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Photo essay: Rotary past and present
This Membership Month, in celebration of over 100 years of service, we dug into the archives and found any number of parallels between today's Rotary and yesterday's. Though our world is constantly changing, this gallery reminds us how Rotary's core values have remained intact through the decades.
Rotary Peace Centers shape hundreds of careers in peace and conflict resolution
With bloody conflicts raging in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and parts of Central Africa, the message of nonviolence and reconciliation that nations worldwide will observe on 21 September demands more urgent and collective attention. In 2001 the United Nations designated the September date as an annual International Day of World Peace "to be observed as a day of global ceasefire and nonviolence" according to a General Assembly resolution. The day's devotion to peace connects closely with what Rotary members have been fostering since The Rotary Foundation's mission to advance world...
Illness leads former Navy code breaker to form world’s first Facebook-based Rotary club
When a life-threatening illness stripped away many of her professional ambitions, Amanda Wirtz, a former U.S. Navy code breaker and professional violinist, turned to humanitarian service and Facebook to give her life new purpose. Wirtz was in her twenties and pursuing a career as a fitness trainer when a sharp pain in her abdomen sent her to the emergency room. Expecting something manageable like appendicitis, she instead found herself facing a rare tumor disorder that required her to undergo 30 surgeries over the next several years. Forced to rethink her life plans, Wirtz began focusing on...
Tips to help your club find and nurture a Youth Exchange host family
With 12 children -- six girls and six boys -- the Labordes hardly needed to add another member to their family. But they did: Over 40 years ago, Julia Mullikin, a Rotary Youth Exchange student from the United States, became like another daughter to this large family in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico. "She's been a blessing for us," says Maria Victoria Hallal de Laborde who was 18 when Mullikin arrived in 1973. Like many exchange students, Mullikin remains close to her host family. So close that when one of Laborde's sisters was diagnosed with a rare, fatal disease, Mullikin arranged to send the...
Free vegetable gardens sprouting up around France
Imagine a community where the residents are all free to plant, grow, harvest, and eat healthy food whenever they want without having to pay for it. Sound too good to be true? That's exactly what residents of more than 20 cities and towns in France are doing through a project called Potalib. Launched by the Rotaract Club of Versailles, Potalib was inspired by the Incredible Edible project, an international food-sharing movement founded by Nick Green in England. The Rotaract members obtained Green's permission to apply the concept in France, changing the name to "Potalib," a contraction of "...

