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ImageOur Members Welcome You to the Website of

The Rotary Club of Carpinteria 



Our Club meets every Thursday at 11:45 AM at the Lion's Community Park located at:

6197 Casitas Pass Road Carpinteria, California  USA




On June 24 a great time was had by all attendees at the Lions Community Building as President #41, Dr. Rotz, stepped down and Pat Kistler was installed as our club's 42nd President. In his final address as President, Dr. Rotz expressed appreciation and thanks for the opportunity to serve. As per tradition the club "honored" the outgoing president with a friendly roast. One highlight of the roast was the recitation of poetry by member Meredith McCurdy. Presidnet Pat's first official act after her installation was to create a new position in club service aptly titled "Poetress" and recognized Meredith as our first Club Poetress for her playful prose shared periodically over the years. Meredith's wit, which the club attempted to sing to Dr. Rotz, was set to the tune of Rockin' Robin and is shared below.


Rockin Roland


Music by: Leon Rene                                      

Words by: Meredith McCurdy



He works in his office all the day long

Listens to the raving analyzes what’s wrong

He’s poised at the window leaps from the sill

Fly’s to the aid of the mentally ill

Rockin’ Roland – Psych, Super Psych

Rockin’ Roland – Psych, Super Psych

Go Rockin’ Roland cuz you’re really gonna ease my mind


Every little sadist every schizophrain

Every little pervert with a problem brain

The addled addict – the paranoid

Those about to make a jump into the void

Rockin’ Roland – Psych, Super psych

Rockin’ Roland – Psych, Super Psych

Go Rockin’ Roland cuz you’re really gonna ease their mind


The pretty exhibitionist – delusions grandeur

Those who are conductors of a silent band

Masochist – depressive meet your match

Roland keeps your life out of the booby hatch


He works in his office all the day long

Listens to the raving analyzes what’s wrong

He’s poised at the window leaps from the sill

Fly’s to the aid of the mentally ill

Rockin’ Roland – Psych, Super Psych

Rockin’ Roland – Psych, Super Psych

Go Rockin’ Roland cuz you’re really gonna ease my mind







Our Rotary Club has now completed the third quarter of this Rotary year. It is amazing how quickly the time has flown by. Each of our committees continue to do a great job with events, projects and activities that benefit others. Our Board is very supportive of everything we do as well. For your information, please review the accomplishments listed below:

 1. Participated in "Brown Bag Project" 6 times (Jan - Mar) to bag and deliver food items to deserving seniors in town.

 2. Several members participated in the school reading program.

 3. Two members attended the District Foundation Gala and awards dinner and received recognition for the club's contributions to the R.I. Foundation.

 4. Three members attended the District STEPS Conference at UCSB -- had great speakers on the reduction of poverty in various areas.

 5. Several members attended the Carp. Chamber of Commerce awards dinner. A recognition award was given to Pat Kistler for all her many contributions.

 6. Our Club donated $500 to the Jr. Carpinterian of the Year award given by the Carp. Chamber.

 7. New signs for our Rotary Club were installed on the North & South entrance boards to Carpinteria with our meeting location and time.

 8. The Club President, President-Elect and President-Elect-Nominee attended the District Mid-Term leadership training seminar.

 9. The Club President attended the 60th anniversary dinner of the Montecito Club, which was a great event. Their club was involved in the establishment of our club 40 years ago.

10. On Feb. 16th our Club presented the very successful Talent Show at the Carp. Theater (two performances) to benefit our Rotary Foundation. A great job by David Powdrell, Roland Rotz, Donna Treloar, Lin Graf and many other members that helped.

11. Two students from our Carp. High School Interact Club were selected to attend the RYLA leadership training camp (expenses paid by our club).

12. Roland Rotz attended the President-Elect 3-day training class in preparation for his year as Club President.

13. Feb. 23rd was the 108th anniversary of Rotary's founding by Paul Harris on 2/23/1905. We have grown from 1 club then to 34,416 clubs and over 1.2 million members. We are pleased to have been just one of these many clubs for nearly 40 years, serving the unique community of Carpinteria.

