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Rotary Scholar’s unique ability in bringing clubs together
In a municipal hospital in Cubatão, Brazil, a new mammography machine funded by a Rotary global grant provides breast cancer screening to women who previously had to wait for weeks before they could get in for a checkup with a doctor. A Rotary global grant also funded training for medical staff and cancer awareness education for people in the community. Isis Mejias Carpio of Houston, studying at the University of São Paulo on a Rotary scholarship, played an instrumental role in bringing together Rotary clubs in two countries to make the grant possible. Members of the Rotary Club of Cubatão,...
Rick Burns’ thoughtful approach to Iraq and Afghanistan
Humanitarian Rick Burns, a retired civil affairs officer in the U.S. Army, has been helping people in the war-torn countries of Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003. He's seen a lot of good, but he's also seen what happens when good intentions go awry. Take the fertile grounds of Arghandab River Valley in Afghanistan, for example. Burns recalls an initiative to help fruit exporters become profitable again after the war. Cold storage facilities were built, but because no one considered the country's spotty electricity, the facilities ended up being too expensive to maintain. "We really want to make...
Pedaling coast-to-coast for a purpose
Keith Harris is pedaling for a purpose. At the tender age of 50, he's set out on an eight-week, 4,400-mile bike ride across the U.S. to raise $25,000 for The Rotary Foundation. He's also hoping to raise an additional $2,500 for Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where a few years ago he was treated for a life-threatening heart condition. "The trip is sort of my midlife crisis," he admits but it's not the first time he's pedaled across the country. He made the trek about 20 years ago, before he married his wife, Christina. Harris has been a Rotary member for 18 years. He's...
Blown away by the realities of human trafficking
At the age of 17, Jennifer was sleeping on the streets of Atlanta. She'd felt abandoned most of her life, unprotected from her brothers and her mother's boyfriends, who physically and sexually abused her since she was five. And now, kicked out of her house, Jennifer - whose last name is withheld for privacy - was alone and vulnerable. She was soon lured into sex trafficking and was unable to escape for two years. Then she found Covenant House. "Studies have shown that if a young person ends up on the street, within 48 hours someone is going to approach them with the intention of exploiting...
Drug wars, financial setbacks no match for Mexico clinic
About 300 miles south of Ciudad Juarez, one of Mexico's most dangerous cities, is the small town of Guerrero in central Chihuahua. The community is home to the Guerrero Clinic, which has weathered neighboring drug wars and financial setbacks to treat the poor since 1980. Walter Branson, a member of the Rotary Club of Brazosport, Texas, in the United States, has been involved with the clinic since 1983. Branson says the governor of Chihuahua credits the clinic with providing 60 percent of indigent care in the state. The drug wars in Mexico, which began in 2006, initially scared away U.S....

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lebanon

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Lebanon


Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Harvest Hill (behind Alice Peck Day Hospital)
125 Mascoma Street
Dwinell Room
Lebanon, NH  03766
United States
District Site
Venue Map
This story, from Rotary Global History Fellowship, is available in full in Download Files on the front page of the web site: since it is 30 pages it is impractical to display it all here.
Well worth reading!!! Thanks to Bruce Pacht to providing this, altho any member can subscribe to these thru (hint...hint)

