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Welcome to The Rotary Club of Mississauga West

Mississauga West

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 6:15 PM
Faculty Club, UTM (South Building)
3359 Mississauga Road, Mississauga
(Mailing address: P. O. Box 248
6-2400 Dundas Street W. Mississauga, ON  L5K 2R8
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 Revised opening now set for OCTOBER 7 at 
11:00 am.
Our Club's 50th. Anniversary project, the basketball court for disadvantaged youth at Colonial Terrace in Erin Mills is finally approaching completion.  In cooperation with the City of Mississauga and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) a court for basketball and other sports is finally in the last stages of construction at Colonial Terrace.
This has been far from a smooth process - there have been numerous delays and misunderstandings which have delayed the official opening, now to be held on August 30.  Please note it in your diaries.
Much credit is due to our former president, Rick Blake, who has shepherded this project since it was first proposed, and now sees his efforts coming to fruition.  Thank you, Rick.
There will be a barbecue (courtesy of Maple Lodge Farms) and many other events to make August 30 a very special day.  It is hoped (but not yet confirmed) that some well known sports players will be there for the occasion.  There will not be a regular Rotary meeting on that day so that everyone can attend the opening.
Further details will be posted here as they become available.

The Ribbers are gone, the fencing removed, and Celebration Square is sweltering in the heat, without the mixed aromas of beer, ribs, corn and sweaty volunteers.
If one judges only by the money raised for Rotary causes, the success of the event cannot yet be judged, but as a community event it was an undoubted success.  The weather cooperated on three of the four days, and even those who got more than a little damp on Thursday had a good time.  
A huge thank you, firstly to those Rotarians on the committee, most of whom might as well have lived on site for the the four days, for all they saw of their homes.   Secondly, thank you to all the additional Rotarians who filled in the more critical positions over the long weekend.  Last, but by no means least, thank you to all the family members, friends and other volunteers without whom the event could not have been run.
it is worth noting that while most of the volunteers were students, one young lady I spoke with was a new immigrant to Canada, here only two weeks, who read about Ribfest on the Internet, and travelled 1 1/2 hours each way on public transit from Scarborough to join us, and gain at least a taste of "Canadian work experience".   Ironically, she did not actually like ribs.
So the impact of the event extends well beyond the money raised.
We will know the financial outcome in a few weeks, but in the meantime, THANK YOU!

It is time to say farewell to two long-term members of our club - David and Marilyn Gibo.  Dave is a past President, and has been our resident expert on Monarch Butterfly migration, as well as being a glider pilot and US political guru. Marilyn was our ultra-efficient secretary until the end of June.  
They are moving to Paris to be closer to David's family - and no, they do not need to learn French.  This is Paris, Texas in the Lone Star state, near the Oklahoma border.  While David is returning to the country of his birth, this will be a big adjustment for Marilyn.  We wish them both well, and look forward to their return visits.
David and Marilyn:  you will be missed.

Although some may still question the cause, there is little doubt that the climate is changing.
The issue is of such importance, that for the first time in recent memory, we will have the same speaker on two evenings to help us understand what is happening.  The dates are August 16, and Sept. 27, and the speaker is Richard Szudy.  Richard's formal title is "Environmental Business Expert Specializing in Climate-Change and Renewable Energy Project Development" for IDEA Inc. (Canada).  You will find much more detail about his extensive qualifications and experience if you click HERE. We look forward to welcoming Richard;  both evenings will be partner's nights, and also an excellent opportunity to invite friends who may be interested in joining our Club.


Peel Region Science Fair 2016

Peel Region Science Fair 2016 Fair was held on April 16 and 17 at Louise Arbour Secondary School in Brampton.  It was once again a successful event with about 90 projects and 115 participating students.  Projects included: 

• “Piezoelectric Vibration-Sensing Shoe” – Use of piezoelectric sensor in order to detect vibrations produced by moving people or objects and might help the visually impaired.
• “The Thermo voltaic Cell”- To build a device that uses the thermo voltaic effect to produce consistent electrical output
• “Plant Pigments: A Novel Cure for Cancer” – Effects of beta-carotene, xanthophyll and chlorophyll on cancer growth in-vitro. 
• “Can bitter melon tea reduce blood sugar?” – To test the hypothesis of the effectiveness of bitter melon which contains a substance like insulin
• “Harnessing energy from traffic utilizing piezoelectric crystals” – Idea is to use piezoelectric sensors on roads which can generate electricity due to mechanical stresses induced by the traffic vehicles


Twelve students representing ten projects were selected from among the winners to attend and participate in the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) to be held at McGill University, Montreal from May 15 to May 20.  This is a recognition and an opportunity for some excellent studentsto represent the Peel Region at CWSF and compete with peers from across Canada. 