14. Our Club was honored by the Carp. Lions Club for participating in their "Festival of Trees' project in Dec.

15. The Club donated $500 to the Santa Barbara Food Bank, along with the other Group 8 clubs, to help purchase an electric powered pallet jack for their warehouse needs.

16. The Club donated $500 to the City of Carp. Parks & Recreation Dept. to assist them with the upgrading of the community swimming pool.

17. Pat Kistler prepared a District Grant request in concert with the Carp. Morning Club to pursue a second library project in rural Panama for next year. This would be a continuation of our International project. The process is a little complicated, but we are hopeful it will go forward.

18. March 14th we inducted Teddy Herzog as a new member. He is a contractor and his wife Shannon is a professional photographer. David Powdrell was his sponsor. We are pleased to have Teddy as a member.

19. March 21st we inducted Lynn Harrison as a new member. He is General Manager of E. J. Harrison Co., Waste Management Co.. David Durflinger was his sponsor. We are pleased to have Lynn as a member.

20. Several  members participated in the Career Day at Carp. High School to talk to many of the students about career ideas. This was a Vocational Service Project.

21. March 28th we inducted Clarissa Morris as a new member. She is retired after 25 years with Santa Barbara County Public Administration where she managed numerous social service projects and needs. David Bloedel was her sponsor. We are pleased to have Clarissa as a member.

22. Two RYLA students and the High School Interact Board members attended our club meeting and updated us on their projects with help from Rich Campos of our club as adult leader and advisor.

I really enjoy serving as your President and I look forward to a fun and rewarding fourth quarter of our year. Thanks to everyone for your participation and support with our activities and projects. Roland Rotz is preparing for the start of his year as President. We want to provide him with our full support and know that he will be very successful.

Yours in service,

Andy Bailard



According to show directors Roland Rotz and David Powdrell, the Rotary Club of Carpinteria's Fourth Annual Talent Showcase was a huge success, raising several thousand dollars to support the Carpinteria Unified School District's Band Forever Program.
The Feb. 16 event featured more than 20 performers (youth through age 90) from the local area, at a 2 p.m. matinee and a 7 p.m. evening performance, held at the Carpinteria Plaza Playhouse Theater. Both performances sold out, with more than 400 in the audience to enjoy the 11/2-hour live show.
Rotz and Powdrell thank the many community sponsors, the performers, those who attended and sold tickets, helped behind the scenes, took video and photos, and worked on the success of the show from many aspects, for the past several months.
Next year's show is scheduled for Feb. 15 at the same location. Performers and sponsors are always needed. Contact Powdrell at powdrell@gmail.com for more information.


Our Rotary Club is not above sharing in the fame of one of our members. Our past president, Paul Wright, master brewer, has been at it again, bringing home a bevy of awards from both this year’s California State Fair and LA County International Beer Competition that took place this past May.

The limited release of its Bourbon Barrel-aged IPA swept the Gold at the LA County International Beer Competition. Gold Awards also went to the Jubilee and Nut Brown Ale, while the Starry Night Stout went on to claim the Silver. At the California State Fair competition, the Starry Night Stout took the First Place Gold Medal while the Jubilee earned the Third Place Silver Medal.

                                  Paul Wright
“As craft beer makes inroads into the mass-consumer market, people are recognizing both the variety and value of what we brew,” says owner and brewer Paul Wright. “It’s been great to see visitors and locals alike appreciate our offerings. We’ve got a great team, great customers, and we are looking forward to brewing some more exciting and hopefully award-winning beers.”

Congratulations to Paul and his team and a special thanks for his generosity in the application of his vocation to many local events. Finally we ask:

Is it the hops? Is it poured fairly to all concerned? Does it build good spirit and better friendships? Is it a benefit to all responsible patrons?, questions to which our club answers with a resounding "yes"!


It is said that the strength of Rotary International is derived from each individual club and member. It follows therefore that enhanced clubs and members make for a more effective Rotary. Kick your Rotary life up a notch by reviewing the updates at GetRotary.org!
(Links on this article are not active...Visit GetRotary.org for the full stories!) 


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