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KPRDSB Chair Trustee Cathy Abraham
Municipal and Board Education Initiatives and Priorities




Korean sailor makes waves for End Polio Now
Enjoying calm winds and peaceful Pacific waters, Seung Jin Kim dove off his 43-foot sailboat, the Arapani, to swim with some dolphins nearby. The serenity that day near the equator was a stark contrast to the 60 mph winds and 23-foot waves he had to fight around Cape Horn, the southern tip of South America. But Kim, a veteran sailor and member of the Rotary Club of Seokmun, in Chungcheongnam, Korea, expected such challenges when he set out in mid-October on a 25,600-mile journey around the world. In addition to fulfilling a lifelong dream, Kim is using the trip to raise awareness and funds...
Monrovia club’s Ebola fight not finished
After the first cases of Ebola reached Liberia's capital, Monrovia, last June, local Rotary members feared that the city's limited health care system wouldn't be able to contain the highly infectious, often-deadly disease. Those fears were realized when infections quickly multiplied, underscoring the speed with which Ebola can spread in an urban center. It was the first time the hemorrhagic fever had threatened a major city since it erupted in West Africa last March. Now, after months of crisis-level response, and with the number of new cases declining, club members are looking to the long...
Rotary member takes fundraising to new heights -- the summit of Mount Everest
Despite his longstanding interest in polio eradication, polio was not on Joe Pratt's mind as he prepared for a mid-April 2012 climb of Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth. But that changed in late 2011, when the resident of Nottingham, New Hampshire, USA, participated in a polio immunization project in Pakistan with fellow Rotary member Steve Puderbaugh. Moved by the efforts of the Pakistanis to battle the crippling disease, and by the vulnerability of the young victims, Pratt reset the focus of his climbing adventure. Pakistan is one of three countries where polio has never been...
San Francisco club reveals formula for growth and retention of members
Members of the Rotary Club of San Francisco Evening meet at a wine bar after work, share a social outing, and promote all their activities on social media like Meetup and Facebook. As the first evening club in the city, it has attracted many young professionals from Silicon Valley tech firms whose work schedules keep them from joining a more traditional club that meets for breakfast or lunch. But more than that, the evening format has helped the club grow by 30 percent since it received its charter in mid-2013. Danielle Lallement, who was its charter president, says the club has been...
Colorado joins Kosovo club to restore sanitation in blighted local schools
Blighted schools in the mountain city of Peja in western Kosovo are a reminder of the ethnic strife and war that ravaged this area in the 1990s. To restore ruined sanitation facilities in some of those schools, local Rotary members recently partnered with their counterparts from Colorado, USA. Though residents have been slowly rebuilding the city's infrastructure after years of neglect under earlier governments, most resources are going to improve roads, rebuild homes, and create new businesses. Little money remains to restore the schools. As a result, students have fallen ill, stayed home...

The Rotary Club of Courtice

Welcome to our Club!


Service Above Self

We meet Fridays at 7:15 AM
White Cliffe Terrace Retirement Residence
1460 King St E Hwy #2,
Courtice, ON  L1E 3C4
District Site
Venue Map


Please plan to join us tickets are going fast!  As an added bonus we will be hosting the Rotary Flame.

The Rotary Club of Bowmanville   are holding their annual Christmas Tree Fundraiser at Watson's Farm Market now until December 23rd.  Located at 2287 Highway 2 in Bowmanville they are open Monday to Friday 12-8 pm, Saturday 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday 10 am - 6 pm.  They offer a wide variety of freshly cut trees to choose from including Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, White Spruce, Serbian Spruce, Blue Spruce, and Scotch Pine.  
All proceeds from this fundraiser go toward local and international Rotary projects, community groups, organizations, student bursaries, and their Summer Respite Program for Children with Special Needs.  Let's help this great club continue their great work in our community!
Congratulations to Courtice Home Healthcare on their 5 year anniversary. Thank you for your community partnership with The Rotary Club of Courtice! We will be there on Wednesday November 26 at 12:30 PM for cake.

Artist Martha Weber and photographer Andris Piebalgs combine abstract-surrealist art and photography to explore the intersection of spiritual experience with rational inquiry that forms the meaning, myth and metaphor of our modern existence.
The Cross Roads Art Gallery opened its doors on July 4, 2014 in beautiful downtown Cannington, Ontario at 23 Laidlaw Street North.   The opening exhibit includes some works from Emerging Moment, our recent show at the Twist Gallery in Toronto which explored the subconscious mind. 
Along with wall hung paintings and photographic prints the exhibit uses multimedia technology to enhance your experience in a new, unique way. 
Now our new project celebrating The Nature of Durham Region is underway.   We are exploring the beauty and special places of the Region through the use of very high resolution fine art photography. 
However, we want this to be far more than just our vision.  So we invite you to participate in this Project by telling us about a favourite public place in the Region that you find particularly meaningful. 


