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JHMR Ski Patrol awarded Citizen of the Month by Rotary
The Jackson Hole Ski Patrol accepted the February “Citizen of the Month” award from the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole at a luncheon held at the resort on Tuesday, March 8th.
One of the club’s Past Presidents, Casey Morton, presented the award and thanked the patrol for 50 years of “Service Above Self”, the Rotary motto of 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide, in 200 countries. The nomination of Ski Patrol was prompted by their effective and speedy responses to accidents that occurred outside the resort boundaries in recent months.
The Jackson Hole Ski Patrol is a closely-knit group of individuals that totals 82 members; 65 men and 17 women. Their talents and expertise include being expert skiers, highly trained in rescue techniques with pertinent knowledge of Emergency Medical Training.  They are dedicated to the mountains and strive to make the mountain playground as safe as possible. One of their most exciting and challenging tasks is reduction of avalanche risks. As Morton said in his presentation, “We have all heard the ominous sound of Boom, Boom, Boom reverberating about the valley in the early morning hour.”
Within the boundaries of Rendezvous Mountain there are as many as 275 recognized avalanche paths. Avalanche reduction work, involves each patroller carrying as much as 15 pounds of explosives, in one pound, 2 pound and 5 pounds increments.  These explosives can be bundled together to make a 50 lb. bomb. 
Morton acknowledged the inherent risk in their work and the entire room observed a moment of silence for Jackson Hole Ski Patrol members who lost their lives during the course of their work: Paul Driscoll, Tom Raymer and Mark “Big Wally” Wolling.
Director Drew Kneeland, in accepting the award on behalf of Ski Patrol, read a poem he had composed for the occasion. “This is kind of a roast,” Kneeland explained, in the tradition of the poem that ski patrol reads over the radio at the close of every day. The poem opened with some jokes about not understanding Rotary -“Do you have a secret handshake?” But also included these kind words:
“I’ve asked around, and it appears
You’ve all been philanthropists for years.
You’ve raised funds to support our youth
And given back in spades, in truth.
You recognize leaders in our community
Promoting peace, love, and unity.
And while you may have the aura of high-rollers
You’re essentially just like ski patrollers.”
Director Drew Kneeland, Assistant Director Jen Calder, Director of Snow Safety Mike Rheam and Assistant Director Tom Bartlett. Rotary Past President Casey Morton made the award and thanked them for exemplifying the Rotary motto of Service above Self in their work.
Director Drew Kneeland, Assistant Director Jen Calder, Director of Snow Safety Mike Rheam and Assistant Director Tom Bartlett. Rotary Past President Casey Morton made the award and thanked them for exemplifying the Rotary motto of Service above Self in their work.

