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Service Above Self Since 1970 (mail: PO Box 3592)

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Arlington Free Methodist Church
730 E. Highland Drive
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Weston High School Principal--Will Nelson
Will Nelson, principal of Weston High School, spoke about the Healthy Youth Survey.  Will is a member of the Arlington Drug Awareness coalition. 
The mission is to bring awareness about drug use in our community and educate people about it.  Every two years the school district does a healthy youth survey. 
The coalition will reach 3200 kids with presentations this year.  On September 27th a presentation will be held at BPAC for parents and adults to talk about the events that will be held for the kids.  Health District will also present on the 27th
Student presentations/events will be held after September 27th
The survey from 2015 shows the kids in our community have slightly lower drug/alcohol use than students statewide but significant substance abuse was noted but declining. 
The surveys show the majority of children feel safe at school and have an adult in the community they can talk to about something important but some report carrying weapons/involvement with gangs/depression/contemplation of suicide.
Paul Harris Award Presented to Jennifer Owen
On January 14 we had a most inspiring presentation by Jennifer Owen of Enabling the Future.  She and her husband have built a world wide network of volunteers to use 3D printers to make prosthetic devices for children who for whatever reason has lost a hand. 
When Lee Harman proposed a bet over the Sun Bowl game between his alma mater Miami and Washington State University with the losers to donate funds to the Rotary Foundation for a Paul Harris Fellowship, the Cougars (and a few other Cougar friendlies) took on the bet.  When the Cougars became the Sun Bowl Champions, Lee graciously made the contribution.
Those who won the bet chose to honor Jennifer Owen with the Paul Harris Fellowship  Our Foundation Director, Kathy McCone, with the aid of Cougar representative, Bryce Duskin, presented the award to Jennifer.
To learn more about this inspirational project, click on Enable the Future.

 Sherri Ballew- Dolly Parton Imagination Library in Arlington
Dolly Imagination Library is a book gifting  program that Dolly Parton started in 1995.  The program is run by the Dollywood Foundation but it is locally funded.  It mails a free monthly book to children 0 to 5 years old.  The books are high quality and age appropriate books .  The books also have tips in the back page for parents to engage their children in conversations about the books.
Sherri's Children With Their June Books
The Rotary Club of Arlington has partnered with the Arlington Education Foundation to bring this literacy project to our community.  The program has a joint committee from the A.E.F. and Rotary, each with an initial investment of $2500.  
Buying books for kids has been popular with those who give grants. The program has received 2 $5000 grants one each from Tulalip and Stillaguamish Tribes as well as many other grants from various other organizations.  The fundraising efforts has gone so well that the program has been expanded from children who live in the Arlington School District to every child that has an Arlington or Darrington address. 
The cost is approximately $25 per child per year.  The Dolly Parton Foundation pays all the operating costs, so all money donated goes directly to buying and mailing books to children.
Held a kick-off event Eagle Creek elementary for people to sign up and experience the books that they would receive.  There were many community organizations that helped to support the kick-off event. To sign up people can go to the W.I.C. office (Women, Infants, and Children), The Arlington Library and Cascade Valley Hospital.  Also online at  As of now there are 297 children registered, 17 children have graduated and 1,186 books have been mailed since April.
Librarian Reads at Kick Off
Plans for the future include promoting registration in day cares and preschools, as well as, promoting more in Darrington.
If someone wanted to donate to to this program you can donate to the Arlington Education Foundation either online or by writing a check.

Tom Smith brought us a great program on an ongoing project of District 5030 know as Rotary First Harvest.  While a member of the Bellevue Rotary Club, Tom was on the board and is a past president.
Tom Smith Introduces the Program on Rotary First Harvest
David Bobanick, Executive Director of District 5030's Rotary First Harvest, was our program on July 14.
David Bobanick
40% of all food grown in the U.S. goes to waste.  There isn't a market for "funny looking" produce.
 Founders of First Harvest--Started with a Dump Truck Full of Onions

60% of hunger relief programs' services go to children and seniors.  First Harvest was started in 1982 by Norm Hillis who requested Seattle area gardeners to plan an extra row and then give produce to hunger relief organizations.  
The program was then expanded to a Rotary District project.

