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2014-15 RI Theme



Rotaract award winners celebrated for their life-changing projects
The village of Kumbharwadi is one of many in a drought-prone region near Mumbai, India. Until recently, its residents had access to only one well with drinkable water. During the summer months, the well runs dry, and the women and girls of the village travel three to four hours a day to search for water. Enter Project Boond, undertaken by a Rotaract club, a Rotary club, and the Watershed Organization Trust to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities in Kumbharwadi. Nikunj Pherwani, 2013-14 president of the Rotaract Club of Hassaram Rijhumal College of Commerce and Economics in...
Young writers get published with the help of Rotary
In Jamaica, 11-year-old Jordan Allwood reads his classmates a story about a lonely puppy who finds a new family. The puppy grows into a big dog, enjoys walks along the beach, and survives a frightening autumn day when he is caught in a trap before being rescued by his family. Jordan's story is one of hundreds that were written by children ages 7-11 for a writing contest organized by the Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean 7020 and supported by clubs in 10 Caribbean nations. The best stories, including Jordan's, were published in "The Butterfly StoryBook," produced by the club and sold through...
Clubs breaking down barriers to clean water in Ghana
When Marty Hatala, a member of the Rotary Club of Boaz, Alabama, first traveled to Ghana in 2010 to volunteer at a local orphanage, she saw how local communities struggled to find clean water. Though at least 80 percent of the country's population has access to improved water sources, according to UNICEF, 5 million Ghanaians still use water from unsafe sources. That leaves a significant part of the country's population susceptible to a range of diseases. Worldwide, one out of every five deaths among those under the age of five is caused by water-related diseases. Hatala's experiences in Ghana...
Secrets of a successful crowdsourcing campaign
In case you haven't heard, a man raised nearly $60,000 to make potato salad as a spoof on a popular fundraising site. If he can do that, a campaign to raise money for feeding hungry children or building a school in a war-torn country should be a snap, right? Wrong. The Internet is littered with humanitarians struggling to raise the money and gather the resources for projects that could make a positive impact in the world. So, what is the secret to a successful crowdsourcing campaign? It's simple, really: make it easy to give. Here are some ways you can make it easy for supporters to back your...
Rotary supports WHO director-general’s public health emergency for polio
In May, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the international spread of polio a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), and issued a set of recommendations to all polio-impacted countries. On 31 July, the situation was reassessed and the Director-General has declared polio remains a public health emergency. Several factors played into this decision, including: Both Pakistan and Equatorial Guinea have exported the virus internationally since May. Polio thrives in areas compromised by conflict. The unfortunate reality is that there are...

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lebanon

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lebanon


Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Harvest Hill (behind Alice Peck Day Hospital)
125 Mascoma Street
Dwinell Room
Lebanon, NH  03766
United States
District Site
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SPOKE for 14 August 2014
Call to order by President Garlan at 12:15 with a rousing rendition of R-O-T-A-R-Y. After the Pledge of Allegiance and patriotic song, "America the Beautiful," Rich Wallace offered the invocation.
Lunch was delicious.  Thanks to John Y. for suggesting adding the spaghetti sauce to the meatloaf to simulate a giant flat meatball.
Economics Quiz: None this week, but we learned some stats about the Gross Debt and other happy topics.
Visiting Rotarians: Ed "Raj" Rajsteter, Lebanon Riverside Club and Director of Headrest.
Guests: Westin's lovely wife, Shana, plus their two children waiting to meet the world.
            (Editor's Note: Welcome to Jackson and Parker, born the very next day!)
Draw: Phase I won by Secretary Steve W. himself, Phase II lost with the wrong card.
Don't Fence Me In led by songleader, Past President Jon.
John Y. and Steve U. discussed the new incentive program for Auction solicitations—for every report from a business (whether you get a donation or not), you receive one Fun Dollar. For every business donating, you receive two Fun Dollars.  Fun Dollars may then be used toward a ticket to the event itself, or toward a Silent Auction item.
John Y. reminded everyone to let Jane know of ALL donations pledged, mailed, or collected so far so they may be entered into the database. Also, ALL items must be turned in to Jane soon for pictures, validation, tagging, etc.  As soon as possible!
Garlan reported that Paul Shannon's memorial service the previous Saturday was a very nice tribute and reminded us that donations in his name can be made to the Lebanon Rotary Club.
Reminder about the Lake Sunapee Boat Cruise on August 20th.
Reminder about the Fisher Cats baseball game on August 23rd; $12 per ticket (send to Bruce P.) and take your own car.  The Fisher Cats (a Toronto Blue Jay's farm team) will be playing the Red Sox AA team, the Portland Red Sox. Our own District Governor Bruce's singing group, the North Country Chordsman, will be singing the National Anthem.  $4 of every ticket will be contributed to Polio Plus.
Paul T. distributed packets containing 5 Auction tickets to all members.  Money MUST BE TURNED IN by September 27th.
Willie K. spoke about Rotary conception in 1905, and how Paul Harris became its first president in 1910.  Current requirements to become an RI president include a year as club president, a year as district governor, and a year as a member of the trustees. Paul Harris was the only RI president to serve twice.
Ernst's picture finally made the front page of something: the newsletter for the Upper Valley Ship Modeler's Guild.  He was even referred to as one of "Three Handsome Dudes"!
Steve U. bragged about his daughter's YouTube video "Dunk for ALS" to raise money for that worthy cause.
            (Editor's Note: According to ESPN, ALS donations are up over 400%!)
The Martian paid $5 for finally completing his Eludium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, but then wasn't certain if it passed the 4-Way Test.  (This is a check to see if people are really reading...)
Suellen introduced our guest speaker, Ricardo St. Hilaire, a criminal justice attorney. His bio can be read here:
Detailed information about the Knights of Columbus may be found at their website,
Highlights from the presentation:
  • A Catholic organization founded by Father Michael McGiveryly in New Haven Connecticut.
  • Brotherhood organization but has affiliated service organizations for women.
  • There are 2,000,000 K of C members world-wide.
  • There are over 16,000 councils (as opposed to "club"), then newest one in South Korea.
  • K of C provides financial and volunteer service to everyone, especially veterans.
  • Last year in the U.S., K of C dontated $170,000,000 and 70,500,000 hours volunteer work.
  • Known for their "feathery hats and capes."
Don M. let us in the 4-Way Test as we adjourned.

