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Rotary Launches Writing Competition

JOHNSON'S GHUT, Tortola, VI – Students of First Impressions Primary School have expressed high optimism about entering the Rotary Clubs of the Virgin Islands’ Butterfly Story Book competition as they desperately want to emulate what one of their colleagues did last year- win the competition.

The writing competition was launched earlier today September 29, 2015 at the First Impressions Primary School in Johnson's Ghut.

Acting Governor Delma Maduro, along with representatives from the three Rotary Clubs in the Virgin Islands; Rotary Club of Road Town- Ryan Geluk, Rotary Sunrise- Mrs Rosmary Flax and Rotary Club of Tortola- Ms Valarie Georges-Thomas and others, interacted with the students at the launch.

Giving a brief overview of the project, Mrs Maduro said this is the third year the territory is involved in the project and last year Marlie Hughes of First Impressions won the competition. Her winning story was entered in the Butterfly Story Book.

“This story book project was started here in the BVI two years ago together with the E-Club of the Caribbean and we have been very fortunate here in the BVI that we were able to produce four young authors over the years who had their stories published in this book,” said Mrs Maduro.

‘Giving something special to someone special’

The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Giving something special to someone special’.

While being engaged by President of the Rotary Club of Road Town Ryan Geluk, students threw out a number of ideas for their storyline, including doing something for a child who has a brain tumor, sharing gifts with the less fortunate, and making the dream of a less fortunate child come through. Some of the children even reflected on good deeds they would have done at some stage in their young lives.

Mrs Maduro told the student that, in addition to becoming ardent readers, they should adopt the habit of recording/documenting significant activities in their lives. “We can start writing by recording what has happened to us during the day, experiences during the day or memories…. Not just for the story book but you should get into the habit of recording things.”

According to Mrs Maduro, she and others were inspired to do same by teacher Jenny Wheatley.

All the schools throughout the territory are expected to participate in the storying writing competition. Deadline for submissions is November 13, 2015.

Students are required to get their parents’ permission and should fill out a student submission form in order to enter the competition. The stories have to be no less than 300 words and no more than 750 words, something the children of the First Impressions Primary School see as a walk in the park.

The students were implored not to make their stories long-winded and complicated but to stick to one concept and make it interesting to read.

With the competition now launched, the information will be fanned out among other schools across the territory.



Remember Me

By Richard Branson -- @richardbranson, 1 September 2015
Image from
This September is World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge stigma. The theme for this worthy cause this year is ‘Remember me’, to encourage people to learn to spot the signs of dementia, and not forget about loved ones living with the illness.
This reminded me of a note from my dear Uncle Charlie, who has been with his partner Barbara every step of the way as she has bravely battled Alzheimer’s. He was going through some old papers when he came across some beautiful words written in her handwriting.
Uncle Charlie didn’t know whether she had composed it herself or found it elsewhere, but it was obviously meant for him to discover. It turns out it is a poem by Owen Darnell that has brought solace to many, many people around the world who have experienced Alzheimer’s.
As Uncle Charlie wrote to me: “The verse itself tells the story of a person fighting the loneliest of battles that they cannot win. Had I known more about Alzheimer’s at the time Barbara wrote this verse, we may as a family have been far more supportive.” I can attest that Uncle Charlie has been incredibly supportive. Joan and I both had tears in our eyes as we continued to read his note.
“Acceptance comes so very hard, along with a sense of helplessness watching my best friend and soul mate for over half a century slowly drift away to a place without memories. But this isn’t about myself, there are many million like me who watch their loved ones fight this monster Alzheimer’s on a daily basis as everything they once were is taken from them.”
I had mentioned another friend whose wife was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and Uncle Charlie asked me to send on a copy of the verse. As well as that, I thought I would post it here, in the hope it brings some comfort to others too.
Do not ask me to remember,
or try to make me understand,
Let me rest and know you’re with me,
Kiss my cheek and hold my hand,
I’m confused beyond your concept,
I am sad and sick and lost,
All I know is that I need you to be with me at all cost,
Do not lose your patience with me,
Do not scold or shun my cry,
I can’t help the way I’m living,
Can’t be different though I try,
Just remember that I need you,
That the best of me is gone,
Please don’t fail to stand beside me,
Love me till my life is done.
The article above was published by Sir Richard Branson on  The Rotary Clubs of the BVI Alzheimer's Awareness Campaign obtained permission to re-publish as part of our recognition of World Alzheimer's Month.  We hope that you will share with us in our efforts to bring awareness to this debilitating disease, and share information on symptoms, early detection, and effective care and treatment.  
The beautiful poem above concludes Sir Branson's article.  There is so much to learn about Alzheimer's Disease.  Every four seconds someone in the world develops dementia. Head over to the for more information on how to spot the signs of dementia and find out more.  You may also contact the BVI Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Campaign at:




