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We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Arlington Free Methodist Church
730 E. Highland Drive
(Mail: PO Box 3592)
Arlington, WA  98223
United States
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In 2017-18, we’ll answer the question “What is Rotary?” with RI President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley’s theme, Rotary: Making a Difference. “Whether we’re building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people’s lives — in ways large and small — for the better.”
To see the video of his announcement click HERE


Who Are We?

The Rotary Club of Arlington  

is a group of business‐owners,   professionals and community leaders  

that are dedicated to making our world and our community stronger.    

We are committed to the   Ideal of “Service Above Self,”  

while enjoying fun, fellowship, and friendships. 

Stedmans' Seahawks Fireside/Birthday

It's become an annual event for Bruce and Susan to host an annual football viewing party at their home south of Lake Stevens.  This year the event happened to land on the date of the Seahawks vs. Falcons divisional playoff game and on Bruce's birthday.  Unfortunately we celebrated a birthday but not a Seahawk win.
                                                      Happy Birthday Bruce!
                                        Lots of Great Food!
                                             Lots of Fellowship
See more photos go to photo album.

Bucky Tart Fills in With Program on SR 530/Oso Event

When our speaker had to cancel for this week's meeting, our member, Bucky Tart, a Geotechnical Engineer, filled in with a bit of a repeat program.
               Bucky Tart from Profile Photo
When the event happened there was an enormous splash when the hill came down. There is a bench area above the river and Bucky believes that the area above that slide.
Bucky bases his opinions of what happened on the experiences of 4 people that were present at the slide. There had to be a loose airborne flow that fell on top of them called a splash because people were buried and survived. If it was mud they wouldn’t have been able to survive.
There has never been a landslide that has flown as far as the Oso slide, that is why Bucky believes that is was not a landslide, but a splash.  This can also be seen with the road that wasn’t hurt, just covered by mud.
43 people were injured in a matter of seconds.  There were not any people that were injured after that time, which makes the idea of the splash more believable.  In a Landslide people, would have been hurt at different times.
Since happy bucks shortened the time that Bucky had to do his slide presentation, he has offered to do a showing at another time. 


Our Parent is 100!

On January 10 the President of R.I., John Germ, was the special guest speaker at Everett's noon luncheon.  The meeting location was at the Holiday Inn in Everett.  Six of our members, including President Erik Granroth attended the luncheon.
            R.I. President John Germ with President Erik Granroth
President John F. Germ stopped of at the Everett Club's meeting on his way from attending the District 5050 million dollar dinner in Vancouver on his way to Seattle.  He announced that over $3.3 million was raised by District 5050 for the Rotary Foundation.  He also spoke about how Rotary took on the task in 1985 of eradicating polio world wide and the billions of dollars raised to do the job that was originally thought to be in the millions.
President Germ is a member of the Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the past chair of the International PolioPlus Committee.  it is the first time that a sitting Rotary International President has attended a meeting of any of the clubs in Snohomish County.  Of course, quite often the R.I. President is not from the United States.
                                John Germ Addresses the Rotary Club of Everett and Guests 
Everett has cancelled the gala event originally scheduled for March 1 given the response to the last minute availability of President John Germ at the recent event.
The Rotary Club of Everett in 1970 decided that the Marysville Arlington area needed its own Rotary Club.  Since Marysville had a club from 1919 to 1934, our club started out as the Marysville-North County Rotary Club.  The first meeting was held at a restaurant at Island Crossing on April 1970.  The clubs charter night was June 20, 1970.  Our club's history can be found here ata site page on our website.