February Awards
Our club celebrated a pretty long list of individuals this month. We recognized two Rotarians of the Month from the end of 2015 as well as Jackson Hole Community School and Journeys School outstanding students, which only happens 3 times per year. As always, it is very inspiring to hear from all of our award winners.
Rotarian of the Month (October):  Hailey Morton Levinson for her work as our club’s Rotary Youth Exchange Officer. In light of the recent birth of her baby Ari, Hailey has passed the baton to Melissa Turley as our new Youth Exchange Officer.
Rotarian of the Month for August – Hailey Morton Levinson
Rotarian of the Month (November): Kevin Olson was recognized fot graciously hosting 6 Brazilians on a Rotary Exchange Visit in November... and who always says "yes" when asked to help.
Rotarian of the Month for September – Kevin Olson
Rotarian of the Month for September – Kevin Olson
Citizen of the Month (January): Arla Burbank for touching the lives of thousands of children during her 30 years as music teacher and other involvement in the community.
Citizen of the Month for January – Arla Burbank 
Citizen of the Month for January – Arla Burbank
Students of the Month/Season:
Summit High School:  
Katie Bell:  an 18 year old senior at Summit High School, Katie is active with Sean's Club (a program of PAWS and the Animal Shelter), is recognized among her teachers and peers for her strong Wyoming roots (including a love of bowhunting), and hopes to make a career as a chef or baker.  In accepting her award, Katie thanked her parents as well as everyone at Summit. "Summit makes it easier for teens like me to go to college."
  Summit High School Student of the Month; December 2015; Katie Bell
Summit High School Student of the Month; December 2015; Katie Bell
Cheyann Galicia:  Also an 18 year old senior at Summit High School, Cheyenne is also active with Sean's club and is recognized among her teachers and peers for her creative talents.  She hopes to eventually attend the Art Institute of Fashion in Las Vegas.  In accepting her award, Cheyann thanked everyone at Summit, saying "Summit taught me how I can be myself and not be afraid. I admire everyone at the school."
 Summit High School Student of the Month; January 2016; Cheyann Galicia
Summit High School Student of the Month; January 2016; Cheyann Galicia
Jackson Hole High School:  
Emily Jennings:  A Senior at JHHS, Emily is enrolled in 4 Advanced Placement courses, is an active athlete (hockey & golf), and is involved in the "Best Buddies" program and National Honor Society.  In addition, she is an intern at First Western Trust.  Her teachers and peers recognize her for her presence, positive attitude, and participation, as well as her ability to always see both sides of an issue.  Emily plans on getting a degree in finance.  She has already been accepted to the Marquette College of Business and is awaiting acceptance to several other universities. In accepting her award, Emily thanked her parents for their inspiration.... her father who, before being tragically taken away in a car accident, taught Katie to always follow her dreams... and her mother who "gives me the confidence to follow my passions."
Jackson Hole High School Student of the Month; January 2016; Emily Jennings
Jackson Hole High School Student of the Month; January 2016; Emily Jennings
Laura Perez Garcia:  A Senior at JHHS, Laura is known for her presence and for being a model to other students. In addition to her academic achievements, she is a leader in the "Latina Leader Club", is a member of the Forensics club, and works at St. John's Hospital.  Laura's family moved to the valley from Mexico when she was 1 year old.  Despite speaking no English when they arrived, Laura thanked her parents for "giving me everything even though they had nothing."  Laura plans on attending college and, in accepting her award, said that "It's my turn to give back. That's fair." 
Jackson Hole High School Student of the Month; December 2015; Laura Perez-Garcia
Jackson Hole High School Student of the Month; December 2015; Laura Perez-Garcia
Jackson Hole Community School:
Ellie Dunn:  Ellie is considered by her teachers as "one of those rare students who is gifted in all disciplines."  In addition to her academic success, she is active in multiple community service projects and is an athlete; competing in big mountain ski racing and mountain bike racing.  She served on the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole grants committee and has volunteered with Friends of Pathways.  In accepting her award, Ellie said "I realize that in my future, I will be better off coming from here (Jackson)."
Jackson Hole Community School Outstanding Student; Winter 2016; Ellie Dunn
Jackson Hole Community School Outstanding Student; Winter 2016; Ellie Dunn
Journeys School:
Luke Gannon: An 11th grader at Journeys School, Luke is a straight-A student, is an active athlete (lacrosse & hockey), and is a musician (guitar & mandolin). She hopes to pursue her passion for music in her future college studies.  She is also an active member of 4H, and a volunteer at several animal shelters, the ice arena in Victor, and is starting a project with friends to connect food waste and food insecurity.  She is known among her teachers and peers for her "can do" attitude, for her optimism, and for her balance of confidence and humility.  In accepting her award, Luke thanked her mom, her teachers, and her peers, saying "I didn't get here on my own."  She also promised to, as her mom taught her to do, "always bring something to the table."  
 Journeys School Outstanding Student; Winter 2016; Luke Gannon
 Journeys School Outstanding Student; Winter 2016; Luke Gannon

$4,000 gift made to Jackson Cupboard


Jackson Cupboard Board Chair Mike Randall received a check for $4,000 from the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole at the January 12th lunch meeting. Randall thanked the Rotarians for their service in the community and for the grant, pointing out that as an all-volunteer organization that uses space donated by St. John's Jackson Hole Church, the Jackson Cupboard spends 97% of funds raised on food.


Rotary President Clare Payne-Symmons recognized the very important work done by the Jackson Cupboard in helping the hungry in our community. $2,000 of the grant came directly from the club. The other $2,000 was a matching grant by Rotary District 5440. A portion of the donations made by Rotarians to Rotary International can come back to their home club as a grant.


Rotary President Clare Payne-Symmons, Jackson Cupboard Board Chair Mike Randall, Rotarian Paul Vogelheim, also a Teton County Commissioner and board member for Jackson Cupboard.
Left to Right: Rotary President Clare Payne-Symmons, Jackson Cupboard Board Chair Mike Randall, Rotarian Paul Vogelheim, also a Teton County Commissioner and board member for Jackson Cupboard.