The Rotary Club of Road Town is Rotary District 7020's August Club of the Month!!   Congratulations to the hard working team!!  Community Service has never been so much FUN!



September 21 is World Alzheimer's Day


Alzheimer's Request

Do not ask me to remember,

or try to make me understand,

Let me rest and know you’re with me,

Kiss my cheek and hold my hand.

I’m confused beyond your concept,

I am sad and sick and lost.

All I know is that I need you

To be with me at all cost.

Do not lose your patience with me,

Do not scold or curse or cry.

I can’t help the way I’m acting,

Can’t be different though I try.

Just remember that I need you,

That the best of me is gone,

Please don’t fail to stand beside me,

Love me ’til my life is done.

- Owen Darnell



Read To Your Kids 15 Minutes A Day

Parents are being encouraged to take 15 minutes of their time daily to read with their children. Mr. Ryan Geluk, President of the Rotary Club of Road Town made this call during a press conference on literacy hosted by the Rotary Club of Road Town at the Moorings Conference Room.

Geluk said though they recognize that the resources have changed and physical books have changed to e-books, Kindles, iPads and other electronic media, it doesn’t change the importance of literacy and the need to read.

"This is why we are working with the BVI Reading Council and Teacher Lynden to promote a program to encourage all children to read for fifteen minutes each day and all parents to read to their children for fifteen minutes per day. Fifteen minutes per day does not seem like a lot; however, reading aloud to your child is proven to be the single most important thing that you can do to help a child prepare for reading and learning," he said.

Geluk stated that in addition, it also builds quality time between parents and their child, something that is severely lacking in the society where television and video games have replaced books and reading.

"In fact, if we read to our children for 15 minutes each day for the first 5 years of their lives, this will equate to over 27 thousand minutes or over 450 hours of quality time."

Teacher Lynden Smith, Co-President of the BVI Reading Council during her remarks expressed her pleasure and passion to be a part of literacy in the Virgin Islands.

"My mother taught me how to read, but my father taught me to love reading," teacher Lynden stated. She also recalled that her father would read to all ten children in the evenings.

She presented the goal of "15 minutes reading, every parent, every child, every day", which is easily achieved via a bedtime story.

Teacher Lynden noted that if a child doesn't learn to read by Grade 3, they are very likely to drop out of school later.
The Rotary Club of Road Town has embarked on a number of projects surrounding literacy, including a new project which they have termed, ‘Word for Word’.

Further, each month, members of the Rotary Club of Road Town will be visiting the local library and community center in East End, where they will be reading aloud to the children there.

According to the club, it will continue to take an active role in the annual Spelling Bee competition within the primary and secondary schools.

Rotary Club of Road Town stated that it will also continue to support the Books for Babies program which is put on by Dawn Smith and others.

During the press conference, Health Literacy and Disaster Risk Reduction Literacy were also mentioned.



