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Member Birthdays:
  • Wendy Pazen
    September 8
  • David Anderson
    September 20
  • Bob Noville
    October 4
  • Jordan Eller
    October 11
  • Bob Pazen
    Sweetem's Pazen
    September 9
  • Wendy Pazen
    Most Precious Pazen
    September 9
  • Mike Martin
    Julia Martin
    October 8
  • Tom Hashbarger
    Cynthia Hashbarger
    October 21
Join Date:
  • Todd Juvonen
    September 12, 2013
    3 years
  • Jeff Burgh
    September 25, 2014
    2 years
  • Alison Thompson
    September 29, 2010
    6 years
  • Bill Crookston
    October 1, 2015
    1 year
  • Greg Frye
    October 1, 2015
    1 year
  • Donna Louise Turner
    October 2, 2007
    9 years
  • Tim Blackwell
    October 2, 2014
    2 years
  • Tim Hughes
    October 14, 2010
    6 years
  • Augie Ponce DeLeon
    October 15, 2012
    4 years
  • Jason Rebibo
    October 15, 2015
    1 year
  • Chris Norstedt
    October 16, 2008
    8 years
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Nightmare on the Hill
Sponsorship Information for Nightmare on the Hill.
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SOLD  Venue Sponsorship - Savory Prime
SOLD  DJ Sponsorship - Domino's
SOLD  Casino Sponsorship - Retirement Income Specialist's
SOLD  Bar Sponsorship - Capital Mortgage Services
Ghoul Sponsor's
Bill Spellman
Mark Mulchay
Monte Widders
Alert Communications
Husam Hishmeh
Ventura County Pharmacy
Witches Sponsor's
A Street Optometric Center, APC - Bob Pazen
Rubicon Theatre - Rich Stewart & Harriet Clune
Four Brix Winery - Karen Stewart
Ventura Botanical Gardens - Bruce & Kathy McGee / Midge & Dave Stork
Lindsay & Co. - Alison Thompson
Costello and Company, CPA Inc - Ken Kagan
PremierAmerica Credit Union - Terri Hernandez
Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc - Todd Juvonen
Furguson Case Orr Paterson LLP - Joe Strohman
Mortgage Couch - Shelby Bishop
Team Dembowski Realty - Ellyn Dembowski
Cauldron Sponsor's
Norman Dowler, LLP - Tom Hutchinson
Coast General Insurance - Brenda Allison
Ventura County Credit Union - Natalie Yanez
Tim Hughes, RE/MAX Realtors - Tim Hughes
Raffle Prize Donations
Rosanna Colin - First Bank Ventura
Ashley Pope - Spice Topia
Laura Shannon - Savory Prime Pet Treats
Midge Stork
Clint Garman - Garman's Pub
Kristopher Skromme, OD - Two Trees Optometry