Rotary Club recognizes citizen hero in medical emergency and coordinator of Red Kettle fundraiser
January 11, 2016
For Immediate Release
Patti Robertson, an employee of the The Lexington at Jackson Hole, was recognized by the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole lunch club as Citizen of the Month for December, awarded in January. When a hotel guest had sudden cardiac arrest, she put her years of Red Cross training to use performing CPR and managing a scene that included several of the patient’s family members, none of whom spoke English. By all accounts, Robertson responded with calm professionalism and helped save the patient's life. The patient was taken by emergency services to St. John’s Medical Center and was later released. In accepting the award, Robertson said she was humbled and encouraged others to make sure they have first aid and CPR training.
Steve Kallin received the honor of Rotarian of the Month for December, for coordinating the annual Jackson Hole Salvation Army Red Kettle Fundraiser. Kallin reported that 242 hour-long time slots were filled with bell ringing volunteers at Albertson’s, Smith’s, Kmart, Jackson Whole Grocer and Lucky’s over a four week period. Bell Ringers were able to collect over $18,600. With the addition of a $5,000 donation, this year's fundraising total was just over $23,600. 100% of the funds raised will be used to meet local needs including emergency dental care, rides for cancer treatment and help with medical and electricity bills for those in need. These funds will make a difference in the lives of up to 200 people in the Jackson Hole area this year.
Kallin thanked his fellow Rotarians and other bell ringing volunteers, “Thank you for donating your time and your willingness to brave Jackson's winter weather in order to make this fundraiser a success. You have certainly made a difference for our community!”
Patti Robertson with Citizen of the Month award for December 2015
Patti Robertson with Citizen of the Month award for December 2015
Steve Kallin with Rotarian of the Month award for December 2015
Steve Kallin with Rotarian of the Month award for December 2015

Three Outstanding Students recognized by Rotary Club of Jackson Hole
December 10, 2015
For Immediate Release
At the December awards luncheon of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, three students received Outstanding Student awards, including a Journeys School student for the first time. In the past, Jackson Hole High School and Summit High School participated but the club has opened the door for the Journeys School and Community School to nominate Outstanding Students for recognition on a quarterly basis.
High School Principal Dr. Crisp introduced Brianne Beale as the Outstanding Student of the Month from JHHS. Beale is a senior and a member of the JHHS swim team. She demonstrated commitment and perseverance when, in spite of a back injury that kept her from swimming and competing, she continued to attend swim practices and participate on the team through strength and conditioning and traveling with the team as the manager. Beale gave a very moving speech about how she had learned perseverance and hard work from her dad who raised three kids alone in Jackson.
Beth Ojai from Summit High School introduced Lachlan Hardie whom she described as having an awesome attitude, being known for following through on everything asked of him and participating in every outdoor activity Summit offers. He is a Special Olympics ski racer, an encyclopedia of car knowledge and gave a witty speech in which he gave credit to the teachers that have influenced his life.
Nancy Lang, Head of School for Journeys School, introduced McKenzie Reed as the school’s first Rotary Outstanding Student. Reed was described as having a growth mindset and being a lifelong learner who has shown leadership in multi-age learning groups at Journeys as well as in starting a Gay Straight Alliance that has collaborated with other area schools. Kenzie spoke about her passion for social justice and left the R
Rotary luncheon to go back to school to defend her 4,000 word Extended Essay – a requirement of the International Baccalaureate program offered at Journeys.
JHHS Student of the Month Brianne Beale addresses the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole
JHHS Student of the Month Brianne Beale addresses the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole
 Summit High School Student of the Month Lachlan Hardie receives his award from club President Clare Payne-Symmons
Summit High School Student of the Month Lachlan Hardie receives his award from club President Clare Payne-Symmons
Head of School Nancy Lang and Outstanding Student Kenzie Reed, from Journeys School
Head of School Nancy Lang and Outstanding Student Kenzie Reed, from Journeys School
About Rotary Student of the Month:
Every month of the school year, The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole accepts nominations from Summit High School and Jackson Hole High School for Student of the Month, to be recognized at the club’s awards luncheon on the 1st Tuesday of the month. In the fall of 2015, Rotary extended an invitation to the Journeys School and Jackson Hole Community School to submit nominations for an Outstanding Student to be recognized each quarter, given the relative size of their schools. Each student is introduced by a representative of their school and gives prepared remarks to the club about their life journey, accomplishments and goals.


