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  • NO Rotary Meeting May 26, 2015 - Observance of Memorial Day
  • We have moved. Our new office address: 1451 River Park Drive, Suite #120 (South)
  • Our Phone # is the same: 916-929-2992

President Susan Sheridan opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking Becki Roberts for donating the wine for the wine reception, and Mike Bullington for providing the piano music.  She then introduced Jodi Davis who offered sincere words of thanks on behalf of those assembled.
Sargent-at-arms John Lemmon proceeded to welcome our honored guests, after which President Susan introduced the head table:  Jodi Davis who provided the Thought for the Day, Larry Booth serving as Chair of the Day, our speaker Michael Ziegler, new member sponsor District Governor Fred Teichert, new member Nancy Teichert, Meeting Sponsor Guest Susan Granzella, treasurer of the local office of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), and Barbara Thompson, executive director of the NCDAA.
President Susan then had the honor of introducing District Governor Fred Teichert who introduced his wife, Nancy Teichert, as our newest member.  Nancy is a very accomplished journalist whose accolades include the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.  Nancy was sponsored by District Governor Fred and President Susan.  Welcome Nancy!
After some highly enjoyable fellowship time, President Susan introduced our Meeting Sponsor Jonathan Marz who graciously donated his time to the NCADD.  Barbara Thompson and Susan Granzella spoke of the NCADD’s hard and effective work on behalf of those suffering the debilitating effects of drug and alcohol abuse.  How lucky Sacramento is to have such an organization working for the betterment of our community!
Next it was time for a little wallet-loosening. Jeannie Reaves was congratulated for being featured in the Sacramento Business Journal and was $150 happy about it.  She gave an additional $150 to honor Elfrena Foord to thank her for being so caring and visiting her when she was recovering.  Jim Phillips and Past President Jon Snyder each gave $100 in honor of the recently departed Bill Stone.  Gary MacDonald rose to announce that he was recently named the Executive Director of Lighthouse Counseling and Family Resource Center in Lincoln, and gave $100 to celebrate.  Todd Andrews threw in his own $100 to celebrate Gary’s good news. Jeff Stone presented a check for $500 from the Rotary Rooters which was very much appreciated by all.
President Susan then called Larry Booth to the podium to introduce the Speaker of the Day, Michael Ziegler, President and CEO of PRIDE Industries.  Michael started by observing that PRIDE was actually started in 1966 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Auburn, California, by parents of adult children with disabilities but who wanted meaningful work in their lives.  The initial funding amount was $10,000.  PRIDE now has over $280,000,000 in annual revenue and has taken thousands of disabled adults who would otherwise be a drain on the public coffers and made them taxpayers.
Michael joined PRIDE in 1983 when he followed his wife to Grass Valley after a successful business career in the bay area.  In his time with PRIDE he has led its transformation from an organization dependent on state and federal funding to a self-sufficient business enterprise with more than 5,000 employees.
PRIDE does three things really well:  (1) facilities management, (2) supply chain, and (3) electronics.
Among PRIDE’s accomplishments and current customers are:
  • Creating the electronics that decorate the Armani store in New York City.
  • Doing the facilities management for the Sacramento County International Airport, which includes cleaning every part of the iconic red rabbit sculpture!
  • Responsible for loading all of the provisions for the aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson which took 125 PRIDE employees 29 days to accomplish.
  • Maintaining the Fort Polk Army Base in Louisiana which has training facilities for troops being deployed to the Middle East.
  • Maintaining the US Customs House in New Orleans.
  • Provides base wide facilities management at Fort Bliss in Texas with over 140 employees on the job.
  • Provides base wide facilities management at Fort Rucker in Alabama.
  • Provides supply chain development for Mighty Leaf Tea.
  • Was named the Hewlett-Packard Global Supplier of the year providing over 33,000 different supply items for the company.
  • Any many, many others.
At the end of his presentation President Susan thanked Michael and dismissed the membership admonishing everyone to remember to “Be Good Rotarians!”
Photos by Swentowsky Photography.

Thank You Jonathan Marz for Being Our Meeting Sponsor!   
Jonathan donated his time to:
 Our Mission is: To promote public understanding of alcoholism and drug dependence as treatable and preventable diseases.
 The disease of addiction is everywhere – from the homeless shelter and the prison to the corporate boardroom and the rural farm town – from the local church and the emergency room, to the medical school to the grade school – from the city streets and the suburban bedroom, to the corner office and the senior center. With approximately one in ten Americans suffering from this fatal, progressive illness, every aspect of our community is affected. NCADD Sacramento believes that given the right tools, recovery is possible for many alcoholics and addicts. We can even help prevent the onset of the disease in young people. Just as the problems associated with addiction permeate our community, the solutions associated with recovery can benefit all of us as well. The more we support recovery in our community, the more the community benefits from its fruits – stronger, healthier families, a more productive economy, safer streets, less crime, more efficient health care system, and the promise of hope. To fulfill our mission, NCADD Sacramento takes a holistic approach to the issues of addiction and recovery, understanding that different members of the community can get involved in different ways. The addict facing jail time needs a tough, high quality treatment program; while the ten year old who sees ads on the internet making alcohol look “cool” needs a good prevention program. The doctor who first notices a potential problem needs education and training on substance abuse topics; a family member needs information on where to go for help, and the person in early recovery might want to join as activist group organizing on recovery topics. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know how they can participate. 

Sign up to work on our Sky Parkway Habitat build! This is an excellent initiative by President Susan, and may presage better things to come in the future.
Sign up is quite simple; just use the following link!
The construction site address is: 5336 Sky Parkway, northeast of Hwy 99 Exit 293 (near Florin Towne Center). You will see at the link that we ask for 10 volunteers each week from 14 March into July, alternating Saturday and Friday workdays. Please feel free to participate as early and as often as you can. The more the merrier!
Please email or call (916/996-0607) if you have questions. Otherwise, enjoy and see you at the build!

The River Cats Day is June 7th.  Come on out, bring your family and friends and enjoy a Sunday afternoon of minor league baseball right here in our own ball park, Raley Field. 
To get tickets just complete the “ticket request” form, which you will find a copy on your table at our regular Tuesday meetings or go to the “download” section of the club’s website,, and download the form there.  Merely complete the form and mail it to the address provided with your check for the appropriate amount and you will get your tickets in the mail.  Deadline to order is June 1st.
Come and support the River Cats and End Polio Now will benefit too... a win win!  If you have any question call Jerry Haley at 916-801-5292 or email at 
**Can't make it, but still want to support Rotary Night?  Your tickets can be exchanged at Raley Field's ticket office for any Sunday-Thursday regular season game.  So NO excuses... 


May 26, 2015 - NO Meeting

June 2, 2015 - Red Lion Hotel

June 9, 2015 - Red Lion Hotel

June 16, 2015 - SON'S DAY - Red Lion Hotel

June 23, 2015 - Red Lion Hotel

June 30, 2015 - Pres. Susan's Demotion - Plates Cafe



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REMEMBER Giving blood not only helps our community, it also counts as a make-up. Use Rotary Club of Sacramento blood club #6569 when you register, then send us a copy of your receipt after you donate. Did you know that giving platelets counts for two (2) make-ups?

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Bungee Jumping - $1000
Ultra Lighting   - $500
Whitewater Rafting - $250   
Bicycling - $100
Meeting Sponsor   - $300
Cell Phone Fine     - $100

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