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John McMillin – An Epidemiologist and CEO of Land and Water Resources International 
The only epidemics that interest him is lack of food and water.  Water can be found anywhere.  You just need to look.  You don’t need to drill to get water.   The following are ways to get water from the land.
Gabion Wire – Dams:  any heights as long as the slope, base dimensions and content types, appropriate to the terrain and size of box. 
Walls:  any height as long as the slope, box size and rock selection matches leakage specifications.  Bridges:  Height of overlap of boxes cannot exceed about 10% of box width.  After 5 box heights, use girders for more reach. 
Stream control: Speed of water must result in about equal deposit to erosion.  Depth of Box base at stream-edge passage surface must reach greater than two box heights.
Scarification:  For entrapment of moisture.  Many types and applications:  Cross wind to trap specific wind-borne micronutrients.  Heights of rise will be chosen based on sand particle size.   Must have a device that has power to drag across land.  Turns dry soil into heaps, vacuum pulls the water down.
Find a rise and gravity will deposit water on the downward side.  Water has to be controlled properly.
Water Drilling:  Normally shunned as a dangerous alternative in 99% of cases.  Destroys aquifer sources for down-stream aquifer tappers by near and far other villages and users.
Zai holes – Dig holes, urinate into the holes, dump floor sweepings into the holes, with wind crossing the hole with a single particle of sulfur/water will produce water. 
John is almost 90 and was born in the Soviet Union.  He spends most of his time in remote parts of the world where people are at risk because of lack of food and/or water.  He had with him lots of simple tools including the moisture meter he is demonstrating in the above photo.

It always seem to rain when we schedule a work party at Camp Fire Mountain and this year was no exception.  The project involved building a pavilion at the new swim beach on Lake Challenge.  Scott Suchan, the past president of the Mount Baker Council and the regional president for the Boys Scouts of America, in viewing the work, said that it is great to have our club do building projects at the camp "because you seem to have workers who know what they are doing."
The persons who seemed to know what they were doing an organized the work project included our Director of Projects, Devin Brossard, our vice president elect, Paul Ellis, and Matt Rolf, spouse of Lyanne.
Devin Brossard
Paul Ellis
Matt Rolf
Bill and Robin Kmet cooked lunch for us at the War Eagle camp site which was built by our club during an earlier work project in 2012.
Bill Kmet-left
Following the construction project, and after the rain subsided, workers were treated to experience Fire Mountain's 1080 foot long zip line from the top of the tower to Bjorn's Island out in Lake Challenge.
Bill and Robin Hiking to Top of Tower

Our program on April 21 was a presentation by Derick Baisa, the CEO, on one of our local aerospace manufacturers, Absolute Manufacturing, a division of Senior Aerospace.
Senior Aerospace Absolute Manufacturing founded in 1996 specializes in complex machining solutions in a production and non-production environment utilizing the latest in machine tool technologies and lean practices.  It was purchased in part from one of our previous members--John Middleton.
Senior buys companies and as long as it produces it keeps its autonomy. Its location at the Jensen Business park on 204th (west of the closed Hagens), is next to AMT, another Senior Aerospace business.  AMT deals more directly with the airplane manufacturers, e.g. Boeing, while Absolute sells to suppliers of materials for the industry, tiers 2 or 3.
Absolute Manufacturing is a high quality production and proto-type precision manufacturer with offerings that include electrical/mechanical assembly, kitting, VMI, Kan-ban replenishment, point of use delivery, and design for manufacture engineering. It does complex lathing up to 8 axis.
The company operates in three buildings totaling 35,000 sq. ft. with a work force of about 100.  40% of the group's work is aerospace related, including lasers and defense work.
Seeing the need for suitable employees, the company has used it resources to advise the AMTEC and Mechtronics programs at EvCC.  Its human resources manager is on the advisor committee.  It has also advised AJAC and the Arlington School District with manufacturing training programs.  The Boys and Girls Clubs have also started a STEM program and Absolute has helped including career fairs.
Derick estimated that 40% of high school graduates will not look for a advance degree and the machining industry is an area where there are good paying jobs for such individuals. If individuals have math skills and good work ethic, e.g. showing up on time, employers will do the training.
Absolute is proud of its community involvement.  Its United Way campaign has grown from 44% participation to 84%.  Derek is on the board of United Way which has dedicated itself to ending the cycle of poverty.  It will be providing participants in Friday's poverty workshop simulation at a location in Smokey Pt.  For United Way's Day of Caring, employees of Absolute had a work party at the Darrington Community Center.