 Jackson Hole Rotary Club Holiday Party

Celebrate the season with your fellow Rotarians at our annual holiday party. Join us at the Wort Hotel on Wednesday, December 16th from 5:30-7:30 pm. Appetizers will be provided and there will be a cash bar. Rotarians are encouraged to bring their significant other to this social event.


Lee Burbank receives Distinguished Service Award
In November, Treasurer Lee Burbank was honored with a Distinguished Service Award for his many years of service as the club's treasurer. Thank you Lee for managing our books and providing sound and sage advice to our club as we seek to be good stewards of our financial resources. Lee has been a member of our club since 1979, has been treasurer for more years than he says he can remember. He truly represents the Rotary motto "Service above Self".

Rotary Club of Jackson Hole recognizes Mickey Babcock as Citizen of the Month, and gives three Outstanding Student awards
November 9, 2015
For Immediate Release
At last week’s luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, Rotarian Melissa Turley presented Mickey Babcock with the Citizen of the Month award for October, awarded in November. Mickey Babcock has been a champion of women’s and girls’ empowerment in Wyoming - founding the The Equipoise Fund and other state-wide initiatives such as the Wyoming Women's Legislative Caucus. She has been instrumental in several local initiatives including Thrive, Raising Girls and Womentum.
Three students received Outstanding Student awards. For the first time a Community School student was recognized. In the past,
Jackson Hole High School and Summit High School participated but the club has opened the door for the Journeys School and Community School to nominate Outstanding Students for recognition on a quarterly basis.
Dr. Crisp introduced Ryan Johnston as the Outstanding Student from JHHS. Johnston was commended by his teachers for mentoring other students and being a positive role model. He is the captain of the Broncs Football team. His coach said he had never had a more dedicated and well-balanced student athlete – a leader on and off the field. Johnston praised the Jackson community for being supportive and teaching him “to accept everyone and go the extra mile.”
Beth Ojai from Summit High School introduced Chris Mayers as a polite and reliable young man of emotional maturity. She said he is a quiet, confident leader. Mayers shared about the important role that skiing has had in his life, and what it has meant to him to win regional and national competitions.  He described the series of accidents and injuries through which he has had to persevere. He recognized his skiing mentors and thanked the Rotary Club for their support.
Interim Head of School Amy Fulwyler introduced Tristan Wagner as the Community School’s first Outstanding Student. Having also had Wagner as a student in the classroom, she praised him as engaged and inquisitive, a critical thinker with a great sense of humor. In addition to his academic record and being a skilled writer and mathematician, Wagner is currently captain of the Speech and Debate team as well as of the Broncs soccer team. Like the other two students, in his speech Wagner credited the Jackson community for shaping who he is.
It was a testament to this close-knit community was the way the three students, although in different schools, knew each other and commended each other in their respective speeches.
Melissa Turley (left) present Mickey Babcock with Citizen of the Month.
Melissa Turley (left) present Mickey Babcock with Citizen of the Month.
Outstanding Students (from l-r): Tristan Wagner, Chris Mayers and Ryan Johnston
Outstanding Students (from l-r): Tristan Wagner, Chris Mayers and Ryan Johnston

Jackson Hole Rotary Club recognizes Students of the Month, gives Citizen and Rotarian Awards
Jackson, WY, Oct. 7 2015- The Jackson Hole Rotary Club awarded Teton County Search and Rescue collectively with its Citizen of the Month award for September (awarded in October). Pete Dittmar was recognized as Rotarian of the Month. Lucero Martinez-Galicia and Mallory Harrower were awarded Rotarian Student of the Month from Summit High School and Jackson Hole High School, respectively.
Teton County Search and Rescue had 9 volunteers in attendance at Tuesday’s award luncheon, in addition to representatives from their foundation. They were recognized for their incredible professionalism, dedication and service to our community including 4000 training hours and 1500 hours of community education in the last year alone.
Pete Dittmar received Rotarian of the Month for his consistent and reliable service on the club’s Membership Committee. He has gone well above the recommended 15-25 hours of club service per year with many hours also devoted to the annual Winefest fundraiser.
JHHS student Mallory Harrower described how her interest in medicine began at a young age when she would go the hospital with her mother, Dr. Maura Lofaro. She has since pursued this interest through a competitive internship, job opportunities, volunteering and a rigorous academic program – exemplified by 9 AP courses in two years. She is planning to study Pre-Med in college.
Lucero Martinez-Galicia, of Summit High School, was praised by her teachers as courageous and a great role model for other girls of how to set and achieve goals. She recently won 3rdplace in a statewide Poetry Out Loud competition and is also a musician and vocalist. She spoke passionately about what she has learned from challenging life experiences and her determination to follow and realize her dreams and to encourage others to do the same.
Stephanie Thomas, Executive Director of the TCSAR Foundation, and Jessica King, TCSAR Coordinator, accept Rotary's Citizen of the Month award on behalf of the entire Teton County Search and Rescue.
Stephanie Thomas, Executive Director of the TCSAR Foundation, and Jessica King, TCSAR Coordinator, accept Rotary's Citizen of the Month award on behalf of the entire Teton County Search and Rescue.
Pete Dittmar receiving his award from Rotary board member Joe Madera.
Pete Dittmar receiving his award from Rotary board member Joe Madera.
Mallory Harrower with her parents, Dr. Maura Lofaro Harrower and Kim Harrower.
Mallory Harrower with her parents, Dr. Maura Lofaro Harrower and Kim Harrower.
Lucero Martinez-Galicia with her mother, Victoria Galicia.
Lucero Martinez-Galicia with her mother, Victoria Galicia.

Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club recognizes Larry Pardee, Pete Karns at monthly awards meeting
Jackson, WY, Sept. 1 2015- The Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club named Larry Pardee, Town of Jackson director of public works, as its citizen of the month for September. Pete Karns was recognized as Rotarian of the Month.
Karns and Pardee were recognized for their dedication and successful efforts over many years to replace the four elk antler arches on the Town Square.  The project was completed this summer. Pete Karns took the lead for the Rotary Club of Jackson Hole in raising the funds to replace the arches and worked closely with Larry Pardee who handled the engineering and construction of the arches.
In accepting his award Pardee extended recognition to the entire Public Works department and said how much the Rotary motto of “Service above Self” resonated with him. “That’s what we try to do – we love serving this town,” he said.
Jackson town administrator and Rotarian Bob McLaurin presented the Citizen of the Month award, calling Pardee, “As fine a person and public servant as I have ever met.”
Jackson Hole Rotary lunch club includes approximately 180 members and meets weekly to discuss issues of importance locally, nationally and internationally. Rotarians strive to give back to the community through service projects and scholarships.
Left Image: Larry Pardee, Jackson director of public works, receiving his Citizen of the Month award (President Clare Payne-Symmons to his left)
Right Image: Pete Karns, receiving Rotarian of the Month from former mayor (and Rotarian) Mark Barron and President Elect Len Carlman.

For over 20 years the Rotary Lunch Club has organized the Salvation Army Red Kettle fundraiser in Jackson Hole.  This money is used to help meet the needs of friends and neighbors in the Jackson Hole Community.  When you donate to this Online Red Kettle, the money is used throughout the year to give a helping hand to those in need.
Long-time Salvation Army Board Member Leland Christianson has said about the Red Kettle Fundraiser, "Those dollars have changed lives, and it's inspiring to see the people that donate, from the small kids to the large and anonymous donors, every dollar makes a difference."   
Your gifts to this Online Red Kettl will change lives for the better, this Christmas season and all year long.  Will you help in meeting the needs of our friends and neighbors in the Jackson Hole Community by making a donation to this Online Red Kettle?
If you are looking for a meaningful way to give your time to the community this Holiday Season, you can volunteer for an hour or more by signing up as a Bell Ringer through the link on this website.

Your consideration and support of this effort is greatly appreciated!
Steve Kallin
Red Kettle Coordinator

Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Bellevue Washington will be visiting Jackson Hole this week, and have arranged an opportunity to meet casually with the Rotary Clubs of Jackson Hole.  They have organized a no-host cocktails and appetizer gathering on Thursday, February 6, 6:00pm at the Lodge Bar at the Lodge at Jackson Hole.  They would love to have local Rotarians visit and socialize!




Here is a great opportunity to complete your (next) Paul Harris Fellowship before our annual Recognition Dinner on March 8th.  The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole (Lunch Club) will match your contribution to your Paul Harris Fellowship - 1 dollar for every 2 that you contribute (must be a minimum of $200 by the end) through the end of June.  If you complete your Paul Harris $1,000 by March 8, we will recognize you at the dinner!


