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It’s a sobering fact that in Yakima County, there are an average of 700 youth in foster care. Most of these young people have been removed from their homes due to neglect. Thankfully, a group of caring adults have formed a foundation, with the goal of being the voices for these children.
Anna Martinez leads the Voices for Children Foundation, and all-volunteer501(c)(3). Each year, this group provides more than 300 “Buddy Bags” filled with toiletries, clean clothes and a handmade blanket to children who suddenly find themselves removed from their homes and on their way to a stranger’s house. The volunteers also help youth navigate the legal process, and have launched “Wishes and Needs”, a project that provides special interest items, such as track shoes for a child in foster care who wants to run track at his or her school.
Voices for Children Foundation is also the group behind IDENTITY, a clothing store teens in foster care. Designed to give teens the chance to shop for clothing that they want to wear, IDENTITY offers confidential “shopping”—there is actually no charge—to referred youth.
Many opportunities exist for helping out with Voices for Children Foundation. They operate on a show string budget, so help with spreading the word about them is always appreciated. They are often overwhelmed with donations to IDENTITY, and support with sorting, laundering and hanging of clothing is always needed.
Several Sunrise Rotary members indicated interest with this noble cause. If you would like to participate in a sorting/laundry event, please let me (Christina) know. For more information on the Foundation, visit or call Anna Martinez at 206-940-4363.

Megan Clubb is a fifth generation owner of Baker Boyer Bank. She also sits on the San Francisco Federal Reserve, so when Megan talks, people listen.
Sunrise Rotary was the lucky recipient of her recent presentation on Planning for Leadership Succession.For most family businesses,this planning isn't in place. Consequently, 70 percent don’t survive to the second generation.
Megan addressed the need for a true strategic plan for succession, as well as including non-family members, and critical timing for handing over the reins.
Personally, I thought much of what she said applied to non-profits as well, where reluctance to accept and embrace new ideas and personalities, can inhibit the ability to grow and succeed.
Clearly, Baker Boyer Bank has mastered the art of succession, as they are entering their sixth generation of leadership! For more information, contact Megan at Baker Boyer Bank.

So you know what facebook is... sort of. Maybe you even have a page where you can see what everyone is talking about, and effortlessly view pictures of cute puppies. That's great. Social Media is here to stay, so having a basic understanding of what it is, and maybe even using a a few of the hundreds of platforms out there is probably a good idea--even if it's just to maintain and endless album of your child or grand baby.
But for business owners, social media can be much more than a fun past time, providing them with an effective marketing tool for targeting and reaching potential customers and clients. Through carefully constructed posts, tweets, and updates, all timed to strategically appear when the desired audience is most likely to be online, social media marketing can have a tremendous impact on a business' success.
Thankfully, for those of us who may not know that much about all that,  there are people like Sabra Nelson.
Sabra launched her own social media marketing business, Gypsy Muse Media, and she helps organizations, agencies and business create meaningful, effective social media marketing plans. She's experienced in helping identify and create the kinds of messages needed to covert views into clicks...which can translate into sales, orders and appointments...all in under 8 seconds of the viewer's time.
Sabra also has her finger on the pulse of a plethora of analytics; those useful sites that somehow capture every piece of data you could possibly need to effectively reach the people you want.
"It's big business," Sabra says of social media marketing, "And it's only going to get bigger."
To contact Sabra at Gypsy Muse Media, and move your own business marketing into the current century, simply visit her website at:

It’s said that when the President Elect is named, a Rotary President breathes a big sigh of relief, knowing he or she is really is on the down slope of the presidential term. Sunrise Rotary’s fearless leader, Dave McFadden, is happily sighing.
Much to his surprise, fourteen year Sunrise Rotary veteran Rod Fitch was named the 2016-2017 last month in a surprise ambush at Owen’s Cycle. 
“I was caught completely off guard,” Rod reported after being lured to the cycle shop on the pretense of helping Curt Vangstad buy a new Harley.
After the shock wore off, Rod says he’s looking forward to the role, which will technically begin in June, when it becomes Rod’s job to introduce meeting guests, interview potential new members, and organize committees.
Rod has been involved in many of the projects and programs of Sunrise Rotary. As a newbie, he helped build Rotary Park along the Greenway, and it was there that he realized how much being a Rotarian meant to him.
“The feeling you get when you help someone… especially someone who maybe doesn’t have what the rest of us take for granted… that’s a great thing.”
Rod’s favorite Rotary project has been Operation Santa. He specifically recalls being dressed as Santa and driving with his young son to find a house. It was way out in Wiley City and past 8:30 when they finally found a rutted gravel road that led to a lone house. Two little kids were inside with their parents, and Rod knows he will never forget the look on their faces when Santa came through the door with gifts just for them.
Looking forward, Rod and his wife, Vickie, will travel to the Rotary Conference in Seoul, South Korea in June of 2016. At this point he doesn’t yet have any new projects or plans lined up, but is beginning to attend Board Meetings to get up to speed with the executive branch of Rotary. Though he admits he was completely shocked when the past presidents materialized in the Owen’s store, he’s now looking forward to the upcoming role.
“It’ll be fun.”