What a fantastic event today, 3 sittings all SOLD OUT!  We wish to send a big THANK YOU to Bob and Marlane owners of the Fisherman Fish and Chips in Courtice for hosting this event!  Their generosity and community presence is enormous...and as expressed by all our guests...their FOOD is FABULOUS.


Building For The Future

We are on a mission to become Ontario's safest hospital delivering high quality health care while driving down wait times.  We've been making a lot of improvements recently - reducing our infection rates, improving our hand-washing rates, and bringing down ER wait times - but there is more to do.

We know that as the population of Durham Region grows and changes, the health care needs of families here will change too.  As the leading community hospital in Durham Region, we need to make sure we're ready so that we can keep providing the safe, high quality health care you deserve.

Changing Population

Durham Region is growing with new families choosing to move to the area, and our population is also aging as baby boomers hit retirement and choose to make Durham Region their home.  Over the next ten years, the population of Durham Region is expected to grow by about 120,000 people, or just under 20%.  At the same time, the seniors' population - those aged 65 and over - is expected to grow by over 60%.

We know that seniors need access to more health care, and that all of our families need access to urgent care, an ER, medical specialists and surgeries.

Our Plan

Our plan will make sure we have enough room for a growing and aging population with the right laboratory and pharmacy space to support the hospital, as well as teaching and research facilities.  The plan includes:

  • A new ER in Bowmanville that will be built to serve a rapidly growing population;
  • New state-of-the-art operating rooms in Bowmanville and Oshawa;
  • New senior-friendly patient rooms that are built to help infection control; and
  • New space for our tests and scans, laboratory and pharmacy that supports new technology to improve safety, patient privacy and help infection control.

The plan also includes a brand new specialty hospital to replace our existing Whitby site that will focus on long-term rehabilitation, complex continuing care, and teaching and research facilities focused on geriatric care.

This new specialty hospital would be the heart of a health care complex for residents of north Whitby and Oshawa that would also include an Urgent Care Centre and laboratory for x-rays and other tests and scans.



29 years old Allison Edwards was born and raised in Courtice Ontario. She went to school at Courtice North Public School, Courtice Secondary High School and graduated from Sir Sanford Fleming College with a diploma in Social Service Work.
After graduating College at the age of 19 she wanted to gain some life experience through many jobs in the Social Service field which included working at Community Living and as a Caseworker for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington for 6 years. 

Going to Africa was always a dream of hers and little did she know that upon fulfilling that dream she would be realizing her life focus.  After her Trip to Uganda in Jan of 2011 it was clear to jer that there was a need to support the street children who were being overlooked by Uganda as a whole. 
Upon her return she immediately started planning her return trip which would be to serve the Ugandan street children!  Allison is now the Director and Founder of Jinja Connection, which has been up and running for almost 3 years.  Jinja Connection has been able to resettle over 100 children back with their families.
Allison is also a foster Mom to a 14 yr old Ugandan boy.  He has been living with her for over a year and is doing great and making strides to potentially being resettled back with his family.

The future plan for Jinja Connection is to serve more children and send them to school.  One of their main focuses this year was home tracing and resettlement. This means making the trek to wherever the child has come from, finding their families, counseling them on whatever the reasons were the child left, enrolling the child in school and then staying in touch weekly with both family and child to make sure everything is going smoothly. 

It was wonderful to learn about Johan Chur Rasmussen this morning from Odense Denmark.  He lives with his mother, father and 19 year old sister.  Johan loves to fish and is an avid soccer player.  
Interesting facts about Denmark...
Among the independent nations recognized by the UN, the Danish flag is generally considered as the oldest continuously used national flag in the world. Regions, counts, kings and the like have had flags or banners older than Dannebrog, but no sovereign nation has used the same flag as long as Denmark.
Hans Christian Anderson was born in Odense, Denamrk, on April 2, 1805.  Anderson achieved worldwide fame for writing innovative and influential fairy tales.  Many of his fairy tales including, "The Ugly Duckling", "The Little Mermaid" and "The Princess and the Pea" remain classics of the genre.  
The Lego Group Began in the carpentry workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, in Billund Denmark in 1916.  Originally produced as wooden toys Lego began creating plastic interlocking blocks in 1947 following World War II, when they purchased  a plastic injection molding machine.  
Johan has already been to Lake Ontario which he reports is bigger than the country of Denmark.  We look forward to continuing to learn about Johan and Denmark while he learns about Clarington and Canada.  Following Johan's presentation this morning President Marie and Johan exchanged club flags.

