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Is this the 27th, 28th or 29th annual Great Stilly Duck Dash?

Why is there confusion about how long we have been racing rubber ducks on the Stillaguamish River, and what is the correct answer?
Here is the photo that appeared the Herald the day after our first Duck Dash on July 4, 1989, showing ducks escaping down the river in mass:
Part of the confusion is that in calculating how many years we have been doing the race, it's not like calculating a birthday or anniversary.  We celebrated our 25th race in 2013 so, why not just subtract 25 from 2013 to get the first year?  That would mean our first race was in 1988. That however, would ignore the first race or the date that the Duck Dash was born which was 1989.  The confusion with 1987 is that it was that year that we made a 3 year commitment to donate funds for the construction of the Arlington Youth Center that houses the Arlington Boys and Girls Club.

Duck Dash Chair, Erik Granroth, kicked off the 27th Annual Great Stilly Duck Dash sponsorship drive at the meeting on February 26.

Our 25th Anniversary Quilt was on display.


 Kicking off Duck Dash 2015 Sponsorships

  • Sponsorships are the key in making the Duck Dash so effective
  • 50% of our revenue comes from sponsorships
  • 3rd year in a row we have a platinum $10,000 sponsor
  • 1989 was the first year of the Duck Dash (corrected from original report)
  • Purpose of the First Duck Dash was to sponsor the Arlington Community Center to house the Boys and Girls Club
  • Idea taken from the BC club
  • First Duck Dash in the State of Washington
  • Started selling sponsorships in 2000
  • First Grand Prize Sponsor was Oso Lumber
  • Last year total Revenue last year $133,650
  • When finding sponsorships share with them about what we do
    • Helping with the Boys and Girls Club
    • Cocoon House
    • Senior Center
    • Scholarships

Duck Dash This Year

  • Goal $75,000 ticket sales goal $75,000
  • Sponsorship money helps to cover tickets and expenses
  • 32 members sold sponsorships last year
  • Target is each person to sell $1600 in sponsorships
  • If you are a sponsor, challenge another business to sponsor up your own sponsorship level
  • Would like to have sponsorships done in 30 days.


Bob Dempster Was Introduced by Our Own Aviator Lee

Bob is re-creating one of the planes, “World Cruiser”, that flew around the world.  Using a 1918 Lincoln motor in the plane.  Bob has flown nearly around the world himself.
First flight around the world was from Seattle in 1924.  The airplanes were originally Navy torpedo planes.   Four left, only three made it around the world, one crashed but all survived.  They left on St. Patrick’s Day.  Boeing helped put the planes on floats.  They christened the airplanes.  Encountered some troubles on the first leg of the flight.  Throughout the flight they hit storms, damage to the planes, engine problems, sailors helped change engines, and returned to a large crowd.
It took the crew 175 days to complete the flight.  363.7 hours flying.
Bob went to the crash site.  The crash site has not grown over in all this time.    The tundra is very delicate. 
Bob visited the Smithsonian to take pictures of the original planes.
December 20th the first test flight was performed with the recreated the plane.  They will be flying at Arlington to test certain functions on the plane.
Visit to view more about the flight and the recreation project.

Last week we learned about growing and processing Cannabis, and this week our own member, Brad Kihm, spoke about the retail end of the new business in Washington State.

Brad Kihm

Brad Kihm is a co-owner of Cascade Kropz, graduated Snohomish High 2002, own Cascade Kropz with his mother.
Initially he was going to grow and applied for a grow license but many others were applying for the grow licenses so they also applied for a retail license.  Arlington was attractive for the business as there were moratoriums in other cities. 
They were the only retail applicant that followed the appropriate processes for the retail location.
Fourth store in the state to open.  First in Snohomish County.
Eighth most successful store in the state.
Seed to Sale program:  Plants are bar coded when cloned and that barcode stays with it until it is sold.  The plants are tracked all the way though sale (height, etc.).
Over 100 strains of marijuana are available at Cascade Kropz. 
400+ people visit the store on a busy Friday.
High security at the store.  Secure hallway where ID is checked prior to entering the store.
Legal to sell to Canadian and other states’ residents.  21+
Can have up to three stores on one 502 license but there has to be a spot open.  No other spots open in Arlington.
Average client age is 45ish.  More 21 year olds coming in.
At every level the product is taxed at 25%.  Arlington gets 10% of the tax.  Since July the state has received $21 million in excise tax on marijuana.  Sales tax is on top of that.

Brittany Anderson – Arlington (Haller MS) (Right)    Paying it Forward to    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society       
Brittany Anderson is the epitome of an outstanding leader at Haller Middle School. An involved athlete that serves on the HMS Executive Council, Brittany brings strong organization to everything she oversees as part of her leadership duties. Currently Brittany is in charge of overseeing the organization of the food sorting during our “Show the Love” food drive for the Arlington Food Bank. Also, Brittany is an honor student in advanced classes. Her advanced ELA teacher, Ms. Christmas-Harris says that Brittany is one of the hardest working students in the class; she consistently brings a strong work ethic and growth mindset to the challenges she faces everyday.
Brittany would like her “pay-it-forward” to go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to benefit people fighting cancer.
Hannah Scarth – Arlington (Arlington HS) (Left)  Paying it Forward to    Casino Road Kids Ministries        
Hannah Scarth just completed her year as our ASB President. During her time she lead a transformation of our building. A student-led anti-bullying program was developed. She was always focused on having assemblies and activities that involved as many students as possible. She was instrumental in developing our theme this year which is "Connect" that promotes a building culture of everyone being included. As one teacher put it, "She is definitely a leader who does not just talk the talk. She is very active in setting an example in how to treat others, showing school spirit, and achieving academic and athletic success. 
Previously she served as Link Crew Commissioner, National Honor Society officer, and a member of the Math Club. She is a member of the "Flight" choir which was just completed an amazing Cabaret performance over Valentines Weekend. She was also a part of the Music Man musical.  She is also a student-athlete participating in Tennis, Golf, and Volleyball. 
Outside of school is a workshop leader for her Youth Group. 
She does all of this while earning a 3.8 GPA. 
Her plans after high school are to attend Azusa Pacific in California. Her interests are in communications and business


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District Fire Chief Travis Hots
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Classification Talk
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Club Assembly
Officers and Directors Report
May 28, 2015
Julia Gats
River Dance Asian and European Tour

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Since 1989, the Rotary Club of Arlington has hosted the annual Great Stilly Duck Dash on the Fourth of July to raise funds to support local organizations such as the Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club, Stillaguamish Senior Center, Kids Kloset, Cocoon House,  as well as, parks, playgrounds, and people helping people around the world.
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