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President Gary C.K. Huang’s ambitious 1.3 million membership goal
Gary C.K. Huang never imagined he would become Rotary International's president when he joined in 1976, but now that he is in office, he hopes to increase membership to 1.3 million by the end of his term. "It's simple. The more members we have, the more people we can help. A stronger membership base will result in stronger communities," says Huang, who on 1 July became Rotary's first Chinese president. Huang also hopes his presidential theme, Light Up Rotary, will encourage members to brighten Rotary's image to the public, which he believes in return will improve member recruitment and...
Political strife, protecting U.S. diplomats are part of the job for former Rotary Peace Fellow
As an agent for the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, Justin Peele applies the education he received in conflict resolution as a Rotary Peace Fellow to a job that puts him in some dicey situations – including one in 2013 in which his actions won him State Department recognition for his courage and decisiveness. Peele is one of 2,000 DS agents who protect U.S. diplomats and embassies around the world. The Diplomatic Security Service, the law enforcement and security arm of the U.S. State Department, is the most extensive global security agency in the government, operating in more than 160...
Polio vaccinators make significant headway in Nigeria
Nigeria is closer than ever to eradicating polio, riding a successful effort to reach children in seven northern states at highest risk for the disease. "Rotarians have [gone] into remote areas of the country by car, canoe, motorbike, and even on foot to ensure every child gets the vaccine," says Rotary's Nigeria PolioPlus Committee Chair Tunji Funsho. In Katsina state, members of the Nigeria PolioPlus Committee (NPPC) recently met with leaders of two communities notoriously opposed to immunization, mainly on religious grounds and in protest of the lack of basic health care. They persuaded...
Rotary Scholar’s unique ability in bringing clubs together
In a municipal hospital in Cubatão, Brazil, a new mammography machine funded by a Rotary global grant provides breast cancer screening to women who previously had to wait for weeks before they could get in for a checkup with a doctor. A Rotary global grant also funded training for medical staff and cancer awareness education for people in the community. Isis Mejias Carpio of Houston, studying at the University of São Paulo on a Rotary scholarship, played an instrumental role in bringing together Rotary clubs in two countries to make the grant possible. Members of the Rotary Club of Cubatão,...
Rick Burns’ thoughtful approach to Iraq and Afghanistan
Humanitarian Rick Burns, a retired civil affairs officer in the U.S. Army, has been helping people in the war-torn countries of Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003. He's seen a lot of good, but he's also seen what happens when good intentions go awry. Take the fertile grounds of Arghandab River Valley in Afghanistan, for example. Burns recalls an initiative to help fruit exporters become profitable again after the war. Cold storage facilities were built, but because no one considered the country's spotty electricity, the facilities ended up being too expensive to maintain. "We really want to make...

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August 2014

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Making Business Leaders Community Leaders Since 1927


Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
New Hope International Church
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The Rotary Club of Sunnyvale serves both our local and international community with pride and integrity. We are the service club people want to join because of our diverse and welcoming group who live "Service Above Self" by: helping our youth to become outstanding citizens, by supporting projects that assist disadvantaged in our community, and by fostering international understanding and goodwill. Our projects improve lives, build strong communities and meet basic human needs.

Home Page Stories

A special thanks goes out to Jerry and Julie Nabhan for opening up their home to us this past Saturday in Discovery Bay. Who would have thought temperatures over 100 degrees could still be so enjoyable?
From donuts and coffee in the morning provided by Dick Smith, to transportation provided by Toyota Sunnyvale's very own General Manager, Mike Shum, the day could not have started off any better. What better way to get to know your fellow Rotarians than through 61 miles of closed quarters conversations, a nice glass of water/wine/beer, some of the most amazing dips ever experienced, a beast of a BBQ, and the beautiful views and waters of Discovery Bay. 
These are the experiences, the laughs, and the joys that spending time with fellow Rotarians can bring into your life. I know this experience blessed me with the opportunity to hold conversations with people I may not have otherwise had a chance to get to know better, and I truly appreciate that opportunity. 
It's not torture, it's fun, and that's exactly the angle we need the rest of the world to see so people realize that there is more to being a Rotarian...building bonds, making friends, putting a smile on your face and creating memories that will last a life time. 
We look forward to seeing all of you at the next social gathering, hosted by Dick Smith on Friday, August 15th. We are Sunnyvale Rotary, come join us!

