not know is what Rotary is or does on a larger scale.  Watch this space for different PSAs and stories to describe what the amazing organization of which we are a key part in helping locally and around the world. Watch our highlighted video and share it with people you know.  Give them your contact info in case they want to learn more! Rotary - Make a World of Difference 




Did you miss the recent District 5240 Grants Seminar?  Well, if you did, and you still want to learn something, look no further than what came through your mailbox.  On Page 61 of The Rotarian, you will find a handy reference and simplified explanation of Rotary's new Foundation Grants.  On July 2013, Rotary will launch their new grants model called Future Vision worldwide.  Take a moment to read up on the elements of this model and get familiar with it.


From the September issue of The Rotarian, here is an interesting little tidbit from In Brief:

Your genes
 may be responsible - at least in part - for how nice you are, according to the "The Neurogenics of Niceness," a study in the April issue of Psychological Science.  Researchers found that people who viewed the world as a threatening place were less likely than those with positive perceptions to help others - unless they had the "nice" versions of oxytocin and vasopressin receptors.  Genes determine which version a person has.

So, hmmm. Nibble on that one and ponder what hand you were dealt...Actually, I think our club members were born with the right jeans, genes in 'em.


As a Rotarian engaged in a business or profession, I am expected to:

1)    CONSIDER  my vocation to be another opportunity to serve;
2)    BE FAITHFUL  to the letter and to the spirit of the ethical codes of my vocation, to the laws of my country, and to the moral standards of my community
3)    DO ALL in my power to dignify my vocation and to promote the highest ethical standards in my chosen vocation;
4)     BE FAIR to my employer, employees, associates, competitors, customers, the public, and all those with whom I have a business or professional relationship;
5)    RECOGNIZE the honor and respect due to all occupations which are useful  to society;
6)    OFFER my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community;
7)     ADHERE to honesty in my advertising and in all representations to the public concerning my business or profession
8)     NEITHER SEEK from nor grant to a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in a business or professional relationship.
 Thank you to Vocational Chair Jim Eckley for presenting this document. 





Of the things we think, say, or do...

1) Is it the TRUTH?
2) Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?



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