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Meeting Place:     Orchard United Methodist Church
Meeting Time:      Tuesday at 11:45 AM
       30450 Farmington Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48334
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Feb 23, 2016
Tera Shamey
Operation Common Good
Mar 08, 2016
George Heistch - FPS Superintendent
Update on The School District
February 2016
September 2015
Sep 11, 2015

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Don suggested we add a neat slide show (in PDF form) regarding a trip to Guatemala by RCAA,
Open House: welcome Rima Abou Mrad during her visit next week!
Rima was jointly sponsored by Rotary District 6380 and 6400, and that is why we ask you to share this information with those who know Rima! More information on our district web site.

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A very timely update about the organization, very near and dear to his heart, was given to the club by our own Bruce Carr.  Bruce has been very involved with the organization and over the last year +/- he has been instrumental in the relocation of the organization from Detroit to Southfield.  Reminding us all, informatively, of the originators of the organization and some of the history about the founders, a visual walk through of the facility and descriptions of the work that is done, mostly by volunteers, it gave us all a boost of our energy to utilize this tremendous asset to benefit the needy in the world, wherever that may take us.  But you can also benefit the local and state needs through programs that have been developed over the years.  Literally from infancy, thousands of needy people have benefited from the work of World Medical Relief.  You can learn more by coming to our club and letting Bruce know you are interested. Thank you Bruce.

This week Farmington Rotary members collected a whole bunch of books to support a local Rotary project called Little Free Libraries.
Little Free Libraries are essentially locally placed little boxes (some highly decorated) containing free books. Patrons can pick a book and then return that book and take another. Here is a link that better explains the project.
Tuesday October 6th was our clubs version of The Polio Story.
We had great speakers and videos and presentations all around Polio. We had speakers from our local Rotary district who gave us the background of Rotary's involvement in the Polio eradication. We had speakers from the Michigan Polio Network organization who gave us the perspective of those who contracted polio and still suffer from it's effects to this day.
Additionally the Polio Flame was here and was lit during the event.

Last week was an annual event at the church, Vacation Bible School, so we had no meeting place.  That forced us to relocate, or.....  At the request of President Phil, we were all asked to visit other clubs and do a make up meeting there sometime through the week.  It was reported that Mike and Bruce made up their meeting at Royal Oak.  They shared comments on that clubs activities and procedures.  President Phil and Mitch made up by attending a Lakes Area lunch meeting in Walled Lake.  PP Lynn made up at the Livonia morning club in Livonia, to meet Bob Carris and discuss the bullying and 4 way test programs.  Harold, Jan and Bob made up at the Dodge the Bucket activity at the Founder's Festival.  They "lucked out" because the truck broke down and the "bucket" never arrived.
Lynn shared an alumni story about a butterfly.  Artist Staci Miron is now in Florida, owner of an elder care company and still interested in art.  Best news is that Staci became a Rotarian in Pensicola this past spring.  You never know where our alumni will appear and serve above themselves.

Ellis Scholarship Recipients receive their award from Farmington Rotary.  From left, 
Beverly Ellis, Jathiya Williams, Zainab Bhindarwala, Melissa Krass and Rotary Club 
President Lynn Morgan.
A special Recognition Luncheon was today's program.  From left, Sarah Zalubas, Eleanor Gagner and Jackson Yee received recognition comments from Lynn Morgan, Rotary Club President at the club's Recognition Luncheon today.  This is the first annual contest for 8th grade students in the Farmington School District.  
"Mr. Rudy" will present an informational and inspiring program on bullying.  If you would, or if you know someone who would like to attend this lunch to get this information, please contact me immediately so we can have an accurate and adequate lunch provided.  The charge for visitors and guests will be $12.  Lunch is served at 11:45 and the program starts at noon, sharp.  We hope you will join us.  Please register with me by May 2, thank you.

So, who is John Sibelius you say.  Well, thanks to our program chair Bruce Carr and his many "friend" connections, Dave Sharpe presented us with the answer to the question.  John Sibelius was Findland's most famous export of composing talent in his time, and his work is still enjoyed by classical music enthusiasts around the world.  Our program presentation added photo journalistic impression of various locations, Farmington Hills Finnish Cultural Center on 8 Mile Rd among them plus National Parks including Yellowstone.  Spring flowers with Sibelius' orchestral background gave pleasurable sensory enjoyment throughout the program.  Alas, Farmington Rotary had a moment of classical awareness.  Thank you Bruce.  What will our next surprise be?

Dr. George Heitsch, Superintendant of Farmington Public Schools and Diane Bauman presented details about the state of the School District and the details of the proposed Bond Issue which is to be voted on in the April Election.  Changing population and enrollment in the district have declined over the last decade and the school buildings have grown older as well.  The funding is needed to maintain the high level of education that the community has come to expect and need in order to maintain the desireable position it has enjoyed.  Funds would be used to improve the condition of the educational environment to be up to date with the electronic world we live in as well as assuring graduates of being prepared to move into current employment types that are available in the community and world today.
A very interesting presentation, appreciated by all in attendance.


How does what I think, say or do impact others in a positive way.



At the Annual General Membership Meeting of the Greater Metropolitan Association of REALTORS, Lynn T. Morgan was awarded Recognition of REALTOR  Emeritus status.  Among several others who were given a similar award, the achievement of 40 years of dedicated service and to the profession of Real Estate is indicative of the commitment that Morgan carries in all of his professional and community endeavors.  This is also expressed in his involvement in Rotary, which he has also been a part of for over 40 years.  He has served in nearly all capacities available to an individual Rotarian in club leadership, district leadership and as an officer of Rotary International in 2002-2003 as District Governor, plus serving as the Rotary International President's Representative to a Rotary District in Kansas in 2013.    



An interesting presentation for the members present today.  The subject of contributing to the Rotary Foundation done in a couple of methods gains recognition for those contributions, both as individuals and as a club.  Our club has assured each individual be credited with contributions of $100 each year for several years.  That has met out criteria for EREY for those years.  It has also qualified each member as a sustaining member of the Rotary Foundation.  What may not have been known, is the club has also been recognized as a 100% EREY club as well as a 100% Sustaining Member Club.

Phil presented 2 Buck Chuck as a method of meeting with Governor George's announced goal of raising $225,000 for the Rotary Foundation from District 6380.  Using our club as an example, if each member would sign up for automatic payment, by credit card or bank withdrawal, monthly of $10, it would represent a contribution of $1920 for a year to the Rotary Foundation.  This would satisfy the EREY criteria and also would assure sustaining member status.  With 50 clubs in the district representing approximately 1800 Rotarians, this method would raise well over $200,000 of George's goal of $225,000 for this Rotary year.  Think about it, what a way to Light Up Rotary.