First Harvest has brought just about 200 million pounds of food to the hunger relief system and delivers 25-35k servings of food per day. First Harvest connects sources to move food from point A to point B.  Non-profit food distributors then distribute to hunger relief programs such as food banks.

First Harvest holds Rotary work parties once a month where 100-120 Rotarians help to repackage the food received.  10,000,000 pounds of food is distributed annual.  First Harvest has less than 2% operating overhead.
 Rotarians at Work

Harvest Against Hunger is a sister program operated by Americorps - VISTA.  The volunteers make connections between the smaller local growers and food banks and work with cities for three years to get the program up and running.   Mutually beneficial program for farmers and food banks.  Harvest Against Hunger has delivered almost 5 million pounds in food.
For more on Rotary First Harvest, click here.
Thanks Tom for bringing us this inspirational program.  Tom and his wife Sharon presented David with a donation to Rotary First Harvest to thank him for coming to our club to speak.

P-40 Tomahawk, One of the Restored Military Aircraft at the Flying Heritage Museum
The P-40 Tomahawk debuted at the start of WWII and was a modification of the older P-36 Hawk. Because of this heritage, the plane was relatively easy to produce and could be hurried into service. Its low cost kept the aircraft in production as a ground attack fighter long after other airplanes had technologically surpassed it. The P-40 is particularly notable for being the shark-mouthed choice of the famed Flying Tiger squadron. The P-40 did not have the glamorous reputation of other US fighters, like the P-51 Mustang; but the plane had its proponents, who cited its high-speed agility at lower altitudes and its ability to make tight turns. Overall, the P-40s excellence lay in its great dependability and lack of complexity.
                           Corey Graff the Curator of the Flying Heritage Collection
At our annual meeting at the Arlington Fly-in, Corey Graff, the Flying Heritage Collection (FHC) curator, spoke about Paul Allen’s private collection of war birds and some history of certain planes in the collection. 
FHC finds historic military aircraft, restores to vintage/flyable condition, and shares with the public.  Light restoration and maintenance done onsite.  They send out heavy maintenance/restoration jobs.
The original facility at Paine Field was built in 1950 by Alaska Airlines to maintain DC-6s.  The facility taken over by the US Air Force to maintain interceptor jets.
The collection has some very rare pieces with some original parts.   They fly some of the planes to air shows including the Arlington Fly-In.  One plane was restored in Arlington.
There is a crew of mechanics to work on the collection.  The collection hold fly days and flies the planes for the public.  Public gets to sit right on the runway. 
For more information about the museum and its collection, go to its web site by clicking here.

Our Ducks Lee Harman and Joan Tilton Announce the Winners
The Rotary Club of Arlington announced the winners of the 28th Annual Great Stilly Duck Dash, held on July 4, 2016:
1st Prize--$5,000—Terri  Kyle—from Indiana—Sold by Bryce Duskin
2nd through 6th Prize-$1,000 each:
  • Jean Doherty—Sold by Fitz Couhig
  • Larry Bean--Sold by Jim Kelly
  • Tracy Hambarger—Sold by Bob Campbell
  • Alyson Kleinman—Sold by Jessica Ronhaar
  • Sharon Brodie—Sold by Dale Duskin
3rd through 16th Prize--$100 each:
  • Rotary Splash Park (donation back)—Sold by Tom Smith
  • Austin Suit—Sold by Jody Nelson
  • Bill McDonald—Sold by Tom Smith
  • Brandi Bergley—Sold by Dale Duskin
  • Ed Kerschner—Sold by Dave Duskin
  • Bruce Lisser—Sold by Jola Barnett
  • Heidi Timmerman—Sold by Mike Zachman
  • Jerry Hook—Sold by Bob Campbell
  • Carolyn Erickson—Sold by Linda Byrnes
  • Alan Hjort—Sold by Jim Minifie
The winner is the mother of a hygienist at Eagle Family Dental and was sold by one of the dentists there, Dr. Bryce Duskin.
Unofficially, there were 16,669 tickets sold for $69,065 in ticket sales.  Individual tickets were sold for $5 each and discount tickets for $4 each.
This year's event was chaired by Jola Barnett, our President Elect.

