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We meet Mondays at 12:10 PM
The Community House
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Minutes of Meeting on December 1, 2014
Birmingham Rotary Club
Prepared by Doug Koschik
President Steve Volk called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm. John Westerheide gave the invocation.
Volunteers today included: Chris McLogan, luncheon tickets; Jim Conway, raffle tickets; Doug Koschik, bulletin editor; Mark Cooper, greeter; David Haugh, attendance.
Chuck Moss provided a two-minute update.  
Steve Wogaman delivered a fantastic rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner on the piano.  The Club sang lustily.
Charles Wickins performed sheriff duties.
The annual holiday party will take place on December 15.  Doug Koschik is planning the event. Bella Voce, a choral group from Detroit Country Day, will perform again, as they have for the past three years.  
Doug passed around a sign-up sheet.  Anybody interested in attending this event must sign up by Monday, December 8.  If you’re not able to sign up in person, send Doug an e-mail at  Tell him how many salmon entrees, beef kabob entrees, or cheese ravioli entrees you would like for your party. 
The holiday party is always a nice event.  It is a sit-down meal with a special menu.  Therefore, the cost is $20 for each member, as well as for each member’s guest.
Norma Jean Evans reported that the Rotary literacy project is moving ahead.  The first events will take place on Dec. 10 and 11.
John Mucha asked people to sign up for two-hour shifts ringing the bell for the Salvation Army on Dec. 13 and 20, in downtown Birmingham.
Pat Grady is coordinating the bottomless toy chest and the Tweener on Dec. 29.
Bill Roy encouraged people to sign up for the Hope Warming Center on Dec. 15, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Mark Cooper won the $28 daily raffle prize.  No one drew the winning card (ace of spades), so the raffle pot continues to grow. It stood at $311 on Dec. 1.
Bill Roy introduced the speaker—Steve Wogaman, President of the Chamber Music Society of Detroit.  Steve, who is a member of Birmingham Rotary, gave a highly entertaining talk about chamber music.
Welcome:  President Steven Volk
Invocation: Gene Tomlinson offered a special opening invocation in honor of Veterans Day tomorrow.  He told the story of Major John McCrae and the writing of “In Flanders Fields.”  The veterans in our meeting were asked to stand and we honored them with a rousing round of applause.
Our national anthem – The Star Spangled Banner – was beautifully lead by Sarah Rappaport
Meeting Volunteers:
Lunch tickets were sold by Betsy Reich
Raffle tickets were sold by Carol Marsh
Our Greeter was Norma Jean Evans
Attendance was taken by Jim Conley
The Sheriff was Linda Hatfield
The Host to our Speaker was John Mucha
Announcements and Upcoming Events:
  1. Wall Street Warriors – Ryan Reported that the stock challenge in the schools were “up”!
  2. Literacy Program & STEM Update:Norma Jean Evans reported that Birmingham and Troy Clubs are online to start in December with 2 programs in the Pontiac Schools.Please contact Norma Jean to volunteer.
  3. Hope Warming Center:Bill Roy reported that we are all set for serving on November 19th.If you wish to volunteer, please contact Bill.
  4. Rotary Jeopardy next Monday! – Chris Winans and Wendee Haugh have volunteered to by our club’s reps at this fun event.Birmingham is the host, so we will be meeting at The Community House as usual.
  5. Holiday Luncheon: This will be at The Community House on December 15th and the Detroit Country Day Choir will entertain us.Don’t miss it and be sure to bring guests.
Birthdays – Be sure to wish Marcia Wilkinson a happy birthday when you see her.
50/50 Raffle & Card Draw – Shirley Bryant won the 50/50 raffle (however, we all demand a re-draw since her husband, Chuck Gosh, drew the winning ticket!)  There is $239 in the card draw and the POT LIVES!!! 
Sheriff Linda Hatfield did a fine job of collecting in honor of our veterans.  However, it was reported that Frannie Greenebaum is at home recuperating from both a fall AND a car accident!  Please send her a get well card and wish her a speedy recovery!
Program:  Joe Bauman – Birmingham Rotary Club Endowment Fund
BRCEF Board President Joe Bauman opened the program by explaining that our club is fortunate to have a great Endowment Fund that has supported Local and Regional Partners as well as International giving. 
Molly Swart, BRCEF Secretary, read the minutes from the 10/24/2014 Board meeting.  She reminded us all that we are all invited to attend to attend BRCEF board meetings.  Joe Bauman, later in the meeting, told us that these meetings are held twice a day in October and May and also as needed.
Pat Grady, the BRCEF Treasurer, presented the year-end fiscal report and reported that he prepared and submitted Form 990 for the Endowment Fund.
Joe Bauman reported that we should be proud that our club, through the Endowment Fund, contributed $9,000 the a clean water well project in Uganda making it possible for clean, fresh water for more than 3,000 people
The meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Christine Winans