Please watch this video to see another example of how the money you donate to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) helps less fortunate people around the world. Remember the message from this video as you fill out your TRF pledge card.
If you can not see the video, cut and paste this link into your browser. 

This is a REMINDER of our First Rotary Social for 2014-2015 at Jerry and Julie's beautiful Discovery Bay Home on Saturday July 26th from 11:00 6:00 P.M..<br>
We will be starting the day off at 9:00 A.M. meeting at the Sunnyvale School District Parking lot on Iowa Avenue at 9:00 A.M. with Coffee and Donuts. We will then be leaving at 9:30 A.M. for a beautiful 1 and a quarter hour ride to Discovery Bay arriving there at approximately 11:00 A.M. Mike Shum has volunteered two of his vans and members who have vans or SUV's and are willing to drive others will be helping to get us all to Discovery Bay. For those who would want to leave a little earlier than 6PM from Jerry's, will be able to leave when we have a van full.
We are asking members who will be attending to only bring a desert or finger food and what they desire to drink. Jerry is providing all hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries
Optional items would be swim suit, towels, sun screen and cameras.  His home is on the water and Jerry has all the water toys you could possibly imagine.
At Tuesday’s meeting I will need a realistic count for Jerry and Julie so that they may prepare enough food for us all.
This is going to be a fun day and the Nabhans are going to the extreme to make this a great Rotary Social. Please confirm with your partner about attending this social and let’s make it a great Sunnyvale Rotary day.

Ms. Niklaus will be discussing the issues surrounding homelessness and how to alleviate the problems for homeless people.
Ms. Niklaus has been a strong advocate for children, youth, families, and seniors for nearly two decades. As Chief Executive Officer, she is responsible for leadership and strategic direction for the agency, including managing organizational activities, programs, fundraising, and infrastructure. Previously, she served as Director of Senior Community Services at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, and later as Interim Executive Director and Director of Self-Sufficiency Programs at Sacred Heart Community Service in San Jose. Ms. Niklaus also worked for the Support Network For Battered Women, YWCA of Santa Clara Valley, and Community Solutions. She has served as Chair of the Santa Clara County Child Abuse Council and Vice Chair of the Santa Clara County Social Services Commission. She is also on the Leadership Team of the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits. In 2004, Ms. Niklaus was named one of the “Top 40 under 40” by the San Jose Business Journal and in 2013 was named one of Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Women of Influence. She is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and holds a MA in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University and a BA in Psychology from the University of California at Davis.

