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Birthdays & Anniversaries

Member Birthdays:
  • Dante Archangeli
    July 10
  • Tori Ferrari
    July 19
Spouse Birthdays:
  • Gordon Goodyear
    July 4
  • Jim Lovelace
    WIFE - Lorena
    July 14
  • Tori Meyer
    John Meyer
    July 25
Join Date:
  • Sarah LoRang
    July 31, 2012
    2 years

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Begins at 12:10 PM
Tuesday Lunch
Hotel Tucson City Center
475 North Granada Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 622-3000


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51 Years

Quotes & Recent Venues

Viet Nam Adventure in Ten Words                    
Kirk Reed-President, Rotary Club of Catalina (Tucson)
Retired United Methodist Pastor, served churches in the Chicago area for 39 years, including the “Home Alone Church” (from the Hollywood movie, Home Alone)
B.A. Davidson College, M.A. University of Chicago, plus M.Div. and Doctor of Ministry
2-week bicycle trip across Viet Nam with Pedal Tours, training for a year in order to prepare for the trip. Kirk was a new (or “rookie”) cyclist
Susan, his wife, has a Master’s Degree in Nursing and provided executive leadership in the field of addiction for 33 years. In her last position before retirement she was Executive Director of Hazelden Chicago. She is an avid cyclist, logging more than 12,000 miles by bicycle each year.


Follow your different drum. Dare to defy boundaries to learning. DDLD offers educational tutoring and school advocacy for students and adults with learning challenges. Academic, behavior, social and life skills training, drum circles & music.
Dedicated to empowering people for successful learning and living. Together we can create an inclusive world.
"Share our similarities, celebrate our differences." - M. Scott Peck
Some examples of Whole-person strategies for learning well:
  • Integrated Listening Systems - Music and movement for auditory processing, sensory integration and attention
  • Computer Based Instruction for Academics and life skills,
  • Life-Skills Assessment and Skill-Building for Independence
  • Cognitive Affective Training (CAT) for Self Regulation, social thinking and understanding...
  • Video Modeling - Learning and applying Social and play skills
  • Behavior challenges - assessments, plans and team coordination
  • Person-Centered Plans - empowering your team to support your dreams
  • I will mentor your success.
  • Don't forget rhythm and music for recreational benefits.
  • Health Rhythms is a healing protocol modified for individuals and groups. (i.e. team building, elder care, teens, etc.)
Please join us on Tuesday for this presentation.




     Below is an excerpt of an email Ernie received today from Past District Governor Mike Forney of District 5440 in Colorado.  PDG Mike is the Chief Trainer for the RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) Faculty in the Rocky Mountain Division of RLI -- the RLI Division that includes our District.    
     It is especially interesting because PDG Mike was not on this trip, but still heard about it.  The word of your club's rescue assistance quickly spread through their District 5440.  He did remember the Tucson connection and our District, but just forgot the name of the club when he told us about this on Friday.  
     Once again I am so proud of your club and so glad that you are in our District 5500.  Knowing of PDG Michael Drake's interest in the Saguaro RC, I am copying him on this email as well.  
Warm regards,
     I told Sally that our ten Interact kids were rescued by a Tucson club during the holidays this past year when they had to be evacuated from Agua Prieta when a drug war broke out there right when they arrived to distribute Christmas gifts to local orphans (a project we’ve been doing with the AP Rotary club for several years). 
     Sally was unaware of the event.  I didn’t have the name of the club when I spoke with her but learned it was the Saguaro club.  They found lodging for the kids and Rotary chaperones (about 12-14 in all) and found a project for them to become involved in!
Mike Forney

Our annual visit by DG Sally Montagne was July 15th.
DG Sally Empowered, Enlightened, and Energized our Saguaro Rotary!


Passionate about her work! 




Members of Saguaro Rotary
Names Status Category
Christine Alexander PP PHF (multi)   Insurance
Frank Amos     Visitor
Dante Archangeli     Builder
David Baker PHF   Education Administration
John Beatty PP PHF (multi)   Honorary Member
Sam Behrend PP PHF (multi)   Cable Communications
Jim Brunenkant     Education Administration
Woody Cohen PHF   In Memoriam
Mark Crum PHF (multi)   Government Administration
Jeretta Douglas PP PHF (multi)   Cosmetology
Bruce Dusenberry PP PHF (multi)   Moving and Storage
Tori Ferrari     Youth Organization/Counselor
Keith Ganske PP PHF   Controller
George Genematas PHF   In Memoriam
Nick Genematas PHF (multi)   Building Management
René Ground
PP PHF (multi)   Educational Administration
Bill Hattara PP PHF   Retired
Lynn Kastella PP PHF (multi)   Property Management
Sarah LoRang     Tax Accountant
Jim Lovelace PP PHF (multi)   Public Accounting
Victoria Meyer     CPA
Scott Polston PP PHF (multi)   Promotional Products Distribution
Douglas Raine PP PHF (multi)   Retired, Education Administration
Maurice Saroni PP PHF (multi)   Building Materials
Tom Taylor     Private Banking
Glen Shaw     Visiting Member
Frank Teta  
  Honorary Member
Dan Uthe     Fire Safety Consultant
Diane Ventura-Goodyear PHF   Computer Consultant/Trainer
    PP - Past President                                      PHF Paul Harris Fellow

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


Presenters and Speakers

Jul 29, 2014
Aug 05, 2014
Renee Darling
Desert Tortoises
Aug 12, 2014
Ethan Orr
Clean and Green
Aug 26, 2014
Kevin Wood
Tucson Real Estate Market

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