Giving The Gift of Literacy 

Photo: Grade 4 Students at the Althea Scatliffe Primary School show off their new dictionaries
The new school year brings with it excitement of new classes, new teachers, new classmates and, for grade four students around the territory, new dictionaries donated by the BVI family of Rotary. 
On Tuesday 15 September 2015, representatives of the BVI Family of Rotary visited the Althea Scatliffe Primary School to launch this year’s annual distribution of dictionaries to the young budding readers. 
Minister of Education and Culture Hon. Myron Walwyn expressed appreciation to the Rotary Clubs for their consistency in working with the territory’s youths. Speaking on the importance of community service, Hon Walwyn announced the Ministry’s upcoming initiative that will require primary school students to perform community service hours as a part of their school curriculum. 
In her response, Rotary’s Assistant District Governor, Delma Maduro noted that the Althea Scatliffe Primary School was already a few paces ahead in providing community service as it has its very own Rotary sponsored EarlyAct Club.
President Ryan Geluk of Rotary Club of Road Town also addressed the youngsters speaking of Rotary International's focus on literacy and local Rotary efforts over the years.
Also present at the launch were President Jeanette Scatliffe Boynes of Rotary Sunrise, Vice President Lynette Harrigan of the Rotary Club of Tortola and other members of the Rotary family.
At the end of the formalities, the eager young recipients filed on stage to accept their dictionaries and to graciously shake hands with the Minister and their Rotary benefactors/representatives. 

Each year the BVI family of Rotary distributes dictionaries to all grade four students territory wide as a part of its literacy promotion campaign.  Distributions are scheduled to take place at various schools throughout the Territory over the next two weeks.



Rotary Expands Local Literacy Initiatives 

Story by Lavina Liburd

Basic Education and Literacy is one of the key Rotary International Areas of Focus noted RCRT Past President Elvis Harrigan.  This year the Rotary Club of Road Town’s literacy initiatives go well beyond the annual Dictionary Distribution to class three/ grade four students in the territory. 
The Press Conference on Literacy hosted by the Rotary Club of Road Town, was held at the Moorings Conference Room at Wickham’s Cay II, yesterday September 15th.  The panel of presenters included Ryan Geluk, President of the Rotary Club of Road Town, Teacher Lynden Smith, Co-President of the BVI Reading Council, Lion’s Club District Governor Marvin Grant, Mrs. Carleen Parsons, Principal of the Enis Adams Primary School, and Ms. Evangeline Inniss-Springer from the Department of Disaster Management.
“The ability to read, write, and communicate connects people to one another and empowers them to achieve things they never thought possible.” President Ryan opened his presentation with a quote from Frederick Douglass, former slave and noted abolitionist who stated, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” He went on to state that “literacy doesn’t only refer to the ability to read and write; we must also consider areas such as literacy in knowing what to do in case of disasters; literacy to recognize and understand the effects of diseases.”  These are of course, references to the education component of the Disaster Risk Reduction Program in which Rotary is partnering with DDM, and the clubs ongoing emphasis on Health education through its Annual Health Expo and now the Alzheimer's Awareness Campaign.  Also noted were Rotary’s participation in the Books for Babies program, reading to children at East End Public Library and Community Center, and new “Word for Word” program.   

Rotary Club of Road Town Promotes Alzheimer's Awareness

Rotary Club of Road Town Participates in an Alzheimer's Awareness Walk 
Article by: Alzheimer's/Dementia Rotarian Action Group
Alzheimer’s disease (AD), is the most common form of dementia. There is no cure for the disease, which worsens as it progresses, and eventually leads to death. It was first described by German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906 and was named after him.
Alzheimer's is most often diagnosed in people over 65 years of age, although the less-prevalent early-onset Alzheimer’s can occur much earlier. In 2006, there were projected to be about 26.6 million people worldwide with AD. Alzheimer’s is predicted to affect 1 in 85 people globally by 2050.
Early symptoms are often mistaken to be ‘age-related’ concerns, or manifestations of stress. Although Alzheimer’s disease develops differently for every individual, there are many common symptoms.  In the early stages, the most common symptom is difficulty in remembering recent events, known as short term memory loss. When AD is suspected, the diagnosis is usually confirmed with tests that evaluate behavior and thinking abilities, sometimes followed by a brain scan if available, however, examination of brain tissue is required for a definitive diagnosis.
As the disease advances the person’s condition declines.  More advanced symptoms can include confusion, irritability, aggression, mood swings, trouble with language and loss of long-term memories.  At this stage the individual often withdraws from family and society.  Gradually, bodily functions are lost, ultimately leading to death. Since the disease is different for each individual, predicting how it will affect the person is difficult. AD develops for an unknown and variable amount of time before becoming fully apparent, and it can progress undiagnosed for years. On average, the life expectancy following diagnosis is approximately seven years. Fewer than 3% of individuals live more than 14 years after diagnosis.
The cause and progression of the disease are not well understood; AD is classified as a neurodegenerative disorder. it is associated with plaques and tangles in the brain. Current treatments only help with the symptoms of the disease. There are no available treatments that stop or reverse the progression of the disease. As of 2012, more than 1,000 clinical trials have been or are being conducted to test various compounds in AD. Mental stimulation, exercise, and a balanced diet have been suggested as ways to delay cognitive symptoms (though not brain pathology) in healthy older individuals, but there is no conclusive evidence supporting an effect.
AD cannot be cured and is degenerative, the affected person increasingly relies on others for assistance. The role of the main caregiver is often taken by the spouse or a close relative. Alzheimer’s disease is known for placing a great burden on caregivers; the pressures can be wide-ranging, involving social, psychological, physical, and economic elements of the caregiver’s life. In developed countries, AD is one of the most costly diseases to society.



