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Rotaract award winners celebrated for their life-changing projects
The village of Kumbharwadi is one of many in a drought-prone region near Mumbai, India. Until recently, its residents had access to only one well with drinkable water. During the summer months, the well runs dry, and the women and girls of the village travel three to four hours a day to search for water. Enter Project Boond, undertaken by a Rotaract club, a Rotary club, and the Watershed Organization Trust to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in Kumbharwadi. Nikunj Pherwani, 2013-14 president of the Rotaract Club of Hassaram Rijhumal College of Commerce and Economics in...
Young writers get published with the help of Rotary
In Jamaica, 11-year-old Jordan Allwood reads his classmates a story about a lonely puppy who finds a new family. The puppy grows into a big dog, enjoys walks along the beach, and survives a frightening autumn day when he is caught in a trap before being rescued by his family. Jordan's story is one of hundreds that were written by children ages 7-11 for a writing contest organized by the Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean 7020 and supported by clubs in 10 Caribbean nations. The best stories, including Jordan's, were published in "The Butterfly StoryBook," produced by the club and sold through...
Clubs breaking down barriers to clean water in Ghana
When Marty Hatala, a member of the Rotary Club of Boaz, Alabama, first traveled to Ghana in 2010 to volunteer at a local orphanage, she saw how local communities struggled to find clean water. Though at least 80 percent of the country's population has access to improved water sources, according to UNICEF, 5 million Ghanaians still use water from unsafe sources. That leaves a significant part of the country's population susceptible to a range of diseases. Worldwide, one out of every five deaths among those under the age of five is caused by water-related diseases. Hatala's experiences in Ghana...
Secrets of a successful crowdsourcing campaign
In case you haven't heard, a man raised nearly $60,000 to make potato salad as a spoof on a popular fundraising site. If he can do that, a campaign to raise money for feeding hungry children or building a school in a war-torn country should be a snap, right? Wrong. The Internet is littered with humanitarians struggling to raise the money and gather the resources for projects that could make a positive impact in the world. So, what is the secret to a successful crowdsourcing campaign? It's simple, really: make it easy to give. Here are some ways you can make it easy for supporters to back your...
Rotary supports WHO director-general’s public health emergency for polio
In May, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the international spread of polio a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), and issued a set of recommendations to all polio-impacted countries. On 31 July, the situation was reassessed and the Director-General has declared polio remains a public health emergency. Several factors played into this decision, including: Both Pakistan and Equatorial Guinea have exported the virus internationally since May. Polio thrives in areas compromised by conflict. The unfortunate reality is that there are...

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Welcome to our Club!

A 100% Paul Harris Club
Home of Past District Governor Lew Bertrand 2012-2013
Home of Past District Governor David Moyers 2007-2008

Awarded: Club of Excellence 2007-2008, 2008-2009 and 2009-2010

Palos Verdes Sunset

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We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
The Original Red Onion
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John W Green is a retired Commissioner from the Los Angeles Superior Court. Previously, he worked as a deputy district attorney, did civil litigation, and was an in-house counsel for State Farm insurance. He graduated from Stanford University, served in the Peace Corps in Thailand, and graduated from Santa Clara University School of Law. He works for the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution Services in Los Angeles, and is a member of the LA5 Rotary Club.



The pelicans and gulls presented a display of their aviation skills.  The pelicans were diving into the water for seafood hors oeuvres. After being shuttled down to the beach by 2 of Ralph Black’s grandchildren, we gathered at the group of palapas for socializing and wine.  Jeff and his assistant prepared barbecued dinner, including Frisbee-sized hamburgers, dogs, salad & dessert, as the sun set among low-lying clouds on the horizon.
Our thanks to Ralph Black for arranging our Club’s off-site social evening here. He delivered a brief history of the Portuguese Bend Club and its residents and members. Portuguese Bend gets its name from Portuguese whalemen from the Azores, who built a shore station here in the 1860s to process whale oil from gray whales caught on their annual coastal migration.

PDG Rick Mendoza (2002-2003), of the Redondo Beach Rotary Club, has been a travel agent for many years, and is also a Certified Underwater Instructor (wearing his red instructor’s jacket). He was introduced tonight by Bob Welbourn, an experienced SCUBA diver in our Club.
Rick showed a series of slides of underwater photos he has taken in the South Pacific and elsewhere. He showed close-up underwater photos of many kinds of tropical fish, lobsters (including an 11-pounder), moray eels, rays, groupers, many kinds of coral, sea squirts, sponges, nudibranchs, urchins, anemones, starfish and a turtle. The clarity of the water was striking.

Sarah Botkin was inducted into Rotary membership in our Club, by PDG Dave Moyers. She was sponsored by Membership Chair Larry Andrews. (She has already volunteered for several of our Club service activities.) Congratulations, Sarah, and welcome to our Club!