After a mechanical problem caused an overnight delay, we are thrilled to have Johan Chur here in Courtice.  We have an exciting year lined up for you Johan and we want to welcome you to the Courtice Rotary Family.
Wjile here in Canada Johan will attend school at Courtice Secondary School and be a member of the Interact Club of Clarington.  Congratulations your adventure starts now.
Today we head off to Pearson International Airport in Toronto Ontario to meet our Rotary Youth Exchange student Johan Chur from Denmark.  We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Johan.  Shown is a picture of Johan leaving Denmark early today.  Follow us as we update later today with pictures from his arrival in Canada this afternoon!


I want to thank the members of the Rotary Club of Courtice for the wonderful President’s Appreciation Night they hosted in my honour this evening.  It was a humbling experience and I found myself somewhat speechless, which for those who know me, know that is a rare occurrence.  I have had a wonderful year as your President and our accomplishments have been many.  Those accomplishments are not to my credit though, as a small group you all gathered behind me and we did it together.  We set lofty goals and smashed the heck out of every one of them.

Together we grew our membership, supported foundation and polio eradication, we engaged our youth through various Rotary programs, Interact and EarlyAct, formed many community partnerships and we HAD FUN doing it!  I am grateful for all the friends I have in Rotary and your dedication makes me aspire to be a better person.

I will sign off by noting to all who know me and know I never grew up that I still measure life in sleeps. Lou in 5 sleeps they are all yours and you are lucky because they are a fantastic group!  Thank you all for a wonderful experience and lifelong memories.

Yours In Rotary,




Councillor Novak came to speak about Clarington planning with an impact on Courtice.  Some facts:

Planning Policy evolves over time in response to changing economic, social and environmental factors. It involves the preparation of long term land use plans for the Municipality which guide the management of land and resources. The key document for governing future growth is the Clarington Official Plan. The Plan is based on 3 principals - sustainable development; managed growth; and, a healthy community - and is implemented (in part) through the regulations detailed in the Municipality's Zoning By-Law.

Development Approval involves processing applications for land use development and/or change. Applications include proposed Official Plan amendments, plans of subdivision and plans of condominium, rezoning’s, site plan applications, minor variances, consents, sign permits and registration of in-house apartments.  

Preconsultation it helps you…it helps us.   As a result of Bill 51, changes to the Planning Act came into effect in October 2006 making Preconsultation mandatory. An effective Preconsultation can advance your project through the necessary approvals process quicker.

Community Development Initiatives are activities in which staff work with community volunteers to improve our quality of life. Planning Services consult with local committees assisting them in committee development, funding proposals and administrative support.

Research and Special Studies involves social, economic, demographic and land use issues which are undertaken to assist Council in its decision making.  

Fiscal Capacity = Planning Policy = Taxes = Infrastructure

Priorities are the environment, job creation and preserving the small town rural character.


Martha Rutherford-Conrad from the Clarington Museum and Archives, enlightened and informed us with a great presentation...

Exhibits at Clarington Museums and Archives, include permanent exhibits such as Pioneer Heritage, Edwardian Lifestyl
es in addition to traveling exhibitions from museums across Canada.
The archives contain items that document the history of the Municipality of Clarington. From family trees to old photos and land deeds. 
Darlington was known as the “unbroken forest” when it was landed on by Roger Conant and his family. The Conant’s who were known as continuous settlers because they came and they stayed, built log shanties that they lived in for the first winter here. The Conant, Burke and Trull families settled and were known as United British Loyalists’.
The Durham Boat is a book of lithographs which tells the story of them settling. The boats they came over on were known as Durham Boats, hence the title.
These first settlers exemplified strength of character which Courtice is still known for.
The Bowmanville Museum was built as a one story Regency style cottage in 1847. Additions to the home in 1861 and 1880 have changed it to its present-day appearance as a two story Italianate styled house. The Museum has been restored as a period home (1901-1930) reflecting the lifestyle of a wealthy merchant family. The nine rooms with late Victorian furnishings include a parlour, dining room, conservatory, master bedroom and a girl and boy bedroom.
The Clarke Museum, located on the former land of Nathanial Powers, the first settler in Kirby, has the distinction of being the first designated heritage building in the community. A turn of the century Blacksmith Shop, outdoor displays of agricultural equipment, the Volunteer Building with displays of agricultural tools used by our ancestors and the one room schoolhouse all depict early pioneer life in Clarke Township.
The Sarah Jane Williams Heritage Center is Clarington’s newest museum. Located in the former Bowmanville Library it houses exhibits devoted to the Dominion Organ and Piano Company and the museum’s large doll and toy collection. The Sarah Jane Williams Heritage Center provides research facilities for our archival collection. Clarington Museums and Archives collect documents and artifacts that preserve the heritage of Clarington. Our research facility includes a private room in which to conduct research.
Check them out at http://www.claringtonmuseums.com/


Ten years ago today Mayor Foster was sitting at a Rotary meeting listening to the local councillor and if you had have asked him if he thought he would be here today he would have laughed. 

