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Welcome to Redmond Rotary !


The Fun Club - Bring a Friend

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Incoming President Todd Wyatt and Treasurer Michael Deehan round out the slate of incoming officers for Redmond Rotary!

Rosannn Payonk from the Bellevue Lunch Rotary Club presents a brief overview of the keys to Personal Leadership. Her firm provides education and training for improving personal relationships with your employees.  This is the key for improving productivity of small teams and large.  Remember, Leadership IS a contact sport!

Tim Arnold and Pam Mauk award Michelle McKeag with her Blue Badge. Welcome to the team Michelle!

Some of next year's leaders were on hand to take a bow at Thursday's meeting. Supporting incoming President, Todd Wyatt (terms begin July 1) will be President-Elect Lem Putnam, Vice President Mike Nichols, Director Winston Lee and returning Directors/Officers A.J. Taylor, John Plovie, Secretary Deana Hale and newly appointed Director Hugh Judd. Thanks to all!

The White Elephants were out in force at the Redmond Rotary meeting in late December.  Santa Clause Will Miller orchestrated the giving and getting of widely sought, historically significant items such as Big Mouth Billy the singing bass and fashion headgear.  Normal business was suspended during the feeding frenzy so members could develop the proper frame of mind for the Christmas Holiday.


Superb presentation today by two Redmond Rotarians who are also published authors several times over. Jeff Layton discussed the structure of a novel and how helpful using a four-box method is for setting up the flow of a book. Tim Arnold expanded on this with a discussion of building characters. Thanks, Jeff and Tim.


Rotary Foundation Chair Vicky Nollette gives pins to Chuck Diesen and Auggie Kempf honoring their multiple gifts to the Rotary Foundation, which supports Rotary programs locally through District matching grants and internationally. Thanks, Chuck. Thanks, Auggie!
President Pam Mauk and Membership Chair John Plovie show off their new pins awarded for bringing in a new member. What's the best way to do that? Invite a guest to visit


Club Billing Improvements Announcement
The Board has recently passed two motions that will bring improvements to Member dues billing process.  I am happy to share these with our membership.
Effective for the next billing cycle, Members will be able to setup an automatic billing payment.  A credit card number may be held on file by the Club accounting firm, Vander Pol & Zager.  A form will be made available on how to setup automatic payments. A copy of the form is in the link at the bottom of this story.  Also, I will bring blank forms to meetings over the course of a few weeks.  Completed forms may be turned into myself or faxed directly to the offices of Vander Pol & Zager.  There will be no fee for this member benefit.  
To remain members in good standing, it is important to maintain prompt payment practices for dues, meals, etc.  On occasion, there are any number of things that can go awry in making dues payments.  Many members do not handle payments themselves.  Other members have assistants or someone in their company that handles billing.  The Board has passed a motion that automatic billing will be required after a member has been 90-days past due two or more times.  This will be effective beginning January 1, 2015.  Club members will be notified of this becoming necessary via an email from the Club Treasurer.    
Note: If you have made the option to use automatic credit card payment, your invoice will be emailed to you at the beginning of the quarter.As of the 20th of the month in which you received that email your credit card will be charged the invoice amount.If you disagree with any items on your invoice you will need to contact Afton at VP&Z prior to the 20th to resolve any billing issues. The direct line for Afton is 425-827-3775 425-827-3775.
For questions or comments, please contact me at 425-615-8007 425-615-8007 or at
Gleen Walker with Eastside Search and Rescue:  "Crime Fighting with a Weed Wacker"
Eastside Search and Rescue (ESR) is an all volunteer organization providing resources and expertiese in support law enforcement organizations throughout Washington.  Traditional Search and Rescue Services in urban as well as remote environments are certainly a large part of the services they provide.  What is less well known is how they provide crime scene investigation and emergency response services.  This allows ESR to  perform as an on call "Force Multiplier" for Police and Sheriff Departments responding to incidents that would otherwise require use of their own personel,


Congratulations to Senior Michael Schach and Junior Mayukha Vadari, Students of the Month (shown with presenter Carlos Caguiat).


Michelle McKeag's Short Biography
With more than 30 years of software development experience, Michelle is a seasoned database professional with several Microsoft certifications.  As a Senior Data Architect with HUB International, she designed and built the initial version of their Business Intelligence Data Warehouse.  She and her team currently, maintain the reporting system while providing new and enhanced reporting features for all users, including "C" level executives.  She most recently focuses on her professional growth by attending the Data Science Certification program at the University of Washington.
Michelle has also shared her expertise throughout the community as a volunteer.  She has donated professional time to several charities including Children's Response Center and the Genesis Project.  In addition,  she built a syllabus and conducted an internship program on the use of databases at the Redmond STEM high school. 
Other fun facts about Michelle…  She grew up in Philadelphia, loves Science Fiction, wants to see Paris and London, considers sewing a fun hobby, likes to swim, is proud of her son, and is married to her best friend.

