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Our annual meeting was reconvened on Thursday, January 22, to nominate and elect our five directors.Our new Vice President will be Al Erickson. He will be joining the other officers--President Jeff Huleatt, President Elect Erik Granroth, Secretary Paul Ellis, Treasurer Pam Beaton & Past President Cindy Huleatt:
Al Jeff     Erik
Paul  Pam Cindy
Newly elected directors
Jola  Duane Todd

Kathy    A.J.  
Appointed Associate Directors
Penny Nancy Robin
Jessica Carla
The new Board of Directors will be installed in June and take office July 1, 2015.

Our own club secretary, Paul Ellis, is the new City Administrator for the City of Arlington.  He told of us of the City's plans for 2015.
Here are some of the plans:
In 2014 the city approved a levy lid lift to start correcting our financial stability.  By the end of 2015 we will be at 50% of where we need to be.
Installed webcam at Haller Park, cut down on criminal activity.
Many city employees retiring, internal promotions will fill the spots except a new finance director.
The city’s six month’s goals will be to complete the activity based budget process and add strategic long and short term goals, conclude negations on three labor contracts, establish effective communication between management and city council, create a senior management and directors team for improved problem solving, update policies, procedures and performance appraisals for human resources, hire a new finance director with strong analysis skills, institute a process for collaborative service delivery between the department.
The city will prepare a comprehensive plan update in 2015.  Anticipate growth in population over the next years.  Between now and 2035 we need to accommodate 2,713 additional dwelling units. 
Manufacturing is growing.  Received a Manufacturing Industrial Center designation from the county, working on obtaining the designation from the state.  Allows for federal government grant money for the city. 
City council will vote to rescind the automatic rate increase on utility services. 
Have several projects funded by grant money and many more in the pipeline.
Transportation Benefit District will fund the repair of 40 road segments this year, the additional 86 road segments will be tackled in 2016 and beyond.
School resource officer has been hired for the school district.  City has made strong steps forward to address crime.  No camping ordinance.  All-in campaign. 
Fire and EMS contract negotiations for unincorporated services areas.
Bond rating raised from an A- to an A+ after the levy lid lift. 
City is doing an evaluation of city processes,  activity-based budgeting, accountability audit, equipment replacement plan, and vehicle replacement (police and fire).
At our January 15 meeting we recognized our January students of the month.
On the Left is Paige Quander – Arlington (Arlington HS)                Paying it Forward to           American Lung Association           
Paige Quander is a Senior at Arlington High School.  She was chosen in November by staff for the ASPIRE Award for "Kindness."  Paige is an outstanding scholar.  She currently has a 3.9 GPA while taking a rigorous curriculum.  She is currently taking AP Stats, AP Calculus B/C, and College Writing.  She maintains her grades while staying involved in groups like National Honor Society where she tutors students in English and Math before and after school, Spanish Club, and TSA (Technology Student Association).  She is also involved in Athletics where she has competed in Softball, Soccer, and 4 years of Track.  For the third year, she has served as the Wrestling team manager.  Paige's passion for math, science, and engineering is evident.  She took the STEM summer class offered by the district where students worked on project ideas to reduce our carbon footprint in Arlington.  Her goal after graduation is to attend Washington State University studying Engineering or Astronomy/Astro-Physics.  Paige stays involved in outside interests as well as part of an adult soccer league and as a referee for Paint Ball competitions.  As one teacher shared, "Paige is always willing to help other students.  I have never seen Paige ignore or be short with other students.  I am very impressed with the way Paige worked alongside other kids welcoming students' input.  Her kindness to staff and students is very special." 
Pay It Forward--American Lung Association to support Lung Cancer research, which has impacted her family and her friends.
On the right is Shayla Solenberg – Arlington (Weston HS)               Paying it Forward to           Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center
Shayla joined us at Weston High School over half way through last school year. From the beginning of her time with us, she has always strived to do her best in all her classes.
Shayla’s positive outlook and friendly attitude is the first thing most people notice. She demonstrates this positive attitude whenever she helps out her classmates; which is quite often! She has a great sense of humor and because of this, she is highly respected by her classmates.
While, like any normal teenage girl, she enjoys the social aspect of school her main focus has been on her academics since day one. By advocating for herself and asking what she can do to bring up her grades, she was able to bring them up to passing in her all her classes. She continues to do her best academically by staying late after class and utilizing Panther Period to get extra time and support when she needs the extra help to understand difficult content area concepts. Shayla consistently contributes positively in all her classes and her teachers all enjoy having her in class.
Shayla plans on doing Running Start next school year and we are sure she has a bright future ahead of her!




The table settings

Arlington's Mayor Barbara Tolbert Our First Guest Speaker

Summary of Mayor Barbara's Presentation:
Last year we had the lowest property tax rate, used up our reserves, not investing in new equipment and technology. Citizens voted to increase their property taxes last April.  At the end of 2014 we had 30% of our reserves built back up.  Next year we will have 50%, in the next five years we will have 100%. 
In 2012 we had our bond rating downgraded.  In 2014 our bond rating was upgraded to A+ with a stable outlook.
In 2014 we invested in public safety equipment.  An order has been placed for a new ladder truck, fire engine, and by the end of the year we will have replaced police vehicles.
This year we will ramp up technology investment and cyber security.
Tested our emergency response plan last year.  Used all resources we had to handle the Oso disaster.
Community impact awards have been received by Mayor Barb on behalf of the city.
Citizens passed the Transportation benefit district in 2012.  Last year was the first year we did some transportation projects.  40 of 126 road segments will have been completed by the end of this year.
Manufacturing businesses near the airport are growing.  We have the capacity to provide family wage jobs to citizens.  Hope to be competing for federal grants in 2016.
Rising crime in our neighborhoods.  We looked at internal policies.  Outreach efforts to citizens have helped reduce crimes.  Social media has connected neighborhoods.
During succession planning we analyzed our employees and management and made sure we were investing in the staff we had and promoted from within.  New city administrator, Paul Ellis.  Every position was filled in house through succession planning.  We will be looking for a finance director outside of the city.
Looking forward to 2015, board will be looking at an ordinance and rescinding an automatic increase to storm water and sewer rate. Update of the comprehensive plan will be completed this year.  This will be a 20 year plan. Possibility of a regional library system will be looked into.
Arlington Community Resource Center should be opened by the spring.  The center will provide support services and education to catch people early on in crisis situations.
We are being looked at very seriously for money to get to the 172nd project.
Haller Park was a great investment by Rotary.  The webcam shows and the citizens comment there was an overnight transformation.  The City and the citizens thank Rotary for the investment in the community. 



Many Rotarians celebrated the new year at the Menos' home.  We also celebrated Marcia's birthday.  Happy Birthday Marcia!

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Apr 16, 2015
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