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Welcome to The Rotary Club of Boca Raton

Welcome to our Club!

Boca Raton

Changing Lives Building Futures

We meet Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
Via Mizner Country Club
6200 Boca Del Mar Dr
Boca Raton, FL  33433
United States
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March 2nd, 2016, NEWSLETTER

This week's newsletter covers the meeting from March 2nd, 2016.  Have a great month, Rotarians!
 RCBR President, Spencer Siegel, commencing the weekly meeting.
Rotary Invocation for March 2nd, by Lee Tannenbaum
"We thank our God for the food and fellowship we are about to enjoy. We are also thankful for the opportunity to serve those less fortunate.  May we continue to find new ways to help those in need as you shine your light into dark corners and guide our efforts.  And let us say...Amen"
Visiting Rotarians and Guest List from March 2nd, 2016
Visiting Rotarians:
Joe Taranto - Southampton, NY
Ann Creo - New York City, NY
Robson Caetano - Colatina Rio Doce, Brazil
Phil Lustig - Boca Sunset Club, FL
Nate Brand - Downtown Madison, WI
Jose de Barros - Vitoria Praia Comprida, Brazil
Robine Akber and Sandau Khan - Pakistan
Jody Huerta
Sima Savigliano
Frank Deseua
Steve Grossman - CJM Construction
Stuart Cohen - STEM Tutoring
Travis Hargett
Exciting Rotary Club of Boca Raton Tanzania Project Update!
Dear Rotary Family,

I want to thank you again for all the support and love you have shown to the UHAI Makwale Clinic in Tanzania. I have received video and pictures of the (16) metal beds and medications that they purchased with the money we raised. Because of YOU people in Tanzania now have a place that they can rest their bodies and medications to heal their diseases. 
Thank you for "changing lives and building futures" in the most literal  way it can be done! Slideshow/video coming soon! 

Your family in service,

Rachel and Jody Huerta


Special thanks to Boca Helping Hands for hosting Pizza With a Purpose, Alecia Kerry and Lucien Campolo for using their talents to make the best pizzas known to man... Neil Saffer, Spencer Siegel, Doug Giordano, Debbie Davis,Bill and Melanie Riddick, Art Condill, Mark DePalmer, Henry Ferguson, and many others for giving of your time and talent to prepare a amazing party! 

Cat Island Orphanage Project
The pictures below show the true meaning of "Rotarians At Work".  This project is off to a wonderful start, please enjoy the pictures below which represents a major milestone in this project, loading the boat!
Follow The Boss
Gary to Follow


Windows Ahoy!


Scaffolding Ho!


Pastor John


Pickup Sticks


Muscles Campolo


Star in the Mud


Truckin' Ken


Bill and Craig and More Staff




Jeanie's Catch


Windows On Deck


Last Door Aboard


Our Fearless Leader


Pit Crew


Eyeing the Hatch


A Production of The Rotary Club of Boca Raton


Rotary Moments and Happy Dollars


  • Lee Tannenbaum gave Invocation and lead the Pledge to Allegiance
  • Doug Giordano and Frank Frione won the 50/50 drawing but not the $550.00 Kitty.
  • Myron Yudkin with 57 years of PERFECT ROTARY attendance introduces his Son Robert who has 27 years of PERFECT Rotary attendance!
  • Julie Vianale shared “I had so much fun at the Future Stars Competition”! Many thanks to the City of Boca Raton for providing the venue – the kids just love it because the Rotarians make the event.  900 plus guests attended the outstanding show.  Thanks to Mike Gora for photographing all day and to all who volunteered.
  • Bill Riddick – Co-Producer of Future Stars mentioned that the High School Vocalist winner did not initially make the cut due to her song selection.  She was asked to re-audition with another song, made the finalists list and ended up taking the first prize!
  • Jody and Rachel Huerta are so pleased to share the great news that the metal beds and medications have been delivered to the Tanzania medical complex so seriously in need.  The previous beds were wood and unusable due to sanitary reasons and the shelves are now stocked with medications.  Many thanks to all who volunteered and participated in the Pizza Party at Boca Helping Hands to raise over $7000.00!
  • Visiting Rotarians spoke to the importance of the International Youth Exchange program that places twenty students worldwide with host families. They are always looking for new ideas so please share.
  • Doug Giordano added to the many positive comments about Future Stars that this year was the most well run event to date and was excellent in every way!
  • Ben Krieger commented that he was sure Flossy Keesely was looking down from above with happiness and delight at the results of her efforts during her many years in the arts.
  • Scott Webber asked about Joe Skipper and was assured that he is super busy with work opportunities and will return soon.
  • Lee Tannenbaum bid on and won the opportunity to have hair specialist Sima work her magic and raised $120.00 for scholarships!
  • Our Scholar Nicole Richards finally has a car!!!!  We are all SO very happy for her.
Keep on the lookout for:
  • Upcoming Speakers and Events:
  • March 9th, 2016 - Neil Haynie, Airport Authority
  • March 16th, 2016 - Scott Zankl, Excell Auto Group
  • March 23rd, 2016 - Peter Fearman, Esq.
  •   For more information, please visit our website at 

