Speaker Date Topic
DARK; NO MEETING Aug 24, 2016
Dr. David Lowe Aug 31, 2016
Living to 100 in Camarillo?

Learn how Camarillo could become a Blue Zone where people more commonly live to 100 with active functioning lives and without the common chronic diseases that afflict most Americans.  Dr. David Lowe, a primary care physician for teens and young adults emphasizes lifestyle medicine for preventing and reversing chronic diseases and teaches this as director of the Camarillo CHIP program.

Steve Decesari Sep 07, 2016
Dealing with terrorism

Selected to attend an 8-day seminar in Israel on dealing with terrorism, Steve Decesari and 15 other So. California law enforcement professionals met with military, law enforcement, private intelligence officers, prison officials, airport and port officials on their safety precautions. Come hear about this once-in-a-lifetime experience sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League.

Wilma Melville Sep 14, 2016
Strengthening disaster response with rescue dogs

“Strengthening disaster response in America by partnering rescued dogs with firefighters to find people trapped in the wreckage of disasters” is the mission of the Search Dog Foundation based in Santa Paula. Founder Wilma Melville will tell us how the Foundation got its start, their new facility, the amazing teams they’ve trained and the lives they’ve saved. www.SearchDogFoundation.org

Joe Paul Sep 21, 2016
ARC Foundation of Ventura County

Joe Paul is Executive Director of The Arc Foundation of Ventura County. The Foundation raises funds to support The Arc’s programs for approximately 700 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ventura County. Joe will describe The Arc’s programs and highlight Project R and The MOVE project. www.arcvc.org

Henry Gonzales Sep 28, 2016
Dealing with California's agricultural pests

California’s agricultural losses to exotic pests exceed $3 billion annually. Henry Gonzales, Agricultural Commissioner of Ventura County will be our guest and speak to us about the pests and invasive species that threaten local agribusiness crops. These nuisances also affect our own gardens and fruit trees.