Speaker Date Topic
Keoki Sousa-Kumu and Kahu Jun 01, 2016
Overview of the Hawaiian Congress that is now forming.

Hawai‘i is under permanent occupation by the United States in violation of the laws of occupation as set forth in the Hague and Geneva Conventions and their subsequent protocols, as well as the United States Supreme Court decision in Neely v. Henkel, 180 U.S, 109 (1901). Federal Recognition of Native Hawaiians as an Indian tribe within Hawai‘i is unlawful as Hawai‘i remains a foreign country to the United States, under both International and United States law, and that the attempt to achieve that aim is a violation of the Hague and Geneva Conventions as an unlawful “regime change” under the laws of occupation.

Keoki is a Hawaiian subject/Hawaiian National following the legacy of my kupuna kahiko to preserve, and perpetuate our culture through ‘ōlelo ( language), cultural practices including mo‘olelo (history), healing (i.e., la‘au lapa‘au, lomilomi and ho‘oponopono) and the restoration of our government (aupuni). We possess all the natural and human resources needed to effect a paradigm shift to abundance and prosperity as an independent nation. It will take compassion and understanding of the wisdom and values of our kūpuna kahiko as well as a clear vision and dedication to provide selfless leadership for all the people of Hawai‘i . I am compelled by nā kūpuna to make a selfless commitment to contribute my knowledge, experience and wisdom to join with other leaders to restore our Hawaiian nation as the best path forward for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.

Lynsey Smith MA Jun 08, 2016
Alzheimer’s Assoc, Maui Program Specialist
Kit Hawkins, Club President Elect Jun 22, 2016
His vision for the up coming year
Zoe Weston Jun 23, 2016
Organizing to help people transform their lives

In modern life we are expected to do it all. Many of us are living on overdrive, with information overload, cluttered homes and over scheduled days. This can cause us to live in a state of stress or in some cases depression. Statistics show that the simple step of creating an organized lifestyle can help cure thismodern predicament.

Zoe Weston LOVES to organize! Her goal is to help people transform their lives - to be more successful, live with a sense of peace and have more time for self care, family and friends.

5 Reasons to get organized:

  1. Helps cure depression
  2. Helps reduce stress
  3. Helps you be more successful
  4. Gives you more time
  5. Helps you live a life of balance, harmony & beauty

Zoe Weston is not your average professional organizer! She’s traveled the world seeking adventure, experience and wisdom, and brings this worldly edge and insight to help all of her clients. She’s been organized since childhood, and started helping others get organized about 20 years ago. It became her passion after she started to witnessed miracles happen before her eyes. Her clients were often transformed with just a single visit. Now it is her passion to help as many people as possible, not only to create an organized lifestyle, but to actually live your DREAM LIFE. She believes that the art and science of organization is the tool to get you there. She specializes in what she calls lifestyle makeovers. The crux of her mission is to help people create more time for self care, family and friends.