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2016 Project Selection Grant Application Submission Time has Ended.
The Deadline for submission of 2016 Project Selection Grant Applications was 11:59 PM on Monday, April 18, 2016.  At that time we had received 13 Applications from area charitable organizations that help thousands of families in the Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates area.
The Project Selection Committee made up of members of the Rotary Club of Schaumburg / Hoffman Estates will review and determine which of the organizations will be awarded grants for their requested projects.
Thank you to all of the area organizations which submitted applications: ( in no particular order )
- Clearbrook
- Special Leisure Services Foundation
- WINGS Program, Inc.
- Center for Health Services
- Partners for Our Communities
- Centro de Informacion
- Kenneth Young Center
- Trickster Art Gallery
- The Senior Advisory Council of the Schaumburg Barn
- The Children's Advocacy Center of North and Northwest Cook County
- Bright and Blue Foundation
- GiGi's Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers
- Children's Home and Aid - Marletta Darnall Schaumburg Child and Family Center
Award notifications will be sent out between May 16 - 20, 2016.
Anita Forte-Scott
2016 Project Selection Chair

This Year's Speakeasy Spectacular Classic 2016 was a fabulous event. Thank you to everyone who organized, volunteered and came out for this fun filled evening.  Here are some photos to take you back to a bygone era. 

The Rotary Club of Schaumburg / Hoffman Estates Charitable Foundation Inc. presents:
For Tickets, Email:
Your contribution helps provide funding for scholarships and local community aid to support non-profit organizations.

If you weren't there, you missed an evening filled with frivolity, fellowship, fabulous food, and a fun-filled White Elephant exchange. Enjoy the pictures!
Your Fellowship Committee,
Nancy, Bonnie, Gayle, Joanne, and Rosemary

Wow! Our club members have been VERY busy this month working throughout the community. On Labor Day, we organized the Schaumburg Septemberfest 5K Race and later marched with the Miss Septemberfest float in the parades.
On Saturday, September 12, 2015, we organized the Hoffman Estates Platzkonzert 5K Race.
There was a great turnout of runners, marchers, and volunteers from our club at these events. I captured a bit of the action in pictures and attach several collages for your enjoyment. 
Thanks to everyone who participated.


Chick-Fil-A Schaumburg 5K Challenge

How many times have you turned on your television and seen a commercial featuring large-eyed children and families suffering from poverty, sickness, homelessness, etc.?  You wanted to help, but couldn’t commit to a monthly donation or a large check.  BUT… can you commit to running/walking in a 5K or even two 5 K races in a week?
One challenge, two races that’s the Chick-fil-a Challenge. Individually the races are the Chick-Fil-A Schaumburg 5K Run/Walk and the Hoffman Estates Germanfest 5K.
Proceeds from these races will benefit The Rotary Club of Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates. The Rotary Club touches lives all over the world through its efforts to eradicate polio, provide clean drinking water and promote literacy, but Rotary also helps right here in Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates. Here are some of the Club’s local projects:
  • Providing school supplies to families in need
  • Helping folks who struggle with mental health issues find needed services
  • Providing funding and resources so Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates High Schools can send weekend food packages home with students living in food insecure families
  • Giving scholarships to hard working students who need help financing their college tuition and fees.
  • Helping people get back to work and/or find better jobs.
  • Working with the Schaumburg Barn Senior Nutritional Program serving the Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates area
These people live right here in your backyard and you can help, you can make a difference. Register today at
Thank you in advance for your support,
The Rotary Club of Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates


Miss Septemberfest 2015 Luncheon & Crowning

On Friday, September 4, 2015 the Rotary Club of Schaumburg / Hoffman Estates welcomed the Miss Septemberfest contestants, their families and Schaumburg dignitaries to our luncheon.  On this special occassion the 2015 Miss Septemberfest was crowned.  Each of the five candidates introduced themselves and shared their fine accomplishments to the packed room.  All five young ladies are from Schaumburg High School and are already impressive leaders in the community.  Kelly Christopher (center) was named Miss Septemberfest 2015.  Her court included: Aannie Finneran, Kelsey Davis, Michelle Borla and Alyssa Peterson.  Each young lady was awarded a scholarship from the Rotary Club of Schaumburg / Hoffman Estates and received gifts from other sponsors. Congratulations everyone!

At a recent Rotary Club meeting, Debbie Schmidt, the 2013-2014 Club President had the honor of awarding grants to some of our most prominent community partner organizations.  She said: 
Please allow me to once again thank those club members who actively participated in the project selection committee meeting, and also thank those who voted on this year's recipients.  After tallying 40 ballots, I am pleased to announce that 37 ballots voted unanimously to support the six organizations below.
$5,000 grants awarded to:
Kenneth Young Center
Gigi's Playhouse
Special Leisure Services Foundation
$2,750 grant awarded to:
Village of Schaumburg BARN
$2,250 seed grant awarded to:
Center for Health Services

We will have representatives from each of these organizations at our regular meeting at Chandler's on July 10, 2015 to receive their checks.
Each organization will be invited to come back to our club in the future to share the current state of our partnership with their organization, and how this project grant will enhance that partnership over the next few years.
I truly hope that all of you congratulate these organizations on their important work in our community.
Yours in Service,



Terry Parke - Club President 2015-2016

On June 25, 2015, Terry Parke was Inducted as the 2015-2015 Rotary Club President.  This will be his second time serving as Club President.  His first term was from 1977-1978.  He is the second person of this clubs' history to repeat a Presidency, the other man was our clubs' founder, Howard "Doc" Baker in the years 1969-1970 & 1970-1971.  Thank you Terry for your Years of Service.