this year's tweener is on december 29, at noon at dick o'dow's. feel free to bring spouses, friends or relatives. if you wish to participate in the optional gift/bottle exchange, bring a wrapped gift/bottle in the $20-$25 range. hope to see you there!

13 Rotarians had a nice lunch today at The Bird and the Bread, in lieu of our regular meeting. Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Birmingham Rotary Club
Monday Meeting, October 27, 2014
Welcome: President Steve Volk
Pledge of Alliegance
Opening Song: “You’re A Grand Old Flag!”
Invocation: Liz Smith Yeats, District Governor, 6400.
Guests and Vising Rotarians:
Guest of Charles Wickins: Margret Trimmer Hartley, from University Prep Schools
Visiting Rotarian: Maury Dubin from the Berkley Club, who is almost a BHam member himself!
Meeting Volunteers:
Host to Guest Speaker:                   The bilious Mark Cooper
Lunch Tickets: The fiscally prudent Ryan Quinn
Attendance: Charles Wickins. Need I say more?
Raffle Tickets: The entrepreneurial George Henry
Sheriff: The “Real McCoy:”  Linda Hatfield
Bulletin Editor: the literary lion, Chuck Moss.
We saw a video message from Our President: Gary C.K. Huang
Announcements and Upcoming Events:
1. Hope Warming Centers. 10-23-14. George Henry Recap – good work
2. 90th Anniversary. Ahmet Karaca earned many accolades for his wonderful job making this event so successful!
3. Report from George Stern on the Rotary Detroit flood clean up. Well done, everyone!
4. Rotary Jeopardy. We are hosting the event on November 17th, here at the Community House.
5. Holiday Lunch with the DCD choir.
6. Maury Dubin of the Berkley Club announced their Pancack breakfast, November 8th, 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM, at the Berkley High School cafeteria. Tickets $6/adults, $3/kids.
50/50 Raffle, won by Sarah Rappaport.
The Card Draw: George Stern, Doug Koschek, and Shirley Bryant all drew cards, but no luck! Pot liveth.
Sheriff: The lovely and talented Linda Hatfield collected much money for her stern no-nonsense attitude toward law enforcement.
Program: Julie Nagle from Humble Design, a fine program to get folks set up in home and apartment living. It costs about $2,500 per family, and she is looking for sponsors. A very worthy cause.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted: Chuck Moss

October 20th Meeting
Posted by Doug Koschik on Oct. 27, 2014
October 20, 2014                 
Birmingham Rotary Club
President Steve Volk called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm. Chuck Moss gave the invocation. Bob Gualdoni led everyone in singing God Bless America. Guests were introduced, including one who is intending to join the Club.
Volunteers today included: John Mucha, luncheon tickets; Norma Jean Evans, raffle tickets; Doug Koschik, bulletin editor; Alicia Green, greeter; Marcia Wilkinson, attendance.
Mark Cooper provided a two-minute update on the light and energy market.  
Charles Wickins performed sheriff duties.
The Endowment Board approved $5,000 of the $8,900 needed for Jim’s STEM project.
The Endowment Board approved funding of a literacy project at an elementary school in Pontiac.  Norma Jean Evans and Dave Underdown are spearheading that project.
Birmingham Rotary serves food twice a month at the Hope Warming Center.
The Club is looking forward to the 90th anniversary party on October 24, which is being expertly planned by Ahmet.  At the event, an $11,000 check will be donated to Rotary International.
Dave Palmer sold squares for a Paul Harris Fellowship raffle, to be held at the 90th anniversary party.
The cleaning of Detroit houses damaged by the August flood will take place on October 25.  George Stern is coordinating that event.
On November 17 Birmingham Rotary will host Rotary Jeopardy.
The annual holiday party will take place on December 15.  Doug Koschik is planning that event.
Charles Wickins won the $20 daily raffle prize.  No one drew the winning card (ace of spades), so the raffle pot continues to grow. It stood at $184 on Oct. 20.
The scheduled speaker had canceled.  Instead, we watched a video update on Rotary’s efforts to wipe out polio.  Chuck Bryant answered technology questions.  Then we watched a video about the Rotary Foundation.
We ended up with a rousing rendition of Smiles.