The Rotary Club of Arlington is excited to announce that the  Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians are donating $500,000 to help complete the planned splash pad at Haller Park in Arlington.


The City of Arlington is partnering with us to maximize the donations we have received by applying for a Washington State Recreation grant that would match funds raised dollar-for-dollar up to $500,000.  We are committed to raising additional funds this year through Duck Dash ticket sales, sponsorships and Friends of the Park campaign to do so.


Rotary loves Haller Park - it has been our home for Duck Dash for almost 30 years. We want to provide a fun and safe experience for kids and community members to stay cool safely on hot summer days. The City of Arlington will receive a response on the Washington State Recreation Grant in October 2016.  The goal is to break ground in July 2017, after the Fourth of July.


We are beyond grateful to the Stillaguamish Tribe for their generous donation that will make the splash pad a reality sooner than we hoped and even more amazing than we’d planed.  Thank you @stillaguamish.tribe! (



The speaker on April 14 was Diane Kamionka (pictured below) with the NW Innovation Resource Center ("NWIRC"), a non-profit organization that works with entrepreneurs and inventors to help them move forward with their ideas.
NWIRC is working with Paul and Mayor Barb to identify entrepreneurs in Arlington.
It is committed to creating economic opportunity and jobs in NW WA by supporting entrepreneurial innovation.  Works with individuals in any industry and start their business anywhere. 
Ideas positively impact the local community.  The community befits from invigorated environment of the creation process.
Two programs:  Buildit Program and Enterprise Pgm programs.  The first – I’ve got an idea for a product but don’t know what to do with it.  The second – I am an entrepreneur who has an unusual business model. 
NWIRC provides strategy, tools, and access to community resources e.g. building and industry expertise.  It offers a market program for investors.
Last year, over 4,500 volunteer hours.
Marketing company will be created to help the entrepreneurs turn their product over to for marketing /selling/ licensing.
NWIRC researches to make sure it is a novel idea and there is a market for the product.
Funding through the “pay it forward” system.  NWIRC does not charge the inventors up front but they agree when they start making money to pay it forward to the next inventor.
May 11th, noon to 2pm, NWIRC will be at the city council chambers for inventors/entrepreneurs to learn more about NWIRC. A local entrepreneur and inventor, Lara Merriam-Smith, will share her journey in taking a product to market and how NWIRC helped in the effort.  Its free but if you want lunch (its free) register at
EvCC is also sponsoring the event and it will give an update on its Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Center.

We have welcomed two new members in the last three weeks.  On April 14 Jennifer Holocker, pictured below having her new Rotary pin presented by her mentor, Simona was inducted.
Jennifer was born and raised in Kirkland.  Married with two children.  Loves riding Yamaha motorcycles and volunteering. 
Jennifer has only been with the Arlington-Smokey Pt. Chamber of Commerce for 6 weeks in her new position as Executive Director. Jennifer was on the Board of Directors for 1 year before taking this position.
Prior to the Chamber she worked as the Community Relations Director of  American Cancer Society. She organized 6 different Relay for Life in the local area.  From Orcas Island, Arlington, Lake Stevens, Mill Creek and Mukilteo.  She also helped with already established Relay for Life in multiple communities.
2010 she helped Arlington Relay for Life raise the most money across the nation. Together Arlington Relay for Life was recognized as “Rookie Relay for Life.”
When asked why she took this new  position with the Chamber – she responded “ I love working in my town, with the people I know & love.
I love the new challenge – Recognizing the potential in our Amazing Community.
Welcome Jennifer to membership in the Rotary Club of Arlington!
Two weeks ago we welcomed back Bob Campbell to our club. 