Through the generosity of people like you, our work has made a difference in the lives of millions around the world. Your gift to The Rotary Foundation allows us to improve communities by promoting peace, preventing disease, bolstering economic development, and providing clean water and sanitation.  The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

 helps fund our humanitarian activities, from local service projects to global initiatives. Your club or district can apply for grants from the Foundation to invest in projects and provide scholarships. The Foundation also leads the charge on worldwide Rotary campaigns such as  and . Rotarians and friends of Rotary support the Foundation’s work through voluntary .Image




Celebrate Rotary with the Jackson Hole Breakfast, Lunch and Supper Clubs and the Star Valley and Teton Valley Rotary Clubs.  The 9th Annual Paul Harris Dinner will be held on March 8, 2014 at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  Our Keynote Speaker will be Barbara Redder, District Rotarian of the Year 2013, and District Governor Elect 2016-17.  Other special guests will join us.  A plated dinner by Rising Sage Cafe will be served, and entertainment will be provided by guitarist, Marco Solis.  The cost of the dinner is $50 per person.

Register online at (Jackson Hole Rotary Supper Club) under the "Events" tab.  Contact Helen Bishop for more information; 307-259-0422, (subject line PH dinner).



This year's Jackson Hole Salvation Army Red Kettle Fundraiser was a resounding success thanks to the hundreds of hours donated by Bell Ringers like you! 

Total funds raised during the 2013 Salvation Army Red Kettle Fundraiser set a new record of over $25,000.  This includes funds from Bell Ringer Red Kettles at five locations, Counter Kettles at four retail stores and contributions sent directly to the Salvation Army. 

Did you know that Bell Ringers fill two important roles.  The Jackson Hole Unit of the Salvation Army does not solicit contributions.  The only advertising they use are the smiling faces of volunteer Bell Ringers at the Red Kettles.  So when Bell Ringers are standing at the Red Kettles, they are not only providing the community an opportunity to donate, they are also reminding others about this annual fundraiser.  Some who do not contribute at a Red Kettle will send a contribution directly to the Jackson Hole Salvation Army.    

100% of the funds raised this year will be used to meet local needs.   These funds will make a difference in the lives of many people in the Jackson Hole Area.   

Thanks to all who donated their time and willingness to brave freezing temperatures in order to make this fundraiser a success!  Rotarians have made a difference for our community!


Steve Kallin
Red Kettle Volunteer Coordinator



Happy New Year Rotarians!

For those of you interested in viewing the video I referenced in my invocation this week, you may do so below.  The new year is a wonderful time to reflect on all that we are thankful for, and to consider how we can pass on our good luck to those less fortunate.  Our motto at Rotary is "Service Above Self."  Like everything in Rotary, this motto is not limited to your club activities.  Just as with the Four Way Test, it is a guiding principle for your personal and professional lives as well.  This video embodies the message to "pay it forward" and provide opportunities for your family, friends, and those less fortunate than you.  

I encourage you to keep the Rotary motto "Service Above Self" in your daily thoughts during this new year.  Our Rotary Club does so much to provide opportunity within our community and abroad.  I look forward to contributing to many more great projects and causes with you this year.

John Morgan
President Elect



The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole is proud to host a new Rotary Youth Exchange student from Brazil this January!  A very special thank you goes out to our host family, Matt & Trish Fairbanks, who will be housing Stefani for the first 6 months of her visit to America.  This the first time in recent memory that our club has hosted a student from January to January, rather than the more typical June-to-June time frame.  I am sure Stefani is excited by the opportunity to spend a continuous summer in Grand Teton country.

Our Club is still looking for a family to host Stefani for the second half of her stay.  Our first thought is to consider a teacher who may have the summer off to show Stefani around the valley.  If you know of a teacher or someone else with some extra time to explore in the summer time, please contact Jason Snider ( or Mary Bess (

This winter we are also co-sponsoring a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Fort Collins, CO.  We will post more information about this student in a future bulletin.  Keep on the look out!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!Image




I was passing by the Town Square recently and noticed the Town crew stringing up the lights on the Antler Arches for winter.  It really got me excited for the winter season for the first time as I thought of the whole Town Square ablaze in holiday lights, and the JH Winter Wonderland ice skating pond adding an almost Norman Rockwell type of feeling to our downtown area.  We are so lucky to live somewhere with such great holiday spirit. It is no wonder that so many tourists choose Jackson Hole as their destination for winter fun. 