The Rotary year begins on July1.  With the new year comes a new Rotary International President, new District 5050 Governor and, of course, a new President for the Rotary Club of Arlington.
Here is information on our new Rotary International President from the R.I. website:

Meet our Rotary International President

John F. Germ
Rotary International President John F. Germ

Half a century after landing his last C-124 as a U.S. Air Force captain ferrying troops and equipment to Vietnam, John F. Germ sees himself as Rotary’s navigator, plotting a course toward a bright future. He aims to run Rotary like a business, drawing on his acumen as chair and CEO of an engineering firm and emphasizing service as Rotary’s most powerful draw for a new generation of civic-minded members. “We need to do a better job of promoting our cause. That’s the challenge ahead, but I don’t see it as a problem. I don’t believe in problems – I believe in opportunities.” Germ, a member of the Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, is Rotary president in 2016-17.

Here is our new President's theme:


New District Governor Scott Dudley
Scott and Christine Dudley
Scott is a Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Oak Harbor.  He grew up in Olympia and served in both the Marines and Navy before becoming an investment advisor.  He is the former mayor of Oak Harbor.  Scott and Christine have 5 children. He joined Rotary in 2000 but he says he became a Rotarian when later he went on a wheel chair distribution trip to Mexico.
He served as his club president twice, and is a past District Membership Chair and past Assistant Governor.  Scott has been on the faculty of the District's Rotary Leadership Institute.  As with previous District Governors, he will be visiting our club.
Our New President
Erik Granroth
Erik is the President of Granroth Insurance Agency and has been a Farmers Insurance Agent since 2001.  He grew up in Oak Harbor and attended Skagit Valley Community College.  He has been a member of our club since October 2008 and has worked his way up the leadership ladder.  At out installation banquet Erik told us about when he had that "Rotary Moment" when he was no longer a "RINO" (Rotarian in name only).  Erik challenged us all not to be RINOS.
Erik is single and has a daughter who attends The Washington State University.
Scott joined Rotary in 2000 but later became a "Rotarian" on a wheelchair distribution trip to Mexico. He has since been on humanitarian trips to Haiti as well as Honduras.

Scott has served as his club’s President twice and has also served the District as Membership Chair, Rotary Leadership Institute Faculty and Assistant Governor. - See more at:
Scott joined Rotary in 2000 but later became a "Rotarian" on a wheelchair distribution trip to Mexico. He has since been on humanitarian trips to Haiti as well as Honduras.

Scott has served as his club’s President twice and has also served the District as Membership Chair, Rotary Leadership Institute Faculty and Assistant Governor. - See more at:

Lou Loos, Account manager with PUD, spoke about how local businesses can save money and energy. 
PUD has over 750k customers and serve over 2,200 sq miles.  Mostly residential customers but some commercial and industrial customers. 
Energy efficiency – the goal is to use less energy to provide the same level of performance. 
No better energy efficiency than conservation.  Turn off the lights.
Businesses should invest in energy efficiency to reduce operating and maintenance expenses, add money directly to bottom line, reduces environmental impact.
Every year $40 Billion is spent on energy that provides us no benefit (leaving the lights or AC on).
Social pressure, “your neighbors are doing better”, has been shown to be helpful in reducing energy use.
Behavioral science studies have been performed on pilots to “nudge” pilots to reduce fuel consumption.
Ways to save money and energy:
Lighting to Go Program – instant rebates at the point of purchase at 10 participating distributors.
New lighting products.
Seal cracks, turn off AC, turn on fans.
Some programs PUD offers require pre-approval.

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Sep 29, 2016
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Nov 03, 2016
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Since 1989, the Rotary Club of Arlington has hosted the annual Great Stilly Duck Dash on the Fourth of July to raise funds to support local organizations such as the Food Bank, Boys & Girls Club, Stillaguamish Senior Center, Kids Kloset, Cocoon House,  as well as, parks, playgrounds, and people helping people around the world.