May 11, 2016
Alison Escalante/Alyfit
Sports Nutrition Consultant
May 18, 2016
Frank Frione - Craft Talk
GFA International
May 25, 2016
Jun 01, 2016
Jun 08, 2016
Scott Zenkl
Excel Auto
Jun 15, 2016
Jay Berkowitz
Ten Golden Rules/Social Media
Pope welcomes Rotary to Jubilee audience
Thousands of Rotary members, motivated by a special invitation from Pope Francis, gathered at the Vatican in Rome on Saturday to celebrate a message of compassion, inclusiveness, and service to humanity. At midmorning, the group -- numbering some 9,000 members from 80 countries -- made its way through the congested streets of Rome, past the tight security surrounding St. Peter's Square, and settled into the area reserved for Rotary in front of St. Peter's Basilica for the Jubilee audience. Francis, a 79-year-old Argentine, urged the crowd of more than 100,000, which included members of the...
The Rotarian Conversation with The Edge and Garvin Evans
Editor's note: After the May 2016 issue of The Rotarian went to press, we were saddened to learn of the death of Garvin Evans, who along with his son, U2 guitarist The Edge, appeared on the cover of that issue. Evans was a longtime member of the Rotary Club of Dublin North. We are grateful that we were able to share his remarkable story with our readers. *** The boys of U2 are home. It’s Friday, 27 November, two weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. had been in Paris that terrible evening, rehearsing at the venue where they were...
What millennials love about Rotary
From the May 2016 issue of The Rotarian If there is one absolute truth about millennials, it is this: Anyone who says there is an absolute truth about millennials risks being subjected to their collective eye roll. Millennials are individuals, and fiercely so. According to the Pew Research Center, most of them don’t even like being called “millennials,” let alone hearing generalizations about their shared attitudes and behaviors. Case in point: Christa Papavasiliou, 31, recoils at the notion that older folks see her generation as a bunch of selfie-snapping smartphone addicts. “I’m the...
Crisis at the doorstep
From the May 2016 issue of The Rotarian More than a million refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan streamed into the European Union last year. Most entered via Greece after a harrowing raft trip across the Aegean Sea from Turkey. Once there, they made their way north, often on foot, traveling more than 1,000 miles through the rugged mountains of the Balkan countries toward Germany. That was the uncertain odyssey facing Muhammad Mallah Hamza, a 26-year-old ethnic Kurd, in late 2014 when he decided to leave his native Syria. The trip would lead the recent college graduate to a picturesque...
What's next for Rotary?
From the May 2016 issue of The Rotarian Demographic change is a drama in slow motion. It unfolds incrementally, tick by tock, but it transforms societies in fundamental ways – and the America of the early 21st century is undergoing two such dramas at the same time. Our population is en route to becoming majority nonwhite at the same time a record share of us (like me) is going gray. Either trend by itself would be the dominant demographic story of its era. The fact that they’re unfolding simultaneously has created giant generation gaps. The United States is at a moment in its history when...