President Ryan Signs MOU
Story by Department of Disaster Management

Thursday, September 3 - Five presidents from the Rotary and Rotaract Clubs signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of the British Virgin Islands solidifying the working relationship that currently exists between the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) and the Rotary family in the BVI. 

The agreement was signed on Wednesday September 2 and will provide a formal space for these entities to work in disaster response and disaster risk reduction.

Acting Governor, Mrs. Inez V. Archibald CBE signed on behalf of the Government of the British Virgin Islands. She welcomed the opportunity of the Rotary family partnering with DDM to bring more support to the Territory's national disaster management programme, especially as September is considered to be the peak of the Hurricane Season.

The MoU signing signaled the beginning of an arrangement for Non-Governmental Organisations working in disaster risk management. The DDM and the Rotary family, working alongside, the BVI Red Cross, the Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) and the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society have partnered to submit a proposal to the Caribbean Development Bank for the funding of a project to develop disaster resilient SMART Communities throughout the Territory.

Fail Your Kidneys and They Will Fail You

Kidney disease often is not on our medical radar when we consider the state of our health.  Instead we focus on diseases such as cancer, AIDS, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.  All these are relevant and deserving of attention.  But so is the health status of our kidneys. 
On Wednesday 29 July Dr. June Samuel (Director of Medical Services) and Dr. Chrisel Bovell (Medical Specialist-Internist)  of the BVI Health Services Authority spoke to the Rotary Club of Road Town on the importance of kidney health. 
Healthy kidneys are essential to the efficient functioning of our bodies.  Our kidneys filter wastes, toxins and excess fluids from our blood, which are then excreted in our urine.  They also release hormones that regulate blood pressure, produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong healthy bones and control the production of red blood cells.   When chronic kidney disease reaches an advanced stage, dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes can build up in the body.
In the BVI  kidney disease is a major health concern with a disproportionate percentage of the population diagnosed with, and being treated for, chronic kidney disease.    
Common lifestyle factors can harm the kidneys.  Individuals who smoke are  obese or had diets high in red and processed meats, sugar-sweetened drinks and sodium, but low in fruit, legumes, nuts, whole grains and low-fat dairy are more likely to develop kidney disease .
Obesity alone can double a person’s risk of developing kidney disease and an unhealthy diet may still raise the risk even when weight and other lifestyle factors are taken into account.
In general people of African descent tend to be at greater risk.  Especially those with diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of kidney disease.  Add to that an unhealthy diet high in processed sugars, red meat and fast food and the risk increases.
The Health Services Authority is now examining the alarming trend of increasing cases of kidney failure and seeking to shift the focus from managing chronic kidney disease to preventing it. 
Chronic kidney disease is irreversible.   It cannot be cured.   Persons who are diagnosed are left with the options of dialysis for life or a kidney transplant.   Both are expensive options and take a toll on the patient’s quality of life. 
Reduce your risk significantly by making simple changes to lifestyle such as controlling diabetes, high blood pressure, exercising and engaging in physical activity, maintaining a healthy weigh, consuming a healthy diet and quit smoking.  
Individuals should also get tested regularly as early detection will allow for treatments which can slow or halt the disease before it becomes chronic.
Take care of your kidneys today and they will take care of you for a lifetime.


