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We meet Wednesdays at 12:00 PM
Atascadero Lake Pavilion
9315 Pismo Avenue
Atascadero, CA  93422-4939
United States
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Rotary connected the four people in this presentation. First, the Rotarian from Brazil who made it possible for a blind girl to be a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Alberta, Canada. Please watch all four to see the impact this Avenue of Service program has on young people.


The partially blind young man from Brazil in Part 4 was a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Germany in 2011.  There, he studied the violin and quickly stood out among his peers. The string orchestra of blind players that join him on stage have performed in many countries and the music is from the movie that stars Al Pacino as a blind man. 

Rotary has changed the life of the four in this story. Rotarians like us have a significant impact in the world, in our own country and here in our own community. Speaking of impact,  I hope you will join on Wednesday, July 29th and meet our Scholarship Award recipients and hear how we will make a difference in their lives.

President John Hollenbeck wrote up a great summary of the Rotary Year 2014-2015.  Click on the "Read more..."  link to read it.
The Rotary Club of Atascadero met Wednesday and honored two of their members for outstanding volunteer efforts during the last twelve months.
Club President John Hollenbeck presented “Rotarian of the Year” awards to Beth Brennan and Don Idler for chairing two of the club’s most important fundraisers. Brennan, co-owner of Access Publishing with her husband Scott Brennan, is chairwoman of the Atascadero Rotary Wine Raffle which raised over $20,000 this year. Idler, owner of Idler’s Home appliance stores, is chairman of the Atascadero Rotary Crab Feed, which raised over $6,000 this year.  President Hollenbeck used this last regular meeting of this year to thank dozens of members who volunteered on committees and projects.

Natalie Manier, and Georgina Plested, were the winners of the Four Way Test Essay Contest, sponsored by the Atascadero Rotary Club, for Atascadero High School students.
The Four Way Test was first introduced to Rotary in 1932, by Herbert J. Taylor, who created four questions,as a way for his employees to insure that they made ethical decisions in business.  The questions are valid today in both personal and business relationships:
1)  Is it the truth?
2)  Is it fair to all concerned?
3)  Will it build goodwill, and better friendships?
4)  Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Natalie won $75 from our club, as the first place winner.  Her essay was submitted to the Rotary District 5240 contest as well.  Out of all the entries from 72 clubs between Monterey, and Simi Valley, Natalie's essay won second place, and an additional $200 check from the Rotary District 5240.  Georgina won second place, and received $50 from our local club.
Both contestants read their essays at a Rotary BBQ in Atascadero Lake Park on Friday, May 8th.  Mark Furia, Executive Assistant District Governor, presented the $200 check.  Rich Johnson, local Vocational Service Chairperson, presented the local prizes for first and second place.
To read the winning essay click on
The Rotary Club of Atascadero and Atascadero High School have hit the five year milestone in our ongoing partnership of offering financial literacy education to all graduating AHS seniors.  Over the years, more than 1,500 students have come through the hallowed doors of the AHS Library to immerse themselves in the profound wisdom of our Rotary presenters.  This year’s workshops wrapped up on May 14 and 15, with in-depth presentations on a wide variety of financial topics.
Our latest round of workshops was highlighted by a new presentation by Rich Johnson about how to start a business.   Rich succeeded in arousing the entrepreneurial spirit of all present, and he even made sure all knew how to spell “entrepreneur.”  Also included were old reliable presentations on insurance, credit, saving and investing, and currency.  John Donovan started out his insurance presentations by answering the one question the students were all dying to know the answer to: “Seven-foot-one.”  He then enthralled them with everything they needed to know about the world of auto insurance and a few other types of insurance they will likely encounter early in their adult lives.  Drew Lewis also conducted an exceptional insurance presentation for one of the sessions.  Davina Bergin and Ryun McCrory both spoke about the evils of credit card debt and about how to use debt wisely throughout life.  Paul Parotti talked about the basics of monitoring cash flow, consistently saving and embracing the risks and rewards that investing entails.  John Webster wrapped up each session with an entertaining discussion of how currencies work, and how they sometimes don’t work.  The students appeared to take all of the valuable life lessons to heart, as was evidenced by their rapt attention and thoughtful questions.
Although this project may not garner the attention of many of our Club’s other endeavors, the long-term positive impact of these workshops would seem to rank highly when considering the potential benefits to the students and our community.   Our dedicated presenters each spend up to four days per year on campus conducting these workshops, in addition to the time invested in creating, updating and practicing their presentations.  Given the impact we expect this project to have, we all know our time and dedication are well worth it.

Bertha Shultz Ice Cream Social!
This annual event was conducted for its second year.  Past President Ken Johnston established this fun event where the Club gives away ice cream cones (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) to kids, parents, grandparents, and all others, who visit our tent.  This year's event was organized by Ryan AmbornDon Idler donated a freezer to keep the sweet treat frozen while members of the club scoped away non-stop from 11:00 a.m. to about 2:00 p.m. when we ran out of ice cream.  We scoped out over 900 ice cream cones to very happy people who were in the park for the City's annual Children's Day in the Lake Park.

Rotary Club of Atascadero Recognized by District 5240
The Rotary Club of Atascadero was recognized by District 5240 at the District Governor's step-down luncheon on Saturday, June 27, at the Radisson Hotel in Santa Maria.  The Club was recognized as a Gold Club, and the Club's Vocational Services was recognized as the Best for medium size clubs.  Rotary International President Gary Huang also recognized the club with a Presidential Citation.
The District Governor and Club member Loretta Butts was recognized for her year-long service leading the District consisting of 74 clubs and more than 3,500 members.  The ceremonial passing of the District Governor Banner from the Atascadero Club to the Bakersfield Twilight Club acknowledged the passing of the torch from DG Loretta to the 2015-16 DG Jim Bell.


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From the August 2015 issue of The Rotarian A group of teenage journalism students in suburban San Diego were in the early stages of a new project – an educational film funded by a Rotary grant – when their teacher's phone rang. A prominent blogger had caught wind of what they were doing from a local news story, and wasn't pleased. The fledgling film came under fire almost overnight as ripples of protest spread through the blogosphere. With calls pouring in before shooting had even begun, the advisers considered halting the project, questioning whether it would be worth the controversy...
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