Lem Putnam and Steve Bozick present Red Badge to Amog Rajenderan at today's meeting.  Amog is a third generation Rotarian and has been active in various Rotary youth organizations such as Interact and Rotaract.    The Rotary of Club of Redmond is excited to welcome Amog to our membership.


Ethiopean Community Water Project:  

Here is the new water source for the community to be built close by the school.  See the faucets and compare to the collecting of water in the river photo below (click on read more).  Rotary Club of Redmond´╗┐'s pledge of $15,000, plus $5,000 from Faith Lutheran Church will be leveraged in Rotary fashion. Our funds will grow with contributions from other local clubs, expected matches from our own 5030 Rotary District,  our partner Rotary District 7680 in North Carolina and Rotary International's Foundation. Add to this the major financial investment by project manager World Vision, and we will see success with this critical $800,000 clean water project.


Hello! My name is Amog Rajenderan and I just moved to the Redmond area. I also started my first full time job out of college - as a Software Developer for Microsoft. 


I just graduated from RIT (where the weather is just a little bit colder) in Rochester, NY, with a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Although most of my family now lives in India, I’ve lived in many parts of the world (including Dubai and the US). After we moved back to India, I went to Anna University to get a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. 

I’m not a complete stranger to Rotary, since both my grandfather and father have been active Rotarians for quite a long time. You can find a link to my dad’s Rotary Facebook page here:  and a link to their website here:

Here is a link to my linkedin profile:


Presentations of major gifts were made today thanks to the results ofRotary Club of Redmond's 2014 RedSpoke fundraising ride. $10,000 was presented to Hopelink and $10,000 was presented to Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center.   These gifts will make a huge impact in the community.      Way to go, Redmond Rotarians!
Christy Ghosh Accepts $ 10,000 For Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center
Congratulations to Rotary Club of Redmond's Students of the Month!    On behalf of the club, Carlos Caguiat presented plaques today to Redmond High School senior Bailey Campbell (R) and junior McKenna Trussel.  (L)


While vacationing in Czech Republic, Paul tragically passed away from injuries sustained in a car crash August 27, 2014.

Born to Czech parents on October 29, 1944 in Vienna, Austria he lived the first 25 years of his life in Czech Republic. October 1970, shortly after earning Masters Degrees in Civil and Structural engineering from the Charles University of Prague, he immigrated to United States with his new bride. They settled in the Kirkland/Redmond area thoroughly enjoying the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

An accomplished engineer and long-time Bellevue business owner, he was incredibly hardworking, active, vibrant, fun-loving with a passion for learning. The list of his community involvement spans many years, from youth soccer coach and referee for LWYSA, Habitat for Humanity, Redmond Rotary, assistant Spanish teacher, to the Eastside Bridge Club. His mischievous smile, endless jokes, stories, love of the outdoors, deep knowledge, and warm heart will be greatly missed.

Paul is survived by his wife Renata, daughter Katerina, son Michael, daughter-in-law Kris, three grandchildren Connor, Eli and Anja and many friends. 

A Celebration of Paul's life will be held 3pm Saturday, November 8 at Bear Creek Country Club in Woodinville. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to Project Amigo at or a Redmond Rotary's service project at    Please click on read more for further information . . . .
Please make it a point to introduce yourself to Barbara Hagel  at lunch this week.  Barbara just submitted her application for membership in the club .  
As Manager of Corporate and Foundation Relations for Hopelink, Barbara oversees cultivation and stewardship of corporate sponsorships/engagement and private foundation grants and gifts. Barbara has over ten years of grant writing and development experience, previously serving as President of the Board of Assistance League of the Eastside.
She has chaired a variety of fundraising events including gala/auctions, fun runs, and direct mail campaigns.
Barbara  holds a master's degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Washington and a business degree from City University.  Barbara has two grown children, a Pug named Ralph and enjoys running, golf and her family.
The Rotary Club of Redmond welcomes Barbara Hagel    . . . . . .

World Polio Day is October 24th . . . . 

Rotary Club of Redmond celebrates World Polio Day on October 24 with clubs and Rotary partners around the globe.  At this weeks lunch meeting, Redmond Rotarians showed that we are "this close" to ending polio together. Our club's International Service Chair, Tim Arnold, leaves next week to help with immunizations in Ethiopia….