Many of us use the New Year as a good time to set some goals and get going on bettering ourselves. Imagine Scholar, Samkeliswe, or Sami, continues to demonstrate that "go get 'em" spirit everyday, inspiring all who hear her story.
For those new to Sunrise, Imagine Scholar is a highly intensive youth development and education program operating in an underdeveloped region of South Africa. Through an rigourous nine month application process, Imagine Scholars find the brightest, curious, high achieving youth who--given the right opportunities--will one day change the face of South Africa.
Founder and executive director, Cory Johnson, visited with Sunrise Rotary on Wednesday, providing us with an update on our sponsored student, Sami, as well as the Imagine Scholar program as a whole.
Sami is now 14, and continues to excel in learning and leadership. She developed and is now implementing a reading program for younger children that is growing and achieving great success. She is not only teaching children how to read, but is also getting books for them, a huge task in the rural areas of South Africa. Sami continues to dream of becoming a pediatrician, but now wants to be a pediatrician who teaches reading too!
As the Imagine Scholars program continues to grow, now with 8-10 full time staff, Cory has launched an advocate/intern program. These new programs offer upper level college students, retired people, and just about anyone with the desire to help opportunities to fundraise, recruit other advocates, and even travel to South Africa to assist in programming at the Imagine Scholars facility.
Change in South Africa can only happen from within, and Imagine Scholars is creating the leaders of South Africa's tomorrow. For more information, or to contribute to Imagine Scholars, please visit their website .

Our club did a great service recently through Operation Santa.  Here are some pictures from the event - we provided gifts for kids from over 60 foster families within our community

Some of may think we know a lot about beer but we don't know nearly as much about it as Tim Kostelecky, John I Haas' Technical Services Manager.  Tim has spent his 39+ year career in the industry and told our club a great story about how the local hops industry is booming due to our passion for IPAs and other hoppy beverages. 
Craft brewers are popping up across the country and taking market share from the mega breweries.  They now account for 14 percent of domestic market share and exports are surging.  For the hop industry this is huge.   Craft brewers can use 10 times the amount of hops in their pale ales and IPAs compared to a Miller or Budweiser.
The brewing renaissance has also fueled big changes in hop production.  The craft brewer wants aroma hops, the varieties that impart nose and flavor to an ale.  Bitter hops, the former mainstay for brewers are less popular.  There has also been an explosion in development of new hop varieties.  Citra, Mosaic and are just a few new hop cones entering the market today.  Craft brewers are now also working hand in hand with hop growers to perfect unique varieties that give their ales a unique signature.  Fremont Ales offers a pale ale with Cowiche Canyon hops.  I recently had a Citra IPA.
It's refreshing to see good ale and beer choices proliferate.  Before prohibition smaller pubs and breweries were common in America.  They offered places where the community could mix and enjoy a locally crafted ale.  They didn't drive automobiles back then though... so just remember to drink responsibly. 

We were very pleased to be finished with our annual raflle fundraiser.  Our club raised over $60,700 this year.  Thanks to everyone who sponsored and pitched in to make this year's raffle a record succuss

The winners of our 2014 raffle aree:
  • Chevy Cruze                               Bruce Moorer
  • Gasperetti’s flowers for a year       Mike Battle
  • YAC Fitness year membership        Alfonso Dabalos
  • BBQ Grille                                  October Brost
  • Valley Cycling gift certificate         Michelle McNichols
  • Mercy Movie passes                     Connie Falon
  • Pearl necklace                            Jess Uriostegui
  • Westwood Golf for a year             Marcia Cavender
  • Seahawks tickets                         Mike Stobie
Proceeds from our raffle will be used to support local youth oriented charities and programs such as:
Operation Santa
Camp Primetime
Learn to Swim
Rotary Speech Contest scholarships


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