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Just a reminder that we will be Dark on Tuesday, November 24th. Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!

Welcome New Member Jake Cohen
A big thank you to Susan Drack (Wells Fargo Bank) for the wine reception.  Also, to our greeters:  Shadi Fox (Dick James & Associates), and Rosemary Keiner (Capitol Folk Gallery).  Callee Setzer (Setzer Forest Products) gave us the thought for the day which included many Pixar movie quips.
John McIntyre (Mercy Foundation) led us through the guests, prospective members and visiting Rotarians.
Dee Hartzog sponsored the meeting and turned her time over to Sierra Forever Families.  62,000 children are in foster care in California.  Sierra needs to raise $5000 to place a foster child into a permanent home.  If interested in learning more on how to provide a loving family for one or more children visit
Jacob Cohen (Work Comp Resolutions) was introduced as a new member by his two sponsors, Bob Miller (First US Community Credit Union) and President Dave Cohen.  Jake is a sales and marketing representative at Workers Comp Resolutions.
Allison Cagley (California Musical Theatre) gave us a few fun facts. 30% of Rotary members join because of friendship and 35% join because of the local impact.  Past President Peter Dannenfelser II (Architectural Arts) announced the December Fireside event in which will be at the home of Craig and Jacque Brown (CB Property Inspections) on December 3rd from 5:30 PM -7:00 PM.  Becki Roberts (Sierra Vista Bank) stood in for Jay Lowden (YMCA of Superior California) announcing Daughter's Day is December 22.  Please see her to sign up to participate.  President Dave Cohen is hosting Thanksgiving for 1200 needy folks.  He is looking for volunteers from 10:00 AM -3:00 PM on Thanksgiving.  Richard Milliron (Red Lion Hotel-Woodlake) announced the 13th Annual Winter Classic Concert, being held at the Red Lion Hotel & brought a couple of free tickets to give away.  Skip Lawrence gave a big thank you for blood donor sign ups, 35 this month!  Diane Schachterle (American Civil Rights Institute) is organizing Rotarians at Work on 12/5 at the Sacramento Food Bank Warehouse from 9:00 AM to noon, see her for details.  And finally, Steve Ruland (Ruland’s Office Furnishings) made the NON-Announcement regarding the Toy Drive that will start 12/8.
Leesa Fons (HealthPoint Insurance) introduced Tia Kratter of Pixar.  Kratter worked at Disney from 1980-1994 on projects such as “The Little Mermaid” and “Aladdin”.  She moved to Pixar as a digital painter.  She is now the art director with five films in the can.  She teaches drawing, painting and Photoshop to other Pixar employees.  She announced the “Good Dinosaur” which will be the next project released just in time for Thanksgiving!  It is a movie with only 20% dialog, so they have relied on their animators for expression and script development to carry the load throughout the film.  She covered various topics from landscape, acting and animation to color script and lighting.  A humorous graphic:  4 years out from the beginning of work on a new film is the Year of Freedom, 3 years out is the Year of happiness, 2 years out is the Year of Reality, and the first year when working on a new title in known as the Year from Hell.  Tia lives in Moraga with her husband and her corgi, Zipper.
Official Foundation Board ballots were circulated and "winners" will be announced at the Annual Meeting on December 8th.


Thank you Dee Hartzog for being our meeting sponsor!
Dee donated her time to Sierra Forever Families.
Every day 10 children enter the foster care system in the Sacramento Region. At any given time there are approximately 4,000 children living in foster care. While many will return home within 6 months, a significant amount will languish in foster care for years.

At Sierra Forever Families our belief is that while sometimes children have to enter foster care system, this should be temporary and every child needs the love, safety and unconditional commitment of a forever family.

We believe this because within four years of emancipating from foster care, over 50% have not completed high school, are homeless, have been incarcerated or are dead.  Former foster youth are the number one users of the homeless shelter system in California.

Over 3,200 children have achieved a forever family through Sierra. Please join us in ensuring that all our children have this opportunity!

SAVE THE DATE - December 22, 2015 for our annual holiday celebration of Daughter's Day!
RSVP online or call the Rotary office to sign up.



November 24, 2015 - NO MEETING

December 1, 2015 - Red Lion Hotel Woodlake

December 8, 2015 - Red Lion Hotel Woodlake

December 15, 2015 - Red Lion Hotel Woodlake

December 22, 2015 - Red Lion Hotel Woodlake - Daughter's Day Meeting

December 29, 2015 - No Meeting



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REMEMBER Giving blood not only helps our community, it also counts as a make-up. Use Rotary Club of Sacramento blood club #6569 when you register, then send us a copy of your receipt after you donate. Did you know that giving platelets counts for two (2) make-ups?

President Dave's Levels of Giving

Starter Contribution - $25
1/2 Century Rider - $50
Service Contribution - $100
Eat A Bug Contribution - $250
Merchants Contribution - $500
Captain of Industry - $750
Bell Ringer Contribution - $1000
Meeting Sponsor - $300
Cell Phone Fine - $100
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