Polio Free Africa

Africa Polio Milestone

They said it couldn’t be done. But we have reached one year without a case of polio in Africa. Thanks to our members who contribute time & energy to immunize children in Africa. Find out how we reached this milestone:

Posted by Rotary International on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11, 2015 marks one year without a case of wild polio in  Africa. We still have work to do and you can help us end polio forever. Get involved:




Rotary BVI Celebrates Emancipation


The BVI Family of Rotary showed its support for the territory’s cultural heritage by participating in the Emancipation Celebration on Monday 3rd August 2015.

The ever present Rotary Floupe (Float and Troupe) that has become a regular in the annual emancipation parade made its way up the Waterfront Drive distributing refreshments and Rotary paraphernalia to spectators along the route.  

Members donning white fedoras and tees in the bright
colours of Rotary reveled behind the float and treated the judges to a dance performance before completing the route to the festival village.  The entry was deemed an enjoyable success by participants and spectators alike.  

The BVI Family of Rotary is proud to provide ongoing support to this important cultural event.  



Kiddies Festivities and Fun 2015


The Rotary Club of Road Town heralded in the BVI’s 2015 Emancipation Festival celebrations with its Kiddies Fiesta on 25 July 2015.

Young fun seekers turned out at the Althea Scatliffe School Grounds to enjoy a day of rides, games, slides and more.

 New attractions included go-karts, a mechanical bull and a mega Jurassic Park bouncer.  There was in addition lots to eat and drink. 

Thank you to the big name entertainers Primetime, Vibe and Showtime who set the tone and kept the music flowing.

The Rotary Club of Road Town also thanks the public for making the event a memorable one, our volunteers for their invaluable assistance and our sponsors for their ongoing support.

Visit our Facebook Page for photos of the event.



President Ryan Takes the Helm 

President Ryan (center) flanked by Treasurer Dany (left)  and Past Assistant District Governor Ron Potter right)

In an atmosphere of Caribbean elegance, defined in the Rotary palette of colours, and preceded by a breezy evening sunset,  Ryan Geluk was sworn in to serve as the Rotary Club of Road Town’s 25th president for the 2015/2016 Rotary year.  The ceremony took place at the Club’s annual Installation Dinner and Awards Ceremony held at Long Bay Beach Club on 4thJuly 2015. 

Standing heads above the crowd, President Ryan who is no stranger to community service and hard work, outlined his plans for the new Rotary year which will take place under the theme “Be a Gift to the World.” 

Focusing on Education, the Club will adopt programmes to strengthen the capacity of the community to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in literacy and increase adult literacy.   The Club will also be undertaking several service projects in Rotary's other Areas of Focus which are peace and conflict prevention /resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation , maternal and child health, economic and community development.   “I am reaching out to the Community to assist the Rotary Club of Road Town in succeeding with these goals and being a part of our success” stated the newly installed President.  "We want you to work along side with us and we extend this invitation under our 2015/2016 slogan - "Engage Your Community Remember Your Passion”  

The guest speaker for the evening was Dr John Button, Kiwnis International President 2014/2015 and the Master of Ceremonies was Past President Elvis Harrigan.  The installation dinner and ceremony was followed by an evening of dancing to the sounds of DJ Carley. 

The Rotary Club of Road Town’s Board members for the 2015/2016 year comprise:

President – Ryan Geluk
Vice President – Sonia Webster
Secretary – Anthony Clarke
Treasurer -  Dany Katra
President Elect – Nelcia St. Jean
Immediate Past President – Shan Mohamed
Membership Director – Jacqueline Daley-Aspinall
Public Image Director – Lavina Liburd
Club Administration Director – Elvis Harrigan
Service Projects Director – Charles Benjamin
Youth Services Director – Everette Frazer
Fundraising Director – Geraldeen Johnson
Foundation Director – Vance Lewis
Sargeant-at-Arms – Vincent Wheatley






Winning Ticket, Winning Bond!


