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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!   Volunteer registration
The Pony Express Marathon is a new and exciting event coming to Sacramento on May 1, 2016 and proudly presented by the Rotary Club of Sacramento.
This event is a Boston Marathon qualifier for the serious runner and will also host a 5K, a four person relay, and half marathon. The Runnin' For Rhett Foundation is our training partner. Runners of all distances will also have an opportunity to raise money for one of our chosen charity partners. 
Together with community sponsors and partnerships with other local Rotary Clubs, we hope to build Rotary Cottage (for Courage World Wide), a safe house for girls rescued from sex trafficking as well as a Rotary Dog House (for Alpha K9), a facility where dogs are trained specifically to aid veterans afflicted with PTSD. 
Please sign up for one of the many volunteer opportunities available on the links below:
Volunteer Group registration                                                                          

Our banquet room was adorned with golden balloon ponies, each table bore the name of a member working on THIS SUNDAY’S Pony Express Marathon and a tent steadied itself next to the wine.
President Dave said runners and volunteers are still needed for the inaugural Boston Marathon qualifier that will raise funds to fight human trafficking and provide service dogs to veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
Now, after that public service announcement, back to our regularly scheduled meeting: “I know who you are and I know what you do.” That could sound a bit intimidating from a
uniformed law enforcement officer if he had just pulled you over. But California Highway Patrol Commissioner Joseph A. Farrow said he was the one intimidated in front of Rotarians who do so much community service across the state.
“We certainly appreciate your hard work and what you do,” said Farrow, who oversees the fifth largest law enforcement agency in the nation with 12,000 personnel. Farrow was appointed in 2008 by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and reappointed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2011 to direct one of the oldest police agencies in the country.
At any time, there are 3,000 CHP officers on duty across the state at a cost of $2.5 billion annually to keep our highways safe. Dramatic changes are on the way. Farrow said autonomous self-driving vehicles that will carry us to the grocery or wherever we need to go are just years away presenting a whole new set of challenges.
“It’s no longer a theory,” said Farrow. “The technology is here today.” Cars will be able to read road signs and keep your car moving at the 65-mile-per-hour speed limit. In the near future, testing will begin on caravanning trucks down I-5. One tractor will pull five trucks, saving resources and giving truck drivers a rest.
But today, technology also is contributing to a ten percent increase in deaths on highways due to drivers, especially young inexperienced drivers, texting or emailing while driving. “We have to figure out a better way to move people,” he said. Education as well as law enforcement is becoming a role for the CHP.
His 87-year-old agency will have to adapt to the changes as well as drivers. At the turn of the last century, it was a luxury to own an automobile and most people didn’t think it could ever replace their horse and buggy. There were no paved roads when Horatio Jackson decided to take up the challenge to become the first to drive across the U.S. in 1903. The trip took 97 days.
Fifteen miles out of San Francisco on his way to New York City, he had a flat tire and realized cars needed spare tires. When he ran out of gas and had to walk to a nearby farm, he knew gasoline stations were needed. When it rained, he installed a tarp as a make-shift hood. He installed glass for a front window to keep the bugs out and then developed windshield wipers. He also got maybe the first speeding ticket ever from a policeman who said I don’t know what crazy outfit this thing is, but you’re going too fast at six miles an hour.
When asked by a member about whether body cameras are a good idea, Farrow said maybe, but a decision has to be made carefully. He said it might cost $100 million a year to equip the officers and hire 140 people to download, file and store all the images. Then, there is the issue of privacy. CHP officers make 4.3 million contacts with drivers every year. Should those be public? he asked.
Farrow said the CHP, which was founded 87 years ago to regulate movement on the highways, already is working more closely with other law enforcement agencies to adapt to all the changes coming soon.
The meeting began with a wine reception provided by Mike Bullington (Pacific Advisors) and music and audio visual was provided by Kevin Williams (KVIE), Aaron French (Zanker (Recycling) and John Dannenfeiser (JD Enterprises). The set-up crew was myself (Writer) and Bob Miller (First US Community Credit Union). The Thought for the Day was given by Callee Setzer (Setzer Forest Products). Greeters included Jacylyn Kirkwood (Children’s Receiving Home) and Sylvia Fitzgerald (Antiques Appraisals & Estate Services).
New member Scott Radcliffe (Alves Jacobson Radcliffe, LLP), sponsored by Dick Osen and Allison Cagley (California Musical Theatre), was inducted into the club. Becki Roberts (Sierra Vista Bank) was the meeting sponsor.
President Dave expressed sadness at the recent death of Dr. John Harris, who had been a club member for 45 years, whose life was celebrated in a family service. Cards would be appreciated.
Several members were recognized for their club service. Steve Ruland (Ruland’s Office Furnishings) received his third Paul Harris Fellow. Lee Castonguay was awarded his fourth Eddie Mulligan and his first and second Paul Harris Fellow. Bob Gaines took home his fifth Paul Harris. Mik Miklaus (Integrity Mortgage) got his eighth Paul Harris and Ted White (Sacramento Delta Property Management) was awarded his eighth Eddie Mulligan and his eighth and ninth Paul Harris.
Presentations were made by students from the Rotaract of CSUS and Jim Craig on behalf of Witherell’s Old West Show in Grass Valley on May 6 and 7. Proceeds from the sale of items donated by Millie Stone will benefit Rotary projects.
Announcements included PP Peter Dannenfelser II (Architectural Arts) who said there is room for five more couples at the Fireside tonight at the home of Rick Davis. PP Wes Yee (Yee Dental Care) urged members to sign up for the Mystery Trip on May 7. Jim Leet (Boutin Jones) promoted the Legacy Circle event at the new Kings Arena on May 5. And, a trip to Yosemite for a hike organized by Jim Phillips will be on May 14.
First Lady Diann Cohen (Macro-Pro) was presented with the cutest Labradoodle puppy ever donated from her breeder who had heard Diann talk about Alpha K9, which provides service dogs to veterans with PTSD, and was moved to contribute.

Thank you very much for being our Meeting Sponsor! 


May 3, 2016 - NO Meeting

May 10, 2016 - Red Lion Hotel Woodlake

May 17, 2016 - Red Lion Hotel Woodlake

May 24, 2016 - Red Lion Hotel Woodlake

May 31, 2016 - NO Meeting



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REMEMBER Giving blood not only helps our community, it also counts as a make-up. Use Rotary Club of Sacramento blood club #6569 when you register, then send us a copy of your receipt after you donate. Did you know that giving platelets counts for two (2) make-ups?

President Dave's Levels of Giving

Starter Contribution - $25
1/2 Century Rider - $50
Service Contribution - $100
Eat A Bug Contribution - $250
Merchants Contribution - $500
Captain of Industry - $750
Bell Ringer Contribution - $1000
Meeting Sponsor - $300
Cell Phone Fine - $100
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