Rotary Minutes
October 6, 2014
President Steve opened the meeting at 12:15p with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Bob Gualdoni led the Club in singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag”.  Joe Bauman led the club in reciting the Four Way Test.   Norma Jean Evans gave the invocation.  Tom Post, who has been missing for many moons, and who just had both knees replaced, was given a hearty welcome as were the wives of Bob Swanson and Ed Aswan.  Chuck Gosh, husband of Shirley Bryant, announced that he has made application to join the Club.  Wendee Haugh introduced Francisco (Fran) Mestre, this year’s exchange student from Denia, Spain.  He is attending Groves High School.
Ahmet Karaca sold luncheon tickets.   Ryan Quinn sold raffle tickets (Shirley Bryant won the daily pot of $13 but no one could extract the Ace of Spades).  Gene Tomlinson greeted and Chris Mclogan took attendance.  Charles Wickins acted as Sheriff.
Ahmet Karaca reminded everyone to Save the Date – October 24th for the Club’s 90th Anniversary celebration at the BAC.  Charles Wickins reported that the golf outing was highly successful with 40 golfers.  Ryan Quinn and his team won with an astounding 7-under par.  Pat Grady thanked those who helped clean up Maple Road.  George Stern announced that 10 people have signed up to work on October 25th to help flood relief victims in Detroit clean their homes.  The group will gather at 7:15a at 13 Mile Rd and Woodward Ave.; then proceed to the Woods Church on 13 Mile just east of Schoenherr.
Joe Valentine, Birmingham City Manager, was inducted to Club membership by President Steve.  Joe was sponsored by Marcia Wilkinson.  It was noted that the Club has missed having the City Manager as a member.  It has been many years since Bob Kenning held that post.  Cris Braun, newly appointed Executive Director, BASCC, who was in attendance today, was encouraged to become a member too. 
The Club, led by Tom Post sang Smiles.  Charles Wickins acted as Sheriff.
President Steve introduced Ad Aswan, a former member of the Birmingham Rotary Club and now a member of the Claremont, California Club.  Born in Lebanon, he is Professor Emeritus at University of Michigan, Dearborn.  Ed started his talk by explaining the geography and demographics of the Middle East.  He explained that 80% of the 350 Arabic speaking million population is Sunni Muslim, 10% Shia.  He said beheadings are not the cause of strife in the area; there are deeper root causes: extreme income disparity, a 7-year draught which has caused massive migration from rural to urban areas, high population growth, 40% unemployment, and government corruption and totalitarianism.  Much of the latter problem derives from colonialism after World War I and failed attempts at Socialism. 
Syria has suffered the destruction of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, its three largest cities.  190,000 people have died and 500,000 wounded.  Six million are homeless.  There are two million refugees and four million displaced persons.  Syria is in chaos.  Ad’s hope is that Assad will be given asylum in some country; that Syria will be run by a consortium of the United States, Russia and Iran.  But if Iran develops a nuclear weapon and Israel attacks, all chances for peace are gone.
The meeting adjourned at 1:15p.
Respectfully submitted,
George Stern