Rotary Club of Ventura-East Elevator Speech

We are a leadership organization comprising of local business, civic and professional leaders.
We are a nonpolitical, nonsectarian service club.
We meet regularly to get to know each other, form friendships and through that we are able to get things done in this community. Like:
   - Scholarships at 5 local high schools,
   - Interact Clubs at 3 local schools.
   - Support the YMCA, City Center, Ventura Botanical Gardens
   - Promote literacy and career guidance in schools
Internationally we support a huge project our club started called GoCare in Nicaragua and contribute to eliminating Polio worldwide.
The Rotary Club of  Ventura-East meets Thursday noon to 1:30 at the Poinsettia Pavilion in Ventura. Come and learn more about Rotary's humanitarian service, high ethical standards in all vocations and help build good will in this community.
The bell was rung by President Husam Hismeh to start the meeting at noon with a call to lunch.
After the flag salute, led by Carol Marquez-Olson, the inspirational message was given by Harriet Clune.  Tim Hughes told a very funny joke; John Borneman led us in an entertaining song; Midge Stork announced the raffle prize of an Amazon gift card donated by Michelle Cekov (Bill Gray was the winner); Jordan Eller took attendance and President Husam thanked Amber Stevens for being Greeter and also announcing our visitors.  A thanks goes out to everyone who helped out at the meeting.
Announcements:  Our meeting on Thursday, September 29 will be a visit to Bob Lynn’s Jewelry to learn everything you ever wanted to know about making beautiful things!  Todd Juvonen announced Community Service opportunities and Tim Hughes presented the Access Book for sale at $30.  President Husam announced that our member, Jeff Hata, had undergone surgery on Wednesday and is recovering, expecting to return home on Friday.  Everyone wishes him a quick recovery.
Our speaker was Dr. Frochtzwajg, M.D.  He spoke about finding a new doctor when your current physician retires; it was a very interesting presentation.  He also described the process of becoming a new doctor and handling the usually 6 figure debt acquired during your medical school studies.  CMH has a comprehensive program now for training new doctors.  He also elaborated on the relative earnings differential between family physicians and specialists.  It was a very informative presentation.  Dr. Frochtzwajg remained after the meeting to answer questions from several members. 
The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Bill Spellman led us in the Flag Salute.
Visitors today were Jerry Beckerman, Kevin Daley and Guest of the Club Sharon Daley. Visiting Rotarian Diedrea from the Ojai Club. Our speaker today was P.D.G. Deepa Willingham and her daughter Reena.
Amber Stevens received her blue badge today and Mike O'Neil was inducted into the club today with the help of Mike's sponsor John Masterson, Bruce McGee and P.D.G. Deepa Willingham.
Diedrea announced "Taste of Ojai" at the Ojai Valley Inn on October 23rd and Jerry Beckerman spoke about a Career Guidance Meeting.
Today's raffle prize was donated by Todd Juvonen with was a "Stay home or go out" $25.00 Cinema and $25.00 Amazon Prime Card. Our Lucky winner today was Bob Pazen.
Joe Strohman announced that the Foundation Board meeting would be Monday at 5:00 in Joe's office.
Joe Strohman also announced that Student of the Quarter is coming and Joe needs 3 people to volunteer to sponsor this award.
John Borneman led us in a song.
Bob Pazen then introduced our speaker P.D.G. Deepa Willingham who spoke about PACE.

Kathy McGee led us in the Flag Salute.
Midge Stork gave our Inspirational Message.
Bruce McGee announced that our raffle prize was a $50 gift card to Cafe Fiore.
President Husam introduced our guests and visiting Rotarians. Guest of the club was Sharon Daley and our speaker Ayn Devera.
John Borneman led us in a song.
Presidents Announcments:
There will be a Basic PRLS class this Saturday.
Next Wednesday there will be a Community Service Meeting at Todd Juvonen's office at 5:30 pm.
Jeff Hata spoke about Nightmare on the Hill. Sponsorships are going well. We need to also focus on gathering raffle prize now too.
Bruce McGee announced that we will have a booth at the District Conference to help support GoCare. We will need help setting up, manning and tearing down the booth. 
President Bruce let us know that November is R.I. Foundation month. There will be programs about the Foundation coming up. Many of our members have donated over $1,000 which equals a Paul Harris Fellowship. Bruce read off a list of members who have $1,000 or more in donations. Please consider donating your points to the club to give out or plan on giving a Paul Harris Fellow when we have special meetings such as when the District Governor is here.
President Husam read a Thank You letter from Naomi Stodgy, a 2016 Scholarship Recipient.
Happy $'s: Joe Strohman, Tim Blackwell, Bill Gray, Tim Hughes, Harriet Clune, Kris Hansen, Husam Hishmeh.
Midge Stork conducted the raffle and our lucky winner was Joe Strohman!!!

Todd Juvonen led us in the Flag Salute.
Bruce McGee gave our Inspirational Message.
Our guests and visiting Rotarians today were:
Guest of Rich Stewart was Dennis Goldstien, guest of Husam Hishmeh was Tobias Hildebrand. Guest of the Club was Sharon Daley. Visiting from Ventura Downtown was Mark Kerwin. Our speaker today was Doug Halter and here to help Doug was Joe Cahill.
John Borneman gave our joke of the day and followed that up with our song of the day.
President Husam told the club that there are lots of openings for Joke of the Day and Inspirational Messages so please sign up on the clipboard being passed around.
President Husam announced that he has sold 6 more cases of Poinsettias...Jeff Hata wanted to know why President Husam wasn't out selling sponsorships for Nightmare on the Hill.
Next week is the club board meeting at President Husam's office. 5:30pm!
Midge Stork announced that the raffle prize is $50 in Visa gift cards donated by Kris Hansen.
Jeff Hata said that Nightmare on the Hill is coming along well we have almost $5,000 in sponsorships and if it happened today we would be positive before the first person came.
Harriet Clune gave a quick recap on our new catering situation. It's a work in progress and we are making progress. Everyone enjoyed the lunch today.
P.E. Harriet Clune spoke about the R.I. Convention in 2017. The convention will be in Atlanta and will be in June. There is an article in the Rotarian magazine. If you go to Atlanta you must go to the following places...The Coca Cola Factory, CNN, Stone Mountain, The Jimmy Carter Museum, Urick Primate Center and the Botanical Gardens!
Mark Kerwin spoke briefly about his mission to Louisana to help the flood victims. President Husam passed the hat and said he would match whatever the club donated and in total including President Husam's donation we gave almost $800.
John Masterson spoke about the upcoming Rotary Cruise in March.
Midge Stork conducted the raffle and our lucky winner was Dennis Goldstien!!!