Congratulations to the students, their teachers and parents who supported them, and to the Rotary Club of Mississauga West for the continuing support of the Peel Region Science Fair.






Congratulations and thank you to Mississauga-West Rotarian Jennifer Ngo for her passionate work as Interact District Chair.  Her energy and dedication to support Interact Clubs in 7080 is amazing.  Through her leadership the first ever Interact Social was a huge success on Friday, April 8th.  Students from many Interact clubs came together to share their projects and ideas, and their motto of “Service Above Self”.  Jennifer has put tremendous time and effort into organizing this event, the Interact Gala that takes place on April 15th, and her time in visiting all 24 clubs across District 7080.  Well done Jennifer!   A picture of the recent Interact social can be found in the Download Files on the left side of the screen, or click HERE.

Kyle Cashin is our outbound exchange student.  To read Kyle's latest up-date from Finland, click HERE.

LOBSTERFEST 2016 was a great success.  Thanks go out to all members and friends who made it happen.  A big thank you also to the companies and individuals whose raffle gifts and door prizes were an important part of the fun  - and the fundraising.

Alan Mallory was our special speaker on December 1.   His presentation on the struggle and pain, but also the rewards for climbing Everest with his family, made an exceptional evening.  Thank you, Alan.  
Please click HERE to see Alan's profile..  
The Erindale Interact club continues to be very successful.  A big thanks to Jennifer Ngo who continues to be a mentor, and who sent the following link to some current pictures:

On December 15, we had our annual Christmas Party, once again at Holcim House on Lakeshore Road, and once again a most successful location.  Very many thanks to BettyJo  for coordinating the festive event.  For some pictures of the event, click HERE

On Sunday September 13, a large group of members enjoyed the hospitality of the International Taoist Centre, and the opportunity for fellowship with the Rotary Clubs of Orangeville and Orangeville-Highland.  We had a tour of the interesting and unusual centre in Mono, combined with a tai chi demonstartion, and an opportunity to try some very simple moves for the more adventurous.  Our efforts mainly served to raise our appreciation of the smoothness and virtuosity of the skilled practioners!  For some pictures, courtesy of MaiLee Ngo, click HERE..

On August 11, the Club had a very different meeting - a visit to the Riverwood conservancy.  Thanks to Muriel for arranging it.  Click HERE for  some pictures:

Ribfest is behind us - despite a damp Friday, and a short violent storm on Sunday, the results should reflect the hard work of the organizing committee, and the individual Rotarians and friends who worked so hard before and during the event.  
Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to all concerned.

Our club celebrated our 50th. Anniversary on May 12, 2015.   The location was the new Lakeshore Convention Centre, on Southdown Road just south of the Ontario Racquets Club.  Past and present club members enjoyed a very special evening.
A huge "thank you" to BettyJo Parent for much of the planning for this most successful event.


Erindale Secondary School now has an Interact Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mississauga West.


    The Club meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month t 2.20 pm in Room 210.

   Thanks to Jennifer Ngo for her assistance in the formation of this new group. For some pictures,  see Club Download Files (in the column to the left on your Home Page.) or CLICK HERE



ImageHAVE YOU HEARD the Rotary theme song for 2014-2015?  It's charming, tuneful and professionally  recorded, but (in this version at least), incomprehensible to sesquilingual Canadians like your Webmaster.  

However, here it is to to enjoy:​

And .....   DID YOU KNOW that Rotary has a music video to encourage new members to join?  While perhaps the video alone will not recruit many new members, it can be a useful component of a more comprehensive promotional drive.  Here is the link:



The Rotary Foundation is Rotary's own charity, whose mandate is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.  Many of our members are "Sustaining members" - Rotarians who give at least the equivalent of $100 US per year to the Foundation.  Please consider joining them.  For further information on Foundation in the form of a short video, please click here.

A review and background of the Rotary Club of Mississauga West.
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Lourdes Serna
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Oct 11, 2016
Joint meeting with Mississauga Lakeshore at Solstice Restaurant
Oct 18, 2016
Hifza and Muhammad Musa
Classification talk (also BOD meeting)
Oct 25, 2016
Club Assembly
Nov 01, 2016
Michael Flanagan
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Nov 08, 2016
Rajeev Wijesinghe
Sri Lanka
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Jennifer Ngo
Team building
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our exchange student's presentation
Jan 31, 2017
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Jennifer Ngo
Rotary Team Building Pt. 2
Mar 14, 2017
tba ((also BOD meeting)
Mar 21, 2017