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   "Rotary Foundation"
    Art MacQueen


Art grew up in the Detroit area and attended Eastern Michigan University.  Married 39 years to Gingie, the MacQueens currently reside in Palm Coast, Florida.  They have two children and four grandchildren; all relatively close in the Northeast Florida area.

Art has failed twice at retirement, most recently from a major telecom company as the Southeastern equipment sales manager.   Realizing an inability to do retirement well, Art is currently the Special Projects Manager for a telecom software company, a company aware of Art's passion for and time required for Rotary. 

While visiting a client in Daytona Beach, Art was invited to guest at a Thursday morning Rotary meeting.  Knowing little about Rotary, but recognizing it as a great opportunity to network with local business professionals, The Rotary Club of Daytona Beach West became home in 2001.  Currently a member of the Rotary Club of Flagler Beach, Art is among the thousands of members worldwide, that joined Rotary simply because someone asked.

Art has served his home District 6970 in numerous positions, most recently as the 2013-14 District Governor.  Art is the current Curriculum Chair for the RLI Sunshine Division and a Discussion Leader, a past trainer for and current All Florida PETS Chair for 2017, and the Rotary Coordinator for Zone 34.   Art and Gingie are Major Donors and Art is a Paul Harris Sustaining member.  Gingie is also a Paul Harris Fellow. 

In addition to family activities, Rotary and work, the MacQueens can be found paddle boarding , boating, golfing, running, and doing most anything outdoors.

Annual Christmas Sing-along and Dinner
Hosted by Gordon and Kate Hubbell
December 1st * 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Hubbell’s Home | 1703 SW 82nd Drive | Gainesville, FL 32607
Please join your fellow Rotarians and adult guests for an evening of singing and dining at the home of Gordon and Kate Hubbell.  You will enjoy member fellowship, a Christmas sing-along, and a fabulous meal prepared by Kate Hubbell and Patti Fabiani. 
Sign up quick, as space is limited to 35.  Please see Matthew Braddy or Gordon Hubbell if you have any questions.  Please send RSVP to:
The 2016 Rotary Club of Gainesville Annual Auction will be held on Tuesday, December 13th from 11am to 1pm.
Educate. Vaccinate. Eliminate.
End Rabies Now!
Rabies kills 70,000 people each year.  Most victims are children in poor areas of Africa and India.
Through a partnership with the UK based non-profit group Mission Rabies, the Gainesville Area Rotary Clubs are helping to win the fight against this terrible disease.
In conjunction with Rotary clubs in India, we will be able to provide two transport vehicles for educational staff, purchase an “animal ambulance” to transport infected
dogs, and support the mass vaccination campaign in Goa.
Click here for more information or Contact Sally Lawrence, Auction Chair, or 352-665-2575 for details and to offer donations.
***The UF Rotaract Club is fundraising for our backpack program with Rawlings Elementary School. Chipotle will donate 50% of their profits if we can get 100 people to eat there and mention "Rotaract Club" at checkout. All proceeds will go to our backpack club. The event is Dec. 7th from 5-9pm at the Archer Road location.
****The UF Rotaract club is working with an Irish non-profit to help raise funds for access to clean drinking water and education in Malawi, Africa. We have set a small goal of $200 to raise.
The UF Rotaractors are looking for mentors in the following fields:
                Math Education
                Occupational Therapy
                Pediatric Oncology
                Library Sciences
                Social Event Organizer
                Food Security
                Physical Therapy
                Genetic Counseling
If you are interested in assisting the UF Rotaract, please contact John Brunner:

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Rotarians will find fun and fellowship memories on our Facebook page.  Rotarians can post to this page.
Contact Cathy Aull if you have Facebook page questions or comments at 
          Dec 02  -  Lewis Brown

 Dec 02  -  Barbara Emmer

 Dec 03  -  Carlie Pinkoson

 Dec 04  -  Steve Elder

 Dec 06  -  John Cousins

 Dec 06  -  Ian Fletcher

 Dec 07  -  John Buckner

 Dec 07  -  TJ Harvey

 Dec 08  -  Terry Van Nortwick

 Dec 09  -  John Combs

 Dec 10  -  Wilbur Holloway

 Dec 11  -  Kent Walker

 Dec 14  -  Hermann, Jim

 Dec 15  -  Hawes Adams

 Dec 15  -  Dick Cameron

 Dec 16  -  Keith Baucom

 Dec 21  -  Luis Rueda

 Dec 23  -  Jim Craig

 Dec 25  -  Phil Ankrim

 Dec 28  -  Bob Bagley

 Dec 28  -  S. Yvette Carter

 Dec 28  -  Sandy Jones

 Dec 28  -  Ann Marie Rogers

 Dec 28  -  Naomi Williams

 Dec 31  -  Scott Winzeler

           Happy Birthday Rotarians!!!
Rotary Global Rewards – a new member benefit program that offers discounts on products and services like travel, hotels, dining and entertainment.
Rotary Global Rewards is designed to make membership even more rewarding for Rotarians and is an exciting way Rotary can give back to those who give so much.
Rotary Global Rewards help Rotarians:
  • Do more good work - involve more members in or expand the impact of Rotary projects with savings on truck rentals, airfare or hotels
  • Build Rotary friendships - forge richer friendships with fellow Rotarians with your dining and entertainment offers
  • Share your story with someone new - tell people about Rotary's work with discounts at coffee shops and restaurants
With Rotary Global Rewards, the good you do comes back to you. Rotarians will find ways to take advantage of the benefits this program offers.
You can learn more and redeem Rotary Global Rewards at:
The history committee of the Rotary Club of Gainesville, has their report posted online.
There are over 45 categories that can be selected.  We will be deciding where to store the physical objects once we have them.
There is a new Site Page open to the public as well as members, "It all began at Miller's store..."
We encourage all of you to read this short piece and then for members, visit the History of the Rotary Club of Gainesville Site Page with lots of interesting facts and photos.
The new Membership Directory:
Go to and follow the login instructions in the top left column. Use your ClubRunner website password for your Rotary Roster password or follow the Rotary Roster instructions on how to create a password.

If you're confused at this stage, e-mail me and I'll be able to send you your current login name, "reset" your current ClubRunner website password, or both.


Send an e-mail to Renee at:

Include your name, makeup date, location, and a description of the makeup event in the body of the message.
Go to the ClubRunner website using or (click on)
Click on "Login" on the upper right corner of the page, then click on “New and existing users, retrieve login and/or reset password", then follow the instructions.
If you get stuck, e-mail George Sims for help at .
To go directly to the Rotary ClubRunner home page click on or paste it into your browser address bar window.
Want to makeup online?
Click on the following link to Club One: eClubOneLink
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