Navy Captain Doug Kunzman and Navy Station Everett

                                   Navy Captain Doug Kunzman, Commodore, spoke to the club.
Bruce Stedman met Capt. Kunzman shortly after the Oso slide.  Immediately observed his leadership presence.  Capt. Kunzman lives in Arlington with his wife.  Plan to retire in the area.  In 2017 Capt. Kunzman will only be home 7-8 weeks.
Capt. Kunzman from Portland, Oregon.  Enlisted in 1980.  Studied at UNM and of Idaho.  Has been deployed 17 times between 6 and 14 months in length.  He will be deployed in 2017 for the 18th time. Married 34 years and 18 years apart due to the military service.  Two sons who are naval officers.  Enjoyed a tour in the Pentagon.
The Captain is the Commodore of the Destroyer Squadron and in charge of 7,000 sailors and numerous assets (89 aircraft, aircraft carried, six ships , etc.).   Only operational DESRON in the Pacific Northwest.  Capt. Kunzman will be on USS NIMITZ.
The Naval Station in Everett houses numerous operation commands, support facilities, military members and their families, maintenance facilities, health and dental clinic, etc.  6,000 total sailors and civilians and 450 support staff.
Submarines, ships, aircraft carriers, warfare center, support ships, communications, destroyers all positioned around the Pacific Northwest.  1/6th of the Navy’s gross tonnage is located in the Pac NW.
The Navy has 30,000 active members, 108,000 in reserves, 268,000 enlisted members.
Deploy in peace and war to repair, train hard, train harder, and deploy.  US Navy is involved in non combat missions i.e. humanitarian aid, drug
The Captain has offered to arrange for Rotarians to tour one of the ships stationed in Everett.  Watch for details.


LTC(P) Brandon Meno and the U.S. Army War College

Brandon is John Meno's younger brother. Brandon is married to Christie and they have three children. He has been deployed 12 times and is currently attending the US Army War College where an Officers’ education begins immediately.
The US Army War College falls under the National Defense University.  Every branch of the military has their own war college.  Once selected for the war college you can apply for a fellowship to 50 colleges (Harvard, UT-Austin, etc.).   The program is a one year intensive program. 
The US Army War College is in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  It is a small post, but it is oldest in the state. The war college was started in 1901, but after World War I it was moved to Washington DC. Eventually the War College was moved back to Carlisle. 
There are 383 students in the class of 2017.  Each war college has students from other branches of the military, but the majority of the students will be from that branch of the military. The War College also selects international fellows and civilians to attend the college. 
The Mission of the War College is to: educate and develop leaders for service at the strategic level while advancing knowledge in the global application of landpower. The curriculum focuses on Three levels of War: Strategic, Operational and Tactical. The purpose of the War College is to educate the students on how to be strategic leaders.  After graduation most of the students will likely go back to tactical work but some will also go to the operational side. 
Thank you Brandon for our service and leadership to our Nation. 


Christmas Food Baskets

Through the generosity of our members, our club again purchased food, assembled and packed boxes, and delivered food to 87 families.  The families are screened by the Arlington Community Food Bank.  Based on the number of donations from club members, the food was purchased by the club from Arlington Grocery Outlet.
Boxes were assembled this year at the Boys and Girls Club at its invitation so members could see the remodeling that is in progress.  Our club is donating funds to help with the cost of the remodeling. 
We had a record number of volunteers.  In addition to Rotarians and families, our Interact Club had volunteers as well as volunteers from Life Church 360.
The Food Basket Crew
Our projects director, Devin Brossard, planned and organized the annual food basket project.
                                                     Devin Directing the Crew
87 boxes were placed throughout the game room and hall way at the Boys and Girls Club
The names of families that have been screened by the Arlington Community Food Bank are given to the club.  We are also given a list of food to provide in each box.  The food was purchased in large volume and taken to the club.  A team of two were assigned to each food item with the responsibility of seeing that that item gets placed in each of the boxes.
                      87 Hams Ready to Be Distributed with Each Basket
The key to getting the baskets delivered to the right spot is the computer work done by Karri Hansen.  Karri finds each address on Google Maps, prints out the directions, and organizes the distribution routes. 
                            Karri Assigning Routes to Rotarians for Delivery
                           Part of the Interact Volunteers
                                          Organized Chaos!
                The Interior of the New Teen Center Being Added With Our Help
                  New Gym Space Being Added to the Club With Our Help
                            Getting Ready to Hit a Delivery Route
 With the Construction in Progress-We Even Used the Hallway to Pack Boxes
Thank-you to all the volunteers!  We helped make Christmas a bit brighter for some of our many families struggling to make ends meet.
See Many More Photos in the Photo Album Section

