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We thank all the families that have attended movies in the park - we hope that you enjoyed our showings as much as we have.
Our last showing will take place on Friday August 28 and movies start just when the sun starts coming down (8:30ish). For more information please go to the Movies in the Park website (http://www.rotarymovienights.com/).
Annual club BBQ at Peter and June Newhouse.
We got to spend some time with our members, significant others and friends. Some of the event photos are shown below:

The Master Chef - Scott Newhouse

Mike Garvie being presented with his Paul Harris award by Chris Chorlton and Fred Durdan.
Movies in the park is back this year, please stay tuned to our movie showings within the following weeks.
We were extremely happy to receive five Camp Enterprise students and four Rotary Scholarship Recipients at our last meeting.
Camp Enterprise started in Canada in 1976, by the Youth Service Committee of the Rotary Club of Toronto, Camp Enterprise is a 3-1/2 day program for high school students. The program consists of a series of panels, presentations and discussions on the subjects of business and the free enterprise system where students can interact with business professionals. For more information please log on to http://campenterprise.ca.
The Camp Enterprise students shared with us on how those three and a half days changed their future career choices, as this experience provided them with a "taste" on how a business is run, how to create a business plan, how to sell a product, among others. It was amazing to hear their experiences, which included on how they were introduced into negotiating, where they were split into groups with other students they had never met before - one student even said that she now understand why union negotiations take so long to resolve. They shared their team working experience, and how they were happy to be mentored by top notch Canadian Businessmen.
A student even said that she felt like she was in Dragons Den at some point!
In addition to that, we were happy to hear that our Rotary Scholarship Recipients have had great successes in their  undergraduate studies, and how they continue to strive in their chosen career paths. The stories they shared with us were amazing, such as: the student who thought he would end up in the liberal arts stream and ended up studying Math and Science at McGill University; or the student that struggled in learning how to cook; or the one that studies in the US and is involved in some top notch medical research.
We congratulate all these students, and we are happy that they can continue to do great things in their personal life, as well as them becoming great additions to the community.
We had the honor to receive David Gibo, Professor Emeritus at the Unibersity of Toronto - Biology department.
His presentation covered the yearly migration cycles of Monarch Butterflies from North to South America. The following story summarizes their yearly Odyssey for warmer climate and abundant food:

"...Each year in Mississauga in late summer we are privileged to witness the first stage of an amazing phenomenon, the annual long-distance migration of Monarch Butterflies. The last summer generation of these large orange and black butterflies emerges from their pupae, forgo breeding, and set out on the long journey to a small group of overwintering sites located in coniferous forests high in the mountains of central Mexico.

They fly though our yards, through intersections while we wait for the light to change and when conditions are right, they sail a kilometer or more overhead, riding the wind out of sight and unnoticed until they float down in late afternoon to feed at flowers and then cluster together in their hundreds or thousands in groves of trees, particularly trees located long the lakeshore.

Juliana was our 50/50 winner with over $600.00, half of it which shall go to Rotary charitable work - all donations came from our members.
We thank Karen Ras for taking her time in presenting all her work as a Councilor, her day-to-day tasks and all the ongoing projects she has in the Mississauga area. 
Please click on "read more" below for more details about Karen.
We celebrated our annual Christmas dinner at the Waterside Inn, located in Port Credit.
We were delighted to welcome the Cawthra Seconday School Girls Choir, which turned this evening into a magical moment. A video will be uploaded within the next days showing their amazing talent.
More photos of the event can be found in our photo album.

Our club was pleased to fondly welcome Armagh House at our meeting.
Armagh house is a "first of its class" Second-stage , or transitional housing, that provides support for women who have left abusive relationships, helping them make plans for independent living.
We have been actively supporting Armagh House over the years, wether it is with supplies, room renovations, among others. For more information visit www.armaghhouse.ca.
We thank Norman, our speaker, for taking his time to share with us information regarding Alzheimer disease and how music can have a great positive response on people suffering from this condition. We also thank the Region of Peel Alzheimer Society on providing us with in depth information on how Alzheimer is affecting almost one million Canadians; its toll on public spending; and the local services this Society provides to improve the life of Alzheimer patients. 
Their presentation focused on the impact that music brings to Alzheimer patients, how this enlightens their lives and how music may also become a "drug-free" treatment. For more information on Alzheimer and the "Alive Inside" initiative to address Alzheimer through music, please read below.
The "Alive Inside" movement was originally a short video clip about Alzheimer patients positive response to music. This clip has now transcended and become a full movie with the same name. The “Alive Inside” movie won the Audience Appreciation award for a documentary at the most recent Sundance Film festival. If you are interested in viewing a short 7 minute clip related to this video and how music can greatly improve the quality of life of Alzheimer patients, please click here to be directed.


Our Meeting on November 11 at Solstice has been canceled in lieu of a concert to be held at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, commencing at 7:00 p.m. The concert details are the following:

This concert will feature a repertoire of music themed around the era of World War One. We welcome The Band of The Royal Regiment of Canada and The Mississauga Symphony Orchestra with guest soloists, speakers and special guests. Attendees will also be invited to take part in the recitation of the celebrated poem “In Flanders Fields” written by WW1 Canadian solider, John McCrae, MD. The band and the symphony will each perform separately and culminate with a performance of “The Maple Leaf Forever”.