Called to order by: Garlan Hoskin
 Opening Song: ROTARY
 Patriotic Song: My Country Tis of Thee
 Invocation: Garlan Hoskin
 Song Leader: Jane Mason     Song: Home on the Range
 Visiting Rotarians:
 Raffle: Paul Tierney guesses Club Secretary Steve Whitman's economic question correctly to pick ticket.  Bill Babineau unable to find Queen of Hearts.
 Ernst reminded members who were working on the River cleanup project to meet at the Skate Park in West Lebanon (where breakfast is being served by the Hanover Rotary Club).  Volunteers will be assigned areas for cleanup at that time.  Volunteers meet at CCB for post cleanup lunch. 
Garlan reminded members that our next meeting is being held at Garlan's home (President's BBQ). 
Garlan also reminded those who have not done so to pay for the tickets associated with the 4th of July Pie event.
D.G. Bruce Pacht talked about the new banner which will reside in our Club throughout the year that Bruce serves as District Governor.
Bruce also spoke of his recent visits to various Clubs within the District.  He offered observations on the Rotary event he recently attended in CA, and mentioned an upcoming celebration (100 years?) by the Sherbrooke Rotary Club.
Betsey announced the gift to Jon Blodgett as a Thank You for all his efforts on behalf of the Club.
Garlan announced the resignation of Carla Skinner and Jay Hutchins.
Jennifer indicated that her daughter arrived safely in Sweden where she is visiting her grandparents.
Paul bragged about his daughter's wedding.
Rick bragged about recent outdoor recreation he shared with his son, and pre-announced the imminent arrival of his first granddaughter.
Rotary Minute: Steve Usle talked about the importance of teamwork (especially as related to the upcoming auction).
Speaker: Steve Usle and Jane Mason spoke briefly about the Auction.  As there was a computer glitch, Garlan is allocating a few minutes of the July 31 meeting to the Auction.

Please remember to let Ron Carr know of any planned absences!
Thursday, August 21, 2014
Bill Koppenheffer    Song Leader
Jon Blodgett           Invocation
Linda Copp             Rotary Minute
Jean Flaherty-Wulpern  Spoke
Ron Michaud           Greeter

This story, from Rotary Global History Fellowship, is available in full in Download Files on the front page of the web site: since it is 30 pages it is impractical to display it all here.
Well worth reading!!! Thanks to Bruce Pacht to providing this, altho any member can subscribe to these thru (hint...hint)

What a great gathering at LaValley's.  On the left side of our home page, you can check out the photos of the remarkable Prudent Living train.

Check them out! See photo albums on left side of page

These two auction forms have been placed into the Documents folder on the web site home page.
You may download as needed.
Thanks to Betsey Child for her outstanding contributions in making us look professional!!!



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