Twas the night before Christmas, and a crowd eagerly amassed at Delta Gas Station in Pasea, with a vague air of expectancy to await the Rotary Club of Road Town’s raffle drawing for a new 2015 Nissan Xtrail.  In that moment, everything else had been put on hold.   Family, friends, frolicking, and a mountain of “things” still to be done.   Rotarians on site sought to accommodate many hopefuls who showed up  seeking to purchase tickets before the raffle drum was closed.  DJ push pop set the mood with a mix of Caribbean and Christmas music that kept things lively.

When ticket sales were closed off, the last of the ticket stubs were folded and put into the drum which was closed and locked. The mounting anticipation was almost tangible.  The formalities and the speeches were duly dispensed with, as was the awarding of two other valuable prizes donated by major sponsor Delta Petroleum.

Then the drum was spun, and spun again by Treasurer Elvis, using the best of what remained from his old days in the gym.   The atmosphere grew tense as a young lady, who had been randomly selected from the spectators to draw the winning ticket, reached into the drum.  Stirred its contents around with her hand.  And dug in deeply before proudly pulling out a ticket and handing it to the waiting officials.

Pause. Uncertainty. More Pause. Suspense.    A winning ticket… with an undecipherable name.    “We have a winner of the new 2015 Nissan Xtrail.” announced Lime representative Kareem Nelson Hull.  He then read the winning number and waited for the lucky ticket holder to be identified.

As ticket holders in attendance and across the airwaves were still anxiously consulting their ticket numbers,  Mr. Jamieson Hopkins broke into an impromptu dance and chant.  “My car” he shouted, “Mine!” “Gimme my car, it's mine!”  as he jigged across the compound.  It was only after he had calmed down sufficiently that the raffle officials were able to verify his win.

But Jamieson Hopkins dramatic win would not end there.  While members of the crowd silently nursed their disappointment at not winning, Mr. Hopkins next move was one that captured everyone’s attention and respect.   He whipped out his cell phone and hurriedly called his mother.  “Mommy” he shouted, “I just won a car and I am giving it to you!”  “I love you and merry Christmas.  Get down here fast cause  I’m  giving it to you.”  And in case a little incentive was needed, he added ...“Hurry up before I change my mind and sell it.”

In that instant, Jamieson Hopkins demonstrated selflessness by giving back to someone who had giving him so much.   The members of the crowd dispersed, not with a new car, as they had hoped but with a wonderful story of Christmas giving to share.

President Shan, the board and members of the Rotary Club of Road Town salute Mr. Hopkins for his wonderful gesture and thank our wonderful partners, LIME, NAGICO Insurances and Delta Petroleum. We especially thank the community for their generous support of the raffle, proceeds from which are going right back into the community through various projects next year.



From Our Family To Yours

Photo Credit:Ravi Maywahlal



Early Christmas Cheer!


Congratulations to Mr. St. Clair Woodley for winning the second early bird prize of $1,500 in this year's grand car raffle. The draw took place on December 8 at Riteway, Pasea.

Mr. Woodley was extremely delighted when he accepted the prize during our weekly dinner meeting on Wednesday.

Up next is the big draw on December 24, Christmas Eve at Delta Petroleum Service Station at Pasea.

A lucky winner will drive home a spanking new 2015 Nissan XTrail. Will it be you? No ticket, no chance. Increase your chances of winning by purchasing more tickets.

Tickets are selling fast and can be purchased at LIME, NAGICO Insurances, D' Best Cup next to Scotiabank, Captain Mulligans or from any member of the Rotary Club of Road Town.
All proceeds benefit the community.

We sincerely thank the public for their continued support and our partners on the raffle, LIME, NAGICO Insurances and Delta Petroleum.



New Members November 2014

The Rotary Club of Road Town is pleased to welcome two new members.   Local hotelier, Ms Lorna Christopher and former Rotaract President, Brian Liverpool Jr. were inducted on 26 November 2014.  Welcome to the Fun Club!