There is some type of Club Runner issue causing my article to be entirely on this page. It was supposed to be broken up so that the other articles are seen on your full screen. There are other articles so scroll down to see them.
So the new Rotary year is off to a good start. The attendance at the first meeting, July 8, was quite good. There were several visitors checking out Sunnyvale Rotary and seeing where the club is headed.
Most of the meeting was spent describing the projects and activities being run and driven by club members. There were a few that I prefaced with how I would like to see them brought to fruition. I am sure most members of the club have ideas for community and international service projects.
By all means, please step up to either volunteer for existing projects or develop a new one from the lists shown last week or passions you have and want to fulfill. The committee chairs will be more then helpful recruiting and developing the project idea with you. The issue that comes up is “do we have enough people?” Yes, I believe we do if we all look at the community as the recipient of our efforts. We will all realize it is up to us individually and as a group to step up. The other solution to having enough people is that the larger the variety of projects and social events we have, the better the probability that we will attract more people to become Rotarians.
The new Rotary year starts Tuesday. It is again time to plan your donation to the Rotary Foundation (TRF). The form below is a pledge card for you. Please consider how much you want to donate, and above all, how much you feel comfortable donating, and indicate it on the form. There will be copies of the form at the club meetings.
DG Ed Jellen will be visiting us August 5 which is earlier then normal in the Rotary year. When the DG comes to a club, it is traditional for for the governor to hand out pins at the various levels of giving. The 3 defined levels are $200 is a Double Sustainer; $500 is a Super Sustainer; and $1000 is a Paul Harris Society member. I will be donating at the Paul Harris Society level. We all have until June 30 to honor our pledge. 
I will be donating some amount of money each month until I get to $1000. I will get to that level a month or so before the District onference. At the conference there is a special reception for Paul Harris Society members. If you can do it comfortably, please join me in the Paul Harris Society.
At the first meeting on JUly 8 and every now and then, I will give an overview of how to donate to TRF online. I will be sending screen shots of how to do that after July 8. Donating online saves several unnecessary steps which always piles more work on Al Panetta. However, if you still prefer to pay by check and have the club fill out the paerwork for you that will be an available option.


So tomorrow is the first day of the new Rotary year. As with every other New Year celebration, it is a time to reflect on where we are and where we want to go. In our case as a Rotary club, we should take a look at what types of projects are planned and what new projects will be developed. The following is a brief overview and there are more projects that are underway.

As a mainstay, Sunnyvale Rotary is very supportive of programs dealing with local youth. We have a strong presence in Interact, we have a great reading program, and we are involved with camps whose mission is training high school students. One of the areas we should start to look into is working towards helping foster kids. Foster kids are a demographic that are usually not in a good life situation for reasons way outside their control. Another area we might look at is working with PAL. They have a baseball and literacy program. They have asked if we have anyone willing to coach a team that somehow ties into their literacy program.

We have gotten involved with the Special Olympics making sandwiches for the athletes at an event. Perhaps we should look at increasing our level of participation. There were over 20 Rotarians making sandwiches the night before the recent event showing great support.

We have not been doing much with Vocational Service the last few years. We had a project in mind to help train the young adults returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The first idea unfortunately fell through. We are currently looking into another idea that would help these young people that have been injured while defending our country. As part of this effort, we are approaching outside groups with which we will become involved.

International Service is looking at other parts of the world for potential Global Grants. Sunnyvale Rotary is getting a good reputation around this and other Rotary districts for developing a strong list of projects. Our club will soon be one of the clubs others will look to for guidance and projects to join.

This is shaping up to be a fun year. Dick Smith has taken on the daunting task of creating a social calendar. Look at the club website for dates of upcoming events. The Roast and Toast of the district governor, which is a great barbecue in Saratoga Springs, is happening soon. Jorge has invited us to a family picnic at the New Hope International church July 2.

This is just a quick overview of what is happening. There will be a more in depth discussion of where we are going at the first club meeting, July 8. There will be several members of Rotary leadership from around the district present as well as outisde guests from organizations with which we will be working.

I will have around 10 guests. Please feel free to bring guests such as spouses, partners, potential members………If you do want to invite people, make sure you get in touch with Linda Price and tell her how many people will be coming. She will be able to gauge the head count so that the caterer can have sufficient food. The church can accommodate 250 people I the Café so space is not an issue.


Join us for the annual favorite roasting of the District Governor and welcoming in of the new District Governor.
It is on July 16, 2014 at Saratoga Springs starting at 6:00 pm. 
Send me an email or sign the sign up sheet on July 8 at the club. The charge is $38 and you will be billed on your monthly club invoice.



Thank you all so much for the Peanut Butter you have donated so far!

However, our Sunnyvale Community Services families can always use more.  Please remember to bring your donations to this Tuesday's meeting. Thank you all again!

Antonia Tognetti
Rotary Club of Sunnyvale

Over 1.2 million Rotarians can't be wrong! In all the things we say and do . . . Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

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