Stillaguamish Senior Center Christmas Lunch

As a service project each December, our club buys and serves lunch for the seniors at the Stillaguamish Senior Center.  Our own Santa (Paul) helps us pass out items for door prizes donated by members of the club.  There is a photo album of the event on this site and on our Face Book site.
       The Event Chair and Center Board Member Dave Duskin Introduces Santa to Seniors
Rotarian, Jo Olson, the Center's director is retiring the end of the month so it was her last Christmas luncheon as director.  She introduced the new director, Danette Klemens.
                                           Danette Klemens--New Director
We had lots of donated door prizes.
                         Delivering Door Prizes to the Stage
We had a great crew of over 20 Rotarians and friends to serve lunch.
                  Part of the Crew
         The Chief Dishing it Out--One of Our Newest Members Jonathan Ventura
                     Serving Seniors
                                    A Full House for Christmas Lunch
                 Service with a Breanne Martin Smile!
Duck Dash Dale, the normally sporting his championship rings for selling tickets, recognizes Duane Rhodes with his rings for championship caliber of serving meals to seniors.
             Duane Rhodes One of Many Champions Who Served Lunch and Provided Door Prizes
Check out the photo album on this site for more great photos of Rotarians in action at the Stillaguamish Senior Center.


Jeff Vaughan  Local Business: Vaughan Premier, Ltd.

Jeff Vaughan, owner of Vaughan Premier Limited, spoke to our club about his business. 
He is a local entrepreneur.  Recognized as one of the top 1000 online sales companies.   Jeff is married with three grown children.  Wife previously worked as a science teacher in the Arlington School District.
The business primarily sells lighting and décor for party and special events industry.  Also, consult products for Hollywood production companies.   Their lights and décor were used on Big Brother, The View, Duck Dynasty.  One of the largest shippers out of Snohomish County.  The business is only e-commerce, no store front.
Jeff previously worked at Boeing.  Left to start the company.  The company hit a rough patch and sales slowed.  Jeff and his wife developed some productions and sold them online.  This side project brought in some money.  The other side of the business was tanking but the online sales were going well.  Brent Duskin introduced Jeff to the “power of the 0”.  After that conversation Jeff decided to focus on the online business.
Jeff learned business principals, applied them and in 6 months he was doing over $10,000 per month in sales.  The business doubled every two and a half years. 
Jeff used to be worry about providing for his family now he is worried about his employees and their ability to provide for their families. 
"I am in business to make money.  If you go into business for any other reason you are in business for the wrong reason.  You have to earn money to allow your employees to provide for their families.  Making money helps the customers and the employees."
Let your children/grandchildren do what they love, you never know what it will turn into one day.  Jeff’s mother talked him out of going into computer science.  He went into public health, now he is doing what he loves.
Big entities like Amazon, Target, knocked a lot of little guys off.  Don’t know what the future brings but will do what we need to do be competitive.


Our Train Debuts at Christmas with New Interact Club

After the wheels on the train didn't "go round and round" last 4th of July, it was hoped that on Hometown Holidays it could make it through the Santa parade and then could give rides to families along the Centennial Trail.  It made it through the parade and gave a couple of trips to families before the wheels again gave out.
The newly recognized Arlington High School Interact Club helped decorate the train and participated with us in the parade.
                            Arlington Interact Club with Advisor Chad Duskin
Our engineer was Paul!  Doesn't he bring back memories "boomers" of Brakeman Bill?
                                                                          Paul Ellis
                                                Here is Paul on the Parade Route
                                                         Rotarian Train Crew
                                                                 Parade Line Up
                                                                      On The Parade Route
                                                                Family Rides
New tires donated by Les Schwab after Frontier Days did not fail.  The wheels just can't handle the load, but Paul is determined to get the problem resolved before our next outing. 
Home Town Holidays gets bigger and better each year.  Our Dolly Parton Library literacy project partner, Arlington Education Foundation, sold out its first annual Breakfast with Santa and the Princesses.  The Chamber's snowball toss was also a big hit. 
There are more photos in the photo album section.  More Photos

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Upcoming Events
January 2017
Since 1989, the Rotary Club of Arlington has hosted the annual Great Stilly Duck Dash on the Fourth of July to raise funds to support local organizations such as the Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club, Stillaguamish Senior Center, Kids Kloset, Cocoon House,  as well as, parks, playgrounds, and people helping people around the world.