John Federspiel is a lead mechanical engineer for SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation). (SpaceX hosted a tour for last year’s 4-H Club Rocketeers.) SpaceX was founded in 2002 by former PayPal entrepreneur and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk to design, produce and oper-ate reliable low-cost transportation of cargo and crew to and from low Earth orbit and to enable the colonization of Mars. He invested $100 million and recruited other investors.
Space technology today is about the same as 40 years ago except for better electronics. SpaceX has developed 5 rocket engines, 3 launch vehicles and one reusable multipurpose space-craft. It has contracted with NASA to help support the International Space Station (ISS) so the US does not need to rely only on Russia to do this. SpaceX is the first private company to produce a liquid-fueled rocket (Falcon 1) to reach orbit (2008), to successfully launch (by Falcon 9), orbit and recover a spacecraft (Dragon) (2010), to send a spacecraft (Dragon) to the International Space Station (2012), and to send a satellite into geosynchronous orbit (December 2013).
John Jegede was introduced by his sponsor, Roger Cox of the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club. John is nearing the end of his Rotary Youth Exchange in the US, and will be returning to his home in Nigeria this week. John has been attending Mira Costa High School, participated in choir, and attended the prom. He has also been active in soccer and enjoys playing drums.
John presented a slide show outlining his impressions, experiences, and home background and family life. He was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ewutuntun and District 9110 in Lagos, Nigeria. He attends Livingstone College there, (equivalent to high school), and discussed a typical school day structure there. He enjoys math and biology, and would like to become a physician. He lives in the Yoruba area of Nigeria. The main industry is agriculture, producing cocoa, yams and other food products, as well as oil. He reviewed the history of Nigeria, from British colonial times to independence, wars, and military rule interspersed with democratic government.

Pres Roger Schamp reviewed the results of the Club member preference survey he conducted recently, and he thanked the members who submitted replies. These included preferences for planning offsite meetings. We will have 2 Club Assemblies this Rotary year.
Ralph Black is arranging for an offsite Beach Party for our Club at the Portuguese Bend Club on Tuesday, August 12. Please sign up for food planning.
Roger suggested several grant opportunities for this year. We may consider being the Lead Club in one of the Humanitarian Grants (we have not led one of these events in the past). He encouraged us again to consider going on the District Global Grant Humanitarian Trip to Guatemala in February, which he and his spouse, Carol, have signed up for.
PDG Lew Bertrand conducted an Induction Ceremony for our newest members, Hedy & Roberto Frisancho (former faculty at U of Michigan). Congratulations, and welcome to the Club!
After dinner was served, Past-President John Turner demonstrated (voluntarily, we presume) his mastery on playing the Ukelele. We were so impressed that we may enter him into next year’s Student Music Contest.
Club Service Chair Jerry Farrell Presented PV Sunset’s 2013-14 Ruth Kain Rotarian of the Year Award to Newsletter Editor Wes Bradford, apparently for all those years of publishing the Palos Verdes Sunsetter newsletter that some of us read (“Most of the Truth, Most of the Time!”). After verifying that some mistake had not been made, he expressed his sincere appreciation to the Club members. A $250 donation to the Rotary Foundation was made in his name.
Lew Bertrand introduced Outgoing President Sandy Farrell. She introduced her Club Officers and Board Members, and thanked them for their year of service. Then Lew gave Sandy a dose of her own medicine (“Counseling the Psychotherapist”), avoiding any Freudian connotations.
Nora MacLellan is a member of the Westchester Rotary Club, which obtained a Rotary Foundation grant to support this project.
Vision to Learn was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles to address the problem of schoolchildren needing glasses who are unable to see the board, read a book, study math or participate in class. Most of these are low income and minorities who lack access to medical care and vision care. Vision to Learn has screened 120,000 children in Los Angeles and Sacramento, providing 20,000 with eye exams and 16,000 with free glasses and frames. If you can’t see, you can’t learn.
Don Reeves reviewed how our Rotary District Community Grant is helping to fund our Palos Verdes 4-H Club projects. We have participated in 3 of these projects, to be presented tonight.
Dee Keese discussed the history of the 4-H Clubs, the oldest youth organization in the US. They started from the Land Grants to fund new state colleges under the Lincoln administration. Information for agricultural development was presented, but farmers were resistant to trying new ways, such as crop rotation. This concept became a 4-H Club demonstration project, which was successful and influenced a new generation of farmers. Now, there are many more types of projects, not necessarily related to agriculture. The Palos Verdes 4-H Club started in 1953 and has 130 children participating. Over 30 projects were presented at a fair, in which they won 31 out of 37 awards.


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Palos Verdes Land Conservancy
Sep 09, 2014
Sarah Botkin
Craft Talk
Sep 16, 2014
Marc Bernard
Guatemala Humanitarian Trip
Sep 30, 2014
David Wahba
RHE City Planning Director
Oct 14, 2014
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District Governor's Visit
Nov 11, 2014
John Williams, Conductor
Peninsula Symphony
Nov 18, 2014
Author Don Davis
Book on Palos Verdes, "The Hill”

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