**This presentation was originally planned to be done by Lee Harman.  Due to a medical concern regarding his father, Lee left for Florida and Bucky Tart made the presentation.
--The slide presentation was breath taking.
AirCam Flies Slow and Low

Now you can fly places that no other Airplane will let you go!  The AirCam is a twin-engine experimental home built aircraft that can fly 10 feet above the tree tops, then climb up and away on one engine if needed.
Such slow and low exploration can't be done in any other twin-engine GA plane, or any other Aircraft, with the same level of assurance.
  • Twin Engine Safety
  • Great Handling
  • Stunning slow-speed abilities
  • Take off under 100 feet
  • Land under 500 feet
In a typical Lee fashion, (Bucky’s words) Lee saw a National Geographic program featuring incredible pictures and flying experiences in an aircraft named AirCam and manufactured in Florida.   Lee had to explore the possibility of flying and possibly owning this aircraft.  Lee traveled to Florida and got trained to fly this aircraft. It requires a multi engine & seaplane rating. Lee spent a week or so and got certified to not only fly this aircraft, but to purchase one.
This airplane is extremely safe and has redundancy galore……2 engines, 2 separate fuel tanks, 2 separate fuel pumps, 2 separate electrical systems and more.  It can take off from ground the width of a runway on one engine and can even do so from water.  It is extremely predictable and safe, particularly in remote areas.
Bucky’s presentation was full of pictures and videos of Lee’s cross country trip bringing the aircraft from Florida to Washington.  The spectacular views included Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi River, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Lake Tahoe, Seattle and all points in between. One of Lee’s highlights was landing on one of the highest airstrips in the United States, Leadville, Colorado, at 9927 feet.
Lee started the trip home by flying over the home that he grew up in at Coco Beach, Florida and ending at his home on Lake Cavanaugh.
At 3.5 gallons per hour at 55 mph, the promotion video expressed…..”It’s not about getting anywhere.  It’s about enjoying the experience.”

Ginger "Mama" Passarelli, founder of the "The Soup Ladies", was the speaker on March 31. 
The Soup Ladies organization has been a non profit since 2004 and started about 18-19 years ago taking soup to a church every week, now provides meals for first responders at crimes/disasters/emergencies. 
Ginger is also a chaplain for first responders.  She went to Mississippi six times to help feed people after Hurricane Katrina.  Putting out 700 meals a day at first. 
The first responders were not being taken care of. When he came back she called the local fire department and asked if it was true that first responders are not being cared for in crisis situations. 
Worked with King County Search and Rescue to feed volunteers.  Took incident command training, background checked, registered as emergency workers, covered by state insurance.  They work major crime scenes to feed the first responders. 
They have and use a mobile kitchen trailer to put out hundreds of meals per day.  They were at Oso to assist feeding the first responders.  Put out 6,655 meals in Oso.  It's not about the food, it's the tool.  They passed out as many hugs as they did meals.  "We get to love people."
They were in Marysville after the school shooting.  They were in the fires in Eastern Washington. Responded to the Roseburg, Oregon shooting.  Familiar with the first responders likes/dislikes.  Over 8,000 meals put out just this year so far.
No charge for their services to any government agency.  Large list of donors.  Average $3 per meal per person. 
Try to be out the door with meals for at least 100 in one hour.  Keep socks and underwear in their cars for the first responders.  They sleep in gyms, churches, sheds, etc. when on site.  Over 50 "soup ladies" and "stew dudes" in Sno, King, and Pierce Co.  Mama has a restaurant in Black Diamond.
From Left to Right: Dean Jenkin, Lead Chaplain, Bruce Stedman, Public Safety, and Mamma Passarelli
Here are links both to Facebook and Soup Ladies website:  Website  Facebook

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May 2016
Since 1989, the Rotary Club of Arlington has hosted the annual Great Stilly Duck Dash on the Fourth of July to raise funds to support local organizations such as the Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club, Stillaguamish Senior Center, Kids Kloset, Cocoon House,  as well as, parks, playgrounds, and people helping people around the world.