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May 08, 2015
Peter Fleming
The 21st Century City Market of Los Angeles
May 15, 2015
May 22, 2015
May 29, 2015
Kerri Kasem
Elder Abuse
Jun 05, 2015
Scholorship Day
Dodger Stadium
Jun 19, 2015
President Alan
Demotion Party!!!!!!!!!

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Meeting Information

LA5 Rotary

The Fifth Oldest Rotary Club in the World!

Fridays at 11:30am at
The California Club
538 S. Flower Street
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View pictures from January 11, 2013, Richard Riordan
Thank you, Tony Medley (attorney, author, & LA5 photographer)

View pictures from January 4, 2013, Terry McCarthy
Thank you, Tony Medley (attorney, author, & LA5 photographer)

View pictures from December 14, 2012, Holiday Program
Thank you, Tony Medley (attorney, author, & LA5 photographer)

View Pictures from December 7, 2012, Dr. Kenneth Rogers
Thank you, Tony Medley (attorney, author, & LA5 photographer)



SVDPLA’s Silvia Huerta, Lawry’s Dan Fennen, Miranda Roy, Melissa Case,
Gina Doyle, SVDPLA’s David Fields and Njambi Kingori.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib Serves Skid Row

Volunteers from Lawry’s The Prime Rib of Beverly Hills led by general manager and LA5 member Gina Doyle served a prime rib lunch to nearly 100 men on Skid Row in Los Angeles at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s (SVDPLA) Cardinal Manning Center homeless facility October 21, 2014. Doyle said, “Lawry’s being here and being a part of LA5 shows Service Above Self.” Doyle met SVDPLA executive director David Fields and public relations & marketing director Chris Sariego, both LA5 members, when Doyle came to serve at SVDPLA on Skid Row during 2014’s Paul Harris Lunch.




If you're not familiar with parking at the California Club, it can be a bit confusing.
The California Club shares a ramp from the street with the Central Library but they each have their own driveway. Take a look at the photo below. 
We DO NOT VALIDATE parking at the Central Libraryso please make sure you take the correct driveway into the California Club garage!


And what if you get turned away from the California Club garage because it is full?

Have you ever arrived at the California Club for a Friday meeting to be turned away because their garage was full? This happens when we have large meetings.

There is another option for $7.50. Park at 400 S. Flower Street (City National Plaza garage with the big red sign) We have validation cards for the $7.50 rate at registration.

The Central Library is another option BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE A LIBRARY CARD! Please read their page regarding requirements and rates.

To avoid being turned away at the California Club, arrive early!



 A special thank you goes to LA5er Erick Weiss of Honeysweet Productions for putting this video together!



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