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PDG Rick Mendoza presented a beautiful and informative program about underwater photography.



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

By Dannie Cavanaugh

This was the last meeting of the year for Soon-To-Be-Past-President Chris King. Just as he was getting the hang of it he has to step down and let Joel Forman take over. Now, if only this was Game of Thrones….

We had a good showing for this last meeting with standing room only in the lovely Parisian Room. Wendy Taylor gave the Invocation (not to be confused with Wendy Miller who snuck in and did the Invocation a few weeks ago), Carmen Portnoy led the Pledge, and Linda Black sang the Patriotic Song. Linda announced that she is coming back into the Club starting July 1 – welcome home Linda!

We had plenty of guests including Tori Hettinger from the District Office, Past District Governor Rick Mendoza, Past District Governor and former CC Rotarian, Pat Cashin, and Craig Singer, who is really like a Club member. We also had with us two young men who were ready to leave for Kaizuka, Japan for the student exchange trip. Trevor Forman (grandson of Joel and Linda Forman) and Shawn Duggins (grandson of Linda Black) said a few words about their upcoming adventure. They are in for a life altering experience.

There were many short announcements …. Kate Rosloff shared a photo and gave an update on the 2015 Rotary Float for the Rose Parade. Linda Black found the old, metal bound "Book" that went missing a couple of years ago. In true CC Rotary fashion she blamed Ann Murakami for storing it away so carefully. Harold Hanslmair has not been to a meeting for quite a while and it was reported that he has recovered from the infection that he was stricken with but he is still resting at home. Hope to see you soon Harold. It was also reported that Ed and Helen Little have moved to Virginia. Craig Singer is planning to do several sporting event fund raiser pools in the coming year with an All Star Baseball Pool coming up shortly.

Joel Forman gave a report on the Honor Our Veterans event that was held on June 14th. The next District Breakfast will be on July 15th at the City Club in downtown LA. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be the speaker.

There were no fines instead there was a little bit of falling on one’s sword, as several Rotarians reported personal achievements and fined themselves as they saw fit. Kate Rosloff reported that her daughter Ariel graduated from Culver High School under a full moon on Friday the 13th. Linda Black bought a new (to her) 2001 Jaguar SJ8 for a very good price from the little old lady from Pasadena. Janet and Jerry Chabola just got back from two

weeks in Italy with Craig and Laura Ferre. Wendy Taylor got into the act and fined herself $5 for not wearing a Rotary pin. Carmen Portnoy came down with the flu and got hooked on Spanish telenovelas so she made a $50 donation to the club.

Our speaker was Rotarian Rick Mendoza who gave a presentation on the world under the seas through the eyes of a scuba diver. Rick has been an avid diver for over 40 years and he provided us with and excellent array of photos and stories highlighting his years in the ocean.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I did not get a report sent out last week but here are a few highlights from that meeting. We were bumped out of the Culver Hotel so we met at LYFE Kitchen located down the street.

President Chris read a letter from Leslie Adler thanking us for the $2,500 donation to the Education Foundation.

Joel and Linda Forman gave a report on the International Convention in Sydney, Australia.

Carmela reported on two grant requests that have been submitted to RI.

Our speakers were Michael Paul and Ken May of Swift Chip which is a computer consulting company serving the business community. These guys were great and they shared a lot of information on how to keep your business computers safe from hackers and malware.





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