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lebanon

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lebanon


Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Harvest Hill (behind Alice Peck Day Hospital)
125 Mascoma Street
Dwinell Room
Lebanon, NH  03766
United States
District Site
Venue Map
Kevin was "the Boss" at this week's meeting, as President Garlan was away. And Ernst is back leading us in song. We welcomed former member Richard Wierwille who was visiting the area and he stepped in and gave us his blessings.
Nate Miller was the guest of Steve Whitman. Nate is the Executive Director of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission. This organization guides, coordinates and promotes sound economic growth and development of this region, and maintains and implements a comprehensive regional plan. Visit their website at: for more information.
Steve Whitman won the draw but not the still-elusive queen!
Steve Usle led us in an enthusiastic round of "Red River Valley".
The Rotary Minute took a Rotary Second as Kevin asked,"ˆ" What is this month?" Several members answered in unison - "Foundation Month!" Then he said, "What do you have to do?", Answer - "Pay $100!" . . . and that was the "Minute" in a nutshell.
John Yacavone, Auction Chair, reported on the progress of the days leading up to the Auction next Saturday ... handed out a few posters to put up ... gave us a pep talk and said things were going nicely, but that we needed to all finish our jobs!
Steve Usle reported on the successes of some of the Teams. The incentive program seemed to work, as many teams had reached the goal of either $2,000 or 15 items, and therefore, got to place the button on their specific teeth. You can see which teams have reached the goal by using the list on the right-hand side of the display. Many thanks, Steve, for this inventive incentive!
Our beloved member, Kathy Austin, is back in the hospital, having fallen recently. I just spoke with her briefly at DHMC. She said she probably was woozy due to some kind of infection, she therefore fell and sustained a lacerated head sporting three metal pieces; a broken bone in her upper arm, and broken ribs #s 3 & 4. She is NOT a happy camper at the moment. She is planning to go to APD on Monday if all goes well, and remain there to recuperate for about two weeks. Our own Dr. Ernst will be in charge once she gets to APD. She's pretty uncomfortable at this time so probably once she gets to APD we can check and see if she wants company. We all send our love and get well wishes, Kathy!!!
And our speaker this week was an amazing man, Gani D. Abazi, MD, MPH. He is one of Rotary's amazing success stories, to say the least! He has been a friend of Steve Whitman's for many years, and Steve brought him to speak with us. Thank you so much, Steve. It was an inspiring half-hour.
Accompanying Gani was Filloreta Gashi. For further information on this dear friend of his, please visit:
Those of you who were fortunate enough to have been there, might still be reeling from the effects of the presentation. I have never experienced our room be so quiet for so long. There was not a peep from anyone as this man was speaking of his experiences. It's difficult to put into words, but what you should know is that Rotary International is a far-larger and further-reaching entity than we can imagine. All of our efforts of work, support and funding to support this amazing organization are so well-worth it that you can't believe it.
You could just feel the passion, the joy, and hopefulness as he spoke about his experience in first learning about Rotary, being able to accomplish wonderful progress because of Rotary, and finally, having made such wonderful connections through Rotary, he wants to use his unique position to somehow effect positive changes in the world. Dr. Abazi said that this support was originally launched with the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship Program. He was the first Ambassador from Kosova.
I confess I was so caught up on the presentation that I forgot to write much down. But, I have gathered some information from a few sources to whet your appetite. Just google Gani S. Abazi, and learn more about this talented, unselfish man, who despite unspeakable circumstances in his life, has overcome much to be where he is today, and is on the road to helping people in a way none of us even can know at this point.
If you would please go to this website, it will tell you a more comprehensive story of his incredible journey:
Please also visit the Gift of Life site at: which starts out this way:
    "We are a Rotarian-based organization that over the past 4 decades has helped more than 17,000 children from emerging countries receive treatment for their heart disease.  These children have come from 67 different countries and otherwise would not have been treated. There are over 70 Gift of Life programs throughout the world. The majority of these programs are based in Rotary Clubs or Rotary Districts on 5 continents."
There is just so much to say, but the bottom line is that because of Rotary, a gifted, hopeful man has been granted the opportunity to do very good things in this world. He is hoping to spend a few years at DHMC continuing his experiences and training.
The final words of his presentation were these: "Rotary gathers people with very good hearts!" And he is ever so grateful. And we are very grateful for Gani.
Kevin closed the meeting with the Club saying the Four-Way Test.
P. S. Remember to visit the Lebanon Airport this Saturday from 10-5 and enjoy the Chamber's event of Wings and Wheels. Classic planes and autos, food, fun for all. Help celebrate Lebanon and the Airport. Rotary will have a booth there.

Over forty Kosovar children with congenital heart defects have been cured in hospitals in the USA, Israel, South Korea and Italy. The assistance is being provided by doctors, professors and American humanitarian activists, who have created a humanitarian corridor for the people of Kosova which provides help in the area of health and medical education needs.
A key person who has supported the majority of these projects is the Governor of Rotary International for Boston area, Klaus Hachfeld, as well as professors from Harvard University and its hospitals. The person that initiated those projects and serves as a liaison between the U.S. and Kosova, is a medical doctor from Kosova, Gani Abazi who has been associated with "Boston Children's Hospital," one of Harvard teaching hospitals.
Abazi said that this support was originally launched with the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship Program, then by establishing the program of Gift of Life for Kosova. Dr. Gani Abazi will speak to us on Thursday.

Called to order by: Pres Garlan       
Opening Song: ROTARY
Patriotic Song: My Country Tis of Thee
Invocation: Ron Carr
Song Leader: Bruce Pacht     Song: In the Good Old Summertime
Visiting Rotarians:  none
Jo Austine from The Kiely Agency
Jen Grant  Film showing at Woodstock on oral hygiene              
Ron M   update on Mike Weins
Paul T—son got married
Bruce P—the district governors work vey hard in India and their word is law
Don MacM---took his wife to Niagara Falls—her first time, no report on who he went on his other time
Rotary Minute:
Ron Carr—gave a rundown on activities of local rotary clubs
No speaker today—Steve W gave an introduction to the club committees and the use of Clubrunner.  The rest of the meeting was devoted to Committee meetings.
Submitted by: William Koppenheffer

Thursday, October 2, 2014
Betsey Child             Song Leader
Dan Affeldt                Rotary Minute
Forrest Cole             Spoke
Jim Shibles                Invocation
Steve Usle                 Greeter
Thursday, October 9, 2014
Betsey Child              Invocation
Jamie Whyte             Greeter
Jean Flaherty-Wulpern    Rotary Minute
Jim Shibles              Spoke
Suellen Griffin         Song Leader

These two auction forms have been placed into the Documents folder on the web site home page.
You may download as needed.
Thanks to Betsey Child for her outstanding contributions in making us look professional!!!


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