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Service Above Self Since 1970 (mail: PO Box 3592)

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Arlington Free Methodist Church
730 E. Highland Drive
Arlington, WA  98223
United States
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Home Page Stories
Jim Kelly was inducted into the club as a new member at our May 19 meeting. 
Jim was born in New York but later moved to Santa Cruz, CA. He spent his time growing up between New York and California. He now lives in Arlington just a couple doors down from the infamous, Gene Chase. Jim moved to Arlington 10 years ago when he was hired as the Public Works Director for the City of Arlington.
Jim is married to Sherry and has 3 daughters. His oldest is in high school, age 16 and he has twin 12 year old daughters. Sherry home schooled their daughters and is now very active with the Arlington Booster Club.
Jim & his family love camping and fishing anywhere in the sound and local lakes. He is all geared up to go Halibut fishing on May 26st, so Jim already has a lot in common with several of our members comparing “fish” stories.
Jim also serves on the SCCIT Committee with Gene Chase so they commute to the meeting each month together.  SCCIT stands for Snohomish County for Improved Transportation.  Again, Jim is the Public Works Director for the City of Arlington and enjoys public involvement.
Mentor: Gene Chase
Sponsor:  Bruce Stedman  

Susan Marie Conrad spoke at our May 19 meeting about her 2010 sea kayak journey launching from Puget Sound that took her to Juneau ,  Alaska. 
Susan Marie Cnrad
Susan has been involved in paddle sports for 25 years.  She wrote a memoir called “Inside – One Woman’s Journey to the Inside Passage.”   Released just last week. 
Susan’s life partner, Ben Wells, is a local attorney.  They live in Oso.  Susan procrastinated on writing the book.  It took many years to write the book.  Hope to inspire and enrich the readers. 
Five year old cousin drowned in a nearby river and her parents forbade her from going anywhere near the water.  Her first boating experience hooked her.  New found perspective she found intoxicating. 
A person doesn’t take a trip, a trip takes a person.  She paddled from Anacortes to Juneau, Alaska.   Many others had gone before her.  She simply embarked on a journey of the sea and the soul.  1,148 miles took her 66 days.  Six resupply points/seven legs. 
It was not always an enjoyable experience.  Some misery and mayhem. 
The journey took her through three different ecosystems.  Hitched a ride on a boat for a short ride.  At one point, Susan rented a room in a hostel for three days to resupply, eat, and sleep.   Camped at the base on a glacier. 
Susan had to keep tabs on her fears to prevent her from being paralyzed and failing.  One of those fears was bears.
“I miss most just being on the water and pairing life down to the basics.”

Shari Storm
Shari Storm from Category 6 Consulting was our program on May 12.  She has presented to 75+ Rotary clubs. 
She found having her three children made her better at her job so Shari wrote a book, "Motherhood is the new MBA." 
Using family to talk about business is more female centered way than using sports or military metaphors.  The book received a lot of press and Shari had many high profile interviews about the book.
What's fun gets done, not necessarily what's measured gets done.  People aren't going to do what they don't like doing.  People will do what they enjoy, what they like doing.
Articulate, orchestrate, celebrate.
Find out what people like doing - ask them and then observe them because they may not know what they really enjoy or what they are good at.
Orchestrate an environment in which they can do more of what they enjoy doing and less of what they don't.  Move people toward the environment they like to work in. 
Celebrate - things you do ritualistically make or break the moral of the company.  You can't just reward on results.  Reward on effort as well. 

On May 5, our program was our member Ron Love, giving an update on his classification  He has been a member for 30 years and his initial classification was stockbroker.
In 1995 Ron had a heart attack followed by a stroke that took away cognitive reasoning.  Ron could no longer be a stockbroker.
Took 5 years to recover and had to decide what to do with his life and could no longer be a stockbroker.
Became a writer for a few years and then became an escort for authors that were on tour.
Ron has 3 children and is married to Terry. Pictured below are Ron and Terry with their two children-Jon and Molly, in the candy kitchen.
Took over a licorice company and had to learn a new formula because the licorice melted. Changed the packaging and took the melted licorice and sold it as licorice bricks. Ron continued using the licorice brand of the developer of the licorice, Howard Lanz, a former member of our club.  Below is one of Ron's first displays of Chateau D'Lanz Licorice at Arlington Pharmacy.
Began making candy in other flavors now. Initially made licorice and packaged it by hand.  Bought a machine made specifically for packaging their candy and ovens to make the candy.
Began by doing all the work on their own, or with help of friends, but finally were able to hire staff. Here is a photo taken of family and friends packaging candy.
Molly Loves Candy Brand - Lemon, Root Beer, Cinnamon or Green Apple Flavors.
Found a new Machine called a Fuji that has a printer to print dates on candy. Used the machine to make After Sex Mints.
Moved out of their building at the Country Charm Dairy, where they started producing candy, into a new facility.
Last August were able to do a job for Starbucks
Still makes candy by hand, but packages on machines.
2012 Washington changed Marijuana laws and were asked to start making candy for Marijuana distributers and began packaging product in a separate location. Began to make Marijuana Maltballs.