Laura Shannon led us in the Flag Salute.
President Husam introduced guests and visiting Rotarians.
Guest of Jeff Hata was Rosandra Esquivel, guest of Bill Gray was Mason Gray and guests of President Husam was Sharon and Kevin Daley.
President Husam remarked how beautiful it was to see such a full house!
P.E. Harriet Clune introduced us to our new caterer, Amy Tyrell from Morsels as you wish. Harriet then filled the club in with all the changes that have been happening with catering at the Poinsettia Pavilion and what the process was to hire Chef Amy. Harriet let us know the importance of having a good headcount so please call, email or text Harriet by the Monday before the meeting if you will be bringing a guest. It is very important that we have a good headcount.
Bill Crookston gave our Inspirational Message.
John Borneman then gave our song of the day.
Midge Stork let us know that the raffle prize was a $50 gift card to Trader Joe's donated by Mike Martin.
Ken Kagan gave our joke of the day and then President Husam gave another!!!
Michelle Cekov reported on the International Service meeting. They had a good turnout and decided to focus on the Leadership Conference with GoCare.  International Service is looking into having a booth at the District Conference October 14 - 16 to try and get other clubs interested in participating.
International Service may be doing a service project in Nircaragua with GoCare in February.
Michelle also spoke about the United Way's Day of Caring and a couple of Community Service project opportunities. First is a Fall Library Cleaning project and the other is a Barn Beautification Project at Ventura County Animal Services. If you are interested, let Michelle know.
Bruce McGee spoke about the sponsor opportunities for Nightmare on the Hill. Sponsorships are vital to have a successful fundraiser. We need to finalize sponsorships in the next couple of weeks so please get out and try to get at least one sponsor.
President Husam visited Downtown and sold a case of Poinsettias! President Husam also said that Nightmare on the Hill will be the party of the year so please get out and help promote this event.


Welcome to the website of the Rotary Club of Ventura East!!

Ventura East
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Poinsettia Pavilion
3451 Foothill Road
Ventura, CA  93003
United States
Membership Corner
2016 Ventura County Fair Parade
September 2016
Meeting Responsibilities
Eller, Jordan
Flag Salute
Marquez-Olson, Carol
Stevens, Amber
Clune, Harriet
Joke of the Week
Hughes, Tim
Opportunity Drawing Donor
Cekov, Michelle
Upcoming Speakers
Oct 06, 2016
Katherine Kasmir
Straight Up Reality improv
Oct 13, 2016
Dr. Mike Bab
Superintendent Ventura Unified School District
Oct 20, 2016
Joe Strohman
New Member Interviews
Past Speakers
Sep 29, 2016
Club Social
Lynn's Jewelry
Sep 29, 2016
Club Social
Lynn's Jewelry
Sep 22, 2016
Stan Frochtzwajg, M.D.
HELP! My Doctor's retired ... How do I find a new one???
News from R.I.
Rotary recognized on public television's 'American Graduate Day'
Rotary was recognized on 17 September on public television's fifth annual American Graduate Day program for its work with San Diego-based Monarch School, a K-12 school for homeless youth. The Rotary Club of San Diego, California, USA, was applauded for its work mentoring Monarch's students, keeping them on track to graduate, and helping the school to continue thriving during tough economic times. Monarch School CEO Erin Spiewak appeared as one of the show's guests, along with Monarch Alumnus Cynthia Valenzuela, who attested to the positive, life-changing experience Monarch School gave her and...
Practicing peace
Nations around the world will observe the International Day of Peace on 21 September, a date designated by the United Nations in 2001 as "a day of global ceasefire and nonviolence." Rotary's commitment to building peace and resolving conflict is rooted in the Rotary Peace Centers program, formed in 2002. Each year, the program prepares up to 100 fellows to work for peace through a two-year master's degree program or a three-month professional certificate program at university partners worldwide. Today, nearly 1,000 peace centers alumni are applying their skills — negotiating peace in conflict...
P.O. Box 3012
Ventura, California  93006