(In collaboration with Heritage Mississauga, photos of WW1 veterans from Mississauga will be provided.)



Raise a glass or two – to Rotary wine

Mississauga News Oct 22, 2014
Original story as per link below:

MISSISSAUGA – Never let it be said that the good folks at the Mississauga Lakeshore Rotary Club lack imagination. In fact, they’ve got loads of it.

Thinking outside the box, they recently launched an exclusive branded wine – a first for Rotarians in Canada and perhaps the world (and there are some 32,000 clubs in more than 200 countries!).

The story began 18 months ago when it occurred to former president Dick Chataway that if the local LCBO store manager could be convinced to carry a bottle of Rotary-labelled wine, the club might be able to earn a few dollars for its charitable activities.

That they were entirely lacking in knowledge or expertise in the field of wine didn’t appear to faze them.

Early on, the decision was made to work with a domestic winery and not import wine; the past few decades, they knew, have proved that in select pockets of Ontario, the climate and geography lend themselves to growing European grape varieties that makes possible the production of world-class wines.

Still, any successful project requires a bit of luck.

“In our case, we ‘lucked in’ when we met Paul and Michèle Bosc from the pioneering Bosc family who own and operate Château des Charmes in Niagara-on-the-Lake,” says Chris Chorlton, self-described as Chataway’s “No. 2 man” and chair of the club’s charitable foundation. “Although admittedly skeptical initially, they agreed to work with us to provide industry knowledge and to recommend appropriate wines when, and if, we were ready.”

We are pleased to announce our newest member David Schirmer who received his Rotarian pin from sponsor Chris Chorlton with Membership Chair, Liz Dudran.
We are looking forward to work with David and we truly believe his expertise and spirits will help us achieve great things in our club!!!!!!!!

1951 is here!
Official Celebration of the First Rotary Wine in Canada!

On September 9th we celebrated our newest honourary member: Allan Pleasance. After 40 years in Rotary, Allan joins our elite crew of honourary members who have emobodied the values of Rotary for decades. Congratulations Allan, we look forward to many more years of service with you.

Welcome to our newest member Jose! What a fantastic way to begin our Rotary year. Jose was joined by his wife Maria and welcomed by our new president Anil and Liz. 
Tonight we welcomed our new president Anil Anand.
A big thank you to our past president Dick Chataway for leading us through a very busy year - bringing life to our new and innovative wine project, first year of the Internet Auction, and many charitable activities, including a new suite for Armagh House and the joint international project with the other Mississauga Rotary Club. Wow – what a year.

Anil brought in our new Rotary year with a thoughtful presentation of who we are and where we fit in the Rotary International family. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead! 
Wonderful news - LCBO has confirmed that "Rotary 1951" wine has been selected for the WINES TO WATCH program.  Initial purchase orders have been received for 112 cases of "1951 Cabernet-Merlot,  VQA 2011; and, for 112 cases of "1951 Unoaked Chardonnay, VQA 2012".  This wine will be available for sale, for a minimum of 6 months, through 60 LCBO stores effective October 15, 2014. 
Also, "Rotary 1951" was featured at the District 7080 Changeover and Awards dinner, held on Wed. Jun.25, 2014 at the Hanlon Convention Centre in Guelph.  Also, on Jun.25, our first order for 2 cases of red and 2 cases of white wine was delivered to the home of Cam Bogren, President of Streetsville Rotary.  Yeah, Cam!
......'1951 is coming'.
Members learned  the "7 F's of Yoga" and some yoga moves from a passionate, local, entrepreneur (Joanne Heaney, owner of Port Credit Yoga).

Thank you Jodi and Jack for selecting, coordinating with, and delivering safely home, eight students from 4 high schools which attended a "learn about business", live-in, seminar on the UTM campus; held May 07 - May 10.  Other members of the club participated in the delivery of course content.  Thank you all.



Derek Peters will lead a team of club members to construct a much-needed, 2-bedroom suite for mothers with 4- 6 children





Warming up a cold night in Port Credit with music, warm cider and great friends! 

Lots of donations for compass - much needed in this cold. 

Thank you to all who joined us in the snow to celebrate the season and donate food to those in need. 

Bob, who joined our Club in 1989 and was Club president in 1992-93, gave us a resume of his Rotary activities from the time he first joined Rotary in Ottawa in 1969. Congratulations on 45 years Bob!
Fred has been a member of Rotary at two clubs from 1991 to 2012 before joining us this fall. He first joined in Vancouver and  was a member of the Toronto Club since moving to the area in 1994.. He has been in the Hotel management field since graduation from Ryerson and has a great deal of knowledge in this field in Canada and worldwide. He is now running his own consulting business. He lives in Port Credit and has been married to Brenda for over 25 years and has three children, Freddie, Jonathan and Emma. Welcome to the club Fred!

With Halloween just days away, we got a chance to show off our costumes. President Dick maintained his vacation attire (after just returning from a fantastic European vacation!), Liz and Fred showed off some authentic, custom-made African attire, and Shoreh our treasurer was looking devilishly good!


October 1st we got to meet little Emilia Cleland. Cupcakes and merriment for the club and the proud parents. Welcome to the world Emilia!




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