The Redmond Rotary Club is adding its voice and spreading the word that we are “this close” (99%!) to ending polio. Please add your voice and spread the word that we are “this close” (99%!) to ending polio.

The fight to end polio has limited the crippling to only three countries where transmission has never been stopped. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria remain the last bastions of a disease that once affected 350,000 children a year.



Guests from Redmond Faith Lutheran Church, including Julie Griffin, Pastor Bob Lewis and John Goodfellow at the podium, presented the club with $5,000 to support Rotary Club of Redmond's water project in Ethiopia today. The Church raised the funds primarily from offerings of coins, which have added up to a significant gift and a great partnership. Tim Arnold, at right, leads the club's effort in Ethiopia to eradicate polio and further efforts for clean, accessible water.

Just completed a five day ride from Redmond to Spokane, RedSpoke. This is one section we didn't ride this year and by the attached picture it's easy to tell why. Tumwater Canyon is my favorite section to ride. Just have to wait until next year.     - Tim Arnold
This incredible picture was taken by Michael Stanford of the fire surrounding Leavenworth during our Redspoke 2014 Ride - our 27th year.    Our Rotarians were able to circumvent this dangerous area by renting additional support vehicles and transporting our 63 riders to Wenatchee by another route.   Rotarians again "the Redmond Rotary Club made lemonade out of lemons"     Vini Vidi Vici
Give Yourselves A Pat On The Back
We would like to sincerely THANK all RedSpoke volunteers, contributors and committee members for what turned into a very successful event.  I have received nothing but positive feedback on how this event came off and how adversity was managed.  The Thursday reshuffling was very well received and all the other days were perfect.   Great job everyone!
But that was this summer's ride - now we need volunteers for next year
Christian & Phil gave a short slide show this week explaining the importance of Redspoke to the club and  alerted the membership to the planning for our 2015 ride.   Volunteer lists were passed around . . . .  please sign up as soon as possible 
The Mac & Jack Team @ Index

The Starfish Story 



A young man is walking along the ocean and 

sees a beach on which thousands and thousands 

of starfish have washed ashore.  Further along 

he sees an old man, walking slowly and 

stooping often, picking up one starfish after 

another and tossing each one gently into the 



“Why are you throwing starfish into the 

ocean?,” he asks. 


“Because the sun is up and the tide is going out 

and if I don’t throw them further in they will 



“But, old man, don’t you realize there are miles 

and miles of beach and starfish all along it!  

You can’t possibly save them all, you can’t even 

save one-tenth of them.  In fact, even if you 

work all day, your efforts won’t make any 

difference at all.” 


The old man listened calmly and then bent 

down to pick up another starfish and threw it 

into the sea. “It made a difference to that one.”


. . . . . Just in case you were wondering



A busy and productive week for Rotary Club of Redmond!   On the heels of bicycle recycling, members ensured Family Fun Night Dinner was a success.   180 people felt like welcome members of the community who had a chance to share a meal together, talk and laugh.
"This may seem like a simple thing but it is one of the central objectives of Neighborhood Schoolhouse . . .  to help strengthen families," said event coordinator David Markley (at left).    Also helping were Brad Lehrer, Winston Lee, incoming member Bill Rissberger, Chuck Diesen and Jeff Layton.
Thanks, team!

Rotary Club of Redmond´╗┐ came together to make it happen again this weekend.  More than 60 bicycles were collected at the City of Redmond recycling event by club members and transported to an area to protect and repair them.  They will  eventually make life better for local children and families in Africa.  Thank you Community Service Chair A.J. Taylor who coordinated, Will Miller, who partnered to get transportation for the bikes, John Plovie, Jeff Layton, John Brunsman, Winston Lee, Phil Questad and Selamawit Alula who staffed the site, and Brad Lehrer and David Markley, who advised. Way to go, Redmond Rotary Club!
Pam Mauk
Executive Director

Our Student of the Month program returns in October under the leadership of Carlos Caguiat (& Community Service Chair A.J. Taylor). Outstanding Juniors and Seniors are nominated by teachers at Redmond High School, and a changing group of Redmond Rotary volunteers makes the selection each month.

Harvey & Mike Celebrate ???  Years

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No wind serves a ship that has no port  -  Spanish Proverb


Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity

      -  Seneca the younger




Jan 29, 2015
Michal Allaire, CFOO for Pacific Science Center
POMPEII: The Exhibition, What Nature Destroyed, It Also Preserved
Feb 05, 2015
Edward Sumner
The Reality of Sex Trafficking in our Community
January 2015

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