As many of you know, the Rotary Clubs of Jackson Hole were the original fundraising source to construct the famous Jackson Hole Antler Arches, and today the Rotary Clubs have taken the lead on replacing the Antler Arches as well.  We should all feel very proud to be responsible for such an iconic piece of the Jackson Hole experience.  Think about all of the millions of tourists who have taken their pictures underneath the antler arches, and how many pictures of the arches have graced the pages of magazines throughout the world promoting Jackson Hole.  Those images and memories are truly priceless.

We are still in the midst of fundraising to replace the forth and final arch on the square, and your support is needed.  For more information on how you can help save the historic Elk Antler Arches of Jackson Hole, contact Pete Karns at 307-732-7474. 



A couple of months ago Trevor Stevenson greatly increase his help with our water project in Rwanda and he unleashed a very sophisticated global perspective and a third world expertise. He spent three days of his Rwandan vacation—tracking down the President of the Butare Rotary Club and than visited our site in Changugu—about 3 hour drive from Butare.

Our International Committee was pretty amazed as Trevor brought back key contacts; a list of challenging questions and suggestions; and an encouraging report of site and the location for the Center for the Secret of Peace.

So how was Lander born and Jackson raised kid so ready to help on the world stage. Well we’ve come to learn, during the past decade, Trevor’s career has centered on the Amazon rainforest, where he worked in partnerships with government institutions, indigenous tribes and international non-governmental groups—perfect background for our work in Rwanda.

On behalf of our Club's executive committee, Trevor Stevenson has been recognized as our Rotarian of the Month.



Join Rotary in supporting literacy and education in Teton County!  The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole is proud to host the 18th annual Lunch for Literacy in conjunction with the Teton Literacy Center this coming Tuesday, June 11th, at 12 noon, at Snow King Resort.  The program will feature remarks from Wyoming First Lady, Carol Mead, and presentations from distinguished faculty of University of Wyoming, College of Education, Literacy Research Center and Clinic.  All proceeds from this event go directly to Teton Literacy Center.  Tickets are $20 per person, and are available at  For more information, please call 307-733-9242. 

Literacy and Education are two key areas of focus for Rotary International, and the Rotary Clubs of Jackson Hole are committed to many education goals in Teton County.

  • Rotary Readers promotes literacy for school children
  • Rotary Wine Fest funds scholarships for college bound students.
  • Rotary Youth Exchange facilitates cross-cultural education
  • Rotary Lunch for Literacy benefits Teton Literacy Center

Thank you to the generous sponsors of the Lunch for Literacy for making this program possible:  Rotary Club of Jackson Hole, Domino's Pizza, Great Harvest Bread, Team Clancy, Snow King Resort, Grand View Lodge, and High Country Linen.




The Rotary Club of Jackson Hole Foundation has as its mission "To support the advancement of education by providing scholarships to students and educators in our community while aiding other charitable needs of individuals and organizations as deemed appropriate." 

This year the Foundation awarded $60,000 to 36 students, awards that ranged from $1000 to $4,500. Each year about 120 worthy students apply.  The students will use this Rotary Foundation money to attend colleges like Wyoming, Oklahoma, Columbia, Northwestern, Brigham Young, Colorado School of Mines, Duke, North Carolina, Hawaii, Miami, Gonzaga and Montana State.

Click Here to DONATE to the Rotary Scholarship Fund though Rotary Wine Fest

The student's interests range from sports to dance, from being a doctor to being a chef, from robots to music, from Up With People to helping the needy at St John’s Hospital. And many of the 36 students were straight A students for 4 years. Importantly, scholarships are also awarded to students who have demonstrated a “turnaround” in their lives to include school, family and attitude. Vocational training focused is also recognized and scholarships are available for students choosing those opportunities as well.



2 Host Families Needed to sign up by May 1st to house a student in August.

We have a very excited Thai female exchange student who will be arriving in Jackson Hole in August.  We require two families, one in the fall and one in the spring, in order to place this student.  Without host family commitments, we will lose our opportunity to host this wonderful student!  Our community is one of generosity and good deeds and it would be a shame to deny a Rotary International student an experience here because there is not a single family in Jackson Hole who can share their home with an exchange student. 

Hosting an exchange student is an extremely rewarding experience.  The stories from previous host families speak of life long friendships, cultural learning for their children, and perhaps most importantly a friend to visit in their home country in future years!  For more information about becoming an exchange student, visit the following website and click the link to "A Guide For Host Families" pdf.