Honorary, Honorable Mrs Eileen Parsons

The Rotary Club of Road Town had the distinction of inducting Mrs Eileen Parsons as an honorary member of our club.  Mrs Parsons, a former legislator,  has a long and distinguished record of public service and is well known for her ceaseless promotion of BVI culture, love of our national pastime, softball and passion for politics.

Mrs Parsons received her Rotary pin from former colleague (and current member) of the legislature,  Charter President of Rotary Club of Road Town and avid Rotarian PP Ronnie.   Read more about Mrs Parson’s induction on Platinum News Here.




DG visits Projects and Gets “This Close”


It was a busy week for District Governor Dr Paul Brown and First Lady Kay.   In between the meetings, speeches, dinners, social events, and ferry rides the district governor undertook the well anticipated tour of the clubs' community projects.

We were pleased to showcase two of our projects 'The Hovis House Project' situated close to the Peebles Hospital and 'The Barker House Project' in Purcell.  Both houses underwent extensive repair and renovation work at the hands of Rotarians, who, as a bonus, cleaned the surrounding yards and added gardens.

DG Paul also found time to visit our Polio Mural in Fish bay and was photographed doing his version of the End Polio Now “this Close” commercial.   We hope the DG and First Lady enjoyed their visit to the BVI, we certainly enjoyed having them.



A Rotary Fairytale

Members of the Rotary Club of Road Town, displayed both talent and range when they participated in the Enis Adams Primary School’s 'Great Stories and Rhymes Come Alive’ event on Sunday 23 November. The cast of five, decked out in full costume and supported by props, delivered a crowd pleasing performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

While the young attendees delighted in seeing this well known fairytale take shape on stage, the more discerning members of the audience marveled at baby bear’s stockings and suspenders and our narrator’s trousers which were both fitting in theme and pause worthy.  In the end, it was difficult to say who enjoyed the performance more, the young audience or the onstage talent.   Other popular stories were performed during the evening by various groups.

The Rotary Club of Road Town was pleased to support this innovative approach to promoting literacy.  We congratulate our sponsored school, Enis Adams Primary, on an excellent event which raised awareness of the importance of reading and literacy among children.



Spotlight on Rotary 


The Rotary Clubs of the BVI working together to enlighten residents about Rotary and the Rotary Foundation on JTV Spotlight, a live television program.

The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace with contributions that improve health,  support education and alleviate poverty.

To learn more about the Foundation and how your contributions are used around the globe click Here.




Be a Winner!




Weekend Well Spent

Barker House Project
Our Rotary Crew was busy this weekend (Saturday 30 August)  with two projects.  Members were up early on Saturday morning to continue the work started on Mrs Barker's house in Purcell Estate.  We were able to get much of the painting done and will be returning on 6 September to continue with other much needed tasks. 

A Big thank you to our Corporate partners from Nagico who braved the early morning hours showing up bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to work!!  Looking forwarding to seeing you again next week.



Food Drive For Families in Need 
Elsewhere members were busy assisting with the Rotary Club of Tortola's sponsored Food Drive for the Family Support Network.   Some dedicated Rotarians did double duty by joining the Food Drive outside major supermarkets after spending a long morning painting.   Rotarians at their BEST.


See related story on Virgin Islands News Online HERE





NAGICO Partners With Rotary Club of Road Town


NAGICO Insurances has partnered with the Rotary Club of Road Town to help improve local and international communities.

Mrs. Sarah Hatcher, a Director of NAGICO N.V. announced a donation of $10,000 at the club's weekly dinner meeting on Wednesday, September 3.

She told members and guests, including Governor John Duncan and wife Anne Marie, that NAGICO Insurances represented by Century Insurance Agency in the BVI, is delighted to be a platinum partner of the Rotary Club of Road Town.

"NAGICO believes that it is a great opportunity to partner with Rotary Club of Road Town for a whole year, knowing that our sponsorship goes towards worthwhile causes such as the health expo, the Kiddies Fiesta and educational projects," Mrs. Hatcher stated.


Club Events