The Boardman Rotary Club invites you to join your 
friends and neighbors in Boardman, in displaying
the American Flag through our Flag Lease Program.

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We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Community Ctr., Boardman Park
375 Boardman-Poland Rd
(Next to Shops @Boardman Park)
Boardman, OH  44512
United States
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The Boardman Rotary Club Invites You To Join Your Friends and Neighbors in Boardman, in Displaying the American Flag.

If you lease a flag from the Boardman Rotary Club, you will get to display an American Flag on six major holidays:

Memorial Day

Flag Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Patriot Day (9/11)

Veterans Day

...and we'll do all the work for you!  When you lease a flag, we will insert a PVC plastic sleeve, along with a cap, in the ground in your front yard.  No brackets or fixtures are attached to your home.

On each of the six holidays listed, a 3' x 5' American Flag. mounted on a 10-foot metal pole is placed in the sleeve.  We purchase the flags, display, store and maintain them.  It is all done for you!

The flags remain the property of the Boardman Rotary Club.

The total cost is only $35.00!!  Click here to view and print our Subscription Form or click HERE to pay with paypal.

The Flag Lease Program is one of many service projects of the Boardman Rotary Club.

We are currently accepting payment for the 2014 program.

For more information call please email:


Birthdays & Anniversaries

Member Birthdays:
  • Terry Daprile
    January 27
  • Gregg Riddle
    January 29
  • Ashley Szanny
    January 14
Join Date:
  • Daniel Slagle
    January 1, 1995
    20 years
  • Virginia Amstutz
    January 1, 1994
    21 years
  • Ken Goldsboro
    January 2, 1989
    26 years
  • Roger Myers
    January 2, 1987
    28 years
  • Cheryl Thompson-Morrow
    January 3, 1994
    21 years
  • Mike Sabelli
    January 3, 1991
    24 years
  • Dick Dowell
    January 5, 1995
    20 years
  • Bill Reedy
    January 7, 1988
    27 years
  • Dean Hoover
    January 7, 1989
    26 years
  • Dr. Fred Soller
    January 7, 1972
    43 years
  • Dr. Randall (Randy) Maceyko
    January 7, 1984
    31 years
  • Gregg Riddle
    January 7, 1989
    26 years
  • Jim Kerr
    January 7, 1973
    42 years
  • John Jamieson
    January 7, 1984
    31 years
  • William (Bill) Sweeney
    January 7, 1985
    30 years
  • Beth Ann Smith
    January 8, 1987
    28 years
  • Denny Thompson
    January 8, 1994
    21 years
  • Howard Mettee
    January 8, 1989
    26 years
  • John Probst
    January 8, 1980
    35 years
  • MaryLou Green
    January 8, 1987
    28 years
  • Robert A. Mastriana
    January 8, 1985
    30 years
  • Celeste Lisko
    January 9, 2002
    13 years
  • Jerry Armbrecht
    January 9, 1973
    42 years
  • Debbie or Deb Liptak
    January 11, 2002
    13 years
  • Douglas Wittenauer
    January 11, 1981
    34 years
  • Howard F. Lewis Jr.
    January 11, 1980
    35 years
  • Jeff Michalenok
    January 11, 1988
    27 years
  • Joseph E. (Joe) Thomas
    January 11, 1994
    21 years
  • Moon Park
    January 11, 1995
    20 years
  • Ron James
    January 11, 1981
    34 years
  • William (Bill) Trigg Jr.
    January 11, 1981
    34 years
  • Diana Nolder
    January 12, 1995
    20 years
  • Jay Summer
    January 12, 2000
    15 years
  • Joe Ignazio
    January 12, 1994
    21 years
  • Mike Varveris
    January 12, 1994
    21 years
  • Ted Thornton
    January 12, 1995
    20 years
  • Ashley Szanny
    January 14, 2014
    1 year


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