September 22, 2014                  Birmingham Rotary Club
President Steven called the meeting to order.
He gave the invocation and introduced our guests.
Sara Rappaport sang God Bless America beautifully.  
Volunteers today included: Joe Bauman as the host to the guest speaker; Linda Hatfield, luncheon tickets; Bill Roy, Raffle tickets; Alicia Green, Bulletin editor; Greeter, Mark Cooper; Attendance, George Henry;
2 Minute Update:  Mark Anderson
David Underdown performed sheriff duties with many mentions to Bob Kenning’s birthday and the great job that John Mucha did with the District Rotary Detroit Zoo event.
Announcements and upcoming events included: a reminder about the Annual Golf Outing at Lincoln Hills on September 29th and the 90th Anniversary Party at the Birmingham Athletic Club on October 24th.  Everyone needs to RSVP as soon as possible.  We sang Happy Birthday to Bob Kenning; Marcia Wilkinson won the 50/50 raffle and no one drew the winning card so the raffle pot continues to grow.   John recapped our volunteer morning at Gleaners Food Bank on September 20th and the Rotary at the Zoo event on September 21st  where we raised $9000 for polio.   
The Gates Foundation will match our contributions and then some.   
Our club had a significant share of the fundraising and participation with Joe Bauman and his team winning some of the awards for fundraising.
Joe Bauman introduced our speaker District Governor Don Riddell.   
Don spoke about the Personal Footprints and Rotary Footprints that we will make in the upcoming years.  
With each footprint we Light Up Rotary.  
Rotary International has 1.2 million members and we will continue to end polio. 
George Hedgespeth has 3 goals and Don added a 4th goal:
  1. Grow membership and gain diversity and engagement;
  2. Every club participate in a literacy project;
  3. Increase awareness of and participation in the Rotary Foundation with a goal of $225,000;
  4. Don’s goal is for all of us to be more like George Hedgespeth – Listen, Listen & Listen somemore;   Achieve peace through service. 

September 15, 2014                  Birmingham Rotary Club
President Steven called the meeting to order at 12:05 pm. Chuck Moss gave the invocation and Steven introduced our guests.
Sara Rappaport sang God Bless America beautifully.  
Volunteers today included: John Schrot as the host to the guest speaker; Bob Gualdoni, luncheon tickets; Jim Conley, Raffle tickets; Alicia Green, Bulletin editor; Greeter, Joe Bauman; Attendance, Linda Hatfield;
2 Minute Update:  Dan Nerad.   The Birmingham Public Schools new school year has begun with ongoing concentration on Global Skills, character development as well as ethical leadership skills.
Pat Grady performed sheriff duties.
President Steven Volk presented a letter of endorsement for the World War II Memorial to Russell Levine, VP of the WWII Memorial.  
Joe Bauman discussed the 90-90 Program and George Hedgespeth’s Literacy Fund project; Please turn in your $90 donation to Joe or David Palmer for Rotary International to help eradicate polio in honor of our 90th anniversary.
Announcements and upcoming events included: a reminder about our volunteer morning at Gleaners Food Bank on September 20th; the Rotary at the Zoo event on September 21st; the Annual Golf Outing at Lincoln Hills on September 29th and the 90th Anniversary Party at the Birmingham Athletic Club on October
24th.We sang Happy Birthday to Ken one of our newer members; Shirley Bryant won the 50/50 raffle and no one drew the winning card so the raffle pot continues to grow. 
 John Schrot introduced our speaker Judge Michael Warren.   Judge Warren spoke about the creation of Patriot Week which is Sept. 10-17th.  He dedicates himself to renewing the spirit of America and preserving our liberty: “America can only survive as a free republic if its people know, honor, and respect our founding First Principles and history.” Judge Warren remarked. “Patriot Week is an instrumental way of renewing America by celebrating our First Principles, our Founding Fathers and other Patriots, key documents and speeches, and flags of America.”    He is the author of America’s Survival Guide, How to Stop America’s Impending Suicide by Reclaiming Our First Principles. 


September 8, 2014                  Birmingham Rotary Club



President Steve called the meeting to order at 12:05 pm. and after the Pledge of Allegiance and recitation of the Four-Way Test, Bob Gualdoni led us in singing “Grand Ole’ Flag,” A thoughtful invocation was given by Chris McLogan. Steve introduced guests among which were the president of Troy Rotary and Joe Valentine, Birmingham City Manager,.


Volunteers today included Sarah Rappapor as the host to the guest speaker, Alicia Green, luncheon tickets, George Stern, Raffle tickets, Shirley Bryant, Bulletin editor, Greeter, Mark Anderson, Attendance, Bryan Frank and Sheriff, David Underdown.


Steve showed us an inspirational video featuring the Rotary International President for 2014-2015, Gary C.K, Huang from Taiwan. President Huang reminded us that Rotary is like family.


Chris McLogan presented attendance awards. Many Rotarians had perfect attendance for 1 - 4 years, but Pat Grady, Linda Hatfield, and David Underdown had six years, Mark Andersoni and Rich Shapack, eight years, Joe Bauman, nine years, Peter Kreher, ten years, John Mucham, twelve years, George Stern, thirteen years and Bob Swanson, fifty four years! Jack Benish now has perfect attendance for 58 years.