Aaron Ruff Four Way Test Award Winner 2015

Selected by previous recipients, this Rotarian has demonstrated use of the Four Way Test in business and personal interactions.  Named in memory of a member, Aaron Ruff, who lived by practicing the tenets of the Four Way Test.  
2015 Award Winner, Roger Smith pictured here with the 2014 Award Winner, Eileen Higgenbotham. 

On Friday, May 22nd we were happy to provide
Scholarships to many impressive local students.
We also welcomed Susie Huang,
a visiting Rotarian from Taipei, Taiwan.


It's always a great time getting to know fellow Rotarians, it's even better when chili is involved. Congrats to Barb Sanasardo for winning 1st place! 

On January 7, 2015, 250 Rotarians had the pleasure of welcoming Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang and his wife Carissa at a dinner reception at The Cotillion Banquets in Palatine. A collaborative effort of the Rotary Clubs of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg AM, Buffalo Grove, and LongGrove/Kildeer/Hawthorn Woods, Rotarians from Districts 6420, 6440, and 6450 enjoyed an evening of inspiration and entertainment (Cooper Middle School Jazz Band, Buffalo Grove and Yang Dance Academy, Chicago). 
President Huang challenged all Rotarians to increase membership to 1.3 million by re-recruiting former members, women, and younger prospects. He interjected, "If Confucius were here tonight, he would say, 'It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.' The Rotary way is Confucius way...I light a candle; you light a candle; we all light up the world. I want you all to light up Rotary. How you do it is up to you. It is important that we finish a job we started a quarter century ago…that of eradicating Polio by 2018. We are almost there. Asia is now polio-free and there have been no new cases of polio reported in Africa since August. If we all work together, we will make a difference every day in every country where we serve. Let no one sit in darkness. Come together; light up Rotary; this year, let the Rotary light shine brighter than ever before.”
During the evening, six new Rotarians were inducted into Rotary by President Huang. All in attendance learned “The Happy Clap” — 1 clap; 2 claps; 3 claps; 4 claps; 2 claps. 
President Anita presented an oil painting of the Chicago skyline to the Huangs along with some “bling” for Carissa Huang.
Ellen Young, District Governor (6440) recognized Ed McCabe for being a beacon of hope to children around the world. Ed has contributed over $1 million to the Rotary Foundation to End Polio Now. 
Jack Blane (Wheeling Rotary Club), the longest continuous Rotary member in attendance, led the audience in The Four Way Test to conclude the evening’s program.

Rotarian Jim Fabbrini spoke about Fabbrini Flowers. Established by his parents in 1966, really it was his mother's dream, it is the oldest business in Hoffman Estates. At one point they had four shops in the area and were the first independent shop located within Woodfield Mall in 1971. For the last four years Fabbrini's has been voted #1 florist on the "Best of the Knot" wedding website. They are also ranked 68th of 20,000 florists in the US. Jim's favorite part of the business is meeting with people. Valentine's Day is the single most busy day and the week preceding Mother's Day is the busiest week of the year. 

Schaumburg Township Community Coalition for Positive Youth Development is a diverse group of individuals and organizations working together to reach a common goal. Their mission is to organize, educate and engage the community to prevent youth substance use and other harmful behaviors. So far high schools are changing Code of Conduct policies and beginning peer mentoring programs. A day-long event called "Snowball" was held to teach techniques to avoid bullying and pressure to take drugs and alcohol. Villages of Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates and Palatine are involved along with Alexian Brothers, business, D54 and D211, media, churches, police, parents and youth. The group is currently in the community assessment phase. The receive funding and organization support from teh Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association which also provides a public health model. 

Eileen Higginbotham and President Anita presented a $500 check to two Hoffman Estates police officers for the annual Shop With A Cop program. The officers raise money throughout the year and select 40 needy children to shop at Target for the holidays. Each child will select $150 worth of items which often include household necessities, personal hygiene items, gifts for family members and themselves. 
Other local service endeavors of the club include: Blessings in a Backpack, WINGS, Kenneth Young Center, Clearbrook Center, Alexian Brothers Children Hospital, coat drive and GiGi's playhouse.

Jim Britton, a new member, is the principle at Hoffman Estates High School, which he believes in the best job because he sees kid's lives changing every day. He grew up on the north side of Chicago in a very noisy and energetic Irish Catholic house. He's the 5th of 6 children. He graduated from U of I as an English Teacher and went to grad school at U of Chicago in social work. Jim taught at a very challenging alternative school in Robins and established the alternative school in Palatine for SD 211. he and his wife Tanya live in Elmhurst with sons Patrick, 5, and Sean, 2.

