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Find out more about what it means to be a Rotarian by joining us for breakfast at the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club, Tuesday mornings from 7:10 - 8:30. Contact for more information.
One August 23, 2016 Filomena gave the Dundas Sunrise Rotary Club a presentation offering insight into who she is, what motivates her, how she got into Politics and a little of what it is like to be a new Member of Parliament. It was an interesting and captivating presentation that involved telling us many stories of events in her life from five year’s old up to the present.  If you were absent today go Listen to Filomena when you get the opportunity. 
 Filomena is a proud Hamiltonian, the daughter of a Steelworker raised in a family that knew the meaning of hard work. She grew up in Hamilton and only left the City when she went to University. Filomena obtained her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from The University of Waterloo and then studied at Western University where she obtained her Law Degree.
Guest speaker Judy Rickey, owner of Clutter Relief Services offered the club tips and tricks for keeping the clutter at bay.
Judy, who identifies as a “professional organizer", pointed out that many people hang on to too many things for far too long. Often the items belong to their children (who have long ago moved away) and may hold sentimental value. They feel that items may be worth something someday but aren’t aware of modern ways if selling things online (e.g. Kijiji, Craigslist).
Unfortunately, excess clutter can become a fire or mould hazard. It’s attractive to rodents and insects. It can strain relationships within families and, in extreme cases, can become overwhelming and lead to anxiety and depression.
Judy gave several hints for reducing clutter: for example, one in one out; keep a donation box handy; ask yourself – do you love it, do you use it? Do you need it? If all else fails she offers her services at the website above. Her company provides free assessments.

On August 9, 2016 the club held an assembly on membership.
Ralph Montesanto and Jan Southall shared the results of an informal club survey and new Rotary membership rules. It was noted that as a way of encouraging buys professionals to participate Rotary has become more relaxed on the traditional rules about attendance.
The club survey found that:
  • Rotarians find they get the greatest benefit from the club’s Community Service with the opportunity to build friendships and community relationships at a close second and third.
  • Almost all club members participate in the annual Lobsterfest and Fireworks events with the Shredding Day and Stars of Dundas also being major activities
  • Members enjoy the social activities and would like to see more BBQs and pub nights as opportunities to get to know one another
Ralph Montesanto and the Membership Committee (Steve Roblin, Marnee Maroes, Grant Armstrong and Jan Southall) then lead the club through a brainstorming of ways to engage new leaders to join Rotary. Through this the club identified a desire for more social activities that break the traditional meeting mold, the importance of having interesting speakers and inviting non-members to join, and the importance of not overwhelming members.
The Membership Committee will take this feedback and consider a plan forward.
Next week: Reclaim your space by clearing the clutter with Judy Rickey

On August 2, 2016 the Dundas Rotary Sunrise Club received a presentation from Russ King, President of AED4LIFE and BERRN Consulting. Russ was introduced by Rotarian, and Russ' Father-in-Law, Robert Morrow.

Russ’s business is Automated External Defibrillators.  Russ is also Deputy Chief of EMS for Brant County.
On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 Assistant Crown Attorney, Brent Bentham joined us as guest speaker. Brent prosecutes all manner of offenses, not just drug related ones. Most of his work is done outside of the courtroom. Later this morning he was off to Bail Court where the cases come fast and furious.

Brent spoke at length about the “plea bargaining” process. (In a plea bargain, the defendant pleads guilty hoping to achieve a reduced sentence). He works with defence counsel and witnesses to attempt to work out a resolution to a case to save court time and money. He noted that there are many fewer jury trials these days. He also spoke very highly of the Victim Assistance Program with is a fairly new but very valuable service.

Rotarian Phil Wood worked closely with Brent and his office after a deliberately set fire at McMaster's Brandon Hall Residence in October 2008.

On Tuesday, July 19 Rebecca Hicks joined us to tell us about her experiences at the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) program in Fredonia NY. Rebecca is a graduate of McMaster University in history and is presently piecing together a career that consists of working with Westfield Heritage Village, the City of Hamilton and the Dundas Museum. Her work is in historical interpretation.

Rebecca gave an invigorating presentation expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to attend RYLA and for the financial support of the Dundas Sunrise Rotary Club. At RYLA there were several workshops in learning styles, trust building, public speaking, personal values and ethics and career development. Her main takeaway was a way to improve her adaptability during negotiations or interactions with other people or groups.
She shared a humorous story about the pitfalls of poor communication (check it out for yourself here). While at RYLA Rebecca made contact with several “inspiring individuals” that she will remain in contact with. We look forward to hearing more from Rebecca in the future!

Guest Speaker: Arlene VanderBeek, Councillor City of Hamilton Ward 13 Dundas
Topic: Projects and Commitment to Dundas
Introduction by: Carl Fraser
Thank you by: Harold Gruneberg
  • Councillor VanderBeek has a long history of public service and is proud to be the councillor for Dundas
  • She indicated that her job challenges include the numerous meetings she has to attend at city hall and elsewhere – sitting on approximately 19 different committees/sub-committees, board/tribunals and/or agencies; the multitude of emails her office receives on a daily basis – sometimes numbering as many as 500 per day; all this time while, abundantly important and necessary, takes away from her local constituency office time
  • Current Projects of Interest:
    • Service Club Sign – working on having existing boards replaced/updated
    • Governor’s Road – will be completed in three stages, starting this year
    • J. L. Grightmire Arena – this is a major project (approx. $7 million) that has taken extensive planning and the cooperation of the Hamilton Conservation Authority due to flood plain issues surrounding the arena property; construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2017 and will take approximately 18 months and therefore require the temporary relocation of several user groups including Dundas Minor Hockey, Dundas Junior “C” Blues Hockey Club, Real McCoys Senior “AAA” Hockey Club etc.
    • Hamilton Air Force Club – is currently experiencing difficulties and if sold leaves the possibility of no entrance to the Butterfly Park as this land is zoned industrial
    • Dundas Driving Park Rock Garden – this garden has been part of the Park’s landscape for decades; during that period it has gone through many maintenance issues; it is now being brought back to its intended splendor by “The Dundas Rock Star Volunteers”; from personal experience, it is worth the visit and The Rock Stars are to be congratulated for their tireless work
    • Cootes Drive and Our Beloved Turtles – more fencing to be erected to prevent turtle crossing mishaps
    • Parkside H.S. Property – as well known, council has purchased this property and designated it as an extension to Grove Cemetery; it should be noted that this property has always been designated for this purpose
Mieke Ewen, director of service projects for the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club, presents a cheque to Alan Hansell, executive director of Stewards of Cootes Watershed, during its recent shoreline clean up. Here is Alan's reply: 
Hi Mieke,
Thanks so much for joining us on Sunday and mucking right in.  I have to say that you really seem to be one of us and you would be most welcome to join us anytime and yes please bring your boys.
I would particularly like to extend our thanks through you to the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club for its generous donation.  Please know that these funds will serve an important aid in allowing us to continue our work in cleaning the Cootes Watershed in Dundas.
With great thanks,

Aug 30, 2016
Ed Madronich
How the SHED came to Dundas - Our first microbrewery
Sep 06, 2016
District governor Marlee Diehl
District Governor Visit to the Club
Sep 13, 2016
Ed Madronich - at the SHED - a Vocational meeting
The SHED - a Tour of the Microbrewery (too early for sampling!!!!!)
Sep 20, 2016