Registration for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library in Arlington kicked-off in February at a Family bingo night with Apple Preschool.
Arlington Librarian Reading a Book at the Kick-off
Almost 200 children registered for the program in the first month, and as of May 1st we have almost 250 children registered! We registered 20 more children at the Community Connects Family Expo on April 30th, and plan on registering more children at the Street Fair in July (in cooperation with Head Start) and the Back 2 School Rally August 21st.
 AEF  Dolly Parton Chair, Sherri Ballew, in the Booth at Community Connects Family Expo
The easiest way for children to register is for their parents to sign up at Paper registration cards are also available at Sno-Isle library in Arlington and Arlington's WIC office.
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library mails a brand new, free book monthly to registered children ages 0-5 who live in Arlington School District.
Our local program is run by Arlington Education Foundation in partnership with our club and is currently funded by those organizations and grants from Tulalip Tribes and Norcliffe Foundation ($5,000 each).
If you would like to donate to Arlington's Imagination Library Program, please email or contact Rotary Club of Arlington. 

John McMillin – An Epidemiologist and CEO of Land and Water Resources International 
The only epidemics that interest him is lack of food and water.  Water can be found anywhere.  You just need to look.  You don’t need to drill to get water.   The following are ways to get water from the land.
Gabion Wire – Dams:  any heights as long as the slope, base dimensions and content types, appropriate to the terrain and size of box. 
Walls:  any height as long as the slope, box size and rock selection matches leakage specifications.  Bridges:  Height of overlap of boxes cannot exceed about 10% of box width.  After 5 box heights, use girders for more reach. 
Stream control: Speed of water must result in about equal deposit to erosion.  Depth of Box base at stream-edge passage surface must reach greater than two box heights.
Scarification:  For entrapment of moisture.  Many types and applications:  Cross wind to trap specific wind-borne micronutrients.  Heights of rise will be chosen based on sand particle size.   Must have a device that has power to drag across land.  Turns dry soil into heaps, vacuum pulls the water down.
Find a rise and gravity will deposit water on the downward side.  Water has to be controlled properly.
Water Drilling:  Normally shunned as a dangerous alternative in 99% of cases.  Destroys aquifer sources for down-stream aquifer tappers by near and far other villages and users.
Zai holes – Dig holes, urinate into the holes, dump floor sweepings into the holes, with wind crossing the hole with a single particle of sulfur/water will produce water. 
John is almost 90 and was born in the Soviet Union.  He spends most of his time in remote parts of the world where people are at risk because of lack of food and/or water.  He had with him lots of simple tools including the moisture meter he is demonstrating in the above photo.

The speaker on April 14 was Diane Kamionka (pictured below) with the NW Innovation Resource Center ("NWIRC"), a non-profit organization that works with entrepreneurs and inventors to help them move forward with their ideas.
NWIRC is working with Paul and Mayor Barb to identify entrepreneurs in Arlington.
It is committed to creating economic opportunity and jobs in NW WA by supporting entrepreneurial innovation.  Works with individuals in any industry and start their business anywhere. 
Ideas positively impact the local community.  The community befits from invigorated environment of the creation process.
Two programs:  Buildit Program and Enterprise Pgm programs.  The first – I’ve got an idea for a product but don’t know what to do with it.  The second – I am an entrepreneur who has an unusual business model. 
NWIRC provides strategy, tools, and access to community resources e.g. building and industry expertise.  It offers a market program for investors.
Last year, over 4,500 volunteer hours.
Marketing company will be created to help the entrepreneurs turn their product over to for marketing /selling/ licensing.
NWIRC researches to make sure it is a novel idea and there is a market for the product.
Funding through the “pay it forward” system.  NWIRC does not charge the inventors up front but they agree when they start making money to pay it forward to the next inventor.
May 11th, noon to 2pm, NWIRC will be at the city council chambers for inventors/entrepreneurs to learn more about NWIRC. A local entrepreneur and inventor, Lara Merriam-Smith, will share her journey in taking a product to market and how NWIRC helped in the effort.  Its free but if you want lunch (its free) register at
EvCC is also sponsoring the event and it will give an update on its Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Center.

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May 2016
Since 1989, the Rotary Club of Arlington has hosted the annual Great Stilly Duck Dash on the Fourth of July to raise funds to support local organizations such as the Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club, Stillaguamish Senior Center, Kids Kloset, Cocoon House,  as well as, parks, playgrounds, and people helping people around the world.