Message from the President
AmyIn his theme speech for the Rotary year, 2015-2016 Rotary International (RI) President K.R. Ravindran challenged all Rotarians to use the year to "bring the work of Rotary forward -- to make its mark on the world." Boston Rotaract truly took this challenge to heart in the last year. With the RI theme, Be a Gift to the World, in mind, we aimed our efforts on serving in three of six RI areas of focus: fighting disease, saving mothers and children, and supporting education. This allowed us to use our members’ unique talents and passions to maximize our club’s impact and ensure that we met the needs of the communities we served.
In a state with over 33,000 nonprofits and countless opportunities to serve, our club is a go-to when someone needs a hand. We have spent the past year getting to know the Boston community better and serving where we have been needed most. We served 355 hours with local organizations and also completed our international project in support of school children in Ganvie, Benin, Africa who now have a new boat to provide them safe and reliable transportation to and from school.
As we look to the next year, we will continue to be an organization of servant leaders that organizations can count on for help when needed. We also plan to be more proactive in our service, finding ways to take the unique skills and backgrounds our members have to provide more tailored support in the community. We will do this by developing partnerships with organizations to consult or provide skills-based volunteer help in areas they have the most need.
Our club brings people together to do good in this world in ways that are greater than if they were working alone. We come together to serve our local community and to be engaged citizens of the place we live and work. We also recognize we are members of a global community, and thus will remain committed to serving internationally in partnership with our many sister clubs. In addition to a new international project, this will include efforts to support Rotary International’s commitment to eradicating polio from the world, as this virus remains endemic in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We believe that these focused efforts over the next year, both locally and internationally, will help us truly exemplify the 2016-2017 RI theme, Rotary Serving Humanity.
If you are interested in becoming a member or are a visiting Rotaractor or Rotarian looking to join us, we welcome you for a meeting, to serve with us, or to get to know our members during fellowship events. All are welcome and we hope to see you soon!
In service above self,
Amy Collinsworth
President 2016-2017