His mother was a political junky and made him spend summers campaigning for hours every day all day.  This made him dislike all that was political then but this is now…and here he is.

He gets asked all the time if he is enjoying being Mayor and he will answer every time that it is a fascinating job.  Each day is a new adventure and he never knows what the day will bring.

He could never have imagined that he would be dealing with issues surrounding, Kingston the Pot Belly Pig, the Leash Free Dog Park, Valley’s 2000 Fish Ladder, Blowing up a House for a music Video or Port Grandy Allocations, but he has and the rewards and challenges  make the job as Mayor exciting.

Mayor Foster has also had to walk a mile or two In Her Shoes, Swim in Newcastle in January and was able to meet Kevin Costner at the Boots and Hearts Festival.

Mayor Foster ended by reminding us that it is not the big events in life that shape us it is all the little day to day events that we have to manage unexpectedly that prepare us for the big ones and keep things exiting. 



Leonard Dohn the 16 year old Rotary Youth Exchange student hosted by the Bowmanville Rotary Club came to talk to us about his family, his country and himself.  Although Leonard has been sponsored by the Bowmanville Rotary club, the Visser family (Courtice Rotary and the Interact Club of Clarington) will be hosting Leonard from April-August 2013.


Leonard hails from Plauen Germany which is near Saxony whose capital is Dresden.  Plauen is 1/3 the size of Ontario, 357 square KM’s with a population of 83,000,000.  They run a Federal structure with 16 states.

His hometown of Plauen is the capital of Vogtland and they adopted municipal law in 1224, with 65,000 inhabitants and it was very heavily destroyed in WW2.  They are known for their lace called Plauener Spitze.  Leonard showed us some samples of the lace which was beautiful.


Leonard’s family consists of his father Uwe Bauer, a pharmacist who owns his own Pharmacy and an engaged Rotarian who is also a Paul Harris Fellow, his mother Kathrin Dohn, a pharmacist assistant who works whit his dad, his brother Julian, who Leonard describes as his best friend and playmate and the family cat Shaja (pronounced Shy-ya and meaning the Scared).  When Shaja was a kitten she would hide under the stairs and jump out at them trying to scare them so her name has meaning to him.

There are 2 Rotary clubs in Leonard’s community, the Rotary Club of Plauen was founded in 1979, has 45 members and participates in many local community projects in Plauen mostly. 

The newest club, the Rotary Club of Vogtland was founded in 2000, has 29 members and primarily participates in worldwide projects with a particular focus on Lebanon and Nepal.  They are also Leonard’s home club who sponsored him to come to Canada which was by the way his first choice. 

Leonard also talked about his school Friedensschule Plauen, which has about 300 students who attend there each year.  He described it to be as big as Clarington Central Secondary School in Bowmanville, where Leonard will be attending while here on exchange which has an enrollment of 1400 students.  He is very excited about all the students there and attending school here.

Leonard loves biking, discovering new things, hanging out with friends, splash diving, and both 5m and 10m Platform diving.  He especially enjoys family things like walking, skiing, snowboarding and entertaining.  He often attends Rotary meetings with his father in the evening at home.

He is thrilled to be here and was excited to tell us about his family and home and we are thrilled to have you here with us for a year Leonard.  Welcome to Canada and Clarington!


The Rotary Club of Courtice is proud to announce that their 2012 nominee, Interact Club of Clarington member Jamie MacDonald, was one of 18 young ladies who received the "LEADING GIRLS BUILDING COMMUNITIES AWARD" this evening. The award wa
s presented to Jamie by MPP John O'Toole from The Honourable Laurel Broten and the Government of Ontario.
Immediate Past President Leon Lynch recognizes Charter Club member Lou Davidson with Paul Harris Fellow.

Jessica Dawn Moore, Event Coordinator for the Global Idealists Organization

The global Idealists group is an Oshawa based organization that Jessica has become very involved in.   Jessica is a member of the board of directors.  Their mission statement and their core values are included below.

MISSION: As a growing movement throughout North America, Global Idealists will stand with those in poverty-stricken regions using creativity and consistent initiatives to ensure sustainable development through the power of education. Empowered with an idealistic mindset, our international family aims to alleviate illiteracy and provide opportunities

OUR CORE VALUES: These are the values that our organization lives by. Whether we are working with projects on the ground, making decisions with our board or simply in the streets with friends and family, our values have become a part of each and every member’s lifestyle. Global Idealists strives to be the best we can possibly be at what we do, and that's simply providing education. These values constantly remind us how we can be most efficient at doing just that.

Alexis Wilcox, Interact Club of Clarington 2012/13 President

Spenser Visser the Immediate Past President of the Interact Club of Clarington joined us this morning to tell us about his year as President.


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