Rotary Youth Exchange Program - Rotary International

Our exchange student from Thailand has been studying English for years.  She does not require a guest house, guest room or special treatment.  She does need a safe place to come home to, a bed to sleep in - even if it means sharing a room, three meals a day - whether she makes herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch or whether you supply her with lunch money, and a way to get to school - school bus, start bus, or bike.  There does not need to be high school students in the home - you may have small children, grown children or no children.  Please call Jason Snider today (413-5123) to volunteer your family as Rotary's newest host family.  If you decide not to become a host family, please encourage your neighbors and friends to get involved.  Rotary International has given us an extension until May 1st to find two families for this student - one for the fall and one for the spring.  If we cannot guarantee her placements by May 1st, she will not be able to participate in the Rotary Exchange Program starting in August.  Please consider participating in this rewarding experience.  You will not be disappointed.   

Jason Snider
Rotary Youth Exchange Coordinator





Jackson Hole Rotary Club members Mike Blazek and Clare Payne-Simmons completed the Rotary Leadership Institute on April 13, 2013.  The Institute provides in-depth discussion of the functions of Rotary, the five paths of service, and a background on The Rotary Foundation.  Graduates have the information available to be organized and efficient leaders of Rotary projects, Rotary meetings, and Rotary clubs.  Congratulations to Clare and Mike.  Please thank them for their continued dedication to understanding the World of Rotary and its great role in world philanthropy.  (My apology to Mike Blazek for not including him in the announcement Apr 16.  – KLS).



Lorenzo Martani, Cremona Italy, is Jackson Hole Rotary Club’s current RYE student.

The Jackson Hole Rotary Youth Exchange program welcomes applications from local high school students interested in studying abroad for an academic year. Jackson Hole Rotary makes living arrangements for the qualified students and underwrites most of the expenses.

Recent RYE student Lorenzo Martani tells us, “Jackson Hole needs the RYE program because, although we’re a sophisticated community, we’re still quite isolated. Many of the students I go to high school with here aren’t familiar with European countries. Also, I liked the fact that I could get to know people from all over this Rotary District.”

The Jackson Hole Rotary recognizes and thanks two local families for bringing this student into their homes.  Lorenzo was first welcomed by the Roald and Audrey Hagen Family and, most recently by Kevin and Shelly Olson and their children.  

When asked what he liked best about being here, as might be expected Lorenzo said, “…fantastic skiing and I learned you can make friends anywhere and I can be an adult and independent.”

If you or a student you know may be interested in applying for the Jackson Hole Rotary Youth Exchange program or are interested in hosting an RYE student please contact Jason Snyder.

The Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program, which began in 1972, has become one of the most respected exchange programs in the world. Each year more than 7000 students from over 80 countries participate in the program.

The strength of the program lies in its international network of thousands of Rotary volunteers who donate their time and resources to help improve their local communities and our international community. The RYE program provides an opportunity for outstanding students from all walks of life to study abroad for an academic year, with the local Rotary Club underwriting most of the costs. Only exceptional students, who are qualified, are invited to represent Rotary as Youth Exchange students.

-Lorenzo loves to cook and has made fabulous dinners for his fellow high school and fellow exchange students and host families.

He is 18 yrs old, has a 16 yr old brother who is going to Japan on a Rotary exchange.

His family ties are very strong.

He first learned English from watching movies and listening to music.

He accomplished his goal in English proficiency when he woke one morning to find he had been dreaming in English.

His mother is a retired bank director and his father is an entrepreneur.

Through our Rotary District he’s interacted with students from Germany, Scandinavia, Brazil, France, Belgium, Mexico, Australia, Thailand and India.

“Europe is about knowing other places. I like bringing that awareness to America.”



Many thanks to Paul Volgelheim for the Rwanda Project update. Many times I have heard of the Rwanda project, but I have never really fully understood what was involved. Many thanks to Matt Ostick, Trevor Stevenson and Paul Volgelheim for their hard work and dedication to this World changing project . Paul described the project as the foundation forgiveness of the atrocities of genocide that occurred in Rwanda many decades ago. A seventy eight acre site has been purchased as “The Center for Secret of Peace”. This site is currently hosting thousands of people in the process of finding forgiveness and giving forgiveness. There are many phases of development for this project, with the first phase of the project dedicated to water and sanitation. Through various charitable giving and matching grants a portion of the funds have been raised to go toward the sanitation phase of the project. Additional money will have to be raised before drilling water wells and starting the necessary infrastructure to complete this phase of development.  Paul described many miraculous stories of forgiveness that have already occurred on this site. 


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