Date: 7/10/2014         
Called to order by: Pres-Elect Kevin
Opening Song: R-O-T-A-R-Y
Patriotic Song: America the Beautiful
Invocation: John Yacavone
Song Leader: Betsey Child   Song: I’m Getting Married In The Morning (for Marion…unfortunately not here)
Visiting Rotarians:
None, altho Speaker Greg Lewis is a former Rotarian!
Raffle: Willie got the King of Diamonds
  1. President’s picnic July 24 at Garlan’s house
  2. Board of Directors meeting July 16
  3. Mascoma River cleanup July 19: there are 12 sections and we need leaders for each section. There will be a sign-up table at the farmers market. If you haven’t signed up as a volunteer, then you owe a fine: paid to Lorraine.
  4. Betsey commented that lunch for the cleanup will be from Mickey’s, which will provide wraps: water cookies and possibly a watermelon will also be provided.
  5. Please remember to turn him funds for Piscean tickets: again if you did not sell them, you still owe the money.
  6. Jane requested any donations that had been received should be given to her for inventory.
  7. Suellen noted A West Central Behavioral Health class for Mental Health First Aid will be held on July 25, 8 AM to 5 PM.
  1. Betsey noted, with tears in her eyes, that cloud nine is up for sale: does anyone need a project car?
  2. Paul Tierney noted that “Phantom Carol” and he had been married 38 years as of July 2.
  3. Ernst commented that a big tree fell down in his yard but fortunately missed anything important: he also has two ship models on display at Dartmouth Hitchcock.
Rotary Minute: Dennis spoke of all of the educational opportunities available in Rotary four leadership training
Speaker: Greg Lewis, city manager of Lebanon, was introduced by Ron Michaud.
Ron made a number of interesting comments about grades service in the military during the about: Greg was awarded two bronze stars and airmail, a presidential unit citation, and some other awards that your scribe missed. Greg also has managerial experience in municipalities much larger than Lebanon: he was in charge of a County containing 3 million residents.
Greg believes in pro active government, not reactive. He has a TV show on CATV, which reviews a city department in each shop.
He advocates for direct input to government: he wants to emphasize the LebAlert function, which will send bulletins to those sign-up informing of emergencies, public safety concerns and other matters of interest to residents and to persons employed in Lebanon. Anyone can sign up at
The city maintains a website at One of the features is AskLeb: users may ask questions, or leave comments through this option.
Greg provided a handout titled presentation of City of Lebanon Outcomes and Work Plan 2014 – 2016.
That handout is available on our website in the downloads section.
Greg has a constant central message, consisting of the following points
  • Infrastructure: Input from the Public Is Needed
  • Public Safety
  • People
He has implemented a Citizens Academy: there are 27 graduates from the current session: the goal is to have 30 graduates in each of the next three years.
He will have no meetings and City Hall: he scheduled meetings at locations that are appropriate to the purpose of the meeting. The goal is to include more people and have them on-site.
This is tied to a concept of Villages that he would like to maintain. He sees the definition of a Village as any particular group of people or businesses that have a common purpose.
There is also an economic development group, which is attempting to determine what is necessary for economic vitality. The book includes our own Paul Tierney, Paul Boucher, and Steve Whitman. They will be visiting Keene soon to review their development model.
Slayton Hill until repairs are out for bid, and are anticipated to be finished either by the end of the year or early next year.
The franchise with Comcast is under review, and has been for three years. The original franchise consisted of one page. The proposed franchise is approaching 50 pages. It seems he Comcast is having difficulty making decisions.
There are four union negotiations in progress this year. Greg is hoping for a standard platform to all four contracts. Three of the unions seem to be close to this platform, and the fourth is getting close.
Personnel policies will be written rewritten this year: a consultant will be brought in to assist in this process.
Hiring of a second in command for public works is close to being finalized.
Police and fire resources are doing a good job, but are strained.
The airport will also have a new master plan developed.
Human services department has changed their service delivery system, and is working closely with nonprofits.
The two libraries are very popular, and are 25% funded by public donations.
A Friends of Recreation organization is also being set up looking for similar donations.
CSO number nine (separation of water and sewer) will be finished this summer.
CSO number 10 will then be started. Both of these have leaned heavily on the capital improvements fund. When these projects are finished, the capital improvements fund began be utilized for other purposes.
A question from the floor asked about the situation with the Lebanon high school hirings.
Greg responded that the city manager has no authority over the schools: however he must work together school board to create a final city budget.
Additional information may be found at:
City of Lebanon:
Lebanon Citizen Academy:
New Lebanon Honors its Veterans Web Page:

Please remember to let Ron Carr know of any planned absences!
Thursday, July 17, 2014
Jane G. Mason         Song Leader
Steve Usle                Spoke
Linda Copp              Greeter
Rich Wallace             Invocation
Steve Usle                Rotary Minute
No meeting July 24: President's Picnic instead!!!
Thursday, July 31, 2014
Dennis G. Tobin      Spoke
Jane G. Mason        Invocation
Linda Copp             Rotary Minute
Rich Wallace            Greeter
Ron Michaud           Song Leader

What a great gathering at LaValley's.  On the left side of our home page, you can check out the photos of the remarkable Prudent Living train.

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