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The Senior Action Network consists of Thurston, Mason, and Lewis Counties businesses dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors through business development and services. SAN members meet monthly for educational speakers, networking opportunities and senior community service. SAN sponsors several events including Annual Caregiver's Recognition Dinner, Yard Clean-up, Seniors in the Park and more.  


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Get to know your Senior Options TV Series
Please set your recorder for TCTV Channel 77 to tune into South Sound Seniors!!
Bi-Monthly SAN will be educating Seniors on issues of Long Term Care Planning
The show is 30 min. Sat/10:30 AM, Sat/7 PM, Sun/4 PM, Tue/7 PM and Thurs/7:30 PM
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Welcome to the Senior Action Network website!

Senior Action Network

Representing Seniors in the Community

We meet the Fourth Tuesday of each month
Olympia Community/Senior Center
222 Columbia Street NW
Olympia, WA  98501
United States

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The mailing address for Senior Action Network is:
Senior Action Network
P. O. Box 12212
Olympia, WA 98508
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In the 1980’s while working as office manager and office nurse for two family practitioners here in Olympia, I noticed we were keeping people alive much longer but there were not necessarily many services to help them remain independently  managing all aspects of their lives.  At that time, many physicians were not billing Medicare for their patients leaving that task to patients who were ill, or blinded by aging eyes, dementia or just confusion about the process.  Incidental to that, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal called “The Graying of America” wherein it was estimated by year 2010 one in four people would be over the age of 65, I believe it may be closer to one in three.  I then realized there would be a tremendous need for assistance for these seniors and people with disabilities in the years to come.
Over the years, I have added many additional services as the needs arise including being Durable Power of Attorney for many people, Personal Representative/Executor of estates, Trustee of Trusts and in 1993 I went back to school to take the Certified Professional Guardianship training and started a second business Senior Guardianship Service LLC (SGS). 
An added service for me is to find platforms to educate all of us as to “Putting Your House In Order”.  By that I mean, purposely preparing for our “golden years” as they are called.  My father liked to call them his “rusty years”.   If we don’t prepare ahead, we may be at the mercy of the State to figure out what to do with us and our “stuff” or children who have no clue what we may want and our not getting what we want.  Or worse, someone who takes advantage of our years of hard work and exploits us.  I see this over and over!

The 2014 sixty day session ended on time unlike sessions the past few years that had especially challenging times work around the great recession that shook our State’s finances. While there was no major new funds to be spent cutting programs and services seems to have abated. The State’s two year budget was tweaked slightly with even a few small increases for important aging programs. The Office of Public Guardian had been cut in half last year and much of that reduction was restored when the Legislature agreed to add $200,000 back to the program. Public guardians look after some of our most vulnerable people, declared incompetent by the Courts, but without family to step up. With the growing elderly population, particularly those with advanced age, public guardians will be much needed in the future. Another budget boost went to the Long Term Care Ombudsman program which received $306,000 to expand the recruitment of volunteers who visit nursing homes, Adult Family Homes and Assisted living facilities to support and advocate for the residents.




If you or someone you care for has low vision, hearing loss, difficulty communicating or limited mobility, you can now borrow small assistive devices from your local Timberland library and try them out.


This new service is intended to provide the opportunity to try out a device and discover how it may offer greater independence. Borrowing the items from the library lets people try products in the environments where they will be used before making a financial investment.


Are you OVERWHELMED with the thought of making a move?  If you are, Senior Move Managers assist older adults and their families with the physical and emotional demands of downsizing, relocation or modifying your home.
You may be ready to make a change but your spouse and children see this as “their” home and want you to stay there forever!  Relocation does not mean leaving your memories behind.   Your memories will always be with you. You are just on a different journey.  It is very freeing and important that you make these decisions while you are still in control.

We are pleased that although the price of everything seems to be going up, Senior Action Network has stayed at $40 and we still donate thousands of dollars a year to agencies and seniors in need. So thank you for being a member or potential member. If you are new to the idea of SAN, please come to a monthly meeting. It is the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:15 AM to 9:00 AM at the Downtown Senior Center. It is open to anyone but it is mostly businesses who serve seniors who attend the meeting.

We had 60+ members four years ago and this year last topped 140 members!! We have more than doubled in size in these last few years due to a lot of fun, networking and serving our seniors with ethics and great pride.

So one huge Thank You to all members and new possible members.

Annual dues are $40.00. Dues are due the first of the year. So don't miss out on what SAN has planned for all of the paid membership. If you have any questions, contact Dawn at or Cyndi at

AS ALWAYS GUEST ARE FREE to attend our meetings!



Your support of Senior Action Network as a member and participant in our events makes a difference in the lives of individuals and agencies who serve seniors throughout Thurston, Mason and Lewis counties. For 2014, the SAN gifting committee and Board of Directors approved and distributed the following cash gifts:
Senior Services of South Sound.........................$3000
Alzheimer's Council..........................................$1000
Volunteer Chore Services..................................$1000
Medical Equipment Bank...................................$1500


 All SAN videos can be viewed and are located on You Tube at:

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