Announcements and upcoming events included the introduction of our exchange student Fran Mestre who is from the city of Denia, in Valencia, Spain; a reminder about our volunteer morning at Gleaners Food Bank on September 20th; the Rotary at the Zoo event on September 21st; the Annual Golf Outing at Lincoln Hills on September 29th and the 90th Anniversary Party at the Birmingham Athletic Club on October 24th.


Rotary Day at the Zoo:  Birmingham Rotary has six teams that will compete in the scavenger hunt (along with teams from other clubs) to raise money to eradicate polio. Please give your checks of support to the team leaders payable to Rotary District 6380 with “Zoo Day” in the memo. These donations count as Paul Harris Points.

Team Leaders and team names are:


Dick Halstead             Halstead’s Animals

Chris Winans              Winans Winners

Nave’ Grewal              Little Rascals

Joe Bauman                 Birmingham Polio Busters

Steve Volk                   Vulcan’s Clan

Linda Hatfield             Polio Police


This project was part of George Hedgespeth’s vision of district Rotary Clubs coming together to work on a joint project. Please participate so we can make this project successful. The event begins at 10 am at the Detroit Zoo, Sunday, September 21st.


We were reminded by Joe Bauman to turn in our minimum $90 donation to Rotary International to help eradicate polio in honor of our 90th anniversary. Only about one third of club members have done this so far.


President Steve Volk inducted two new members to the Birmingham Rotary Club; Regan Gilshire and Ken Gass. Please give them an enthusiastic welcome to Rotary.


We sang Happy Birthday to our new treasurer Nave’ Grewal, and no one drew the winning card so the raffle pot continues to grow. Dave Underdown performed sheriff duties collecting a healthy pile of fines for the coffers.




Sara Rappapor introduced our speaker Lisa Kelly, who is the 4-H Tech Wizards Program Coordinator for Michigan State University Extension. Her work is in youth development and mentoring. Lisa thanked Rotarians because she was a former recipient of a Rotary scholarship.


Lisa spoke to us about the importance of adults mentoring youth and challenged and encouraged us to become involved as mentors. It would require spending a couple of hours per week with a student. Students are from Anderson Middle School in Berkley or Pontiac Schools. Most students need help with the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math).


Submitted by Shirley J. Bryant

Bulletin Editor




Information and material regarding the Rotary Day at the Zoo on Sunday September 21st, is now available for distribution.

Click the link above or copy and paste it into a web browser to select Zoo 2014

or click HERE to access the Zoo Rotary Day page and download the flyer, card, postcards and Scavenger Hunt Challenger information.


George's Memorial Service

July  26, 2014

10:30 a.m.


All Saints' Episcopal Church

171 W. Pike Street

Pontiac, Michigan 48098




Family Hour -

All Saints' Episcopal Church ( same address)

July 25, 2014

6: p.m. - 7:30 p.m.


The family has requested that In lieu of Flowers Memorial Donations  are sent to :


Office of Philanthropy

1 Ford Place Suite 5A

Detroit, Michigan 48202

Please make checks payable to Henry Ford Health Systems and note George Hedgespeth in the memo line.


Funds received a re designated for use by  the Heart Transplant Patient Emergency Needs Fund .



The George Hedgespeth Scholarship Fund

Lincoln University

Office of Institutional Advancement

PO Box 179

Lincoln University, PA 19352-0999



It is with a heavy heart that we announce that our fellow Rotarian and District Governor, George Hedgespeth passed away on July 3, 2014.  His commitment, dedication and love for Rotary and Service Above Self will forever live in our hearts.  We miss you, George.



Our newest member was inducted at yesterday's meeting ~ Sarah Rappaport!  She is the singer in the band "Collision Six" and also runs The Tutoring Center in Birmingham.  Welcome Sarah!



Dave recapped his year as President - Congrats Dave on a job well done!



Dave Zimmer: Paul Harris + 7
Linda Hatfield: Paul Harris + 1
Joe Bauman: Paul Harris + 3
Molly Swart: Paul Harris + 2
John Westerheide: Paul Harris + 1
Mark Anderson: Paul Harris + 3




Welcome Caitlin Falenski, Ron Ezell, Nave Grewal & Alicia Green!!



CONGRATULATIONS TO CALLA!!  What an impressive photo!



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