Our very own Dana Hollandsworth DC gave a presentation on how we can live longer and healthier, with some really simple adjustments to nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. As you may know, Dana is a practicing Chiropractor in Schaumburg. She spoke at length on a number of subjects relating to the the above, among those was a test called a bio impedance analysis (BIA) which is painless, and can be used to assess your body's general health.
The BIA machine runs a weak electrical current though your body which can generate an amazingly detailed group of results which an informed practitioner can use to help a patient with dietary and related choices to improve the patient's general health. Than BIA test is not to be confused with the popularized "body mass index", which can often generate results that are meaningless (as a person who is overweight and sedate will often test the same body mass index as a bodybuilder with similar height and age). It gives more detailed information such as intracellular vs extracellular water, fat mass, lean mass, basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy one burns at rest) and more. It is a useful tool for anyone embarking on a lifestyle or dietary change as they will be able to tell if any weight loss is actual fat, water or lean tissue loss. For more information visit her website.
Dana Hollandsworth DC

Rotarians and their friends and family participated in a very fun-filled Halloween Road Rally on Friday night, October 25th. Armed with challenging clues, they set off to solve puzzles, discover new clues, and track down answers at locations throughout Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates. The team that accumulated the most points won a wine basket for their efforts — The Jersey Boys & Girls (Anita Forte-Scott, Greg Ring, Brian Bieschke, Linda Bieschke). Thanks to the Fellowship Committee (Nancy Redmon, Gayle Vandenbergh, Bonnie McCulla, Rosemary Justen) for organizing such a fun event.


Thank you to all those who purchased tickets for the 2014 Vacation Raffle. The money we raise goes right back into those in need in Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates communities. 

Congratulations to our winners for this year: 

Vacation and $1000 winner: Frank & Tiffany Kolaska

‚Äč$500 winner: Ken Kolinda

$200 winner: Jerry Wattron




ImageNanette Sowa gave us an overview of the roles of the Northwest Special Recreation Association (NWSRA) and Special Leisure Service Foundation (SLSF). They provide the leisure service needs of residents with special disabilities living within 17 area park districts including Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates.  Jean and Ed Hagg were board members. Ed was a founding board member 40 years ago. Andrea Griffin, Manager for Inclusion Services, explained that when a special needs resident registers for a park district program NWSRA staff asses the program activities, specific adaptive needs of participant, train park district staff, provide adaptive equipment, and sometimes employ addition aides to assist one-on-one. Those of us present participated in disability awareness activities for learning disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, and visual impairments which gave us an appreciation for the difficulty to live and function with these impairments.

Click to see more photos of the Rotary Club visit to NWSRA.

#NWSRA, #leisureservice, #awareness, #rotary




Ris with Center for Health ServicesRis Orhorha founded the Center for Health Services several years ago. Her impetus was her six year old son who donated his entire piggy bank to the Leukemia Foundation and his subsequent interest in helping sick people. The Center focuses services on families in the NW suburbs with Autism, Down Syndrome, Sickle Cell Disease, and Diabetes. The Center currently provides screenings and testing and speech and behavior therapy. Non-verbal clients are taught to communicate with pictures on iPads. Ris serves as an advocate for many of her clients. The Center currently provides services to 50 families in their home. The Center hopes to expand to include physical therapy. Their fundraising gala is November 7. All are invited to attend or sponsor the event.

#CenterforHealthServices #Diabetes #Sicklecelldisease #downsyndrome #autism #rotary #schaumburghoffmanestatesrotary 



ImageWe had a guest all the way from District 3180 in India, Rotarian Hasan Kumar join us for lunch today. President Anita Forte-Scott exchanged club flags with him. It was a pleasure meeting Hasan and we hope to see him for lunch again. 




We were graced with the incredible stories and company of a Vietnam veteran, author, and government contractor George Banas. He has local ties as he has been a resident of Lisle for nearly 30 years and resided in Woodridge for 18 years prior to that. The stories that he shared were incredible, it was almost as if James Bond was telling us about his rescue missions all over the world. He shared stories about rescuing family, friends, and those with information important about the safety and security of our country. Banas has authored a book based on his life called Terrorists and the Terchova Treasure: In My Bother's Place where he blends fact and fiction to create a powerful tale of action and intrigue. 

"Following the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001 on the United States, Joe Legion reactivates his secret life as a military and civilian operative to find and destroy international terrorists. Fighting to protect his American and European relatives from hidden enemies and turncoats, Joe sharpens his unique combat and survival skills learned years earlier in the Army when he replaced his brother in special operations. Frequently using his role as an international responder, Joe infiltrates and disrupts smaller terrorist organizations and supplier networks. With other terrorists yet to be captured, Joe begins his quest for the legendary treasure of Juraj Janosik, the early 18th-century Robin Hood and national hero of Slovakia. If this treasure does indeed exist and is found, Joe can use it as bait to lure other terrorists and their collaborators out of hiding. With American patriotism and an international flair for action, Joe sets forth on a quest against dangerous adversaries."Image

Thank you Geroge for your service and your dedication to our country. It was a pleasure having you. 


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