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Our March 26 program was Chief Travis Hots – Fire Chief for Districts 21 (Rural Arlington) and 22 (Getchel).  Served in fire service for 22 years.  Also a Snohomish County rescue helicopter pilot.
“We are people helpers.  We help people solve problems.”
Oso disaster was so big we had to tap relationships with other fire districts and law enforcement.
On March 22nd notified of what he thought was a ditch backing up and debris on road.  Rushed to Oso and notified of the landslide.  No one was passing him going the other way.  Knew it was going to be a large event.  Chief Harper asked law enforcement to turn off the sirens so he could hear people’s screams and locate them. 
Mud was so thick they needed a hoist system to get patients out.  Helicopter was immediately involved to hoist and remove patients.  The helicopter immediately handed off patients to ambulances to transport.
Stillaguamish swift water rescue training exercise was planned for that day but the river didn’t look good so it was canceled.  The individual in charge of planning the training lost his house, wife, and infant grandchild. 
15 people rescued from the slide.
Helicopter performed recon to ensure there wouldn’t be another slide and put the rescuers in danger. 
River was backing up so command center moved to the top of the hill.  River going dry on the down river side of the slide.  Concerned the “dam” would break and put everyone in danger.   Arlington's Chief Stedman helped put together an evacuation team to evacuate neighborhoods below the slide area.  Used EAS message system and reverse 911 to notify people to evacuate.
Information was provided to Travis by multiple agencies.  “Inbox was full.  More information coming in than I could process out.”
Set up command at Arlington City Council Chambers in early evening.  All rescues had been completed by midday.  Got notice in early evening there was a report of signs of life on the Darrington side.  No one was found.  A dog was found the next morning.
Media started showing up.  They wanted to see the local fire chief, sheriff, etc.  Camera crews from all over the world by mid-week.  Reports calling from all over the world to speak with Travis.  Handed speaking points while walking to the podium to give reports.  Had to explain how you cannot understand how big this is.
“By mid-week I was fatigued just like all the other first responders.  I was leaving the command post at 9:30-10pm.  Then dispatched to house fire.  I felt guilty about going home.”
Had to take a step back for a few days.  State team took over.  Received many cards from community members – President of UW, fire chiefs and sheriffs from other counties, etc.  Daughter sold her Kindle and donated $100 to Cascade Valley Foundation.
The most difficult year of my career and private life.  His advice: Spend time with people that matter to you.

It's been one year since a mountain north of the Arlington-Darrington highway gave way at Hazel and wiped out the community of Steelhead Haven, killing 43 persons.  Our club struggled with how to respond to help our community.   One of our members, Erik Granroth, took action.  He requested the Farmers Insurance response trailer and began feeding first responders at the Oso Fire Station.  Members helped with the purchase of items and we were preparing to get more involved when officials shut him down. 
Last week the Governor presented the Medal of Valor to the communities of Darrington, Oso, Arlington and the Sauk Suiattle Tribe. 
Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert was asked to invite 35 persons to accompany her to Olympia to receive the award. One of those persons was 14 year old Brantly Stupey, pictured above, who she chose to accept the award on behalf of the city.  Brantly had a friend who died in slide and he helped at the Red Cross shelter at Post Middle School where is was the student body president.  He also organized a dance for Darrington and Arlington middle schoolers to show their support for the community.  The mayor chose persons who made a difference and another of those persons was Erik.  Below he is pictured with Governor Ensley at the Governor's mansion following the presentation:
Many Rotary Clubs contributed to a slide relief fund that was established with the Sedro-Woolley Rotary Club Foundation.  When the Twin Cities Rotary Club (Centralia/Chehalis) heard of the 530 slide they wanted to help. Five of its members traveled to the June 12 meeting to present a check to help victims for over $10,800!
Since the slide community members have been working towards the establishment of the community/family resource center for Arlington.  Our speaker for our March 19th meeting was Crisann Brooks of Lutheran Community Services NW (LCS).  With her for the presentation was Kari Pendray the chairman of the newly formed advisory council for the new resource center. 

Crisann Brooks with Lutheran Community Services NW

Here is a summary of her program:
When the slide happened Arlington did not have a resource center.  Darrington and Stanwood resource centers teamed up. 
Arlington has now teamed with LCS to create an Arlington resource center.
LCS was founded in 1921 in Tacoma.  It serves a tri-state area, WA, OR, and ID.
Partners with individual families and communities for health, justice, and hope.
Family support emerged in 1970’s to fill gaps for families.
LCS has 8 centers in a five county region serving over 31,000 participants each year.
LCS aims to ensure children are in a safe and stable environment, seniors and those with disabilities acquire and sustain independence, family and communities are violence free, refugees and immigrants transition to their new communities, allow people to connect with others, and aim to fill gaps in services.
Family Support Center Philosophy of Work
  1. Staff and families work together
  2. Staff enhances families capacity to support growth and development of all family members
  3. Families are resources to their own members and communities
  4. Foster diversity
  5. Embed in communities
  6. Advocate
  7. Mobilize resources
  8. Remain flexible
  9. Model the philosophies
  10. Measure everything
The Arlington Resource Center will allow families immediate access to Salvation Army vouchers, parenting classes, budgeting classes, mental health and other services, and many more services are anticipated based on a needs assessment.
The Arlington Resource Center will be located at the Stillaguamish Senior Center and is anticipated to open June 1, 2015.  

In lieu of our normal meeting location and program, our club went on the road to Skookum Brewery located in what was formerly the Bayliner boat plant on the east side of the Arlington Airport.
During the meeting Brad Neunzig, an attorney who just joined the firm of Bailey, Duskin & Peiffle, had the distinction of being the only new member inducted inside a brewery.

New Member Brad Neunzig is Pinned by President Cindy


Ron Walcher Tells Us About Skookum Brewery

Ron Walcher, owner of Skookum Brewery went to WSU and majored in advertising.  Studied engineering at EVCC.
Been in business just over 8 years.  2 weeks ago, started bottling beer.  Scheduled 4 beers to bottle.  Started brewing as a hobby in his home.  They try to buy only U.S. made products for the brewery.
Only grow within our means.  Do most of the brewing in the morning. 
Open Wednesday through Sunday.  Weds and Thursday 2-8pm, Fri 12-9, Sat 12-8, Sun 12-6.  Brew, distribute, and serve beer, wine, and cider.  Some food options as well.
Went through a 6 month diploma program for brewing technology and engineering.
Takes about 2 weeks to brew a hefe.  Fastest beer to make.  Most beers take 3-3 ½ weeks to make.  Lager takes about 5 weeks.  Do not rush and no chemicals added.
80-85% of grain grown outside of Pullman.   Grind their own grain.
2 silvers and one gold in their first competition. 

For more on the local brewery visit its website:



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